Samsung I7500 Video!

A recent bloggers event held in Korea apparently had a Samsung surprise in store with a hands on look at their first Android phone, the Samsung I7500. For those of who haven’t heard of this phone or didn’t click the blue highlighted link in the last sentence, this phone is T-mobile newsworthy because it has, drum roll please, the ever important 1700mhz 3G band!! The software seen in this video still isn’t finalized but if HTC devices don’t quite make you sing, better give this video a good once over as we do hope to see this device land on US shores later this year. 

Via Engadgetmobile

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  • that keyboard looks horrible. what do you people see in onscreen keyboards again? remind me? i’ll be waiting for the touchpro2.

  • InfidelCastro

    That’s going to be the best phone around when it comes out. 8gb hd plus 32gig micro sd slot. What’s it list for?

  • timmyjoe42

    It looks slick, but I’m with David. On screen keyboards are the worst idea ever. What’s the point of a huge screen if half of it is used for a keyboard? (Yea, yea. Videos…I know)

  • InfidelCastro

    ChompSMS and Steel were popular with G1 users pullin the keyboard out gets annoying. No “confimed” through multiplle sources 1.5 patch on the 11th.

  • mikeeeee

    just gimme an interface with my stowaway bluetooth keyboard and wifi calling and it’s killer.

    if not, keep it.

  • TMoTech

    On screen keyboards are for people who do NOT send 14,000 SMS per month. Seriously – Not everybody buys a phone just for SMS/EMail.

  • AntInPhilly

    I love the option of having both that’s why I’ll stick with my G1 with 1.5ADP, Rooted!!!

  • szandor

    news flash to all you numbnuts that keep complaining about software keyboards. t-mobile will have android phones with pushy buttons as well so you can choose, yes, choose between a phone with pushy buttons and onscreen buttons. coloring book and crayolas will be sold separately. thank you.