T-mobile Wing Removed From T-mobile.com!


I’m not really sure what the swell of news regarding the Wing being removed from T-mobile.com is all about, we’re still well over a month away from the launch of the Touchpro2. I mean, I guess if you really had your heart set on this device and had been saving your weekly allowance for some time now I could see where you might be upset. For the rest of you however, this is a great sign and hopefully an indicator that T-mobile recognizes that this device is long past its prime and no longer attempts to move its inventory and begins to focus on the upcoming Touchpro2 launch expected on July 22nd. If WindowsMobile is still your thing though, the Shadow and the Dash should be able to fulfill the void left by the sudden disappearance of the Wing. 

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  • Galen20K

    Kay Sera Sera!!!!

    OFF You Go Little ill-Equipped Windows Mobile Phone, we’ve got REAL Business (Touch Pro2) to Attend to!

    ; D

    See Ya’, Wouldn’t want to BE YA”!!!! — Love the Touch Pro2

  • t1 connect

    by wingy it was nice having you.

  • B

    My Wing isn’t nearly that bright blue. But I know I was blue up until the G1 came out. Bring on the TP2.

  • It’s all about the Touch Pro2, baby! The most important device in TMOUSA’s history!

  • FILA

    settin up for that TP2!!!

  • iFloss™

    Well hopefully that release date is oh so wrong and the TouchPro2 OR! as us t-mobile users will know it as the T-Mobile Wing 2 will be released on May 22nd instead of July 22nd x] or maybe June 22nd??? or June 12th or June 2nd!?

    I just want to upgrade already. My phone is fxckinq up and its not nice. not nice at all =/
    {-water dmg-)

  • X

    2 words “who” “cares”?

  • Amazing!!!

    Good riddance. One of the worst phone I ever had. Regretted replacing the Dash I had for the Wing. I love my new BB 8900 though.

  • Swagganaut

    That means the TP2 is coming earlier than expected……..

  • If the TMOUSA execs didn’t have sh*t for brains, the TP2 would be out this month. They must have gotten their MBAs from a Cracker Jacks box. They need to keep their prices lower than the competition too cuz if they don’t everyone will bone out since the competition already has better phones and if the price is the same, then we’ll all get better phones elsewhere.

  • iswaridontworkfortmo

    Its back on the floor set!!

  • AC

    Finally. This phone, next to the AT&T Tilt (probably more so, because at least the Tilt can claim it’s partially disabled due to lack of drivers, whereas the Wing’s giving it all it has), gave me the worst impressions of what HTC PDA phones are like. Spec-wise, it’s not much more than Dash guts in a PDA phone body running a heavier (though more capable) OS, which probably accounted for its overall sluggishness. If only it had a faster CPU, things might have been better.