Walmart T-mobile Roadmap Leaks!


Compliments of the guys at BoyGenius we are given a glimpse at the Walmart 2009 T-mobile roadmap which has quite a few goodies in them. Notably the availablity of the Gemini in July, much much sooner than the Q4 date BoyGenius tipped off a few days ago. The real surprise here is the sticker price for this introductory Blackberry, $78 with a price drop to $48 coming after a few months. That’s sure to sway even the most stingy customer from not giving Blackberry serious consideration. Next up comes the Sony Ericsson CS8, set to hit Walmart shelves in this September at the low low introductory price of $148! Of course here comes the doozy, the still questionable G1 V.2, aka the “Morrison” pictured below that apparently will drop at Walmart for the low price of $148 come this October. We’re still have a hard time swallowing the G1 V.2 moniker and the picture below is definitely different than the iteration that popped up a few days but we’ll bring the news regardless. We’ll keep digging to find out what the Samsung Spark is though it looks quite similiar to one of the leaked devices shown earlier this week and the Sony Ericsson Elle, still a mystery. 


Via Boygenius

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  • Jeff

    Umm…. What happened to the Touch Pro2? Lets hope that it wasn’t on Walmart’s roadmap, because Walmart is not going to carry the TP2. Otherwise, I am going to be so *#%&ing mad, that I might start burning T-Mobile stores down. I have waited so *&$#ing patiently for the TP2, T-Mobile better not push this thing back.

    On a lighter note, the Morrison is looking quite interesting. Anyone have more info about it?

  • Anthony

    The G1 V.2 looks so nice! I want one of those.. lol

    • tortionist

      It looks like the cliq, no big deal. If people are freaking out about this because of the qwerty keyboard, they shouldn’t. Swype is a much better way of input and ultimately a lot faster than qwerty.

  • jmts80

    I was prepared to rant and be angry @ Tmo again this week but… If that is the G1v2 or whatever its gonna be called i want it. I want it now! that is what Android phones should look like! Cant Wait!

  • Galen20K

    WOw this is SEXY!!! It looks like a Combination of the Touch Pro2 and iPhone.


    NOw this will be hard to choose between this and TP2!!!

    Never thought I’d have to choose between the Touch Pro2 and another Android device other than my G1. WOwza!

    • tortionist

      If you like this, you should really wait until the Pulse, Bravo or the Huawei U8800 come out this year. This phone looks like the Motorola cliq.

  • TMoFoSho

    what is that XO device at the top in the bargin basement price?

  • Alex

    morrison info???

  • Jerry

    i dont no what the XO is maybe they havent decided on the pricing yet but it sure looks like the samsung device with the full keybored that was leaked thru photos the other day…and i totally agree with jmts80 if that is the g1v2 or wat ever they are going to call it … thats what an android device should look like…and for the new blackberry gemini, what is and optical trackball.? some one please tell me.

  • mingkee

    caught SE T707!
    perhaps T707b?
    no more alternate model number

  • Ash

    So does anyone think these phone will hit tmobile first before walmart? Giving them an earlier release date? I am really looking foward to the magic! I hope it comes sooner then later lol!!

  • FILA

    I was the first one to post up a link to the leaked T-Mobile calendar for this year but the dumbass owner of this site wouldnt allow it, I guess cuz he wanted to be “first” r maybe a hint of jealously cuz I had the picture before him. And it still isnt post on here yet, so its whatever.

    I’ll still come to your site

  • X

    If this is the g1 v2 i hope it has a dam 3.5mm jack…
    and a flash….
    more megapixel camera….

  • cheaplikeafox

    The Elle is just the samsung t707 like mingkee said… wow there’s a lot of samsungs to be released.

  • pelon1191

    tht g1v2 looks alot like the new iphone thats supposed to come out soon

  • Bob

    And all I really want is a 3G BlackBerry on the T-Mobile network. :|

  • johnkzin

    The Morrison definitely looks compelling. It puts the USB port in the right place, and looks a LOT like the touch pro 2, IMO. If it really is an android device, I really want to know more about it.

    Hopefully it also has a tilt scree, and 5 row keyboard.

  • Queen4111

    I thought the BlackBerry 8520 would come out on
    TMO USA Prepaid lineup…