Walmart T-mobile Roadmap Leaks!


Compliments of the guys at BoyGenius we are given a glimpse at the Walmart 2009 T-mobile roadmap which has quite a few goodies in them. Notably the availablity of the Gemini in July, much much sooner than the Q4 date BoyGenius tipped off a few days ago. The real surprise here is the sticker price for this introductory Blackberry, $78 with a price drop to $48 coming after a few months. That’s sure to sway even the most stingy customer from not giving Blackberry serious consideration. Next up comes the Sony Ericsson CS8, set to hit Walmart shelves in this September at the low low introductory price of $148! Of course here comes the doozy, the still questionable G1 V.2, aka the “Morrison” pictured below that apparently will drop at Walmart for the low price of $148 come this October. We’re still have a hard time swallowing the G1 V.2 moniker and the picture below is definitely different than the iteration that popped up a few days but we’ll bring the news regardless. We’ll keep digging to find out what the Samsung Spark is though it looks quite similiar to one of the leaked devices shown earlier this week and the Sony Ericsson Elle, still a mystery. 


Via Boygenius

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