Blackberry Gemini In Q4??


Word coming out of Orlando and WES via the guys from Boygenius is that the Blackberry Gemini, otherwise known as the 3G-less Blackberry most of us haven’t been praying for is expected to hit magenta sometime in the fourth quarter of this year. The real standout feature of this device is the Optical Trackball rather than the current white trackball we are all so familiar with. Early reports have been plenty positive regarding this new feature and hopefully it will make life a little easier on our poor thumbs. Pricing and related details are unknown but based on the feature, otherwise known as no 3G we expect entry level pricing with the hopes of seducing a few more people over to the Blackberry side. Update: UMA will be available!

If you really want to learn more about this, Kevin from Crackberry was able to get some hands on time with the 8520 and posted a review with video!





  • Brad

    When will we get a 3G blackberry?

  • Galen20K

    Yeah I’ll DEFINITELY be Passing on this Mockery of a Blackberry Innards and Hold off for the Driftwood, a “Proper” 3G Blackberry for T-Mobile that may or may not have a Touchscreen to boot.

    Too bad because it looks really sleek although I still prefer the 8900’s style way more.

  • Rey xxqbnxx

    Another Awesome Blackberry for t mobile , but no 3g COME ON !!!

  • Rav

    Where is my 3G Blackberry? Do you really want me to go to AT&T or Sprint? Magenta get me 3G Blackberry please……..

  • enrgy52

    where the heck is the 3g? cmon guys….. why are we last at everything!!!!

  • Bob

    A 3G and wifi enabled Blackberry is what I am waiting for. C’mon Tmobile. Not this one. put 3g and wifi in a blackberry.

  • mfabela

    LMFAO….lol, lol , lol, lol, lol….i’m sorry guys this hurts so much that i’m laughing, i have no more tears to give they’re all dried up!! wtf…why would you….how can you…it’s 2009 how can a bb w/o 3g…UGH!!! have too many questions and not enough answers. it’s hard to get at the pink T right now but c’mon it’s like having a car without a steering wheel….wtf!

  • It looks better than the Curve 8900, and I wouldn’t mind it, but I wish the resolution was much crisper, and as good as the Curve 8900

  • flyyphone

    Take this story with a grain of salt.

    ONE its from Boygenius who has been wrong a countless number of times.

    TWO this would be completely illogical, irresponsible, and dare I say it..dumb to release a phone that isn’t up to par with the Blackberry 8900 which is great minus the lack of 3g, this would be a step backwards to release this phone on Tmobile.

    Lets wait and see about this.

  • SpanDee

    3G? Considering the BB 9000 was the first 3G blackberry, how are we behind? I don’t understand…
    Plus considering all the issues the Bold has had, why would you want a phone like that?

  • Iphone Switch

    Tmobile sucks!!! They are so far behind other carriers, I will gladly pay for more. Switching to AT&T, iphone baby!!!

  • *Agrees with SpanDee* and 3G sucks up battery life anyway, and a lot of places are offering wifi now. I know i have it at home, and probably @ school. Then, my AT&T Internet service gives me the free wifi hotspots @ thousands of locations

  • Danny

    @ SpanDee:

    I was rocking a 3G enabled 72xx series on Verizon at the end of 2005. Every BlackBerry they’ve sold since then was 3G capable.

    True, the 9000 was ATT’s first 3G enabled BlackBerry but it wasn’t the world’s first or the nation’s.

    There has to be someone somewhere at T-Mobile who knows when we’ll get ours. There isn’t enough insiders willing to spill the beans.

    I personally won’t buy this low end BlackBerry, but if it was priced right and put in a BlackBerry in a Box campaign, it may have a following among the prepaid crowd.

  • Rommel

    Then switch that iphone up your ass!-then get the fuck off this forum.

  • SpanDee

    @ Danny – I don’t think the CDMA blackberries are technically 3G…I could be mistaken, they are faster than EDGE, but still not to the same specs as 3G…may be that it does not offer simultaneous voice and data, the very essence of 3G.

    Am I talking out of my ass or can someone verify this?

  • Heather

    CDMA Blackberries are EVDO now adays, it’s sort of like UMTS technologies, or very baseline 3G. EVDO Rev A is their faster speed set, usually only seen in their higher end PC cards and PDAs such the HTC Touch.


    What the hell do we need with ANOTHER Blackberry with NO 3G? Are they kidding? Is this the Blackberry that was rumored to be hitting the network Q4 of this year? I do recall the rumor was that it was definitely going to be 3G……
    To add insult to injury…this phone is less in features than the 8900. The screen is identical to the Curve 8300. Who gives a rat’s butthole if the tracking is optical? T-Mobile again never fails to disappoint its loyal subscribers. I know what I’m doing the end of this year, maybe sooner. LEAVING.

    To me it’s not about wanting an iPhone…mainly a 3G Blackberry. I just want better options other than the current G1. I’m tired of hearing about the G1. People have moved on. T-Mobile fails to deliver customer satisfaction in handsets while other carriers push to give their subscribers variety. I’m tired of being punched in the gut and in the pocket by a group of buffoons running the show at T-Mo headquarters.

    HAHAHAHA…..I’ll just laugh off my frustrations this week. I pray for the day my comments are more positive toward the big T. But for now….if they want to keep drinking the toxic batch of Kool-aid they’re stirring then it suits them. They won’t be able to blame anyone except themselves next quarter when the number show more subscribers jumping ship.


    Just reading back over the comments and I’m surprised that if there is a T-Mobile insider in the forum why in the name of sanity are you not reporting back to top level management the customer desires/frustration?

    I know why….he/she is too busy gulping down the large cup of Kool-aid as well.

  • Queen4111

    Isn’t this BB 8520 going to be on TMO USA’s Prepaid lineup?

  • Dude

    Do some research and you will find that the BB 8900’s processor pretty much makes the phone 3G. I have had my BB 8900 next to 3G phones from other carriers in multiple markets and my BB 8900 receives content just as fast as the other phones if not faster (in some cases). The 3G label is nice, but the 8900 is up to snuff…try it for yourself.