Blackberry Gemini In Q4??


Word coming out of Orlando and WES via the guys from Boygenius is that the Blackberry Gemini, otherwise known as the 3G-less Blackberry most of us haven’t been praying for is expected to hit magenta sometime in the fourth quarter of this year. The real standout feature of this device is the Optical Trackball rather than the current white trackball we are all so familiar with. Early reports have been plenty positive regarding this new feature and hopefully it will make life a little easier on our poor thumbs. Pricing and related details are unknown but based on the feature, otherwise known as no 3G we expect entry level pricing with the hopes of seducing a few more people over to the Blackberry side. Update: UMA will be available!

If you really want to learn more about this, Kevin from Crackberry was able to get some hands on time with the 8520 and posted a review with video!