T-mobile Goes Above And Beyond!


Its not frequent enough that we write about T-mobile and their superior customer service. Sure we cover the JD Power Awards, and we know T-mobile is always out looking to prove its best value, but this time, they went above and beyond to ensure that customers, even those who don’t use carrier branded devices get the very best service. This comes via Consumerist (one of my personal favorite sites btw) and showcases how a little help can go a very long way. T-mobile doesn’t offer the iPhone, right, we can all agree on that? It’s no secret though that iPhone users are plentiful on magenta and after a recent change to the voicemail system, users of the iPhone (and other unlocked phones) received numerous blank text messages and were charged if they didn’t have a text plan. A few iPhone users on T-mobile’s network e-mailed Executive Customer Service, and got a very nice phone call in response, acknowledging the problem and received a 1 month service credit for the trouble. The moral of the story is of course that T-mobile, a company which does not officially support the iPhone as a device is still willing to go the extra mile for its customer and that shows REAL customer service. Bravo magenta, bravo. 


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