T-mobile Goes Above And Beyond!


Its not frequent enough that we write about T-mobile and their superior customer service. Sure we cover the JD Power Awards, and we know T-mobile is always out looking to prove its best value, but this time, they went above and beyond to ensure that customers, even those who don’t use carrier branded devices get the very best service. This comes via Consumerist (one of my personal favorite sites btw) and showcases how a little help can go a very long way. T-mobile doesn’t offer the iPhone, right, we can all agree on that? It’s no secret though that iPhone users are plentiful on magenta and after a recent change to the voicemail system, users of the iPhone (and other unlocked phones) received numerous blank text messages and were charged if they didn’t have a text plan. A few iPhone users on T-mobile’s network e-mailed Executive Customer Service, and got a very nice phone call in response, acknowledging the problem and received a 1 month service credit for the trouble. The moral of the story is of course that T-mobile, a company which does not officially support the iPhone as a device is still willing to go the extra mile for its customer and that shows REAL customer service. Bravo magenta, bravo. 


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  • Galen20K

    One of the MANY REasons I <3 TMob soooo MUch!!!!

  • Sanjay

    Their customer service is what makes it hard to leave even though they are behind on phonea and network. I feel comfortable with their service and system but desperately want a 3G good WM phone with QWERTY. That’s all I’m asking.

  • Sanjay

    BTW, that kitten is so cute, makes me want to grab it.

  • dont tase me bro

    Take that other greedy companies! pwned by tmo!

  • Sanjay — It’s all about the Touch Pro2, baby. The most important device launch in TMOUSA’s history.

  • FILA

    TP2. I seriously think about it every nite when Im tryin to sleep. No lie, thats how excited I am for July 22nd.

  • Mark

    I use an iPhone on T-Mobile and have never had a problem. I received a Samsung Katalyst with my plan and have been using the iPhone since. I am contemplating a G1 or Sidekick LX 2009, though.

  • Julacho

    The customer service en Español is as profesional as the one in English, I have tested both and I always get that very professional way of dealing with your issues.

  • Sense

    Uh, how exactly is tmobile doing this anything different from what any other carrier would do? There was a glitch in their system, they messed up, they made good. The phone call may be a bit out of the norm but there’s nothing else all that out of the ordinary here.
    Dont get me wrong tmo rocks but what kind of reporting is this? You should change the name of this site from tmonews to tmofanboys… Between this and the “hey look, another 3G-less blackberry, aint that great? Tmorocks!” story…. Sheesh.

  • Wizzyconsin

    They have to have great customer service. Why else would anyone sign up with them otherwise? Their service range is sketchy and they are years behind in technology. I will say that I have greatly appreciated their CSRs when I have called but if it didnt cost 800$+ to drop them with my family we would have left a long time ago.

  • Blacksunshine

    Ummm…Tmobile didn’t charge for those “txt messages” as they were not messgaes at all. They were the way the Iphone Erroniously displays the standard VM message indicator. Tmobile didn’t charge for that txt as it did not effect the SMS system. If anyone got free service it would be amazing since its their own fault for using a phone that cannot do basic functions that most every other phone can.

    This was not a “Glitch” in the tmo system. This is a glitch with peoples iphones. Get your facts straght people. Iphone users were the ONLY ones that had the issue. How is that tmobiles fault?