Cupcake Officially From T-mobile May 11th!


UPDATE: T-Mobile is delighted to announce the upcoming release of Android 1.5 with “Cupcake” coming soon to the T-Mobile G1! We plan to begin sending out the update starting the end of next week. As with previous software maintenance releases, the update will be randomly sent “over the air” to T-Mobile G1 customers. We expect everyone will have their update by the end of May. (Official T-mobile Statement)

We’re running this as unconfirmed confirmed right now, hoping for a screenshot to surface in the next few hours but word has it straight from the horses mouth, Cupcake will drop the week of May 11th as an OTA update from T-mobile directly. Then end of April saw a number of users begin to receive OTA downloads and yet most people still ended up cupcake-less. While we still can’t positively, absolutely 100% confirm this we’re running this as it jives with prior information and rumors regarding Cupcake launching in May.

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  • G1User

    I’ll believe it when I see it……..on my phone! :)

  • Finally. Video recording is all I’m waiting for to make this phone perfect. All those other additions are just icing on the cake, so to speak. :-)

  • Kickstar13

    This should make all you G1 users happy. :)

  • Galen20K


    If they knew they’d be releasing 1.5 in may, why did they hold off in telling USA subscribers instead of telling them right away like they did in Germany.

    They just like to see us Sweat and get all heated I guess!


    Bring it!

    Looking Forward to the Improved camera response time/Quality and Video recording directly to YouTube!!!


  • J.west

    After waiting idk how long, and after rumor upon rumor, the day has finally come.

    I dont know about you guys, but I am stoked!

  • Glad I got root and got it already.

  • Galen20K

    Anybody can Root, the Official release will be WAY more Stable than the Rooted phones running the Preliminary version’s of Cupcake.

  • achilles

    People are making a big deal about this when in fact, the phone should have come with Cupcake from the start.

  • Rey xxqbnxx

    After months of reading android this and android that its SOO nice to see android moving along this is great news !

  • DeezNutz

    heeby hobby hoobie bobby……..thats what i think.

  • dan

    Question on this cupcake…… Will it have flash ? and will mms play proberly ?

  • ShadowTech

    I have a rooted g1 with the 1.5

    flash: No

    mms: Pretty much the same

    the battery takes FOREVER now to charge…but i’m hoping its because the performance is better i didn’t really sit down and stare at my battery % but i do know it takes (for me) a good 4-5 hours now. (before 2-3)

    the browser does work faster (not super fast) but faster

    i was acutally able to go to before it would freeze.

    camcorder isn’t all the great “quality” wise but its there now

    shutter speed is great =)

    UI changes … “meh” nothing speical but nothing bad =)

    what i do notice tho…. freezing here and there for like 2-3 secs. data connection not always working…. i’m hoping this will change for the OTA update but i’d figure i’ll give you my 2 cents for you to ponder on…..

  • Ill just download it now, it’s same thing anyways as confirmed by google rep.

    Btw saw this by LC today:

  • SoTacMatt

    Now that I have JF’s 1.5 ADP, I don’t think I’ll be in a hurry to get the OTA from T-Mobile. I haven’t seen any reason to go back.
    It is very stable!

    But, I’m glad to hear the official version is coming. More support for applications that stopped working, after I updated.

  • silk7

    I don’t want cupcake. I want donut!!!!!!! Ust

    Just kidding!!! Give me my cupcake now

  • WEAK!!! No MS Exchange support = FAIL!!!

  • AntInPhilly

    Who says no Exchange support with 1.5? Hop on over to the developers forum and read up on a mastermind that calls himself Haykuro. There’s your answer.

    Also, if you can’t wait you can currently go into the market and download an app. called Touchdown which is a very very good exchange supported app.

    I’ve been using it for over 2 months and I love it!!!

  • Tony

    Awesome, I can’t wait. The Wait was well worth it! I too am looking for the onscreen keyboard and the digital camera! Hopefully this cupcake release on my G1 won’t make me want to purchase the G2-Magic Phone. Go, Go, GGGGOOOO T-Mobile!

  • j.roberts

    I think that’s great the 1.5 is coming I truly think the g1 is one hell of a phone but come on tmousa is fina of have a great summer the leader of the ship to me it the touch pro2

  • tmojoe

    I have been using the cupcake build on my g1 for 2 weeks now, and i have to say…..its not a really big deal. The video recording is actually a better feature than the on screen keyboard. The keyboard is only really useful in landscape mode in my opinion. Just don’t get too excited thinking its the end-all most amazing thing to come along….its not.

  • D

    Lol grrr i just went through rooting my G1 to cupcake (JFv1.5) yesterday and now its here.Well i like root cuzz i have 73MB of space when i save my apps2SD.
    I have my own post explaining in simple form how to do the apps2SD if your phone is already rooted and you’ve already partitions your SD with a Ext2 segment.

  • soviet

    can u save apps on sd card with cupcake?
    so whats the benefit of htc sapphire would be? 5mp camera, is that it?
    so, android os would like any other mobile os, just diff hardware. just wonder what other mobile manuf would do with it. i wish someone broght diff form factor to a hardware, like a slider with full qwerty.

  • G1User


  • I don’t have a G1 but GD man…it’s about time…I feel the pain for all of those G1’ers out there…just release it already…

  • tato22

    nice i have cupcake now jf 1.5 works very well now with the real cupcake they will even make jf more better i love it

  • JBLmobileG1

    I wish the 11th was here sooner. Many of my apps are getting updated to support Cupcake and if I download the updates I am affraid some of them will not d/l and install properly (atleast that’s what I’ve been reading) I really hope I am among one of the first. Also I have heard it has multi touch but then I also heard that only rooted phones can get multi-touch because of Apple and/or Palm owning the pats on the technology or something. Anyone know for sure? And I really do hope they fix the storage issue so you can save to your SD card….. even if its in another update after cupcake (better late then never). They also need to let you have voice dialing from your bluetooth head-set. I know both my Windows MDA and my BB 8120 had these features so I really hope Android uses it in the near future…. it makes it a heck of a lot easier (and safer) if you need to call someone while your driving. All in all though I am very glad that cupcake is finally coming out…. its going to make Android the best phone O/S hands down…. and as is its already very impressive IMO. Hopefully Google will continue to support the G1 and release updates for our version even though newer phones (G2) are coming out.

  • InfidelCastro

    Press Menu. Then the push the gray tab on the bottom of the screen look or calendar app. Notice Thursday the 14th & Friday the 15th.

  • dont tase me bro

    Omfg lol 1 day before I ship to boot camp! Everyday the drill instructors are yelling at me, and making me go through the worst of shit, all that will go through my head is, “When this is over, I’m going to be able to turn on my g1, and see that update waiting for me. I will! call my friends Iphone, and brag in his face! About how I have an on screen keypad, plus a physical one.” Take that!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s all about choices. He has 1 keypad. And. I. Have. Two!

  • Jon


    I disagree with just about your entire comment.
    The video recording is nice, but the quality aint that great.
    The on screen keyboard is FAR more useful in portrait mode, imo, because you can actually see the page behind the input box. Plus, why would I bother using the virtual keyboard in landscape when I can use the real keyboard instead?

    I’ve had cupcake since haykuro’s first build over a month ago, and I still say it’s a big deal. My S9 stereo bt headphones have been sitting on my desk since last november when i moved from my SE w580 to the G1. And being able to use them again is worth it

  • JoeyB

    Why is anyone waiting for Cupcake? Just go get it now!

  • sewred

    Go get it from where, do you know the link; share.


    Can god microwave a burrito so hot, that even he himself can’t eat it?

  • Jack

    @ soviet

    you are totally right, they should make a slider with a full qwerty.

    Because that would be totally better than my G1, it would be a slider AND a keyboard. What were they thinking when they made the g1, it is so inferior to your idea.

  • MagentaGlasses

    The greatest improvement in cupcake is speed and stability. Everything runs a little smoother and faster. And I love stereo bluetooth too :D

  • Bill

    Iv had cupcake for a month now. Its cool, but g1 apps suck. I think this could be a a real problem if developers don’t pick it up. The g1 has a tv out chipset, come on guys lets take advantage of it. More and more people root there phones everyday and the new ota if it comes out will be rooted and flashed also. Everybody should have super user privilege on an open source project anyway.

  • angel vasquez

    Its may 14 and I’m still waiting for my cupcake to be done baking…can’t wait. Anyone got it yet? I’m in san antonio but live in dallas…anyone?

  • Thomas

    Here is a link to the release schedule… . Before all of you complain, last week T-Mobile said that they would start by the end of next week (this week) and everyone started saying the 11th for some reason. They also said by the end of May everyone will have it, which is confirmed by this schedule.