Cupcake Officially From T-mobile May 11th!


UPDATE: T-Mobile is delighted to announce the upcoming release of Android 1.5 with “Cupcake” coming soon to the T-Mobile G1! We plan to begin sending out the update starting the end of next week. As with previous software maintenance releases, the update will be randomly sent “over the air” to T-Mobile G1 customers. We expect everyone will have their update by the end of May. (Official T-mobile Statement)

We’re running this as unconfirmed confirmed right now, hoping for a screenshot to surface in the next few hours but word has it straight from the horses mouth, Cupcake will drop the week of May 11th as an OTA update from T-mobile directly. Then end of April saw a number of users begin to receive OTA downloads and yet most people still ended up cupcake-less. While we still can’t positively, absolutely 100% confirm this we’re running this as it jives with prior information and rumors regarding Cupcake launching in May.

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