Open Comment Friday


Well thank goodness its Friday because its that time again, the time we open up the comment section for our dear readers to discuss anything and everything they want. Now this week has seen some pretty big happenings, starting with our 3 part T-mobile Inventory Expose which gave us plenty of goodies but most notable was the MyTouch name for the hugely anticipated next Android device. Speaking of Android, perhaps the biggest news this week was the official word from T-mobile regarding Cupcake officially pushing to G1’s beginning next week. Hallelujah! Of course, we can’t forget our little Samsung leak which broke from our forums showing off a bevy of new 3G handsets expected to hit latter this year. These won’t excite the smartphone fans but those looking for a little 3G love without the bells and whistles should be pleased with these additions. Lets not forget another leak this week which showcased the upcoming addition of a very useful feature for users, visual voicemail which is expected to drop in July. Heaven knows I love to be able to pick and choose which voicemail I listen to! 

These stories weren’t the only news this week so make sure you are checking the blog every day to stay updated in the T-mobile world! OK, open comment time is a go!