Time For Some Promised 3G!


Unfortunately some of the above dates have already come and gone, so T-mobile users in both Springfield and Rockford should already be enjoying what is 3G goodness. Henderson, NV and Wichita Falls, TX T-mobile residents however have only but a few hours left before they too can enjoy the high speed freedom and clear voice quality that comes with 3G love. While the latter cities were mentioned for June in our AprilĀ 3G city expose, we know all to well these days are subject to change, and change frequently. Rockford and Springfield residents, are you feeling the 3G love yet? Sound off in the comments!


  • i spoke to a guy that works at the t-mobile store in my area and he said that york, pa would be getting 3g sometime in september.

  • Rick Arthur

    St. Louis still has no 3G and apparently isn’t even on the radar in T-Mobile’s plans. How is it that one of the larger metropolitan areas in the country can be so far behind?

  • Matt

    Just a note, not sure if it is permanent or not, but in Champaign-Urbana, IL for at least the last 24 hours we have had 3G, it’s blazing on my G1!

  • Jon

    @Rick: Read the forums. St Louis 3g = Late Q3.

    That said, Rockford and Springfield, IL don’t show as having 3g in the 3g coverage map on tmo’s website.

  • Amazing!!!

    Mother #$%@&*!!!! Those smaller cities gets 3G before St Louis!?!?!

  • danska

    Well, when you have like 2-4 towers that cover the main city, it isn’t that hard to get 3g running. When i go to galesburg, IL, they have like one tower in the center of town and another on I-74. Wouldn’t be very hard to get 3g there.

  • Ben

    wow! I guess I am not the only one in STL that is pissed! I’ll give tmobile until Q4 2011 when cities of population 5000 have 3G before STL gets it LOL. By then Sprint will have 6G!

  • The Rockford area does have 3G, albeit a bit on the weak side. All to often I noticed going in and out of 3G to edge. I have a G1.

  • SEFan

    I live in Milwaukee, grew up in Springfield, IL. I cannot believe that T-Mo chose to roll out 3G in Spfld (population ~110,000) before my area (regional population ~1.5 million). Put me with Rich Arthur: what are these people THINKING?!

  • josh

    How is it charlotte, nc hasnt got the 3g love yet? That is a bit ridiculous!

  • J

    It isn’t like T-Mobile has those cities as a higher priority. Those cities run off an already established 3G core network in Chicago. All you have to do is tie in the cell sites to that core. The people working on Springfield are not the same as those working on the St Louis launch. It would be stupid to not launch a market that is ready just so a market that isn’t can come on first.

  • J

    Carolina doesn’t have 3G yet, because they were in the middle of integrating their network with T-mobile’s network as well as building over 100 new sites for 2G. You cannot do a 3G turn-up at the same time. It would be completely impossible.

  • Jason

    OH this better be true. I live in Wichita Falls and if I don’t have 3G Friday I’m gonna be pissed!

  • timmyjoe42

    I have a Blackberry 8120, so all this 3G talk is pointless for me. I heard a rumor that Cincinnati would be included in the Columbus launch, but I find that hard to believe since we are 100 miles away.

  • Rick


    FWIW Springfield is much closer to STL than Chicago. I’m 16 miles from STL in Belleville IL so would my core hub be based in STL or Chicago/Springfield? Maybe tmo just continues South down I-55 and drops off 3G here and then implements STL in late Q3, that could work.

    For the other STL posters here, I’m as disappointed as you on tmobiles neglect of this market.

  • TMOUSA executives got their MBAs from Cracker Jacks boxes. Complete lack of vision.

  • Rick

    Interesting article on 4G here http://unstrung.com/document.asp?_doc_id=176867
    Relates to tmobiles view on data services.

  • J

    Don’t get too tied up in distances. Springfield is part of Chicago’s network. I am looking at the cell site map as I type this. It all runs on Chicago’s core network. Springfield must have been part of the phase 2 launch for that market.

    As far as Cincy, Cincy does not look like it is connected to Columbus to me. They have completely seperate radio networks from what I can see. They may share a call server (which basicly handles call setup), but I am doubting they do. I would say they are completely independent. That doesn’t mean they won’t come up around the same time, but they don’t look like they share a core network.

  • justinhub2003

    3 reps have confirmed that cincinnati is finally on the road map for quarter 3, which is awesome.. still i would love to see some documentation proving this. but i literally called 3 times to make sure they werent just making stuff up.. im excited, my edge speeds are barable but i want real 3g

  • Rick

    @ J

    OK, it sounds like you know about the tech involved. Does each cell tower in a major area like ST l need an upgrade to 3G equipment or are they linked in a network where the central area provides the data speed and the outlying towers receive the upgraded signal for use?

    Sent from my G1 on tmo edge.

  • ICON

    How about some Buffalove in here?

    I see Rochester, NY listed, but no Buffalo. I realize Buffalo isn’t the booming “metropolis” it was back in…1900-ish (ha…sigh…), but I’d hope it would get 3g before Roch-cha-cha.

  • J

    Since the radiation pattern on a 3G site is close to a 2G, then every cell in a major metro area needs the 3G upgrade to give a complete footprint. This sometimes require antenna changes (but not always), new circuits for bandwidth, and a Node B (this is the actual 3G equipment). They share some of the same core network with GSM, but the transport is ATM based for the 3G network.

    Sometimes, not all the cell sites can be upgraded in time for initial rollout of the 3G launch. This is usually because the tower cannot hold any new lines or antennas or there are other similar construction issues. This is why some markets have gaps in coverage. It takes some time to work out these issues. In some cases, a competitor like Verizon may own the tower. They, of course, are usually in no hurry to help us out with these issues.

  • Rick


    Thanks for the info, I found some architecture drawings on the web for a UMTS 3G network but they were hard to read, thanks for clarifying the Node B which was not explained in the drawings I viewed.

    So, if each cell tower needs to be upgraded I’m afraid that by living in Belleville IL, 16 miles from St Louis proper, I may not receive 3G anytime in the next year or so. T-Mobile didn’t even have a cell tower near my house until Dec 07, before that I had one signal bar if I stood in front of my house and faced north (long story on why I’m still with T-Mobile considering the terrible signal during my first contract).

    At least those fine folks living in STL will have connectivity.

    Sent from my PC on Charter Broadband.

  • FILA

    @alex, buck your york, pa shit. theres no way 3G is coming to a shit hole like york. I know exactly where your at, cuz who knows i could be lurking at you right now. That T-Mobile guy was bull shitting you. F york, and f pa.

    straight Bodymore love baby

  • JBLmobileG1

    I sure do hope when I wake up in the morning (in Henderson NV) I will wake up to full 3G. It will feel like Christmas…. that one gift from Tmobile that I’ve been waiting for since I heard Tmobile was going to carry 3G phones and since I picked up my G1. I really do hope I can finally take advantage of my phone and start to get my moneys worth as far as the data plan goes since it went up for me from $4.99 to $24.99 a month. Let’s hope for the best.

  • Chris in VA

    its been nice of TMO to charge me 3G data prices in anticipation of me actually getting to USE 3G….

  • JBLmobileG1

    Its true! HENDERSON NV has 3G as of today May 21st! I turned my phone on this morning and have had 3 bars of 3G at all times…. before I would only get 2 tops and it would switch back and forth from 3G to edge to 3G again. So far I havent seen a hugh speed increase like I was hoping for though. I will just keep messing with it and see…. hopefully I will end up with all 4 bars filled. The main test will be at my work where I dont get 3G service at all (only edge). But its finally here!

  • Boofrickityhoo

    I dont really give two rat turds if i ever get 3g. I got the 8900 and wifi @ home and the office. B*tch cracka what?