Another Android Video Leak

Thanks to our friends at Phonedog, we are getting a look at what is purported to be an HTC skinning of the Android interface complete with widgets, gadgets, lion, tigers and bears. Best guess, according to John from Phonedog is that its similar to the HTC Touchflo interface for Windows Mobile devices, this time just for Android. This doesn’t have the appearance of the “Donut” follow up to Cupcake, more likely just HTC going to work on their own Android makeover. 

Thanks to John at Phonedog!

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  • Me

    Can’t you just credit Haykuro for both the HTC/Hero/1.5 videos?

  • santana

    Looks awesome….=)

  • j

    Really looks fantastic. I just hope that these types of redesigned phones don’t lead to forking of Android, and then the dreaded application (in)compatibility, not to mention if it will continue to be able to get Google’s Android updates.

  • SoTacMatt

    I agree with j.

    Other than that, that home app looks great!

  • FILA

    very nice, butttt, the TP2 is schedule to come out on Sprint in June.

    No thanks to sprint but that gives plenty of time for us T users to go into a Sprint store, if your willing, to play around with it and make your mind up. Like me Im stuck deciding against the TP2 or the G1. any suggestions? I will be looking out for this in a Sprint store I tell you that. Maybe make up my mind a full month before it comes out on T!!! Im gettin even more excited.

  • tato22

    really nice

  • TaylorGold

    How come the clock on the widget is a different time?

  • errjo

    Nice background music. Not that the information wasn’t good:-). Who was singing in the backgorund?

  • WTF? The TP2 isn’t exclusive to T-Mobile in the U.S.? TMOUSA is screwed big time!!!