Still Have Questions About Cupcake?!


I know cupcake has taken up quite a bit of the news spots lately and for good reason, a million G1 users is a user base that can’t be ignored. So here we go, one more addition to the cupcake news cycle and then hopefully, and if you are still unfamiliar with the cupcake update then this sheet courtesy of our tipster might answer some questions. Of course, if you are a G1 user and unfamiliar with cupcake, you probably aren’t reading here anyway. Either way, the above shot continues to confirm the completion of the cupcake OTA rollout by the end of May, so those of you impatiently waiting may still have a little bit of time to go, but at least you know with continued confirmation by what day you should have received it. Of course if you really want to see whats upcoming for Android, check out the video below as a young hacker apparently got ahold of the HTC Hero software, possibly the “Donut” followup to cupcake and showcases a whole lot of Android goodness. 

Video courtesy of Intomobile

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  • Galen20K

    Can we HAZ DOnut?!


  • Galen20K

    LOoks as if he has the alternate battery cover to allow for the Bigger replacement battery. And to think this kid is only 17. Wow

  • WEAK! No licensed MS Exchange support = FAIL.

  • George


    i have an unlocked G1 and i am using it in Mexico, with a Mexican carrier sim.

    I was a tmobile subscriber until April, so i will not get the update? this is suppose to be an android update not a tmobile update, this should be regardless the carrier you have.

    any thoughts?

  • Randy

    And now TMO has pushed back the date saying that everyone should have it by early June.

    Jeez…WTF is the problem?

  • matthew v

    If you have another carrier you will not get the update, its being ota by t mobile, not android/google. Sorry.

  • Vision77

    That build in the video is NOT donut or 2.0. It is an HTC enhanced build of 1.5 that haykuro is in the process of porting to the dream. You need ROOT to get it once it’s released….Check out and do your homework people….

  • Galen20K

    Vision77 you’re a Moron. Good day sir! ; D