Side By Side Look At HTC Magic and I7500


Thanks to the fine folks at CNET Asia via Androidguys we’re getting some pretty good viewing angles of the HTC Magic aka Mytouch and the Samsung I7500 both expected for T-mobile later this year. 



Hit the link for the rest of the images! CNET Asia

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  • Anthony

    Both of them look really nice.. Now can’t wait until they come out!!

  • Alex

    Which one has the better antennae?

  • sam

    i want both!

  • Brian

    I would love both, but which one do you guys think would be the best out of the two? I like the looks of both, but I don’t like the d-pad on the Samsung. Although, I could sacrifice the d-pad for the 8GB internal memory. Choices, choices, so many choices.

  • MDSAnta

    second pic looks like phone porn lol

  • Alex

    And neither have a physical keyboard.

  • FILA

    fuck samsung.

  • NordicNINE

    If price is similar, then I’d go Samsung.
    I think they make better phones, but I’m really interested in the OLED screen.
    Plus, it has a better camera.

  • Rommel

    Who cares,damn samsungs!

  • Amazing!!!

    The one with the 3.5″ jack automatically wins, IMO.

  • J

    Those are some nice devices, but I’m not sure if I am ready to give up a keyboard. I believe I will probably just pick up the Rhodium for now.

  • Frank

    I can’t wait for the HTC ” My Touch” to come out I didn’t buy a G1 because I heard a rummer that this beauty was coming out and now that it will I’m going nutts with a better OS and a better screen it’s gonna be a hard competitor with then new Iphone coming out in July, but that’s if it ever comes out.

  • TDogg

    The HTC won’t be a legitimate iphone challenger if HTC continues to make the stupid decision of not putting proper 3.5″ audio jack on the device. Carrying a usb to 3.5″ adapter is a pain in the arse.

  • Jeremy

    I can’t wait for that Samsung. No more crappy ass, fall apart in 6 months HTC hardware for me.

  • pelon1191

    i like the samsung really not sure if i want that one or the touchpro2 i like samsung alot but i like the touchpro
    oh yea the magics nice

  • Sgt. Cell

    My history with Samsung says poor call quality. But I like the style of the I7500.

  • You should update the images. But HTC is doing a great job at this :)