Oy, Cupcake Gets Pushed Back!


After all that talk, all the anticipation, patient waiting and who knows what else we were that close to Cupcake. So close we could taste it, feel it and for some lucky few, using it. Unfortunately, as the image states, T-mobile is still working out the last few kinks and has pushed the rollout date back by at “approximately” a week. We’re hoping that they sincerely mean just one week and not two but time will tell. Try not to throw fits of anger right now, we’ve waited this long, one more week won’t be the end of the world!

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  • angel vasquez

    Arrrrrgggghhhh!!¡ that’s it I’m rooting tonight!! Argh!!

  • Mann I been waitting for it and now I have to wait one more week…. I want it but I hope it make our G1 better then what it is.

  • Pecoy

    well its no suprise anymore…im not even really sure when we are actually going to get cupcake anymore…its dissapointing because cupcake should have come with the phone at launch….video recording,stereo bluetooth,auto rotate,on screen qwerty…all those features can be found on “dumbphones” straight from launch…and what about flash being announced and shown working on the g1 since last winter..when are we getting that? 2014??

  • I really thing that G1 is not getting any better my other smartphone T-mobile dash play videos online it doesn’t stream it. It use skyfire browsar..

  • angel vasquez

    i have lost confidence

  • mfabela

    geesh, it better be spotless and perfect!!

  • Red

    Way to fuck up again T-Mobile.

  • david

    Figures. I bet it is 2 plus weeks before we see it, if then! I hope whenever we do get it that it fixes youtube. Every flipin time I play a video on youtube the video stops after a sort bit of time and the screen message says “sorry, we can not play the video at this time”! It drives me nuts!!!!! Oh well, 1 more week or so won’t matter after all the time I have waited so far.

  • JBLmobileG1

    This is just crazy. I really do hope this makes the overall phone better and 100% bug free because it seems like I have been waiting forever. I expect nothing but the best now and I hope flash follows soon because like another comment above stated 2014…. by then the G1 would be considered a classic like the Razr… and how long cupcake is taking it may just be in 2014. LOL. One thing this better have is voice dialing from a bluetooth headset because even my HTC MDA and my BlackBerry Pearl offered these features… my only real complaint with the Android OS. I also have heard that we may get muti touch (like a rooted phone can have) this better be true because I was told this by a Tmobile rep…. (last I heard Apple owned the patents). For the pushback they should include it…. what else are they waiting for? I like a nicely baked cupcake not a burnt one. Next we’ll hear that they are skipping the cupcake and waiting for dounut. I guess I can wait so long as it is perfect and not rushed with issues.

  • Infidel Castro

    I’m glad I’m not on a Saphire/Magic. At least it’ll function better then it would have this week. The 25th sounds like the start date.

  • Infidel Castro

    The 25th because the other two updates came on a Wensday.

  • It’s all about Windows Mobile, baby!!!


    SURPRIZE!….. (Sarcastic)

  • nick

    epic fail, but hey I’m rooted. Woot!

  • angel vasquez

    is it possible to root the revert back to lets say “cupcake” later on? ive waiting for so long and now i think i want to take a bit off cupcake by rooting…any recommendations?

  • Jay4PreZ

    I’d have to say you guys are complaining for no apparent reason, suppose you get it and “Brick” Your phone, then what? Let Tmo take their time and get it right and you get a stable(r) OS and some nice add-ons, should’ve been there from the jump, but at least they’re giving you it for free (it could always be worse)

  • david

    Windows mobile sucks A**!

  • sino8r

    Root your phone and get cupcake now. Many of us have had cupcake and parts of “donut” (newer google branch) since March. It takes like 1 hour to do so. Just read and follow instructions carefully. It’s so easy…..

  • sino8r

    You can always repair a bricked phone by re-rooting your device. Easy… so don’t listen to the scaredy cats and do it!

  • FILA

    well its only by a week people. I cant wait for that TP2, thou Im havin doubts once again. I like the TP2, but I just cant stop dreamin about android on that G1, damn, Im still loving the G1 and that design, after I kno all the other ones coming out. It must have a QWERTY

  • Jack

    The original release said end of may, so give them the benefit of the doubt, wait till the end of the mont then complain. Come june, if all that is left is a few people in the middle of nowhere that don’t even know what an OTA update is, then I don’t see the problem.

  • tmofan12

    honestly it does suck. but its not the end of the world. although i promise you that after all this crying,when we finally get cupcake, people are still going to complain about what it DOESN’T have. The human race is an unsatisfied one.

  • chase

    what does the term “rooted” mean?

  • TP2 will probably be postponed from July 22 to August 18, 2013.

  • James

    Whiners=FAIL..damn get over it..just another week. So what if it becomes 2 weeks?

  • Red

    LOL.. and the “Mytouch with 3G” has also been postponed until Summer 2012, around the same time that the new but only slightly remodeled Sidekick LX is released.

  • Galen20K

    Waaah Wahhhh you Cry Babies GEEZ, of COurse I’m looking forward to it but there are OTHER things in life in the mean time. I love watching how all these spoiled brats just love to whine and cry about a software update we already know we’re getting.

    *shakes head***

  • Teh Android

    You people whining seriously need to STFU. Its a week get over it all you do is complain and it will never be enough for you. Cupcake will let you down and you will back here again yelling and screaming how T-mobile wronged you in some way and you’re switching to at&t to get the iphone. So do us all a favor and leave now.

  • J

    It is not like T-Mobile writes this software. It is written by Google. T-Mobile obviously tested it and found glitches, so they are sending it back to Google to fix the glitches. All T-Mobile did was demand a solid product for their customers. I’ll take my cupcake without bugs. Thanks.

  • James

    Finally a couple of responses from people with sense.

  • angel vasquez

    Ok I just finished talking to a very nice tmo rep.
    I tried to root the g1 as I said above last night BUT I couldn’t do it! So I was just concerned and worried that I might not be able to get the legit cupcake update.
    This is wht he said
    1. You need a tmo sim
    2. You need a data plan
    3. You can root and still get cupcake because of the above 2 points
    4. Be patient, he said “I’m stiil waiting for mine”

  • angel vasquez

    Oh and he also said “you should have it by the end of may”

  • ermac

    Ok, I’m a rooted user w/cupcake and I had to whip out the keyboard on these whinin asses, one, you can’t compare a phone that doesn’t even have the basic Sony Ericsson TM506 copy and paste to the G1. U goin to at&t? Go ahead, if u knew about ur cellphone technology, T-Mobile has the fastest 3g network, when they launched their 3g network, they came out with download speeds of 7.2Mbps, while at&t gives you 3.2Mbps, and are just now about to start offering 7.2 because Tmo has it, how long has they 3g network been out? So u can have ur slow 3g and pricey network, we here @ tmo are good. U guys that are drooling cupcake, root ur damn phone, its not hard believe me, the only hard part that’s really not that hard is downgrading to RC23, thass it.

  • trainoperator

    This is Bullcrap!!! We all should e-mail Tmobile with dissatisfaction. They have played the cat and mouse game for too long with Cupcape!!! It should have had cupcape at launch!, if it was to be better than that iphone! June or july the iphone 3g is going to get its own software update that will include similar things in Cupcake! Tmobile is playing around too much.

  • Shades

    The heck with “cupcake”. I want 3G!

  • angel vasquez

    guys! hey i went back to rc29 with hopes to root but i was unsucsessful…should i expect to see the ota update for rc30 within these 24 hours?

  • big d

    People who complain about the features and say it “should” have had cupcake at launch baffle me. T-mobile has this little thing called a “14 day buyers remorse”. If the phone didn’t have the features you wanted or thought it should have then why did you keep it? Buy a product that has what you want AT THAT TIME. Updates are nice but in reality T-Mobile doesn’t have to give us squat. The g1 came with everything it advertised it had with no WRITTEN promise of updates.

  • That’s why I don’t own a G1, Google and Android suck ass! All Google wants to do is take over the world and enslave us over covertly, at least Microsoft is open about it!

  • Land Of The Trill

    WOW! you all amaze me really you do, I mean when it gets here I bet you will pick at everything like now I want donute and this thing still is lame blah blah I really don’t have anything to say to any of you but “THANKS FOR THE LAUGHS” haha all all clowns and fanboys saying such as such should have been included without knowing anything lol..Dare to say something meet me in the forums or xda.

  • joejoe

    Just try the u.k. install. It will work on your g1 however somethings will be missing such as amazon, voice search and such otherewise you’ll have 1.5 albeit he uk version.

  • dr_mal

    Got it this morning. Woot!