Data Plan Changes Cometh!


So here we go again, changes to the data plan catalogue for T-mobile are afoot. Seems like the words data plan and changes are coming up all to often lately and this time, while it isn’t awful, it isn’t that groundbreaking either. Interpreting from the image above, apparently the lower priced option currently offering a small messaging add on is being dropped in lieu of unlimited data only. At the higher end, the current limit of 100mb is being dropped in favor of both unlimited data and unlimited messaging, not a bad value at 20 dollars considering unlimited messaging alone is $14.99. The same deal can be said for the bottom portion of the image regarding smartphones, the lower priced package drops the messaging add in favor of the familiar and currently offered $35 dollar option for both unlimited web and messaging. Obviously this is a push by T-mobile to raise arpu by showcasing the better value of the unlimited/messaging add on and as shown by the image above, they remain the best value!

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