Data Plan Changes Cometh!


So here we go again, changes to the data plan catalogue for T-mobile are afoot. Seems like the words data plan and changes are coming up all to often lately and this time, while it isn’t awful, it isn’t that groundbreaking either. Interpreting from the image above, apparently the lower priced option currently offering a small messaging add on is being dropped in lieu of unlimited data only. At the higher end, the current limit of 100mb is being dropped in favor of both unlimited data and unlimited messaging, not a bad value at 20 dollars considering unlimited messaging alone is $14.99. The same deal can be said for the bottom portion of the image regarding smartphones, the lower priced package drops the messaging add in favor of the familiar and currently offered $35 dollar option for both unlimited web and messaging. Obviously this is a push by T-mobile to raise arpu by showcasing the better value of the unlimited/messaging add on and as shown by the image above, they remain the best value!

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  • Chuong

    The phone first data plan is an excellent value.

  • Rogue

    no word on when this should take effect??? is june still the tentative date?

  • Jeff

    Looks like *new 6/3/09

    It doesn’t look like the smartphone plans changed at all. The MSG stands for unlimited so it probably still has the 400 texts or maybe 300 now.

  • Anthony

    When will it change??

  • jay_cee

    See the “New 6/3/09” at the bottom of the image? That’s my guess as to when it will change.

  • Greg

    looks likes june 3rd if you read at bottom of pic

  • jack

    can someone clear up sprints smartphone choices?

  • Peter

    Will you be able to use the 20.00 plan on the tmobile dash?

  • I guess, still don’t help me out with the budges off affording $35 extra for unlimited date & messaging. $30 for those too woulda been nice thou.

  • genius

    looks like smartphone users are getting shafted again – basically they are just removing the 400 messaging bundle from the lower-priced package, since all smartphone plans already include unlimited internet today.
    the only real “gain” is for phone 1st users, who now no longer have usage caps.

    along with the standalone messaging plan drop from 400 to 300 messages, seems like TMo think they are giving their customers too good of a deal…

  • Observer

    does that mean the g1 wont have the $25 plan anymore? if so that is so stupid

  • Observer

    for 400 meassages messages and unlimited data i mean

  • Jay

    Whats the difference between the $20 U/L plan vs the $35 U/L plan? I have the $19.99 U/L Sidekick plan from 2007, would that be considered a smartphone data plan or a normal phone data plan?

  • Heather

    My guess would be tethered modem capibility. :)

  • Rick

    The $20 U/L +MSG plan is for phones that are not smart phones like a Gravity, while the $35 U/L +MSG plan is for smartphones/PDAs. Your sidekick is a “smartphone” requiring a data plan like my G1 and Shadow.

  • steve

    maybe someone can help clear something up for me. I really can’t understand how T-Mobile is going to be “best value” against sprint. Their everything data plan for a family of 2 gives you:

    -1500 anytime shared minutes
    -unlimited nights and weekends (starting at 7:00 pm)
    -unlimited mobile to mobile
    -unlimited, blackberry web and email, messaging

    For $130 dollars

    … lets just stay conservative and say two smart phones plans with unlimited messaging and data $35 a piece on top of an $89 1800 min. myfaves family plan puts the total at $160 and doesn’t include any gps or entertainment services. Now I’ve been a T-mobile customer for 7 years….and when you compare those two companies side by side it is hard for tmobile to come out on top. Unless I’m missing something like a big change in services such as gps, entertainment or a cut in voice rate.

  • jack

    Well if you have actually been with t-mobile for 7 years, then that same $160 gives you unlimited minutes compared to 1500 with sprint…

  • steve


    True but I was thinking of new customers who wouldn’t qualify for the loyalty program. Still…that is a lot of money without a fully built out 3g network.

  • Rick

    Steve, my thoughts exactly on the comparison with Sprint (see my post in the BillShrink thread). I called a CSR yesterday to try to save some money on my plan but I’m as low as I can go for the services I require which is $50 more than a comparable plan with Sprint and they actually have 3G where I live. Unfortunately I still have 11 months on this contract so I’m stuck for now.

  • steve

    I won’t argue that Tmobile customer care is great (probably way better than sprint) but at the same time how often do you have to call? Maybe a few times a year? I’m figuring a 23% premium based on my example above. especially since tmobile doesn’t have gps or entertainment services. That you have to pay every single month!

    I don’t know….I just don’t understand what corporate is thinking?

  • mingkee

    T-Mobile Webconnect still sucks, period
    same $60 and 5GB as other 3, it’s a major disadvantage
    what is advantage over others?

  • shotdisc98

    So is there a family data plan or will I need to buy 2 data plans for the 2 mytouches that I want to get?

  • Rick

    No family data plan with T-Mobile only per phone, I’ve been asking for that for sometime now but to no avail. Just dropped the data on my kids’s phone, way too expensive for what is provided.

  • Ashley

    The new data starts june 3rd however if you upgrade to a data device you are required as part of your contract to keep the data serivce so if u lose you blackberry say and just get a cheap phone you have to leave the interent plan for the remander of your contract

  • Englishman

    wow i cant believe people are finding things to complain about this. Are you looking at the graph and seeing how much of a better value you’re getting with tmobile? When I had att i paid $20 for unl text. For the same $20 you get data too with a phone like the gravity. And if you decide to add internet to a phone that will be 10 times better in browsing experience you pay $35? Thats a great deal, what is your problem?

  • Blacksunshine

    Umm…. These prices have been in effect since january.
    This is not news by any means.

    The first two are the Weg2Go price plans for Branded Tmobile devices. (Excluding smartphones)

    The second section pertains to Smartphones and ALL non tmobile branded devices.

    Again been this way since January.

  • Blacksunshine

    Steve. When you do have to call having competent people that actually WANT to help you means a lot. When I WAS with sprint I was having to spend 2-6hr EACH MONTH with their CS due to their screwups. Every time I would call after sitting on hold for 15-30 min (per transfer) I would have to start over because some lazy jerk would drop the call because they didn’t wanna deal with it. This went on for 6 months till I finally told them to @!#% off.
    I have never had any such issues with Tmobile in the 3+ years I’ve been with them. And have spent maybe 2 hr total online with them.
    Oh. BTW one thing that you forgot to make note of in your pricing scheme.
    Sprint will charge you extra for teathering. They also don’t offer any wifi(hotspot) access with their data plans.
    And do you really think its fair that you picked a more expensive plan from Tmo that has more min to compare to the one from sprint?
    Cause the 1500 min plans are 20 bucks cheaper and so adding the data plan doesn’t take the total price so far up.

  • Blacksunshine

    And BTW if you are a long time customer you can probably get an unlimited minvoice plan for 49 bucks.

  • riffic

    does this mean I can break my contract without paying an ETF?

  • Rogue

    @ Englishman. Just cuz its better value, were not getting what were paying for. The quality of it all sucks compared to the other 3. The phones are improving but the data plans are just not worth it.

    Can someone better explain the force attach? Ive been planning on getting the 8900 but I want to wait to see if the new phones are coming out and how they handle… Thing is I dont want to wait to check out the upcoming phones if I’m “forced” to a dataplan although itd be an upgrade

  • Blacksunshine

    How are you not getting what your paying for? Tmobile have a coverage map on their website that shows you exactly where what coverage is. You are smartenough to come to a website like this so I would assume that you also have enough smarts to research the device you plan on using on the network you are with to be sure if YOUR device is going to be compatible with their technology.
    the quality of what is worse? the internet? The internet is the internet.
    If YOU chose to use a phone that does not take full advantage of the Tmobile network then you should consider that it is your fault you have the phone you have.
    And you are not being forced to have a data plan. Data plans aside from the ones that are specific data only are simply features that we add and remove from accounts. But yes you do have to pay for the approperate data plan for the device you are using.

    That means no more stealing full internet for 5.99.

  • grasshiphopperr

    can i just get the phone 1st plan and use that data for blackberry/other smart phone?

  • brandon

    is phone 1st like web2go?

  • steve


    I see what you mean by better value especially compared to att and verizon. no doubt about that. BUT the problem is everyone is looking to save money where they can which is why Metro Pcs and Boost mobile are flying right now.


    If you don’t want a data plan on your 8900 curve…get it soon. Forced data means that you will be required to subscribe to web, email whether you want or use it! Just like verizon and att. If you planned on getting those services anyway then it doesn’t matter. I just wish we had a choice in how to use our own smart phones especially since we pay a premium for them anyway.

  • Queen4111

    It looks like it’s going to be a better option to buy your phone full retail to NOT be tied into a contract…

    Seems Prepaid is the way to go now…

  • steve


    I’ve thought about that as well….not sure of the quality though (Metro pcs as an example) they’ve got a $50 unlimited smartphone plan for the blackberry curve but you have to buy the phone at retail $450. It makes sense to do it since you can recoup the cost of the phone in about a year IF the network quality is acceptable. If it’s not then you are stuck with a $450 phone that you are selling on ebay.

  • Jon

    @ Blacksunshine “Umm…. These prices have been in effect since january.
    This is not news by any means.

    The first two are the Weg2Go price plans for Branded Tmobile devices”

    Web2go has a 50MB and 100MB cap. Notice that the new plans are UNLIMITED data for $10 (which is the current 50MB price point) and UNLIMITED data and messages for $20 (which is the current 100MB price point).

    This is basically just going back to how tzones was, albeit at a higher price ($9.99 vs $5.99 for tzones). Either way, this is much better than 50MB for $9.99 like web2go is right now.

  • Rick


    Sprint and the others may charge extra for tethering but according to t-mobiles TOS tethering on a data plan is prohibited so that argument holds no water.

    For a real comparison I visited the other 3 sites and priced out comparable plans to my current plan. My current plan consists of the following:

    Family MyFaves 800 minutes w/4 phones @ $89.97
    T-Mobile@Home (absorb additional minutes above 800) @ $9.99
    Family unlimited messaging @ $19.99
    G1 Data Plan @ $24.99
    Sidekick Data Plan @ $24.99 (removed yesterday)

    Total Cost @ $169.93

    The Sprint Everything Data Family Plan with unlimited data and messaging,
    4 lines 1500 minutes per month, N/W at 7pm (EXCELLENT)

    Total Cost @ $169.97

    The Verizon Nationwide Connect Family SharePlan with unlimited data and messaging,
    4 lines 1400 minutes per month with Friends and Family

    Total Cost @ $179.97

    Our family anytime minutes average around 1100 per month (not including Nights and Weekends) so both the Sprint and Verizon Plan minutes are more than enough. Both Sprint and Verizon have 3G coverage in my area (T-Mobile says end of Sep 09 for my area if the coverage bleeds over to Illinois from St Louis) so advantage to Verizon and Sprint.

    If I was to actually match the Sprint or Verizon plans using T-Mobile pricing the data plans alone would cost $100 for 4 phones plus the $20 for text and Family Time Plus with 1600 minutes, @ $100 (losing the @home and increasing the minutes on my plan) plus 2 additional lines at $10 per bringing the total to $240 per month.

    I didn’t include AT&T as their prices for the services I have listed was well over $200 before I had finished adding features to the plan.

    Take this for what it’s worth but for my needs both Sprint and Verizon offer more value for the dollar, $60 to $70 per month savings, than T-Mobile.

  • Jon

    The Verizon Family Plan shares the “faves”, so instead of 5 faves per family member, you have 10 faves for the entire account. Not so good if the kids faves aren’t the same as your faves.

  • Rick

    I kind of figured the “faves/friends and family” were per plan but that’s still a bonus considering three of mine are people back home who I only talk to on weekends anyway. The downside to Verizon is their lack of worthwhile smartphones, applies to Sprint as well although the Palm Pre may be a good one.

  • Peter
  • Prefect


    Comparing Verizon to Tmobile the comparison would depend on what Verizon phones you end up purchasing. If I am not mistaken some smart phones data plan would be extra.

    From the fine print on Verizon:
    “Important: On select smartphone devices, if you do not subscribe to a Data Plan or Data Feature, data usage will be billed at 1.5¢ per KB ($15.36 per MB), unless you add a data block or subscribe to a Wireless Email Feature. Other smartphone devices and all BlackBerry® devices require a Data Plan or a Data Feature”

  • sanjath

    I am not sure why T-Mo would increase the price on data plan on smart phones when at&t is planning to drop the price on iphone plans to $20 (with some limitations). I hope T-mo wakes up before it is too late. If At&t comes up with $20 plan and $99 iphone, that could be a killer combination and will trigger a price war.

  • TMO Employee

    So I just had my training today and was let in on one little secret; once you get your upgraded phone and that data feature you so despise, if you log onto and remove the data package yourself you will no longer be billed for it(or have it) and you will have service business as usual? Why? Because we haven’t figured out a way to to stop you from being able to remove the data feature without blocking you, the customer, from making all changes at Since we want you to use your self help options this is something we are not quick to take away from you. And because we can’t stop you and your service doesn’t end, i.e. no ETF for removing the feature…. all complainers rejoice!!!

  • maizeNblue

    @ TMO Employee,

    That’s the best news I heard so far. Hopefully they don’t make a change once this is implemented.

  • J

    A bit of false info above… Tethering on a T-Mobile data plan is not prohibited. It is not an option T-Mobile advertises, but does support on some devices with the required data plan. This includes GSM devices, Blackberry devices, and 3G UMTS devices. Phones that are not supported are 3G HSDPA devices and Sidekicks.

  • Rick


    My apologies for posting incorrect data for Verizon, you are correct. I spoke with a vzw rep and was told that smartphones/bb’s require a separate data plan, either $30 or $45 per phone. That raises the monthly cost for 2 smartphones with data plus 2 texting phones to $215 per month, much higher than the comparable $170 I am at right now. The $45 per month increase may not be worth it for their network.

    The Sprint pricing for family data with smartphones I posted is valid and mighty attractive. I still have 11 months on this contract and will evaluate t-mobile if/when we finally get 3G data here in the St Louis metro area but if the plans are the same next year as today then Sprint has the best value and network for my needs.

    Sent from my G1.

  • henry

    is the ZN5 Zine considered a regular phone or would it fall under the smartphone data plans?

  • steve

    @Tmo employee

    If that “glitch” holds up after the proposed changed date. That could be a great move on Tmobile’s part to continue their reputation of being customer friendly. At least if you require the customer to walk about of the store with a data plan and they try it for a few months while the mail in rebate comes in they have a chance to try it and if they like it I’m sure they will keep it.

    Thank you for the info!

  • TMOemployee

    Yeah the only issue with the website glitch it that internal T-Mobile knows, so eventually it will be fixed. The IT department is working on it, but they’ve been working on it since this was in the works and that’s been a long time so who knows if or when it will be fixed. Plus this isn’t something we are going to advertise, or most employees will even be told about reason being if we notice you don’t have it we cannot make you add it back because we didn’t cancel you on the spot and allowed you to go without after removing it. The only reason I found out is because I thought to ask about it and luckily my trainer was able to contact someone from corporate with an answer. But I wouldn’t expect for it to be this way forever, eventually they will get it resolved.

  • maizeNblue

    It dosen’t seem like it would be that hard to fix (but i’m an IT guy). Let’s keep our collective fingers crossed that they don’t correct this issue until around September. (Time enough to get TP2 and rebate back).

  • Dude

    I also went through the training yesterday. There are only a few phones that will be affected by the data changes in terms of the forced data plan. For example, the Behold, Memoir, Pearl, and Pearl Flip will NOT be required to have the data plan. There are still plenty of really nice phones that will not have to have data.

    @ Steve — T-Mobile updated their plans a month ago. Why are you paying 89.99 for an 800 min. MyFaves plan? For 89.99 you can get the family MyFaves 1800!

    With a little research, you will find that Sprint is on it’s way out…losing over 1M customers a quarter. 3G networks come at a cost…and lowering your pricing for plans and data just to attract customers will not pay for the network…simple economics. T-Mobile received 10B to improve the network and launch 3G nationwide. We want smart phones and an awesome network and there will be a price for that.

    If you want inexpensive service that is still an option…just means that an all-in-one phone would not be for you. As asked previously, why would anyone want an all-in-one phone without the data…because the phone looks cool?

  • Ron

    @ Dude,

    Some people use a All-in-one phone so that they don’t have to carry two devices i.e. cell phone and a PDA… Everyone dosen’t use an all-in-one for surfing the net or downloading.

  • steve


    Apparently quite a few people use smart phones without data plans otherwise I doubt that Tmobile or any other carrier would take the time to craft a new policy with the requirements! As I’ve said before, I am one of those people. I just believe that it should be my choice what services to subscribe to especially since I’m already paying a premium for a pda/smartphone. (I’ve never seen one on tmobile’s site listed for free unlike flip phones or basic messenging devices)

    Oh well….since this is going to happen no matter what…who knows maybe, tmobile will roll out some new features such as gps, entertainment services or even video calling soon to give their customers even more reason to WANT to subscribe to data instead of just mandating it.

  • dude

    Use a PDA without data then. You have the option to buy the phone outright and avoid the forced data. Done.

  • Pablo

    What exactly does that mean when it says “Phone 1st”?

    I currently have a family plan with 2 phones. One phone already has the T-Zones data plan, but I just tried to add it to my second phone as well, but they are not letting me do it since they are no longer offering T-Zones.

    So if I wanted to get the unlimited data plan for $9.99 for my second phone, would I be able to do it?

  • Kathy

    ^^^ Yes you will, starting on June 3rd like the pic said. ^^^

  • Dude

    @ Pablo – – Which models of phone are you using?

    Phone first would be a phone that was made to be used for straight forward (calls, text) use. In general, think of flip phones, and the simple bar phones. If the phone costs less than $250 before your discounts, you can bet it is a phone-first model.

  • Tmo Employee

    i work for tmobile and just went through some training yesterday on this… after june 3rd any pda or data devices purchased are going to come with a mandatory data plan. meaning you get a g1, you must have the data plan for it for the entire contract you sign. so you sign a 2 year contract you have to pay minimum 24.99 a month for the data plan for 2 years, sucks but it will make it will get less people to buy a data device when they have no clue how to use it and are just using it as phone first anyway!

  • maizeNblue

    @ Dude,

    I didn’t hear anyone say that if you buy the phone outright you don’t get charged for data, everyone is saying if you buy the phone from Tmobile you have to get the data plan. DONE!!!

  • Dude


    100% for sure know that if you buy the phone without a contract (retail price) you will not have forced data. I went through the training last week…all 3 hours of it! :)

    I know I’m not the only one that knows this, probably just an overlooked fact about the change.

    I’m sure TMo employee will also confirm this.

  • timmyjoe42

    I just ordered up the Blackberry Enterprise Package for $30. I didn’t want to wait and have it go up.

  • Bill

    Read the T&C…the fine print, there is NO UNLIMITED DATA! Like Satellite internet there is a FAP…Fair Access Policy; period. Now, if you’re dumb enough to exceed 5 GBs then frankly you deserve to have your hind parts throttled back. What in God’s name did y’all think was going to happen when AT&T no longer is offering true unlimited data? Anybody following Verizon Wireless’ new data plans releasing next week?