MyTmobile To Get Makeover On May 24th!


I think its a safe to say that all of us are fairly familiar with the standard My-Tmobile homescreen and the various features and services it can provide. With that in mind, change is coming in the form of the above screenshot showing the revamped MyTmobile page set to launch May 24th. Details are limited on what if any “real” improvements this page will offer other than aesthetic changes but employees have gone through a training so hopefully they can pipe in via the comments!


  • Kickstar13

    Wow the screen shot looks nice. I can’t wait!

  • FILA

    yea nice for people that go online for there bill all the time or look at things or change things. me i only been on my page like 8 times since july when i got my phone. I pay thru my bank, but this is cool

  • Sector43

    Hope this will support safari otherwise i will be one pissed MOFO been waiting for this forever.

  • Vap1d

    I hope that the updates to My.T-Mobile will also bring changes for people with business accounts. Currently business customers can’t do jack on it other than seeing usage details. We can make no additions or changes at all. Due to this when the G1 launched for pre-order we were unable to get in on the pre-order as it was online only. Pretty lame imho.

  • Galen20K

    Well it Looks wayyyy better than its current Outdated look so I for one can’t wait.

    Hopefully it will add more Functionality and not JUST a facelift.

  • TMoTech

    Employees have been trained? Not at our site – this is the first this tmobile tech has heard of this… grr.

  • AphotiX

    As a tmo rep I have been trained on the new site, and I can verify that the updates are aimed at taming user frustration, making the site easier to use for the average Joe who doesn’t know jack about how computers work. The new layout strives to simplify things, though its hard to say how well it will work. For everyone but Joe, this update will probably prove to be confusing at first since things are getting moved all over the place.

    The new permissions set up is both easier to find and a lot easier to use, and new account registrations will be prompted to set themselves as PAH if they are the first line registering online, and then they are able to set account permissions on each of the lines on the account. So from a new user coming in standpoint, its great, for everyone else, there will be a learning curve.

  • cDAWG

    damn!! i havent took that training yet….i gotta catch up

  • SpanDee

    Wasn’t it supposed to launch on May 16th?

  • TmOwEbGuRu

    Was. Now on deck for 5/30.