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T-Mobile Making Changes To Off-Network Data Roaming Plans In The Future?

Word coming out of Howard Forums tells us T-Mobile will be making some changes to their data roaming plans when you are wandering off the T-Mobile network. According to the Howard Forums tipster, sometime in early April, T-Mobile will change their domestic roaming policies to 100MB of data on the 5GB plan and 200MB on the 10GB plan. If you exceed the 100 or 200MB limit, the network will cut off any data … [read full article]

MyTmobile To Get Makeover On May 24th!


I think its a safe to say that all of us are fairly familiar with the standard My-Tmobile homescreen and the various features and services it can provide. With that in mind, change is coming in the form of the above screenshot showing the revamped MyTmobile page set to launch May 24th. Details are limited on what if any “real” improvements this page will offer other than aesthetic changes but employees have gone through a training so … [read full article]