T-Mobile Making Changes To Off-Network Data Roaming Plans In The Future?

Word coming out of Howard Forums tells us T-Mobile will be making some changes to their data roaming plans when you are wandering off the T-Mobile network. According to the Howard Forums tipster, sometime in early April, T-Mobile will change their domestic roaming policies to 100MB of data on the 5GB plan and 200MB on the 10GB plan. If you exceed the 100 or 200MB limit, the network will cut off any data services until a connection to a T-Mobile tower or Wi-Fi is made. The plan will reset in line with your billing cycle. Accordingly, T-Mobile will start notifying customers of the changes when logging into myT-Mobile and/or via a paper letter received with an upcoming billing statement.

At this point, we’re still chalking this up in the “unconfirmed” category but we have heard rumblings of changes to T-Mobile’s data roaming plans coming in the next few months anyway. For the moment, we’re going to assume the 100MB and 200MB data roaming plans are correct until we can further verify this intel. The real question is, how will this affect you? In my case, I’m hardly ever off network so these plans won’t really affect me, however, can you say the same?

According to the tipster, T-Mobile spent close to 400 million last year in data roaming so this new roaming policy could be construed as a cost-cutting measure. The current estimate is that around 10K customers will be affected by this plan.

Howard Forums

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