HTC Amaze 4G, Sensation 4G, LG DoublePlay, myTouch And myTouch Q Nearing End-Of-Life?

Here’s a bit of interesting news to keep us talking over the weekend as a new T-Mobile inventory screengrab has fallen into our inbox indicating the HTC Sensation 4G, HTC Amaze 4G, LG DoublePlay, LG myTouch Q and LG myTouch are nearing their end-of-life status. We should remind you that “end-of-life” does not mean the Amaze 4G will immediately disappear from store shelves — if anything there could be still be weeks worth of inventory sitting in T-Mobile warehouses. That being said, the idea that the top two HTC Android phones on T-Mobile are nearing the end of their run hopefully tells us something new is on the horizon. The HTC Ville perhaps?

As we look down the list at the LG handsets nearing end-of-life, we’re asking ourselves if anyone out there is terribly surprised that the myTouch and myTouch Q along with the DoublePlay are already nearing the end of their run? None of these phones were ever positioned to be heavy hitters and the DoublePlay, with its unique dual-screen approach was never given the kind of marketing or billing a phone that unique could have received.

Our first thought after reading through this list was one of hope, that T-Mobile will replace some of their high-end devices like the HTC Amaze 4G and Sensation 4G with other, top of the line handsets. Unfortunately, we’ve got very little information about what is in the T-Mobile pipeline for 2012, but we imagine with the Amaze 4G going away, T-Mobile isn’t going to replace it with anything other than a phone that exceeds the already powerful expectations the Amaze 4G set. While the first quarter for T-Mobile might be a little sparse, our hope is that the second quarter of 2012 and beyond will be filled with lots of exciting handsets as T-Mobile revs up their lineup to lure new customers in.

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  • Tito!

    This makes me laugh.. yeah, I’m definitely convinced more each day that I no longer want T-Mobile! :)

    • Miguel

      maybe T-Mobile feels the same way about you.

      • Kirk

        I doubt it Miguel. They need everyone they can keep right now.

        Why is the Amaze 4G already discontinued? So fast.

        • Guest

          So they don’t have to update an support it longer and for new users. Yea. I’m pretty much done with android just sold my vibrant. Apple is the only reliable smartphone vendor these days.

        • M Ainabe89

          As much as it pains me to say it, I agree. I know people say ‘root your phone and go to xda’, but if I pay 200+ for a phone, I expect for the company (T-mobile and HTC in this case) to support it for longer than 8 months.

        • stoneyjonez

          Nobody said they won’t support it. It just means they are stopping manufacturing those models. I work for T-Mobile, and we still support the Motorola Razr (original) lol. We never just stop supporting our own devices.

        • M Ainabe89

          Lol, apologies for the misinformation on my part. As for the razr, my dad still has one, haha

        • Anonymous

          I still have my razr too, and the krazr 1 as well :D

        • rover

          OK guys, I claim the bragging rights here because I have even an older Moto phone: the V330. ;-)

        • Anonymous

          I have one too, but from AT&T. Silver. Still works
          So there

        • Anonymous

          I understand what you mean, my dad’s old Nokia with the mono screen still works and is supported.  On the other hand, android complicates things.  Supporting the phone so that it is secure and works on the network is one thing.  Google complicates things by releasing a new OS every few months, never fully fixing the bugs in the previous OS and there is no way for the manufacturers or the Phone company providers to keep up with this.  Google should slow down a little, and actually fix what is wrong with the current iteration of android before releasing the next.  That way it can be fully supported by the carriers, can be stable on the phones and the manufacturers can catch up and not be releasing phones with already out of date OS’s.

          /rant off

        • JBLmobileG1

          They will continue to support it. Long after the G2 was discontinued we still received an update not to mention recently HTC decided to unlock boot loader for it. I am pretty sure those phones above will also be supported for quite some time after.

        • Susank

          I’m always stunned by how upset people are.  They support ALL there phone under warranty.  Many people are still buying Sensations because it’s good phone but it’s at end of life.

          Tmo will still support it!  Android forces a bizarre 6 month change over continously.

        • Guest

          HTC is slowing production down.

        • Anonymous

          Its not a ”android” thing its tmobile! My brother has the gs2 on sprint and his phone has had 3 updates since he got it. Even the original gs on sprint still gets updates! T-mobile needs to do a better job at updating their phones! That would help reduce turnover! I think I’m leaving tmo as soon as sprint gets the galaxy nexus! Tmo is starting to be a glorified cricket or metro pcs! O wait at least metro has lte!!

        • Mary

          LOL, T-mobile was the first to push out Froyo to the GS phones.  Sprint didn’t do it for almost another month and a half later.  The 2nd version of the GS, Galaxy S 4G, was updated at the same time or earlier for Gingerbread than the other carriers.  So good luck on that. 

        • Yeah, but no Gingerbread for the Vibrant, which is pretty much the same phone, sans the radio. WTF?

        • Mary

          None of the original Galaxy S phones received a Gingerbread update either, no matter the carrier.  So it’s not a T-mobile issue

        • Anonymous

          The VZW, ATT, and Sprint Galaxy S phones got Gingerbread.

        • Anonymous

          Vibrant????   You might want to focus that laser beam of blame on Samsung.  They make a premium phone with a defective GPS and out of date OS and then abandon the phone.  No gingerbread, no anything, welcome to shamesung.

        • k-mack

          no, I think they do.  who wants a whiney customer like you!…

          sad, you are sad…

      • tiredofcommentslikethese

        Does someone being upset with tmo hirt your feelings? Pretty soon ppl like you is all they will have! Then it will be a great company right? Yea….

        • Anonymous

          and where would you go that would be so much better?!

        • Anonymous

          Exactly.  For me I could choose ATT, who has my home service and when they add strange things to the bill (several times per year) it takes an act of G_d and calls from your congressman to get them to remove it.  Or Sprint, with unlimited really slooooow data, or Verizon where I will pay a lot more for less minutes and data.  No thanks, I know a good deal when I see one, at least for me in any case  :)

        • aaron cooper

          Yup, I would agree… execpt, I took my phone to Simple Mobile, so I get all the pluses with TMobile without the prices…

        • Travishenning

          I feel what ur sayin sad, lots of tough guys behind the scenes on here. This sites full of alot of kids just dont acknowledge em’. You’ll end up in a lame ass argument if you respond. Let em’ have their fun, this is where they get to be tough and say the things that they cant say in REAL life! Lmmfao!!!

  • Uslynnukandrew

    G3 time soon….

    • JBLmobileG1

      I hope so… although I still have until September to upgrade myself so hopefully if one does come out it will still be available at that point in time. Hopefully the G3 will have stock Android too…. or atleast as close to it as they come.

  • Wow

    I hope a new sidekick comes out

    • Anonymous

      A new sidekick????   What about the current one????? Almost 9 months since launch and Shamesung cannot even get a stable build to use as a reliable phone.  Beyond Pathetic.  Samsung should be embarrased to be even related to this since it is entirely their fault.  The Samsung Sidekick is quite possibly the worst phone ever made, and I would never have another samsung device again even if they gave it for free after the sidekick 4g and behold II.  Pathetic.  Just pathetic.

  • Anonymous

    Making room for the Sensation 4G ver. 3. Phone shelf life is isn’t much better than some eggs nowadays.

    • Wilma Flintstone

      This is my guess as well.  MWC will reveal the Truth.

  • LG Doubleplay gone so fast?  But it was so awesome…

  • Joseph Tongret

    EOL the Amaze?!?! Are you F*”+ing kidding me!!! I bought the gs2, & 4 weeks later got an Amaze also because it is such a FANTASTIC device!!! I did sell it as of a week ago because I also have a Gnex since I have a phone habit that could rival a small Crack habit, but despite battery life & the light bleed this is a great phone & I had a very hard time choosing to sell this over the gs2!! I hope the devs continue w/ this phone & twke it to the level they have the sensation! Wow,,,, there are going to be some really PISSED off customers who have spent their hard earned money on this device & if htc & tmo dont follow through w/ their promise of ics, that will be some bad stuff! If they dont upgrade it there are going to be plenty of ppl who will be stuck in history (GB) because they may not have $600 to throw down on something else! I HATE to see ppl get burned, & have no option but to take it! I personally feel confident that htc WILL follow through. I have really done my best to stay loyal to tmo because they have always treated me very well as a customer, but for the life of me I dont understqnd their decisions! Even if the villes coming, keep the amaze & drop the price! That is how you build a great portfolio of devices! Open your eyes tmo! Ppl would love the amaze at $179! Give them options! 2 high end devices & 23 peices of shit to push on the unsuspecting customer is not a way to build! Build a prtfolio that will drive the enthusiaststo tmo! I spoke with verizon his week and I have an interview thursday for a store manager position, wich is what Ive wanted to do for some time now, but never wanted to risk a career change until some recent financial circumstances have allowed me to. I feel fortunate that I have a chance to work in the center of where my passion is….sales & technology! I honestly thought….wow…I may have to leave tmo, & I even felt a little remorse since Ive been here 9 years. But if God sees it fit for me to make this career jump……Goodbye & Good Luck T-Mobile, Im tired of all the dissapointments & ridiculous order of operations! Sorry for the long wind there guys, your all AWESOME ppl to chat with on this site, but Im just so tired of hearing this kind of news from tmo….I take these things seriously!

  • Anonymous

    Great.  Hopefully they will fill the void with some new Windows Phones.

  • Sad

    Hope I get hired at my verizon interview thursday….;-) cya tmo….way to blow a 9 year customer & 4 lines….its not just the amaze issue, it took many decisions just like this one! Your doin great!

    • Funny


    • Who_am_i00

      hope you don’t get hired. it would be unfair. i need the job more. you being able to maintain service for 9 years and have 4 lines tells me that + i went for a job @ tmobile and they didn’t hire me DESPITE the fact that i knew more about the HTC Sensation 4G than the service rep friend of mine and he OWNS the phone

  • Anonymous

    Hopefully its because there is going to be super high-end phones out

  • They just don’t listen!

    Annonyed by lack of upgrade devices and prices.  After 8 years with Tmobile, they are driving me away.  New customers get whatever they want, old customers get kicked to the curb or in this case to Verizon.  What a joke they have become. 

  • TMOFan

    Looks like the MT4GS is also on the list…

  • Biranbb

    the HTC Amaze was just and improved version of a year old phone.  The amaze to hits for very little battery life.  I have the Samsung S2 and I’m not impressed with the 3-4 hours of use I get on one battery the samsung either.

    • Mary

      What phone was the Amaze an improved version of?  The Sensation was released in June of 2011, which still makes it only 7 months old.  The Amaze took over the Sensations top HTC phone only 4 months after the Sensation was released.

      • Vim

        Yep.  That one had a lot of people scratching their heads.  The release dates were too close, and the Amaze got pushed off the top of HTC’s mountain by the Rezound on Verizon less than a month after it came out.  T-Mobile should have waited another two months and put out something that trumped the Rezound instead.  They need to stagger their releases more gracefully. 

  • Unbearablepleasures

    That was very well written and I think a lot of people share you opinions! 

  • interesting..

    If you notice, ALL LG and HTC devices are end life. I wonder if they discontinued their partnerships with each other

    • interesting…

      I stand corrected. Forgot about the radar. But all LG for sure.

      • Anonymous

        Good…LG is terrible

        • Mary

          LG’s debacle on the G2X was historical but the Mytouch and the Doubleplay are actually very good devices.  I never get a call about one having issues.  I’ve actually had customers tell me how great they are.  So far there have been no issues with the phone, which the same can’t be said for some of the more expensive phones in the last couple of years.  LG’s name was very tainted with the G2X and deservedly so, but they actually put out 3 good phones(counting the Mytouch Q also). 

  • Tmobile_Fan77

    Seriously, do you need therapy?!  In other words, it is not that serious…

    • sad

      I take ot very seriouly…this is my hobby..when I played ball in high school I took it seriously, it was my hobby & passion…when I defended my country in desert storm I took it seriously because at that point in my life, it was my passion. I wouldnt say that tgis is to be taken as seriously as war, but what is life if we dont have things we enjoy & are passionate about? You should hear me wjen I talk about golf or boxing! Lol…Studying wireless tech & its advancements is my hobby now as well as other things. Dont judge man, I dont judge others on here …please…thank you!

      • Tmobil Fan77

        Seriously, No Offense Intended and neither is it my intend to make light of your comments or any others on this post. Simply said, given the other carriers, my experience has been very positive with T mobile for the last eight years.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    It’s hard waiting for a new phone but I’m glad I am waiting.  The Sensation is a nice device but I can wait another month for MWC before I decide.  Oh, and Tizen will be there according to their website. Wait?  It’s gonna be tough.

  • Steve

    So the top-end Amaze went on sale in Oct and is done in Feb?  They were still selling the Galaxy S when I went in a few weeks ago and that phone is almost 2 years old!

    • Mary

      Galaxy S 4G came out February 23rd of 2011, which isn’t even a year.  Maybe your thinking of the long discontinued Vibrant that was released in July of 2010.  That phone hasn’t been available for sale for almost a year.

      • Actually when I got my MyTouch 4G in May, they still were selling the Vibrant like it was a NEW phone. That was only 9 months ago…so….. no, it was still on sale LESS THAN A YEAR AGO :) 

        • Anonymous

          Compared to the phones that tmobile is selling now, it still IS a new phone. They just repackaged it in a less intriguing package with the exhibit 2. I never thought that the phone(with all it’s issues) would still better than anything but the 2 flagship phones after this amount of time. And it runs ics perfect.

        • Mary

          The Exhibit 2 is the sleeper phone in all of this.  I never get calls of issues with that phone.  I’ve recommended it to numerous friends to buy from Walmart when they go on the Value plan.

        • Mary

          They were selling the Vibrant in January of last year for free with a 2 year agreement to get rid of their stock.  If they still had them 3 months later then that was the last of the batch, which I did say “almost a year”.

  • Anonymous

    Calm down now. All they’re doing is stopping inventory replenishment with new devices. Whatever is in the warehouses still has to move as evidenced by the $179.99 Amaze 4G promo. The GSII is on a promo too until tomorrow so they’re clearly making way for new stuff coming in.

    Mobile World Congress is in 3 weeks and who knows what announcements will come out of there. It could also be HTC nudging them along because new phones might be coming along very soon.

    2012 will be the year of device release slowdowns anyway, HTC and Samsung already said as much.

  • Almamort

    Maybe the iPhone? I heard from sum ppl high up… why u think tech support is going to start supporting the iPhone?

    • Anonymous

      Well that’s just because there’s 1mil+ unlocked iPhone users on T-Mobile. They were just trying to be fair to all customers. Honestly, the only time we’ll ever know for sure if they get the iPhone is on the release of the iPhone 5.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe TMO didn’t purchase alot of these devices in anticipation of the buyout….My store received 1 Doubleplay to sell @ launch and we never received any more from our Distribution Center. We received 3 Blackberry Torches, sold them all and never received more….Those are EOL already.  The Amaze hasn’t been as nearly a hot seller as the GS2…Not shocked that it’s EOL either.  The Midrange Mytouches are no shocker as well.  The Exhibit II undercut those 2 devices and has been flying off our shelves.

  • surprised the sidekick 4g is still selling o.o

    • Rudy Belova

      Selling?!?! Heck, when i logon to, 2 of my lines keep begging me to get the Sidekick 4g for free! (who had a contract extension a few months ago)

  • Anonymous

    Lmao that’s all most all of tmobiles high end phones! That’s crazy soon enough the 710 will be up there! Oh well.. T-Mobile its time to get the GALAXY NEXUS!! NOW!!! and make sure you get the samsung galaxy s3 when it falls or you guys are digging a deeper hole for yourselves

  • haters on the rocks

    Gezz T-mobile retiring phone left and right the HTC amaze only been out 4 months. I understand the sensation lol

  • thats crazy – makes me think they’re gonna release a new amazing couple of phones really soon. i feel like tmo has something up its sleeve at the moment… and my contract’s up in 15 days :)

    • Dominique

      Don’t bet on it.  They were betting on the merger to go through and not have to release any new phones.  It takes time to order carrier only phones and they didn’t have any in the pipeline, because they thought all of their customers would start buying AT&T phones.  They are now having to rush to try to get some new phones but the crop of phones won’t be what they were last year.

  • Windows phones lost and lots of windows phones please

    • what

      • Anonymous

        I think its clear that he wants lots of lost windows phones… I think.

  • guest

    i really hope you don’t get that job. it would be unfair to me. i need it more than you. i have been unemployed since august 2010 and i have sent applications and resumes all over the place. i have practically given up the job search because i am tired of hearing no. it’s time you heard “no” for a change to see what it feels like. you don’t need the job. i do. i hope you don’t get it.

    • Anonymous

      that’s the spirit! ;P Instead of being selfish, relflect on what the original post is saying(which is supporting customers and platforms). As a candidate, I can’t imagine what you’re qualities are. Focus on fewer resumes that give direct relevance to the job/target at hand. 

  • Snapdragon S4

    The most logical conclusion for discontinuing a phone as powerful as the Amaze this early could be due to the Edge or the Ville. As far as LG is concerned, maybe it could be due to the G3X? Too bad that roadmap didn’t give us much info.

  • None

    I am always glad when you post role information. It gives me time to pull the trigger if I am on the fence.

  • It’s simple, get the iPhone, the Note, and the Titan.  Watch how sales pickup. T-Mobile needs something to call their own, and they don’t have it.  How could this company fail with Android, when they were the first to release it?  Seriously T-Mobile? lol, wow.

    • Dominique

      If they get the Iphone and the other Window phones then they aren’t getting something to call their own, just a me too device.

      • But they will be getting something that will bring in new customers, regardless of its a ‘me too’ phone as you put it lol. It sells, and we all need to just face it. Oh, and it’s a great device.

        • Dominique

          I was just pointing out that you stated that T-mobile needs to get phones they can call their own but only gave suggestions of phones that other carriers already have.  The examples aren’t really examples of what you’d call phone exclusives.

        • I agree with you. But there will be another iPhone, and they could get it first. No one knows, or there could be some new phone that only TMo gets.

    • BigMixxx

      No T mobile does not need something they called their own.  They are overloaded with MyTouch…stuff.  

      T mobile needs brand recognition, like iPhone, Samsung Galaxy S II — not just samsung–, HTC (something as soon as they re-establish their identity — please start with the desire HD), Nokia better line ( and example is that the c7 is a great device, the N8 would have sold like crazy) and yes Blackberry.

      • Again. iPhone. Titan, and the Galaxy Note. Done.

  • Frigadroid

    Good luck! Sometimes in life we can get complacent like tmobile. It takes balls to be all you can be. I understand you’re disgruntled with tmobile as are many of us. I honestly wish you well in your endeavor, but cautious to remind you the grass always looks greener from the other side of the fence.

  • Anonymous

    i really think they should be getting more windows phones considering how well they have been selling the lumia 710 and radar 4g

  • sean thornton

    If you notice, a number of the high-end phones that are being discontinued are HTC’s.  There’s a reason for this, HTC Sense causes a number of issues and interface lag with Android.  The only solid HTC phone listed there is the HTC 4G Slide; that is an excellent phone that would sell like crazy if they dropped the price by $50.  Despite the fact that the Amaze and Sensation both have dual-core processors, neither one of those phones runs as smooth as my HTC Radar or the newly released Nokia Lumia 710.

    What you don’t see is Samsung phones up there because their high-end devices aren’t running a nonsensical interface like HTC’s Sense.

    As for the LG phones listed above…Well, as a previous poster mentioned, why buy any of them when you can get the Exhibit II?  Aside from the 3 megapixel camera, there’s really no downside to the Exhibit II as a mid-ranged Android device.

    On a side note, I completely agree that T-mobile needs to pick-up the iPhone as soon as possible along with more Windows devices.  The fact is, Windows 7.5 is the most stable operating system for a phone that T-mobile currently carries.  I’m sure many of you remember how poorly the older versions of Windows operated, however Windows 7.5 is an excellent operating system that consistently performs well even after months of use.

    • Dominique

      Hate to tell you this but Samsung has their own skin called Touchwiz, which is a skin that is just like Sense.  Sense is considered by every tech site I know as better than Touchwiz.  They both slow the phone down and nothing beats Cyanogenmod in speed on an HTC or Samsung phone.

      • Anonymous

        What you say is true but Sense is also more bloated than TouchWiz. The user experience on the GS2 vs the Amaze is by far leaps and bounds ahead. If you are into benchmarks then you could go by them but in my own hands-on time of owning both there is a huge difference. However, I sold my GS2 and am now running stock ICS on my Galaxy Nexus so bloatware is now a non issue.

      • are you f’ing kidding me? Which tech site? I had both, Sense (on my G2 for like a week) and Touchwiz on my GSII, Touchwiz 4 is by far better then Sense, smoother, lighter (as in super responsive) and actually incredibly functional, where as sense is all eye candy, pretty ugly eye candy IMO. I actually prefer TW4 over CM7 as it add most of the useful features and better looking then AOSP. Except the launcher, I still prefer Launcher Pro over the horizontal scrolling of TW.

        • Dominique

          Are you f’ing kidding me?  How did you use Sense on a G2 when it never had Sense.  It was the closest thing to a stock Android OS, besides the Nexus.  If you’re going to lie then at least make the lie REAL.

        • Scarfacemario

          @ dominique Haha lol this cracked me up

        • Anonymous

          Ignorance is a wonderful thing, apparently rooting is still very underground.

        • Dominique

          Running custom ROMS is only parts of Sense and not the real thing.  I should know because I’ve run multiple Custom ROMs on the Mytouch 4G and currently run CM7. 

          Your ignorance is amazing, thinking that a Custom ROM with Sense parts is the complete Sense framework.   Hate to break it to you but HTC doesn’t release the framework of their skin.

        • Anonymous

          Sounds like you only used ROMs with parts of Sense baked in because the ROM cooker decided to take out parts he deemed useless.
          I had a G2, rooted it, and installed a Sense ROM which was the full Sense experience, as it was ripped from the Desire Z/HD.

          Don’t know where you’re getting your facts from, but people have been running Sense on their HTC phones since the first Hero came out and was ported over to the Magic.

        • Dominique

          Sense is not open source and the Sense framework is not posted.  That means you can get parts of the Sense and it’s integrated into a working framework but not the framework that HTC developed. 

      • sean thornton

        I know Samsung has their own skin, however the performance is a lot smoother than Sense.  A great example of this is the interface lag the user experiences on the Amaze 4G versus the GS2.  Both were released on the same day, and both are boasting dual-core 1.5 GHZ processors, however the GS2 is by far the superior phone despite the fact that it has an inferior 8 megapixel camera when compared to the 8 megapixel on the Amaze.  The evidence of that is in phone sales; the GS2 is a better product, therefore T-mobile sells more of them.  I’m of the opinion that if HTC runs naked Android like the G2 and G2X (by LG), then their phone sales would increase.

    • Ohgeez10

      I own both the Amaze and Radar and your right…….the Amaze doesn’t run as smooth as my Radar which shows you that WP7 doesn’t need dual core processors to run smooth. 

    • BigMixxx

      It can go both ways.  the Amaze didn’t sell as well as the GSII, because the GSII is a much better phone.  the Amaze, an upgraded sensation.  the GSII a completely different beast.  The LG devices, TOTAL DISASTER. the Sensation held it down for quite some time.

      I have a sensation, I’m a real fan.  The only way that it’s running well is because of XDA.  GSII, out of the box…Very nice device.  That Radar, Nice device, the nokia Lumia, I wish it was the 800..but a nice device….

      I see the focus, nice devices…I just hope T mobile does not go all in with Samsung…

  • Anonymous

    New game plan T-mobile, instead of coming out with crap phones every 2 weeks whenever you release a new high end phone make the previous high end device the mid range device, then make the previous mid range device the low end device. Focus on a few device and make those devices GREAT.  With the money you save by doing this you can ensure devices are updated promptly because there is only a few ensuring that your customers are satisfied with their devices..

    • Anonymous

      This is actually a good idea.  Sprint did this with the original EVO, it was once high end and they sold that thing for a LONG time.  It’s crazy to think that thing was only around as powerful as the HD2.  

      People do this with iPhones all the time too.  T-Mobile needs to learn how to make people PERCEIVE value rather than actually giving it to them like they are.  People see greater value in getting a 3GS for free or an iPhone 4 for $99 on a two year contract rather than the complicated plan subsidies on the value plans.  The cost of the plan when they buy those cheap iPhones are at the back of the customer’s mind.  Most of them don’t care they’re shelling out an arm or a leg in the course of two years.

    • I completely agree

  • BigMixxx

    Being a sensation owner, I’m disappointed, however…this is VERY good decision by T-Mobile.
    I like my sensation, as long as the supplier continues to update the phone, I’m happy.  My thought here:

    1) Amaze/Sensation technically the same phone, one has more ram, all built on the formfactor of the thunderbolt.  HTC made a shitload of these phones.

    2) MyTouch like by LG…no one wants them. 

    3) T mobile’s Samsung Galaxy S II, a great seller, best seller t mobile has.  However, they BETTER NOT go all in on Samsung to win an exclusive with the Galaxy line.

    All in all, T mobile is streamlining the product offering, enough to launch a highly competitive line of products.  by EOL’ing a lot of these, and HTC pulling back on manufacturing, they are going to make a few very good android devices (i.e. not pay MS a ton of cash) and make some windows mobile phones.

    an iPhone is coming.  I’m going to get my money ready for a quadcore android device.


    • Anonymous

      I know the year just started but the Tmo Executives were GRILLED on the iPhone (like i’m sure they always are) at CES and when you look back at it they don’t really sound too confident.  Saying, “It’s up to Apple” kind of expresses “Apple will not let us sell the iPhone, we want it though”

      The ONE thing that could push T-Mobile USA back into relevancy is an iPhone 4S launch BEFORE an LTE iPhone is released.  For all we know long time partner and big influencer of Apple, At&t and Verizon, put pressure on Apple not to release a T-Mobile iPhone until an LTE one comes out.  T-Mobile’s speed claims and coverage of those faster speeds are not getting though to the thick headed masses.  An iPhone 4S with HSPA+ 14 on Tmo would generate tons of hype as people would be realizing they would get faster speeds AND save money on T-Mobile.  If T-Mobile only got an iPhone when an LTE version was out, then the differences between the other and T-Mobile versions would be negligible.

      I do HOPE the iPhone will come SOON to T-Mobile though… as sad as it is, it’s their only immediate path for growth.

      • BigMixxx

        I completely agree.  I’ve said it a thousand times.  The BIGGEST reason AT&T has a significant edge on the iPhone, is that they started the ecosystem, and people stick with what they started, if it’s good.

        The biggest reasons behind a motorola and HTC eventually Samsung will limit the development of smartphone devices.  if you build the proper ecosystem, with the right investment, people will flock to it, as it’s what they want.

        Blackberry started it, they slowed down tremendously.  They saw the mistakes with the Torch and the original Bold (I loved that phone).  They are releasing the phones, VERY similar models across all of the major service providers.  iPhone was up next, with the same phone, a hair better every year, and people are adopting.  Samsung with the galaxy S line (albeit mistakes) it’s a very good device, HTC saw it with the thunderbolt, and provided lots of models based on that design.  Nokia see’s this as a positive as well; by going with windows mobile vs. android, the experience will be the same, the drawback is there is nothing distiguising the models (A Radar vs. Nokia 710…I’ll take the Radar).  Motorola will not get away from verizon, but when google swallows them whole, production of mobile devices will slow down there as well…

        All in all, it’s a good move by T mobile to pretty much end that specialized inventory (especially the myTouch…I just don’t like the name).  LG spoiled it for them…you can’t sell label shit mytouch and decide to sell it.

        The relationship with LG is sour and it’s time to bring the G series back, along with those phones and devices that people are demanding. 

        iPhone is coming.  There is only one question; When?

      • Anonymous

        Agreed, except HSPA+ 42 and LTE are similar, not 14 and LTE

      • Vim

        If you think T-Mobile can afford to sell the IPhone at its current prices you’re living in a fantasy world. Verizon and AT&T can afford to offer the IPhone subsidy that Apple demands because of their higher plan prices.  T-Mobile can not.  It doesn’t matter if you gain 1 million customers when you’re losing money on every single one of them.   

        • BigMixxx

          It’s not the phone…it’s the plan.  Verizon even took a loss on the iPhone.  Churn is defined as by the amount of people defecting.  T mobile admits the defection rate is HIGHER than expected.  Main factor…iPhone.  Those that love the ecosystem, go elsewhere to get it at a lower cost.

          Putting up 600 a phone for a device that sells itself?  for a BUNCH of them, and  over the next year you can make up on that debt, by simply keeping customers for 2 years, plus you have a significant roaming contract on bands that att uses for a lot of their infrastucture?  600 million spend, to get a return in revenue of maybe twice, 3 times that? that’s no money, especially when the parent company sells the product as well.  You will get your money…

        • Vim

          You’re exaggerating a bit here. The main factor in T-Mobile churn is not the iphone, it’s lack of, or spotty coverage.  Outside of heavily populated metropolitan areas T-Mobile’s network isn’t a match for the others, and they lose lots of customers who get tired of their voice or data service cutting out on them. 

          The IPhone is a distant #2.  T-Mobile has lost customers because of it, true enough, but it’s not T-Mobile’s main problem. 

          Furthermore have you seen how much less T-Mobile’s profits are than Verizon and AT&T’s?  Taking the 5 to 6% cut in revenue that Verizon Wireless did when they started carrying the IPhone would result in T-Mobile going in the red.   And despite your assumption, all money that doesn’t get given to Apple isn’t profit. T-Mobile does have other expenses as well. T-Mobile has overhead like customer service, tech support, company
          stores, putting up more towers, running backhaul, etc.. to support as
          well. Therefore the time period would be more like 4 years (as specified by both Verizon and Sprint in their earnings reports), not 2 years before any money could be made on IPhone customers.   Thus without a huge infusion of cash T-Mobile just isn’t in a position to afford an Apple IPhone contract without a signficant increase in plan prices.  You’re living in a fantasy world if you think otherwise. 

    • Blackcat3119

      Screw the dam Iphone tmo needs to talk to motorola. Their phones keep getting better and better. I know tmo was mad at them because of problems with the cliq and moto blur. this ain’t the same motorola that made the cliq. However I had the cliq. I thought it was a fine phone back in the cupcake days. Now all their good stuff is going to vz, at$t and sprint.

      • BigMixxx

        I agree there, but Motorola won’t reel the customer base you want in ( new customers, customers who want to leave ATT/Verizon because of costs).  iPhone really wins there…

        If a T mobile EVER gets a Bionic Style device (if they do…oh my goodness!) I’d flip backwards, naked on the Strip here in Las Vegas…

        • Anonymous

          Will you put it on you tube? LoL!

        • BigMixxx


          Old bball coach used to say ‘…I’ll eat shit backwards, walking down Beale Street, in my underwear, playing a banjo’…

          and some other foolamity I can’t repeat….

      • Dave Acklam

        Motorola actually doesn’t make phones anymore – Google owns their phone-making business (Motorola Mobility Systems or whatever) now, IIRC…

  • *finds away to get an iPhone with a carrier that actually cares about it’s device portfolio even with Android*

    • Anonymous

      iPhone not going to come until APPLE puts AWS radio, or activates the AWS processing side, in the phone itself. Nothing T-mobile can do about it. THey have it on their network in Germany but there it just works, the wireless bands are standard due to the way the Germans/European Union issues licenses

      • Littlesis1774

        didn’t t-mobile say that Apple was planning on using a chipset that work for T-mobile

        • ogopogo

          The new chip could support ALL of the North America bands, but it doesn’t mean that they would enable the T-Mo frequencies.

      • Littlesis1774

        Also it means that T-mobile needs to give in with Apple demands.  T-mobile needs to talk DT to make a deal with Apple

        • Anonymous

          wrong. Tmo can’t make demands, nothing depends on them at all but on what Apple wants to do

        • Anonymous

          I don’t think he said t-mobile has to make demands, he said “to give in with Apple demands”. I’m pretty sure if tmobile pays enough for the iPhone, apple will bring it over.

  • Anonymous

    Just for giggles I emailed Samsung support and asked them if a Galaxy Nexus would release on T-Mobile USA, here’s what they said:
    Thank you for your inquiry. We appreciate your interest in the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. We are unable to provide information about the availabity of this phone for T-Mobile, as it may be inaccurate at the time of release. For product availability and pricing please contact your local service provider. T-Mobile Customer Support             1-800-937-8997      . 

     Does this mean T-Mobile is working out a deal to carry it?  Or is this just a standard response and no one really knows.

    • Mary

      They deny everything and make it as ambiguous as possible.  They’re not going to admit to it by lack of admission.  That reply doesn’t really say anything.  If they had planned on it never being on T-mobile then the reply is still the same.

    • Anonymous

      ugh dude,you’re contacting Level 1 support who read from a script, or copy/paste from one. You’re asking the wrong people

  • Brian8

    The new samsung blaze is supposed to be a nexus / s2 hybrid.

    • Anonymous

      Based on? I’ve asked countless retail managers and I’ve gotten everything from it’s a tablet to it being a portable hotspot. As far as the device specs (beyond the screen res) we have no idea and to speculate based on pure speculation is how we ended up with the iPhone 5 rumors and got a 4s.

      • Are you under the impression it isn’t a phone?

        • Phozfate

          I heard the blaze can make espresso

      • there are pictures… its a real, confirmed phone. anyone who reads this blog knows more than most t-mobile reps do, so asking them is probably not going to help.

      • Gm Aharrington1

        The blaze is a mid level device just like the exhibit. It is the mid level s2 device. So, it will blow away most but, not going to be better than that.

  • sean thornton

    And boom goes the dynamite.

    • Dominique

      G2 didn’t have Sense.  You chose the one HTC Android phone that didn’t have Sense and the best you can do is come up with a photo of a G2 running a Custom ROM, which isn’t even true Sense. 

  • Anonymous

    LG’s whole mobile division needs to near EOL

    • Blackcat3119

      They make great refrigerators. Maybe they could make a cell refrigerator. kinda hard to carry in our pockets though.

      • Anonymous

        I like their appliances, but their lack of care/concern on the mobile customer care is astounding. They are so late to the game in updates that they usually just say forget about it. Like the G-Slate. They locked the bootloader via UPDATE..and an update to 3.1 when 3.2 was already out…

  • Anonymous

    Tmobile bring us the 
     Galaxy Nexus, I-phone, Lumina 900 and the Galaxy s III

  • Lawrence of Arabia

    I’m amaze with the Amazes EOL.

    • Anonymous

      It’s a great phone, but it wasn’t selling like hot cakes, like the GSII that came out around the same time, i blame release timing

  • Lani

    Welcome to 2012. New Mobiles are being released faster than ever and consumers update for the faster slimmer and better cam mobiles.

  • I just got the HTC myTouch 4g Slide for my wife who insists on having a physical keyboard… and I have to say I like it a lot (the phone… not the keyboard as I don’t use physical keyboards). I very surprised that this is EOL but not the regular HTC myTouch 4g? (did i miss that?). Anyhow… I’m a DEFY user and probably won’t upgrade until another motorola phone comes out for the build quality… all though I admit, the HTC is actually pretty decent… albeit on the heavy side.

    SIDE BAR… fix the facebook login feature!  

    • sino8r

      It’s not EOL. You misread the article. It’s those horrible LG mytouch devices that have died. Good riddance! LG should just stick with appliances…

      • LC

        The MT4GS in black is listed there as well, its the first one listed in the highlighted box. The kahaki color was EOLed a while back. The original MT4G was as well.

      • yea… you pretty much misread the entire article to include the picture and the headline. it is EOL NO SPECIAL ORDERS. 

        The sad thing is, im up for a 2 year upgrade, and Tmobile still has the HTC Amaze as “NEW” and is still charging $229 (after mail in rebate) for this device. 

  • BunkoBill

    With this news, I am hopefully the Amaze will drop in price.

    • Daddym469

      It wont…simply because of the success of that phone and its unique camera abilities.

  • Is T-Mobile going to offer the Galaxy Note?  Or is that phone AT&T exclusive?

    • AT&T exclusive.  Apparently every phone on AT&T is going to be a market exclusive for it’s lifetime (variants of the Samsung GS2 get by because they are variants and not the same phone).  Not sure if T-Mobile has any similar policy but wouldn’t surprise me too much.

  • Anonymous

    Let’s all remember around this time last year it was equally frustrating waiting for T-Mobile announcements however 2011 saw T-Mobile release, arguably, the best handset lineup in the US (iPhone excluded) when all was said and done.  I think if the merger wasn’t announced 2011 would have been a huge year for T-Mobile, the Sensation should have really taken off.

    • remixfa

      The sensaion sold well for quiteawhile. The amaze was just more of the same and over priced especially since it sat next to the cheaper and superior sgs2. The amaze was a Flop for that reason.

      • Vim

        I disagree that the sgs2 was superior, but I do agree that the Amaze was initially overpriced.  T-Mobile has since rectified that, but few have noticed.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t have the 3 Lg phones that are nearing eol,I don’t know anyone that does. All I know when go to Tm website,those phone’s have anywhere between 3-4 stars,and good reviews. So does anyone who read this blog,know anyone who has them,what do they say about them? If you get rid of these 3 mid
    range handset then what? You will only have Exh2,The 710,The Radar? Tmo still does not have any real decent flipphones,or sliders phones for people who don’t want or need touchscreen,smartphone.
    There are lots of people out there that don’t. Also Tmo should come up with Senior plan like At&t,and Vez. has,200 mins a month for $29.00. All the other big 3 have waterproof/water resistant phones,Tm
    is till the only one that does not.   

  • aaron cooper

    Doubtful if TMobile “lures” people in with less than powerful phones…. They need top-of-the-line product and better plans to do that…

  • I’d just like to say I’ve had a lot of Android phones, and have run more than a few ROMs on each.  That LG MyTouch Q is the phone I’ve been happiest with Out-of-the-Box, and dollar for dollar was a fantastic value (paid cash for it, to avoid a contract extension amid the AT&T kerfluffle).  If anyone’s looking for a quick and inexpensive slider replacement, I recommend snatching this one up before it vanishes.

  • Vim

    This doesn’t necessarily mean anything. The G2 was EOL’d months ago, but now it’s been quietly been added back onto T-Mobile’s web site at the lowerst price I’ve ever seen it, $49.99. 

    • true… however it was on backorder via tmobile’s internet store… and you couldnt order it via telephone last december. Christmas is over, so maybe somethings have changed now. I do see it available for me and my 2 year upgrade… priced at $99.99 

      • Vim

        Hmm…I’m seeing it for $49.99 when I’m not signed in, but when I sign and check for my 2 year upgrades I don’t see it listed at all. Weird, especially given that you saw it, but at the higher price of $99.99. 

  • just me

    the doubleplay is worth your money because it works really fast and can work even faster if you wanted it to at anytime just by downloading the softwear  …. its worth every cent because im an owner of this phone and ive had many phones and this is number one on my list so far and hopefully it will be number one on your list as well as it is on mine .