T-Mobile Continues To Train Frontline Employees On Churn-Reducing Efforts

T-Mobile’s churn-reducing efforts for 2012 continue with new frontline employee training highlighting “four non-negotiable customer standards.” T-Mobile is looking for frontline employees to cover four basic steps to help make sure a customer leaves the store happy and smiling. The first step is a personal coverage check to determine if the future T-Mobile customer will have a good signal at their home or office. We’ve already seen a document regarding churn that suggests T-Mobile sales representatives honestly tell a customer T-Mobile may not be a right fit based on coverage. Second, T-Mobile wants frontline staff to set up EasyPay for customers to make sure they are able to pay their bills as easily as possible along with being able to review all billing online. Customers then move to step 3 and leave the store after their salesperson makes sure their new smartphone is working properly. Lastly, if the first step yields a questionable coverage area, T-Mobile wants frontline staff to work with customers by suggesting a Wi-Fi solution to help customers get the very most out of the T-Mobile experience. As a side note, I love the 2007 looking Wi-Fi router, that’s awesome.

Now, all of these are good steps but they don’t mention the “real” reasons we feel customers are leaving T-Mobile. Hidden fees, confusing rate plans, unusual regular fees, and the iPhone. We can leave the iPhone out of the conversation today because we all know the argument for why T-Mobile should have the iPhone.

Most important however, should be the overall concern for the customer. We’ve heard some rumors lately that T-Mobile’s next showing for J.D. Power and Associates could be fourth place, that would be last among the national carriers. That’s a far cry from where T-Mobile was just a few short years ago. Obviously that’s pure rumor for right now and until we see an actual J.D. Power’s report, nothing we we’d be willing to bet money on. However, T-Mobile does need to make sure that first-time customers calling into customer service receive the very same experience as customers who have been with T-Mobile for a number of years. These are the kind of complaints we see in our comments time and time again. Hopefully the T-Mobile brass that read TmoNews regularly haven take note of the customer service pitfalls as of late and are working on a plan to return T-Mobile to J.D. Power glory.

As always, we’ve got faith in T-Mobile to make changes, they had/have a fantastic customer service experience and we know they can bring back the prestige, we just hope that they recognize the processes listed in the above screengrab are given the same amount of attention as the “hidden” fees that have been the source of much irritation lately for T-Mobile customers.

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  • Jaygqitalia

    I hate bringing up this up but Sadly, everyone I know that left T-mobile was to get the Iphone. My blackberry BBM contacts went from 60 to 8 in a 3 month period. Kid you not, all went to Iphones also. That would probably keep some percentage from leaving.

    • Dominique

      Here’s the problem with the Iphone.  Apple commands a very high price for them to purchase and the subsidy is very large.  Verizon’s profit went down, even though their revenue went up and they did attribute a good portion of it to the cost of the Iphone.  T-mobile doesn’t have the high rate plans and data plans to offset the cost of the Iphone to the business.  It’s a double edged sword, you lose less customers but you lose millions in profit because of how much Apple insists on charging for the phone.

      • Anonymous

        The answer to that could be T-Mobile only allowing people to purchase iPhones on the Value Plan.  Sprint is going to get killed by subsidizing each iPhone because their plans are so cheap.  But if T-Mobile sold the iPhone on Value and financed the phone interest free instead they would STILL undercut the competition for monthly plan price and they would make more money per iPhone user versus their competitors because they would recoup the full price of the iPhone back.  Selling the iPhone on Value Plan only sounds a lot better than T-Mobile just increasing plan prices across the board or having a more expensive iPhone data plan.

        • Anonymous

          I do not think sprint will be killed. I have read that Sprint will make 50% more over the life of an iphone contract vs other 4g smartphones.  

          Remember that sprint has to pay clear for every wimax user, which comes out of that premium data fee, but they do not have to pay clear in the  iphone’s case, because it does not have wimax, but they still charge the premium data fee. The money that normally goes to pay for using clear on a phone now stays in sprint’s pocket. 

          I agree it will be tougher for tmobile to make money off the iphone, because they charge less than the others, and do not charge extra for higher end devices, but I still believe it is worth it, if only to say you have the iphone. It was the best selling device on all three networks consistently, and would stop the loss of customers. 

        • Anonymous

          Sprint was already in a touch financial position before the iPhone.  They lose almost $1 billion NET a year.  Now combine that with the fact they have to subsidize each iPhone $500 instead of the usual $300.  The iPhone was also the top selling phone on Sprint in quarter 4 but I really don’t think it really caused them to gain massive market share and that’s what they’re betting on.  Since it was the top selling phone I bet when Sprint announced their Q4 from 2011 they are going to report a huge loss due to their iPhone subsidies.

      • Juanr152

        Amen is all I got to say

      • Guest911

        Incorrect on Verizon and iphone. Read their report carefully. Fud.

    • It happened the same for me, a lot of people I know left and took an iphoen somewhere else, althou I managed to find a decent priced iphone 4S on smartphoneprice.net so I could stay with T-Mobile.
      Sadly they don’t really support it if you didn’t get them phone directly from them ..


    Sounds like a plan.

  • Anonymous

    Ah, the dreaded churn. Great for butter and fudge, not so great for business. I think they can turn it around. Now that the ship jumpers who thought the merger was going through are gone, they can focus on shoring up new customers and keeping existing ones. Get easy to understand rate plans and stick with them. They changed to so many different plans last year it was like they were schizophrenic. Offer some sales (or at least incentive and deals) for existing customers and stop trying to take away their current plans. They constantly tried to migrate existing customers to different plans instead of just accepting that there are reasons we signed up for “loyalty” plans in the first place.


    • Dominique

      The customers started leaving well before the announced merger.  It started when the culture at T-mobile changed from customer service to sales.  I’m pretty sure that CS wasn’t alone in that culture change, it’s been since DT sent their own man as CEO, Q4 of 2010.

    • 21stNow

      To my knowledge, T-Mobile only changed plans once last year, from EM/EMP to Classic/Value.  There were other changes like phasing out FlexPay plans, but what other plan changes were there?

  • Anonymous

    The cust service is not the same anymore… They promised me $10 off for 2 years only to be false. They are pretty rude these days… 

    But, I still like t-mobile..

    • Dominique

      If the notes show that you got a loyalty $10 discount then just call back in and they can make sure it’s on the account.  Sometimes the system has had problems with these and it’s an easy remedy.

    • archerian

      was it $10 a month for 2 years or 1 year? Make sure you check, and this renews your contract

    • Anonymous

      If that was just added during your last billing cycle, then it should be on the next.  I was offered the same last month just after the last billing cycle started, and it wasn’t on my bill.  I called to ask about it, and they said it would be on the next billing cycle since the one it was added in had already started.  It’s the same with corporate discounts.

  • Anonymous

    I love never being able to qualify for any T-mobile promotion unless my subscription is actually expired.

    • 21stNow

      Is it different with any other national carrier?

  • Sad

    tmobile is on the top ten companies that are going to dissapear?

  • Dominique

    Yep, we go word at our center that T-mobile will be last in JD Powers when they release the results.  Sad thing is that they won’t change it back to the “customer friendly” service they had before and only look at the dollar signs that the pushy sales and not being able to “right fit” customers brings them.  They make more money now with this type of service than they did when they had more customers.  So which one is going to win out, good customer service that increases customers or less customers that bring in more money.  They’ve decided that customer service takes a back seat to profits, and their ranking and lack of wanting to go back to what works is confirms this. 

  • Anonymous

    Want to reduce churn? Get a high end Windows Phone like the HTC Titan or at the very least new 4in LG that’s coming soon.

  • Juanr152

    I have been with tmo for a long long long time and my experience with them has never been anything below excellent. I feel for those that put tmo maybe is because they can’t control them selfs when a problem arise

    • Anonymous

      So have I.  My first phone was with Omnipoint.  I was with them when they got acquired by Voicestream. Naturally my second phone was with Voicestream who were then acquired by DT. So yeah, I’ve been with them a long time. That said, if they don’t show me some Windows Phone love on the level of the Titan II or L900 it might be time to move on. Lots have left because of iPhone. I may be leaving for a better Windows Phone.

    • Realcool2000

      So perfectly said. + 1000.

  • Nearmsp

    Once the integrity is gone, customers go out in droves. Gimmicks like iPhone work for a short time. Just this Wall Street Journal had an article comparing Verizon and AT&T. Verizon is picking up customers at a much higher rate. AT&T though sold more iPhones last quarter almost 40% were upgrades by existing iPhone users. AT&T also reported a loss. T-mobile’s USP used to be cost and integrity. They have clearly lost the latter. The majority of my students used to be with T-mobile, now a days it is Verizon. I did not move to Verizon myself because the Verizon phone is not a world phone and iPhones do not as yet have LTE. T-mobile still has a chance to come back if it starts listening to loyal long customers who only wish for the good of the company. Fooling customers in to a new contract particularly by the retention people is what has done this company in. Now that the merger is out of the way, the top management should get back to the basics – their customers.
    If the iPhone does come, I suggest they sell iPhones at the same price as AT&T and Verizon (apple will not allow any other way) but tack on an iPhone charge to make up for the extra subsidy iPhones require. Do not subsidize iPhones at the cost of Android customers. Even with the extra charge, T-mobile will be cheaper than AT&T or Verizon. 
    Finally, increase ability to make changes to plan on-line. Currently not everything can be done on-line. That will reduce costs for T-mobile and will also empower customers and lead to higher customer satisfaction levels.

  • Roger

    So how do they with a straight face explain that although you’ll have crappy coverage, you can bring you own wifi to make up for it, but you still have to pay full whack for data that they don’t provide?  (Yes I am bitter about having to pay what amounts to $1/MB for data that I actually use.)

    • Guest911

      Not really clear what you mean by paying full whack for data they dont provide. Is this a coverage issue in your area?

      • Roger

        Yes, they have zero coverage at my desk at home, mediocre in the neighbourhood with spots of no coverage and then “4G” downtown.  The coverage maps show the whole area as “good”.  At my desk my phone claims to get 4G every now and then, but if you try to use the data it drops to edge.

        At one work place (in Silicon Valley) I have similar issues.  So in the places I spend the vast majority of the time I get coverage provided by wifi (both data and calls).  Tmobile is not providing the data in those locations.

        I have no issue with paying for the calling part of the plan, because Tmobile really is providing that even if over wifi. The data that is used (about 30MB/month, would be less if I turned off several wasters) is what I resent paying $30/month for.  (Note they refused to sell the phone without a data plan, I’m on contract till November before I can do anything.)

        • Guest911

          Ok, that sucks dude and this is how all these companies play the game now. I dont get any 3G coverage 90% of the time but like you I pay for 4G data. I dont think I have ever used more than 300megs ever.

        • Mary

          You get charged for data, period.  There is no higher charge for 4G and  the 2GB plan is cheaper than any regular unlimited plan that they ever had before.

  • Rep

    hey fellas, i’m a rep in NYC and a few days ago, all NYC stores closed at 6pm to have a 3 hour meeting on “back to basics”…the point was to help fix churn, in just December, T-Mobile lost over 25,000 customers on postpaid contracts in NYC…the problem is, the company has yet to bring up any of the real issues that are mentioned here, hidden fees, confusing rate plans, unusual regular fees, etc..it’s amazing how irrelevant the company is to these issues, I was just in the Park Avenue offices and every bodies main focus is churn, as a rep, I really wanna help to do more for the company, but it is hard with some of the top people(Terry and Robert in NYC) who run the company and just don’t get it.  The JD report is true, as that was mentioned on a conference call. 

    • Cpsimmons

      One of my three lines was ported to Verizon. Yes, it was for an iPhone BUT there were other reasons such as coverage since my son will be going to college. I also didn’t want to bind myself to a contract when T-Mobile’s was uncertain. The future is still uncertain as far as I am concerned. My other to lines are fine on an EMP plan. When I see some positive changes that are lasting then I will consider recommitting. T-mobile should also have live phones in their stores. All the other carriers do.

      • Realcool2000

        First of all, tmo does have live phones in their store s ok, weirdo.

        Second, if you were willing to have a kid in this world of definite certainty and send them to College ( another written in stone non gambling cheaper than a 2 year contract on Verizon event )….., then why not take a chance on tmo when its about to bought by att…..the consequences couldnt possibly be worse than some of your other cautious and wary actions.

        • Anonymous

          Some T-Mobile locations have live phones and some do not. I’m not sure why they all don’t, but I find it odd to not allow customers test phones when its common practice at all of the other carriers stores that I’ve visited. Its almost like visiting a car lot where they don’t offer test drives; that lot is gonna sell far fewer cars than the competition.

    • kevin ni

      wow..you really understand what you talking here.   you think everyone are stupid and you smart then them. 
      but, as a Rep.  i won’t call my boss out nor the company i work for. or post anything on here.  i will try to work with them and help as much as possible. 

      why people hired you?   as customer, i know if i walk into your store asking for your service.  T-Mobile will loose another customer.    so, please understand the you are the churn.  because, T-Mobile having you as sale Rep, that’s why theres more churn.  

      you said you really wanna help to do more for the company.    com* on… you just call your company out. 

      what hidden fees are you talk about?  what plans are confusing?  whats unusual regular fees?

      i have received my bill every month for past years.  i didn’t see a hidden fees.   if there is hidden fees. its because you didn’t explain to you customer when you sign them up.  so, as the Rep you didn’t do you job.  so you creat the churn. that’s why i said you are the churn.

      also, what plans are confusing?  if you think they are confusing.  please spend more time to get them understanding.  so, you be able to explain to the customers like me.   do you know this is part of your job.  that’s why you getting pay for.  hahaha…man….. so, you can creat less churn. 

      oh…unusual regular fees?  please tell me which cell phone provider doesn’t charge customer for the regular fees.      for $1.61 t-mobile regular fee. man… compara to all other service providers.


      • Dominique

        kevin, you obviously don’t know what your talking about or have read any of the articles in the last couple of months on T-mo news or you wouldn’t have written your reply.  I’d explain it all to you but it’d just be better for you to go back to some of the past article, especially about the one on T-mobile turning around churn in 2012.  By telling him he is the reason for the churn makes you, at the very least, look very ignorant. 

        • Kevin

          Dominique, i don’t have to go back for past few months to understand why T-mobile churn are high and why they need to turning around churn in 2012. 

          let me ask you; if you own a business and you employee are calling you out.  how profit this employee going to b?.   how profit this employee for your customers?  

          i only look at his post in business term.  of been customer. 

        • Quinntenfelde

          ^ Kevin your an ass to. 

        • Anonymous

          I don’t know whether or not you’re the same Kevin as the original one, but if employees are calling out what’s going on internally, then the situation is obviously worse than what we initially thought. Good luck to you, and thinking you’re accomplishing anything by bashing a coworker. This isn’t the military.

          Btw, and as my own little input into this: tmobile has in fact got consistently worse. They will add insurance packages without you’re acknowledgement and transfer to unnecessary departments. Whereas transferring to tech support initially meant knowledgeable people, they now have a middle department for everything, either to pursue ridiculous troubleshooting or be offended when you ask if it’s truly the right department, and then hesitantly proceed to transfer you to the right person. Most would have hung up. Perhaps that was the intention.

      • james606

        “you really understand what you talking here.   you think everyone are stupid and you smart then them. ”

        Um, who’s stupid? 

    • Spanky

      Does T-Mobile plan on doing anything on the slow as molasses “4G” speeds in Brooklyn?

  • Spyke

    T-mobile seems to be really surprised at the increased churn and decreased marketshare.  They seem to blame the iphone, market conditions, bleah bleah bleah.

    Of course they ignore their ever more expensive plans.  I joined t-mobile to get the G1 and got a $25 unlimited plan with 400 sms.  Now the data plans are $30, and SMS costs extra.  Not to mention the latest greatest android phones are no longer on t-mobile.  Want a galaxy nexus… go with sprint or verizon.

    T-mobile you can’t match AT&T or Verizon’s network, that means you have to compete on price.  If you don’t then you lose marketshare, it’s really quite simple.

    • Tbyrne

      One things for sure. T-Mobile needs to keep their prices lower than the competitions.

      • Anonymous

        And to stop embracing such poor credit, high-risk and likely to churn customers senhor byrnie.

        I wish we could send their management back to business school.

        I love you byrnie!

        • Tbyrne

          Hi gouvy! I didn’t know you were on T-Mobiles board of directors and have control on how the company is run. I wish I could send you back to elementary school. It’s senior not senhor. Sheesh gouvy, you disappoint me. So sad.

        • Anonymous

          No but if I was, I would try to make a difference. Also, I’m half Portuguese and half Spanish, therefore “senhor” is a polite way of saying “sir”. I expected you to be cultured enough to understand that especially since t-mobile has a large brazilian and Spanish speaking clientele. Alas you are just what I thought you were, typical sheeple. I would expect more thought and vigor in your response, but I can’t really expect more from someone that should be saying “behh – behh – behh” all day.

        • Tbyrne

          Hello gouvy. What do you mean “if” you were? Didn’t you state in another post that you had a lot of stock with AT&T? You mean to tell me you’ve got all this stock with Randall and in another post you act like you don’t even know your bosses name? Now you know why I had my concerns with your true intentions toward T-Mobile. During the acquisition/takeover episode we were all dealing with, you no doubt were carrying out your leaders orders in here. I blew your cover and now you’re pissed, not only because your true nature was exposed but your stock shares are happily going in the toilet. Cheer up gouvy, look on the bright side. You don’t have to pretend anymore.

        • Anonymous

          oh my dear little lamb chop, i read from you is behh behh behh!!! i suppose i can’t expect more from one of the  sheeple.  My cover is not blown you paranoid little veal cutlet, I was never hiding anything to begin with.  You are losing it, mary’s little lamb.

          I’m not pissed either, if anything i’m amused and enjoy the internet and sheeple like you.  If i was really pissed i’d go away and never reply again, when in fact i’m having fun byrning your panties mr byrnie.  

          Now that i’m not “pretending”, which i think you were really trying to say “behhh”, i enjoy life and i enjoy the entertainment you provide me with your internet seriousness.  

          But for “poops and haha’s” i’ll grant you your internet fantasy of exposing me as top secret at&t employee and i’ll let you think i’m pissed….. grrrrrr byrnie grrrrrr!!!! i’m turning into a hulkish  magenta being now that i’m sooo pissed i can’t even type anymore because my fingers are geting to big jfdkajfdalfda….

          HAHA just kidding…

          I hope that helped your self-esteem a little, i always do what i can to help anyone that seems in need.

           thanks for blowing my cover byrnie, you saved my internet feelings from pure crisis hopefully Randall will go easy on me.

        • Tbyrne

          My poor gouvy. I wasn’t serious. I too was having fun. I really see you as being just like the other crybabies in here who cry and complain when things don’t go exactly your way. You must have been spoiled as a child, cried and got everything you wanted and never was properly disciplined. I really feel kinda sorry for you but I have to tell myself you’re an adult now so there’s no excuse anymore. Get your act together gouvy before it’s too late.

        • Anonymous

          really? that’s all you can come up with byrnie??  you are definitely taking this seriously, because if you weren’t you’d actually be somewhat clever in bashing me instead of stale and serious.
          i’m having fun acting like a complete jerk and having fun at your screen names expense, and you still think i care about t-mobiles fate except to post comments to get a rise out of sheep like you?  give me a break, byrnie!!suckers like you are the ones who take the bait in life,  hook… line… sinker…I’m assuming that if you are someones wife, husband, partner or whatever politically correct term that will make you feel better,  that you’re the “submissive” one.  I think that’s a safe bet. Just like your beloved carrier, you’ve probably always place #4 in life.  I can definitely tell by your seemingly religious devotion to your magenta mother goddess carrier.For all i know you probably work for T-mobile, that would explain your sheepery even more… So what kind of work do you do for the mother goddess??

        • Tbyrne

          Oh gouvy. Your fixation and/or fascination with me, while flattering, has got to stop! Please for the love of God……. Oh, I forgot you’re an atheist. My bad! You know gouvy, this back and forth bickering isn’t doing us any good. There’s no doubt a sizable amount of posters in here that agree with your philosophy that, well, you know, many around here are just sheeple with no brains or common sense, who just fall in line and blindly follow Master T-Mobile wherever direction it dictates. Sadly, the truth of the matter is that you and your fellow believers are mentally corrupted. Because of your heathenistic morals & beliefs, you latch onto T-Mobile like a leach, trying to suck out all it’s life and the good it does so as to deny normal, mentally healthy people the right to enjoy a wonderful company that’s trying to rebound from a hostile takeover from your employers grasp. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not trying to post a manifesto here.What I’m trying to accomplish, if you’ll allow me gouvy,  is to help you see your folly and the error of your ways. T-Mobile will evolve and be a stronger, healthier and more vibrant company in the years to come. They’re not going to fold gouvy. You need to understand this if you’re going to have any hope of recovery from your twisted & misguided thinking. Please! Work with me here before it’s too late to salvage whatever humanity is in that thing that’s between your ears. Goodbye for now gouvy. I’m sure we’ll have more enlightened discussions in the near future.

        • Gouv

          oh byrnie, if you only knew how desperately i needed your help to see the magenta light.  You’re false sense of hope reminds me of those jehova’s witnesses that knock on my door at 8am saturday morning to try and convince me that i need follow them and be like them.  Then they wonder why i want to throw them half way across Boston.  My supposed heathenism has made me successful and happy here in America, so I think its safe to say that what i’m doing is right and this is the internet (which unlike yourself i don’t take seriously  at all).  You’ve also concluded that i’m misguided in my thinking because i’m not a sheeple like you and i oppose your magenta love, well… i hate to break it to you but until this little red-headed step child of a company rises and progresses to truly be competitive with the three other giants of the industry than many like myself will continue to make it out to be the true laughing failure that it is simply to agitate carrier fanboys like yourself.  The fact you even brought religion and atheism into this makes me realize this is more than just an hobby of yours.  It’s as if this is a way of life for you…   I know i was being a blatantly being enlarged dick with a huge set of balls about making fun of you for being a sheeple but now i’m concerned that i was beyond correct and that this is a huge part of what you live for.

          byrnie, you are the one that needs help my fellow internetter… it’s a struggling carrier that has struggled for years and will struggle for years to come the way they are doing things.  It should be called “Struggle to not make it very far – Mobile”.  Until you realize that this is just a company and that it’s not a real religion than i’m afraid you are the one who is misguided.  Just because i mock you for being a sheep doesn’t make me a leach, it makes me an asshole… and i’m ok with that.  Like i said, its the internet byrnie.  The fact that you are taking this seroiusly makes me wonder about your state of mind and how pathetic you can be to latch on to something like this to bring you hope.  

          T-Mobile clearly means something important to you, which scares me for your sake.  I’m sure we’ll have plenty of enlightened converstations where i’ll probably be an asshole to you, but i may tone it down for fear that you may kill yourself if i really scare you into reality.  I’m sorry, but your internet presence is just really easy and fun to bully.  what can i say? 

    • Anonymous

      Nothing is cheaper than T-Mobile when it comes to the national carriers.

      The HTC Amaze and the Tmo GS2 are some of the most powerful and fastest andoid phones ever especially being the only two with 42mbps HSPA+ modems.  This gives people pretty near performance of Verizon LTE with BETTER coverage on T-Mobile and a fraction of the cost of a Verizon Plan.

    • kevin ni

      i don’t agree with Spyke.  why can’t T-Mobile match with At&t or Verizone?  T-Mobile might not have best coverage.  But, they do have best pricing plans. 

      please tell me any of top 4 wireless provider offer you unlimited talk/text/web for just $79.99?
         -> break down:  unlimited talk & text $59.99 +  unlimited web $20.00 (yes. it did reduce the speed after the 2GB.  but, you still have access to the web after 2GB with unlimited 3G/2G. 

      also, keep in mind. when you joined T-Mobile to get the G1 about 2 or 3 years ago.  back then.  T-Mobile were offer 2G on most of area with very little space with 3G.  so, you’ve paid $25.00 for unlimited data.  it no different then now.   by the way;  for today’s T-Mobile Data price are cheaper then 2 or 3 years ago. 

      cause, you’re be able to get $20.00  for 2GB of 4G speed on top of unlimited data of 3G/2G speed. 
      so, by gave you 2 additional GB of 4G speed on top of your said unlimited data.  for $5.00 cheaper then 2 or 3 years ago. 

      what are you really want?  do you really want them to give everyting for free and then letting other company to buy them out. 

       because, t-mobile offer the best value in term of price, Vs. any others.  so, they don’t build as good as net income as others.

      just picture this.  for unlimited service with At&t or Verizon.  your price are around about 120 to 130.00    please do the math;   compare 120/130 to T-Mobile’s $79.99

      do you now?  if T-Mobile make $5.00 or 10.00 profit on $79.99 plan.  how much is At&t or Verizon really make?   (i don’t know how much really T-Mobile’s profit for $79.99 plans.  i was just use this as example). 

      so, this has answer Spyke question!   T-Mobile are already compete on price with any others. 

      if you/re use apple to apple comparesion! 

      I like T-Mobile.. because, they are amount the most value service provider.   i’ve been cusotmer of them since 2005.  i do see the prices of service are more then before.  but at the same time.  they are offer more service for the price of  5 years ago.  

      Im not sure anyone remember about 3 years ago.  if you try to get unlimited talk and text are at lease $100 to 120 dollars.  I mean for just unlimited TALK AND TEXT with no internet.   but, compare to now days;  unlimited talk & text are only $59.99.   they have cut the bill to half. 

      but, as the same time – if you look around you.  our post office service went up.  our stamp are raise price.  if you pay attention to the cars.  cars price are raise every year.  5 years ago;  $30,000.00 can buy you BMW. Benz or Lexus (the brand name cars).  for today’s day your $30,000.00 only can buy a Toyota, Honda or others ( everyday cars). 

      anyway’s i have went to far on this now!.     i just want to see T-Mobile be sucessfull.  cause, i do understand that, if they don’t compete, they will go out of business.  and that’s mean more people are going to be loose job and as USA we can not afford to have another 30,000 to 50,000 people on top of our current unemployment to lose jobs. 

      so, im here to thanks T-Mobile for value price on cell phone services.  help your employees and customer to STICK TOGETHER!!!

  • randyohsofly

    I agree Windows but no more androids they are just too Damn laggy

    • Spyke

      Try a galaxy nexus.

  • randyohsofly

    And fyi my amaze when it came out cost more than the iPhone and any Windows.they need something that is actually worth top notch money.there are a million android phones therefore are buggy and Windows and ios is just pure enjoyable experience.or the nexus atleast.

    • Dominique

      The MSRP of the Amaze is $549.99 and the Iphone is $649.99.  I’d say the Iphone is much more money. If you’re talking about the subsidized price then yes you are right but that’s because Apple forces the carriers to give a bigger subsidy for the Iphone than what is the usual upgrade price on Android phones.  That’s why Verizon had more revenue last year but less profit and they came out and stated it was the Iphone that caused most of the drop in profits.  T-mobile only makes $33 per customer on average and they don’t have the leeway  with higher priced plans like AT&T and Verizon to keep from losing money.  

  • Steve

    I almost jumped (T-Mo customer for 10 years), but I noticed a huge jump in customer service over the past 2-3 months.  Also, my coverage is great with faster data than any of my co-workers or friends.  I have a 10 year old phone plan, so I pay very little (no one comes close to my contract) and my 4G appears to be unlimited so far (just upgraded).  I’m getting 25Mbps on my Amaze and I am currently happy which was a big change from 6 months ago.  I’m signed up for another two years hoping they go back to the best mobile carrier like it was when I signed up.  I truly felt valued back then.  I have no idea if I would feel this way as a brand new customer with the confusing plans. 

    I know my father-in-law was p.o.’ed when he signed up and found out that he didn’t realize he was paying full price for his phone after the EIP.  Caught him totally by surprise and made him feel like an idiot.  I know that wasn’t a cool way to build loyalty.

    • Anonymous

      Even though he was paying full price for his phone did he realize it was his plan that was discounted instead of the phone?  He comes out cheaper with the cheaper plan plus EIP payment than if he got a classic plan with phone discount.

    • Dominique

      Your father in-law had to sign a payment agreement, which was separate from the contract, agreeing to the payments on the phone and it clearly spells out what you pay per month and how much the phone costs in the end.  It’s in plain site on the agreement and not hidden at all, so I would think he’d be p.o.’ed at himself for not even glancing at what he was signing.

  • CJ

    I have a problem with the upgrade fee. I have been a customer since 2003 and I still have to pay a upgrade fee on both my wifes and my phone, give me a break!

    • Anonymous

      Every company charges the upgrade fee.  Why does being a customer since 2003 make you feel entitled to have it waived?  No other company waives upgrade fees for their long term customers.  I’ve bought milk from the same Walgreens since 1994, do you see me feeling entitled to a free one?

      Also your problem with the upgrade fee is mostly psychological.  If the full price of a phone is $500 and T-Mobile is discounting it on your upgrade to $199, you get upset because they are adding on a separate $18 upgrade fee.  But if they just said they were discounting your phone from $500 to $218 on your upgrade, you probably wouldn’t have an issue.  Plus you could always get a value plan and pay full price for your phones where there is NO upgrade fee.While there are some truth for the reasons of T-Mobile’s churn in these comments one thing no one seems to talk about is that T-Mobile having lower credit standards for people who want to sign up with them over verizon and at&t plays HUGE.Verizon Wireless and At&t have BETTER customers.  They have high deposits for people with mediocre credit to deter flat out irresponsible people from signing up.  It’s sad, but sometimes people will go over their minutes on a plan they clearly knowingly signed up for get a high bill and blame T-Mobile for something that was clearly their own fault.  I would say A LOT of this goes on.  These guys end up porting out to a different company because they would have the credit built up from their T-Mobile account being open.  These guys spread negative word of mouth about T-Mobile which damages the brand and stunts T-Mobile’s growth.

    • Anonymous

      Every company charges the upgrade fee.  Why does being a customer since 2003 make you feel entitled to have it waived?  No other company waives upgrade fees for their long term customers.  I’ve bought milk from the same Walgreens since 1994, do you see me feeling entitled to a free one?

      Also your problem with the upgrade fee is mostly psychological.  If the full price of a phone is $500 and T-Mobile is discounting it on your upgrade to $199, you get upset because they are adding on a separate $18 upgrade fee.  But if they just said they were discounting your phone from $500 to $218 on your upgrade, you probably wouldn’t have an issue.  Plus you could always get a value plan and pay full price for your phones where there is NO upgrade fee.While there are some truth for the reasons of T-Mobile’s churn in these comments one thing no one seems to talk about is that T-Mobile having lower credit standards for people who want to sign up with them over verizon and at&t plays HUGE.Verizon Wireless and At&t have BETTER customers.  They have high deposits for people with mediocre credit to deter flat out irresponsible people from signing up.  It’s sad, but sometimes people will go over their minutes on a plan they clearly knowingly signed up for get a high bill and blame T-Mobile for something that was clearly their own fault.  I would say A LOT of this goes on.  These guys end up porting out to a different company because they would have the credit built up from their T-Mobile account being open.  These guys spread negative word of mouth about T-Mobile which damages the brand and stunts T-Mobile’s growth.

      • Emily

        you tmo reps on tmonews are so bad! bad people period!

        • Mary

          They’re not bad people at all, it’s just that they can explain it to you but can’t understand it for you.  If you don’t understand basic logic then I can see how you’d think of them as “bad people”. 

        • Cashman

          It’s still stupid that the $18 fee is there. Think about it, prior to 2008, there was never a fee. So if you’ve had T-Mobile for the 5 or 6 years prior to that, you NEVER paid that fee. So it became something that you got used to. In the eye of the consumer, it’s a hidden fee since it was something you never had to pay before

        • Mary

          I understand that because I’ve been with them as a customer since 2002 but you have to look at it from a marketing standpoint.  All the other carriers went to upgrade fees and then they starting dropping the advertised price of their phones.  You probably still pay the same amount but the advertised price seems lower.  If T-mobile didn’t start it also then their prices would look more expensive.   I expect they’ll increase the upgrade fee like Sprint did if they get the Iphone.

      • Spanky

        The upgrade fee is just another BS cash grab. There is absolutely no justification for it.

        • Anonymous

          Are people really not upgrading because of the upgrade fee?  Every cell phone company charges it.  Also, keep in mind how much money it generates and if you were running T-Mobile would you turn off that cash supply…?  Especially with T-Mobile’s position being strapped for cash to make big moves.  

          It’s not like people will switch to T-Mobile in droves because they don’t charge a freakin’ upgrade fee.  Get real here.  This is why you don’t run a business.

        • CDogg

          yeah there is, that payment for dealing with most customers

    • Realcool2000

      I have been alive for over 30 years can I get a discount on life…, I have paid insurance for over 20 years can I get a free month or a free hospital stay, I have been eating and paying for food for soooo long can I get a free meal….a discount at dennys, I have given bums money when they ask for it for 23 1/2 years can I get a no hassle by bum card, Ive been a cable customer for 17.85 years can I get a discount…..can I get can I get, I deserve…….I dont like……its not fair ……whiiiinneeee……..Tmobile should ME a discount….no no a FREE DISCOUNT or pay ME to use their phones

      This is my impression of all the complaining whining little u know whats that PROBABLY HAVE NEVER GIVEN TO A CHARITY, A GOOD CAUSE OR HELPED ANYONE DO ANYTHING IN THEIR SELF ABSORBED LIFES……..

      show me someone that compains about Tmobile fees and ill show you someone that just loves them diamonds…..bling bling b@t#hes!

      • Quinntenfelde

        ^ ur an ass

      • Tbyrne

        Great minds think alike. Genius!

      • CJ

        Actually I do not require T-Mobile to give me free phones. I just think it is crazy they charge me $35 for each phone to stay on their network when i have a fully loaded plan. On the HD2 and HD7 I paid full price. I give a lot to charity and help others. I just feel the upgrade fee is pushing it. I feel your comment was a little snooty. I do not look for free handouts and neither care to get one. I pay for the services that I use. I just hate when companies nickle and dime people.

  • Kenc

    I too have been with tmobile since the voice stream era.  I wanted to upgrade from my my touch 4g (about 30 months on it)to a galaxy 2s a few weeks ago during the 49.99 sale.  No go you cannot do that with a business account, you have to pay full price.  Well, I have about 18 lines on t-mobile and they still think the best customer is the one they do not have.  Why should I pay the same price as I would for the iPhone on verizon?  Very tempted to take all my lines to Verizon and get better coverage.   

    In addition to that going into the store with a business contract usually does you no good.  The sales people basically shrug their shoulders and say well you are on a business contract, call your salesperson.  If I have an issue now, I want it solved or at least an attempt at helping.  

    One more thing.  It took 4 calls to get wireless hotspot turned on one of my employees phones.  4 calls of them promising it would be on in a few hours.  

    Wonder why they have churn?  

    • Realcool2000

      Wow, all Im gonna say is…….dude………really…..? Can someone please say somthin to this guy…

      • Cashman

        Actually, everything he is saying is on the money. T-Mobile’s support for business accounts is awful. They offer a discount on the initial phone, but that’s it. After that, everytime you want a new phone, you have to pay full price no matter how long you’ve been out of “contract”.

      • Tbyrne

        I got your back Realcool. Hey Kent, in life, no one owes you nuthin. You signed a contract and just like anything else in life, nothings free except the air you’re suckin into your lungs and that’s even taxed. Go to verizon and see what Ivans got in store for you. I think you’ll be shocked.

        • Kenc

          Realcool and tbyrne,

          I cannot find ANYWHERE in my post wanting something for free.  If you can find that in there let me know.  

          Yes I signed a contract.   I have signed contracts with Tmobile for the past 12 years.  My contract was for 24 months!  I have fullfilled my contract with the phone.  I am just looking for the same deal others get.  Nothing more.  I have no problem paying for the phone and I do not expect it for free.  

          Still cannot find where I asked for a free phone.  

        • Dominique

          What’s confusing with your post is that you state you’ve had the Mytouch 4G for 30 months.  The phone hasn’t even been out 15 months.  Even the original Mytouch hasn’t been around for 30 months.  If you have the Mytouch 4G then you haven’t completed 24 month of service since you got the discount on that phone and would have to pay a migration fee. 

  • Anonymous

    It goes back to early 2010 when Humm officially took over as CEO and announced to all front line employees that T-Mobile would become a revenue focused company instead of a service focused company. As a call center manager at the time we saw almost immediate changes in our ability to provide outside-the-box solutions for customers. Before reps were rewarded for provided outstanding service and solving issues. After Humm it became strictly a numbers game and the focus shifted to renewing contracts and reducing call time, neither of which helped Churn.

    In retrospect it could be argued that these decisions were made to look more appealing to a potential buyer but I will never know.

     I am very sad if the fourth place JD Power rumor is indeed true as it could cause an overreaction from executives. I remember when it was announced we came in second to Verizon after winning 6 straight and it was seen as failure, I can’t imagine what the reaction will be to a fourth place finish. Sad to say the company I left late last year was a much different company than the one that I took great pride in representing back in the early 2000’s.

    • Mary

      Spot on.

  • Red


  • Eehnx2

    well i have been with tmobile for so long but they are horrible now…to switch to the new plan (49.99 one) i have to PAY  a disconnect fee on ALL my lines, all 5 and buy 5 new phones at full price RIDICULOUS! and now getting a new phone is horrible…all mail in rebates plus fees up the rear and online will say they have specials including free shipping you go to order and you never get that price or the specials so you call and they say they cant help you because thats only for WEB SALES im so sick of tmobile i think we will just wait until our contract is up… 

    • Anonymous

      If you knew how to do math you would realize that you’re coming out cheaper by paying the migration fee and paying full price for phones on the 49.99 one.  But hey, if that’s a problem for you just stick to one of their plans that give you phone discounts because you obviously aren’t smart enough to understand the value plans.

      Don’t get mad at T-Mobile because you can’t do math.

    • Jenson Wellingford

      First off, you wouldn’t have to pay a disconnection fee: it would be a migration fee.  The migration fee covers the difference in plan price because you already received a discount on handsets that was factored into the monthly cost of your bill.  The phones cost T-Mobile money too, and they pay damn near, if not, full price for them.  They only sell phones so that customers have a device to subscribe to their SERVICE… it’s a service company… not a phone manufacturer.  

      So, the migration fee is dependent on how far into your contract you are, and you can still be under contract, but close enough to the end that there is NO migration fee.

      Second, when you add up the monthly cost of a value plan, even including the interest-free payment OPTION (it’s not mandatory) you pay less not only every month compared to a classic plan, but your out of pocket cost for phones in a store is cheaper on a value plan than a classic plan.  

      Third, T-Mobile only charges fees that their competitors charge all day, and at higher rates than T-Mobile does.  

      I don’t know what deals you were looking at online, but the online deals are cheaper because there’s no overhead that a store has… so if it’s cheaper online, then buy it online.  

      • Marcus Rose

        Jenson….I have one problem with your comment.

        You said Tmobile is a service company…not a phone manufacturer.  I agree!

        However, if you are going to sell phones to grab service contracts…then you should not only sell the phones, but SUPPORT them as well.  You can’t just sell the phone, and then tell us to deal with Samsung, or Blackberry.  When I call for support on my phone, I do NOT EXPECT to be sent to tier 1 support for all makes.  I want a dedicated dept to my phone brand.  Samsung, Press 1…Blackberry, press 2.  And have some friggin training on phones BEFORE they come out.

        I bought a Brand New Blackberry Torch 9810 from a store in Colorado.  The CSR charged me for the phone ( oh, I love the $35.00 upgrade charge too, priceless) and I signed the 2-year extension.  After all that, HE opened the box and took everything out.  Took the SIM card and scanned it…and put it in the drawer in front of him.  I asked him WTF are you doing?  He says ” Its corp policy not to let unassigned SIM cards out of the store”  He asks me to take my old SIM card out of my phone, and he puts it in the new phone.  That would be fine…but what he was not aware of, and should have been, is that my old SIM was a 2G card…and the one he snagged was the 4G SIM that should have gone into the phone.  When my phone couldn’t connect 4G, T-Mobile didn’t know how to fix it…So I sold it online and bought a Samsung Galaxy S II on Ebay.  Now, everything works because I was the one who set everything up correctly.  I don’t even work for them and I know more than they do!

        That is the point I am making…invest in some training on new phones…if new phones come out every month…I expect training every month on every single model sold.  If you can’t do something as simple as that…shut the F-ing Doors and lets move to a carrier that gets it!  T-Mobile has gone way down hill…and once our contracts are up, I cant say for sure we’ll stick around!  I actually paid $500.00 for the Samsung, and to tell the truth, I like it that way.  I am not bound by anything…I can do what I want to do…and Tmobile can suck it!

        • Dominique

          OK, lets go over the errors here:

          1.)  It’s $18 for the upgrade fee, not $35

          2.)  There is no 4G SIM card.  The 2G SIM you had was the second generation SIM, which should give you a hint at why it’s called a 2G card.  The Samsung Galaxy S 2 needs the newer SIMs, which have the designation 3G-S, to be able to do WIFI calling, otherwise it’s the pretty much same exact SIM as any older SIM card.

          3.) No carrier has dedicated departments for each brand of phone for tech support.   That’d be way too costly.

          You don’t work for T-mobile and it shows because you don’t know what you’re talking about.  I have issues with some of the thing’s T-mobile does but your posting is just ignorant blathering.

        • Marcus Rose


          I don’t have to work for T-Mobile to know you are an idiot!  1st off…there IS a 4G SIM card you moron!  If you bothered to read what I said, the Blackberry 9810 wouldn’t connect to 4G speed.  It would only connect EDGE!  Hence, 4G vs 2G.  So far, you are wrong.

          2nd…why do I have RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME a $35.00 charge for UPGRADE FEE when I bought my Torch 9810?  That’s what I thought…once again, you are wrong!

          3rd…Way too costly to have dedicated departments?  Really?  Well, I wonder why then they have JUST THAT at Verizon?  Someone who works with me is a former Verizon Employee.  We had a long discussion on how there are specialized people for certain brands of phones….WOW, what a concept!  Isn’t that exactly what I said?

          Do me a favor…next time you decide to go off on someone make sure you have your facts straight…If you actually work for T-Mobile, you have proven my point!  Time to blow it up…and start again!  This is exactly what I have come to expect from CSR at T-Mobile!

        • Dominique

          How weird that I see 4G phones EVERY day with 2G(second generation) SIM cards and 4G works fine.  Call into T-mobile and just ask if there’s such a thing as a 4G SIM card.  They’ll tell you its 2nd Gen and 3rd Gen SIM cards. 

          If you were charged $35 for an upgrade fee then someone put $17 in their pocket at your expense because the system only kicks out $18 for the fee and never any more.

          Don’t talk about things you have absolutely no clue about and state you know more, because you obviously do not.

        • Marcus Rose

          Once again you aren’t listening!  I really don’t care what your system is programmed to do or say….the bottom line is my line item charge for an upgrade is NOT $18.00 but $35.00!!!!  So if someone scammed me out of $17.00, the its par for the course with T-Mobile!  Not only do you have incompetent people working there…but dishonest ones as well.

          Now, in regards to the Simm issue….Let me see if I can explain this so someone with a 3rd grade reading level can understand (like yourself for instance)

          My Blackberry Torch 9800 was an unlocked unit.  It would never do 3G because AT&T and T-Mobile do not share the same type of 3G technology.  I expected the 9800 to only do EDGE.

          Now, When I bought the 9810…that is a T-Mobile Branded 4G phone!  Which means, out of the box, it is supposed to connect 4G 24/7.  The SIMM that came in the box was NOT used in my new phone…the old SIMM was.  Since, the phone would only CONNECT TO EDGE AND NOT 4G…T-Mobile couldn’t figure it out…RIM COULDNT FIGURE IT OUT…and the Crackberry & T-Mobile Blogs couldn’t figure it out!

          If the 4G SIMM was used, it would have worked!  Just like using the SIMM that came with my Samsung!

          UNDERSTAND THIS YOU IDIOT!!!  Those of us who dont read Cell Phone SIMM CARD GEEK WEEKLY understand this….use the simm that came with the phone and you will save yourself allot of time!

          Does that spell it out of you now?  Customers should not have to understand stuff at such a granular Level…

        • Dominique

           So all those customers I see on a daily basis getting 4G on their old SIM cards aren’t really getting 4G?  T-mobile never made a 4G card and you know for a fact that they had one?  Who’s the idiot?

        • Dominique

          I just thought of a perfect way to prove my point.  You say you have a 4G SIM now.  Go into a T-mobile store(a corporate one), have the rep look up your account on the computer, have  then click “view subscriber” when your line is highlighted, and it’ll come up the the page of your SIM card number and the designation for your SIM, which will be 3G-S.  You should ask them why your 4G works on a 3G SIM.

        • CDogg

          lol…they told you you were upgrading but signed you up another line.  Thats an activation fee lolololol

      • Anonymous

        @Jenson, the migration fee is not always charged just because you recently got a phone discount. Rate plan changes also renew your contract. For example, if you have  not gotten a new phone in 36 months but changed your rp to a different classic plan last month you would also be charged a migration fee if you wanted to go to the value plan. In this case you would be charged the migration fee plus the full cost of a new phone.

        • Mary

          Those people I completely understand but a majority of the people that are mad, at least on calls, are ones that just got an upgrade in the last year and want to move without migration fees.

  • Borogovnar

    As a former employee get the damn iPhone already thank god I don’t have to dispense this farce to ungrateful lower strata of society at the location I worked. ( my location not all tmo customers are low strata; my location was)

    • invisiblehand

      Uh, what? Do you want the iphone, want people to stop asking for it, or hate it? I didn’t understand your comment.

  • i bleed magenta

    Another reason churn could be occurring could be a switch to pre paid. I went from contract tmobile to monthly 4g and there is no difference except no visual vm. I would rather shell out for unsubsidized phones than shell out for excess fees and taxes–but that’s just me–I’m just some hick that don’t know about value.

  • zentech NJcom

    Strange to see this today. Been with TMO for just about 6 years and up until today, always had the most pleasant satisfying  customer service phone calls. In fact after every one of my previous calls I would always tell the rep or rep supervisor how great an experience it was. I worked for Gateway, did phone support for Dell small business customers (when Vista oozed on the scene) so I have an appreciation for the job. I spend about 300.00 per month with TMO and just purchased a Spring Board. With two teenage boys, I wanted to see if making a change to the data plan was an intelligent option as I am really the only one who uses data heavily. Now with the tablet I expect my data usage on my phone to drop quite a bit. After being once again confused by the TMO web site, I thought I would call to get the good advice from a rep. Instead I got a guy who no matter what I said was already answering me before I could finish the question. Which of course caused me to repeat the question. He kept telling me that he thought I was wrong about lowering the phones data plans, that it would be making a mistake, but that he would go ahead and do whatever it is I wanted. The smug attitude which translates to “I don’t give a crap” and being talked to like I just got off the cell phone boat really surprised me (1987 Motorola brick). After asking for the 4th time for a break down of the Spring Board charges and last months phone data usage, without me making a comment at all about changing anything, he told me he thought I was wrong about what I was doing… which was actually nothing at this point. I told him that without a doubt, this was the worst customer service phone call I had ever had with TMO and I have had plenty. When I asked for a supervisor the phone suddenly disconnected.
    Good customer service was the only reason I have stayed with TMO and spent thousands with them.
    I will rethink that process for the future. The customer isn’t always right. But the CS Rep should never be an asshole. In fact an upset customer (which I wasn’t when I called) is always an opportunity to make the company look good… and possibly even up sell. I know that from experience. Warmth and honesty and making your customer feel like you are doing the best you can for them is how you grow and keep customers.

  • customer

    T-Mobile should increase the ETF like others.   and also, did what Verizon and Sprint did.  if customer cancel the service before the term is up.  block the phone to be able to reuse again on the network. 
    Verizon and Sprint had Bad ESN.  why can T-Mobile get Bad IMEI.  

    this is helpping churn on contract. 

    people don’t hate me!  im just try to help the employees who work at T-MO.  because, if T-Mobile keep having high churn rate and keep losing money (i mean customers).  its likly to close the door.  when that heppen.  there’s going to have 30,000 to 50,000 people are going to lose job.  they might be your family or friends.  USA can not afford another 50,000 going onto unemployments. 

    if you like T-Mobile as your cell phone provider.  please help them out.  at the same time your are helpping your family/friends or even your country. 

    help them to reduce churn and use our payment to reinvening into better coverago for us. 

    At&t and Verizon already got alot of our money now.  so, they are in the health postions now. 

    • Roshan

      you are a tmo employee, dont fool urself

      • JBLmobileG1

        Tmobile employee or not… he has valid points. I think they should raise the ETF because there is a lot of fraud out there. I say raise the ETF and possibly the outright price of the phone. Maybe for anyone who has or wants a Value plan, charge a little less than the full price if your not increasing your contract time and just want the phone then you pay the premium price. As for upgrade fees I think after so many years with the company they should waive them completely. Reward your customers that way and not only a thank you for the 8+ years. While it is nice to be acknowledged… adding a little bonus for the loyalty can and will go a long way. Heck I remember calling Tmobile once to give them my new address because I moved and they just threw in a 100 bonus text for calling and for being with them for a few years. While I didn’t even use what I had it was still pretty awesome that they even did that. And it didn’t just go away after my billing cycle… no it lasted a few months.

        • Dpro

          Ah excuse me raising ETF would not endear customers to T Mobile. It would just make them want to run when they get out of contract. LOL

          The Churn rate is due to several particular circumstances
          1. being when they announced a year ago all about the future and then 2-3 months later announced they were going to sell themselves to another company.  This led to customers wondering where they would be and wishing to go to possibly more stable ground i.e. a company that would still be there in a year or two.
          It also made potential new customers fear signing up.

          2. in the course of this action they changed a lot of their friendlier customer service practices to less friendly. Now some would argue it was to save money though the net effect was it pushed even more customers and quite a few long term ones away.

          This included the way the customer service reps started treating people on the phone. Customer loyalty telling long term customers who were having repeated problems with phones there was nothing they could beyond replacing the problem phone with the exact same model that was a known problem phone. I saw this happen many times( not all the time) but enough to see it driving customers crazy.

          Another point would be the added data flap, another would be shortening the billing time period without proper notification to the customers.

          Another would be customer services habit of telling a customer that the particular phone they wanted was no good, and a Particular Android phone they wanted to champion was better.
          You never dis a competitors product in sales before you have made an actual sale. It makes you look desperate and ignorant and shows a severe lack of integrity.  It also gives the customer no faith in you.

          DT themselves in these practices implemented at T Mobile has shown a severe lack of integrity and this increases churn big time.

          Most people that have been on T Mobile and leave are not leaving due to them having signal. They are leaving because of T Mobiles lack of accepting that customers don’t all want one particular OS. They are leaving because of how they have started being treated in the last year.
          Up till this last year T Mobile was a pretty awesome company. In the last year they really have slid. They are pretty much equal to or worse than any of the other carriers in terms of customer service and attitude.

          The rest of your post I agree with.

        • CDogg

          lol here this one all the time.  your phones warranty policy is FOR THE SAME MAKE AND MODEL.  Get over it.  No more exchanging your phone on purpose to get a different model.  

        • Dpro

          Ah excuse me sir, I was talking about phones with repeated problems. No wants to exchange a phone that has known issues for another one with known issues. That is something you guys just don’t seem bright enough to get.  It’s not on purpose its for a phone that actually works.

          You should get over it or get an education and stop trying to push phones that do not work over and over again.
          Seriously learn the phones you are supposed to be servicing and learn some of them are just crap.

  • Roshan

    tmo should not charge $200 fee to change plan to  value plan, if there is a  value dont charge $200 per line. dont  talk about you got discount on phone, all carriers give discounts.

    • Damien

      They charge $200 per line because you got a discount on a phone within the last 10 months and you’re going to a plan that doesn’t have discounts for phones.  You are no more special than the person who started on the Value plan and paid full price for their phones.  Get serious.

      • I think hes saying since youre paying the $200 migration fee, to essentially pay off the subsidy, there shouldnt be another contract with another $200 ETF attached for the Value plan as well.

        • Mary

          Read his post again, it’s not about the contract at all.  He wanted to get a discount on a phone and get to move over for free to the Value plan.

    • Anonymous

      Whatever plan you had before you wanted to switch to the Value Plan was what YOU committed to paying for two years.   So you got SOMETHING for renewing your contract whether it was a phone discount or you lowered your plan to save money.  You accepted the contract so it’s YOUR fault.  You shouldn’t have accepted the new contract in the first place if you thought what you were paying was too expensive.

    • I agree with you. Both plans require contracts, so the contract itself is the security for the device subsidy. T-Mobile either needs to …

      A) Charge $200 Migration Fee from Classic to Value, continue on Value without contract or ETF there after.


      B) Keep the current contract (allow customer to ride out their existing contract) when changing from Classic to Value, but charge the $200 ETF if customer cancels there after.

      • CDogg

        OMG…you get the discount on the handset and pay the normal rate plan prices.  You get the phone outright(full retail) so t–mobile rewards you with a lower price plan and then even may allow you to pay the phone in installments.  Wow what other carrier will give you a better month over month price for paying the full price for the phone.  HHMMM let me thing…none

    • CDogg

      lol wow…give you a discount on a phone then give you the value plan.  You sir dont know what you talking about

  • JBLmobileG1

    I just recently called in about upping my data from 5gb to 10gb, which of course is including mobile hotspot and mobile life plus for a limited time only, and I must have called in 9 times because they either added the wrong feature (there is a blackberry version and I have a G2) or my data worked but was still at dialup speeds. While it did take so many calls to fix these issues I will say EVERY single rep I talked to was very respectful. I just wish they would train them a little better when adding and removing features. I was actually told by one of the supervisors that I was going to be charged twice but that they would take care of it. I guess we shall see when the bill comes. All in all I am a happy customer even though I called more than I should have… honestly though my wait time on probably less than 3 of the calls was under 2 minutes. Most calls were answered right away. Also 8 out of the 9 reps sounded American so at least we know Tmobile doesn’t outsource as much as some of the other companies.

  • When you charge prepaid customers less than you charge your billed subscribers it makes them not want to renew a contract. Why am I going to let a company charge me $70 a month and be contracted to pay it or be charged an additional $200 ETF when I can get the same service through family mobile for $45 and if I don’t want to pay for the service in any given month it’s ok. Stop gearing everything towards non contracted users and you won’t see chum.

    • Mary

      Prepaid gets the overseas customer service, they can’t roam with data at all, don’t get discounts on phones, can’t purchase apps and bill on T-mobile, etc. etc.  There are differences and sometimes it’s worth it to go prepaid but there isn’t very many situations where it’s cheaper or better.

  • Anonymous

    In what timeframe will t-mobile have the iphone?

    • Roger

      Tmobile uses different frequencies for high speed data than virtually every other carrier (worldwide) for data (lookup AWS). They can only bring the iPhone once the iPhone supports AWS frequencies.

      • Anonymous

        When do you think they will have the support for iphone?

        • Littlesis1774

          T-mobile knows that they need to something to do. T-mobile needs to talk apple before doing anything

        • Tbyrne

          apple apple apple apple apple apple apple apple apple apple apple apple Keep this up littlesis and me might just get the iPhone.

      • Currently in spectrum rich, high capacity areas, like Seattle, Portland, San Francisco to name a few, T-Mobile is refarming their 1900Mhz PCS spectrum for 3G/4G HSPA+. With that said, T-Mobile can allow the iPhone on their network and it will perform just fine. Does that mean T-Mobile will make a deal with Apple to bring the phone natively? No…But it does mean that it could technically work in those areas, and other areas as it expands the refarming. 

      • Littlesis1774

        Which might happen this year because their are rumors of the supporting the same chipset as tmobile. The iphone 5 is suppose to a redesign one

  • invisiblehand

    I think t-mobile is expecting to roll out the iPhone 3g in a few months or a out the same time the iPhone 4ss comes out…

    • Quinntenfelde

      the iphone 4s has been out now for some time just not on Tmo …………………….. and apple would be a real dumb ass if there next iphone was not 4g there already behind with there current iphone 

  • Silveroaks951/socal

    All you tmobile complainers.Ive had tmobile for 12 years. Each time i think of changing for a phone thats new or the HOT phone? I look at the price and tmobile cant be beat. NO SERIOUSLY whats a hot phone? 6 months later heres another one?? I got the sensation about 6 months ago and heres the Galaxy 2s and my son got that in white. But i have 5 phones on family plan 3 using web servie and im paying around 200 bucks and 3000 minutes to share plus unlimited text and unlimited web..
    Verizon and att can suck my BIG BLACK D!!!  thats defense you nasty f’ers

  • Silveroaks951/socal

    YEs i know each person has their own reason for changing and  good luck. But even son has an iphone and was just killing me with his nonsense of i had a gravity t.Oh and verizon this and att this and that. But when this knucklehead got a job and could get his own plan. Guess what he got. Tmobile plan and a galaxy 2s in white.     cant beat the plans, prices…..
    Now yes verizon has better coverage if you live in the JUNGLE or outback.  and att also.
    But changing for a nexus or phone thats unhot in 6 or 8 months when another comes out is rediculous.ANd what happens when the other company has the phone you want then change to another company for a phone???… ive seen it and to each their own.  BUT tmobile  you got me  Yes you do..

  • Silveroaks951/southern cal

    I also worked for tmobile in 99-2000  and man i was killing verizon and att with those 1 year plans. I was making a killing .. but that ended after i left and didnt need the money as bad and got a refi on the new house with lower payments. And i know the plans are getting alot more confusing.. BUT  they still beat the other knuckleheads and thank the goverment for trashing that att deal.

    Now is the time u can all kill me with three straight posts. Never have posted much but i see what happenes .  Later  

  • Bookworm620

    All of the the training documents seem to leave out keeping Current customers. With some of the discounts being offered by Sprint, and Amazon Wireless it is really becoming cost effective to just cancel your contract and sign with a new carrier to get a better phone. Last week you noted how they are actually raising the off contract price for the GalaxyS II to $599 even though it has been out for a dew months.
    They have to start offering  some kind deals to current customers. At the very least bring back Equipment installment plans for every customer.

    • Anonymous

      T-Mobile Value Plan x 24 months + full retail price of the phone


      Any other national carrier plan x 24 months + discounted price of the phone.

      If you can’t figure this out then you are paying a dumb tax because you can’t do math.

      • T-Mobile Classic Plan + discount price of the phone then cancelling and paying $200 ETF and moving to a VALUE PLAN a few months later


        T-Mobile Value Plan x 24 months + Full Retail price of the phone.

        • Mary

          Depends on the phone and the subsidy given but you are correct.  I seen a customer do that but they changed their plan too quick and their mail in rebate was denied because they were on the wrong plan.

  • When T-Mobile can stop raising hidden fees, raising phone prices every other week, stop arguing with customers over issues they have and start fixing errors, addressing concerns and going back to their roots, then T-Mobile can stop the churn. It is easier to say “YES, WE CAN DO THAT” and fix the situation, credit an account, and keep the customer happy, than to get one back that left in anger after you said “NO, WE WONT DO THAT”

    • DakotaS

      Maybe a Tmobile employee will tell me why reps keep saying “Im sorry you’re not satisfied with our resolution” when they havent done anything to resolve your problem.  And no, Im not talking about not paying my bill or fighting over a fee…Im talking about a Tmobile handset which they admit has ‘known issues’ aka doesnt work right.  They say they know theres a problem and then say Im sorry you’re not happy with our resolution, which is obviously one of their trained responses since they all say it like robots

      • I have the Sidekick 4G (I love keyboards and it is the best available) and it freezes on many stock apps many use everyday (Google maps, stock web browser, camera, gallery). 2 software updates and 2 replacement handsets later…. same issue. To this day they talk to me like I am an idiot and a liar….. and now they have black listed me to where when I call I am on hold for an hour plus just to talk to someone who doesn’t speak english.

        • Back in the day, if your device was replaced 3x for any reason that was a defect, they sent you a brand new device, or replaced it with a device of comparative features, usually this was an upgrade in itself.

          If you have issues with the hold times, just start filing BBB complains every single time you have an issue, no matter how small it is. And keep on revising it and marking it “unresolved” if T-Mobile doesnt come up with a resolution. They will call you, and every complaint that is logged that is marked unresolved gets the BBB closer to pulling their certificate where they are no longer considered reputable. T-Mobile does not like this, it makes it harder for them to do business, get loans, etc… They will do anything to resolve it, where they wont resolve, it goes on their record permanently.

        • g500

          Same exact problem with another model. Freezes daily, which theyve admitted, turns off by itself, texts dont work for many users. You read threads on their own website @it. They do talk to you like youre crazy when theyre totally incompetent. Agree Tforce is a joke; great idea but reps are idiots. They all have their standard responses but none take any action. I havent renewed so tempoarily switched to prepaid whose service is even worse. They barely understand English. Told me I didnt have a Tmo phone; so why did I buy it at Tmo store with Tmo logo on device which came in Tmo box. I think theyre really gonna go after lower end. In my city they just opened new store in part of town populated with boost metropcs stores+-not near att vrz

      • “I’m sorry you’re not satisfied with our resolution” is exactly what they said to me too. The issue here is that I need a resolution, and I need satisfaction. I don’t care about THEIR resolution, I care about MY resolution. If they aren’t going to meet me at least HALF WAY, then whats the point?

  • HeLLo

    Why is it that there always has to be someone that has to post that when their contract is up they are moving to another carrier.Instead of coming on here posting it like its a major announcement just pay the damn ETF and move on if you really dislike T-Mobile that much.No one gives a crap if you stay or go.As for T-Mobile I really hope that 2012 is the year they begin to turn things around.Great service at a reasonable price.

    • He

      I think people just want to be heard and get some validation because they’re not getting it from Tmobile employees.  They’re hoping maybe someone from Tmobie will read it and do something.  Im glad you’re happy with your service but a lot of people aren’t.

  • Abcde

    I’ve been a customer of TMobile for about 10 years. They lost my business because they wouldn’t / couldn’t migrate me to a plan that they are offering  to (New Customers Only). Why do companies treat their existing loyal customers like crap?  I called them and told them that I wanted to stay with them and that I only wanted the plan that they are offering to their new customers. They said no. I told them that I will move to Virgin Mobile for a comparable plan……so….they lost a loyal customer. The problem for TMobile is that I have another 10 lines that may very well make the leap. All are prepaid and off of any contract. It pains me to see TMobile pushing customers away like this.

    • Mary

      The Value plan is not just for new customer but whatever.  The ignorance around here is astounding.

      • avis

        But other plans are.  For example the Walmart $30 5mb 100 min plan is for new activations/customers only.  We were out of contract and were told we had to port our number to somewhere else and open a new account with a new number.  Why make people go through all that hassle when they’re trying to remain your customer.

        • Mary

          That has nothing to do with the Value plans.  That’s a prepaid plan that is run exclusively through Walmart.  You have to go through Walmart for that.

        • ChurnBot 2012

          Its still a tmobile plan!

        • Sedfufs

          really churn. stop being ignorant…see what reps have to deal with

      • Anonymous

        I know right?  99% of people’s issue with T-Mobile is NOT rational.

        What T-Mobile REALLY needs is figure out how to attack it’s negative PERCEPTION.  All these guys complaining have no idea what they’re complaining about relative to the rest of the US wireless industry.

        “I’m leaving T-Mobile because of X and going to X carrier, even though X carrier would do the same thing”

        • Sedrufus

          exactly….most of them are compliants about standard crap or becuase a rep said no to crediting ur overaged for thr fifth time or said no to replacing a phone U LOST, broke or dont like anymore. take some responsibility as a customer. And to those of u that think u get treated worse as a current customer get over it…u actually get treated the if not better

    • Deena

      It makes no sense- they keep saying they want to reduce churn yet they keep doing everything they can to drive away current customers.  Read the Tmobile Forums on their own website and full of complaints and you see  the same BS responses from the reps.  Ive read reps here before post that they are judged by how quickly they get a customer off the phone.  I had that experience a few weeks ago when I called about a mysterious charge on the bill.  The rep literally said to me and I quote “Ive been on the phone with you for four minutes so Im going to hang up now.”   I couldn’t believe it.  They don’t care about loyalty.  My roommate got upped to their ECR – which is executive customer relations – and she was complaining about a  problem with her handset and the rep literally told her “I see your contract is up so you might want to explore another carrier – Ill give you an unlock code.”  WHen she told me that story, I just couldn’t believe it based on what I read  here about them wanting to reduce churn – She’s been with Tmobile for 8 years.  The ironic thing is for the heck of it, we googled this reps name (a fun pastime) and there were other reports of this guy saying the same thing to others.  A friend of mine said they might just feel that certain customers aren’t worth it if they’re not spending enough…but I just see a poor future for Tmobile.  A lot of people are counting the days until their contracts expire…and when you treat customers badly, they remember that

      • Sedfufus

        tmo only gets to that point if u are constantly asking for handouts like many ” loyal” customers always do. not all but seriously most..then yeah peace out go rip off another company. tmo needs the best customer service to keep up with the ever growing number of customers trying to take them for a ride

        • Dpro

          I call bullshit on this. T Mobile no longer treats loyal customers like loyal customers. A lot of us are not always asking for handouts. A lot of us purchase phones that T Mobile says are great Android devices only to have them crap on us and have to warranty the phone 3 times over a year. At that point we are told you can have a replacement of the same phone or maybe something we consider an equivalent that is not. Considering the phone we were sold was supposed to be a top of the line phone but now the top of the line phone is different. So instead they offer you the same phone or a phone they are giving away for free.

          This is not asking for a handout this is asking to stand behind the Phones which half the manufacturers do not do as well so T Mobile just follows suit.

          Maybe you should look at the company you work for more closely. These days T Mobile tends to take the customer for a ride. Not pro rating migrating bills, shortened bill length period. assigning data plans without telling customers. reconnection fees for payment suspensions, Upgrade fees etc.. the list is larger than this as well.  Plus you guys are terrible on the phone these days as well.

          T Mobile is not the company it used to be which is what is making it easier for a lot of long time customers to leave. They are not as competitive on pricing as they would like to have people believe.  Maybe $10 -15 a month cheaper. Ya Verizon is still more but the rest are all in the ballpark.
          Fact is given all of this it makes the long time customer look and go wow am I really getting the kinda of service that warrants only paying $10-$15 less a month?

          To paint it more plainly I don’t like AT&T yet you can get 450 minutes plus 2gb of data and unlimited text and unlimited any mobile to any mobile for $85.
          Which is pretty much equivalent to unlimited minutes and 2b of data with text from T mobile for $70 so are you getting enough service from T Mobile to warrant the $15 savings.
          Fact is in the LA area AT&T 3G is faster than T Mobiles 3G so there is no argument there.  Fact is most people make 90% of their cars to other Mobile phones so the unlimited mobile to any mobile pretty much is like having unlimited minutes.

          It starts to look like T Mobile needs to try harder to keep customers because they are not offering nearly enough incentives to warrant the mere $15 a month less.. If they were customers would not be leaving in droves.

          Seriously your attitude is why customers leave., it sucks as does T mobile current customer service.

  • Brianbb

    I agree with some posters.  They should have some different “grace day” sales that let you migrate to a value plan.  They moved me off my loyalty plan (THEY CALLED) to a $5 cheaper CLASSIC plan.  a Month later I realized a value plan was cheaper and I don’t even have a phone contract now.  They said there would be this big migration fee because I just signed a contract that they pushed on me!!! crazy!

  • Sdcranford

    Well that is all fine and dandy. What I want to know is when are we going to get 4g. Because where I live we only get 2g. It would be nice if we at least got 3g. But it seems like nobody can give an answer. You talk about keeping your customers, well give them some answers. We buy a 4g phone and we only get 2g. I don’t get it

    • Reed

      Well my 4G only gets 2-3mbps so if you only get 2G, Id go with another carrier unless you’re in a rural area where you can’t get better coverage from anybody

  • Tara

    I think this also leaves out the ‘other’ frontline customers – those that deal with customers on the phone and the TForce team that deals with social media and Tmobile Forums.  Ive never had problems with the store personnel.  They’ve always been great- from the manger down the line.  The problems are always with the phone and email reps.  The store manager has often apologized to me over the years because of the treatment of the phone reps – and the store employees even complain about how they are sometimes treated by their own employees on the phone.  Ive witnessed t his first hand when Im in the store.  I don’t know what % of customers deal with staff instore vs other ways..but I know the TForce staff and phone team have a long way to go.  Its honestly embarrassing how incompetent many of them are when it comes to just basic facts about their own company’s policies

    • JBLmobileG1

      I have had the opposite experiences with the instore personnel. Although I don’t really go into the stores much unless I want to check out a specific phone. For me the instore experience doesn’t seem asfriendly… although now that I think about it… It might be the store that I goto because there are two corporate stores right now the street from me and my bad experiences are from the mall location. The first experience was with my original G1 when I had tons of issues with it. The store manager acted as if I was in the way and didn’t want to help me with the exchange even though they told him to do it over the phone. Then recently I went there and this girl who wasn’t helping anyone but on the computer said hello but that was pretty much it. Never asked if I or my girlfriend needed help. Funny how the other store was busy with people and the guy working there helping others apologize for not being able to help me at the moment when I was walking out yet he gave me his business card to call if I needed to ask any questions that he could help with. He also greeted everyone who entered even though he already had his hands full.

    • I have ZERO complaints with the instore reps. They are stellar! They are the face of the OLD T-Mobile. I agree. The ones on the phone, email, and T-Force (who are the WORST) are terrible. I almost swear they used to be from Sprint when Sprint cleaned house.

      • Roshan

        in store reps  are like thieves, the other day they wanted to charge me $15 for a simcard that is sold for a buck on ebay and $2.99 on tmobile.com.
        they have onlyde mo phones on display and all the customers in store are those jerks with their bills standing in line to pay bills.
        TMO store is a mess with stupid reps and, over priced .

  • aris

    Just cuz some of you have great experiences with Tmobile doesnt mean everyone else has the same experience.  If you like Tmobile, great, stay with it.  Many of us have been with Tmobile for years and used to be satisfied.  Many of us are loyal customers who have tried to support this company and WANT to stay with it, but have been treated poorly by their employees and policies.  And you see a trend in complaints- its how they treat existing customers.

    • Ehfhksj

      existing customers….lol

  • Why bother?

    T-Mobile has really gone downhill…. Yes, these are things that the frontline employees should be doing everyday but T-Mobile has lost their values. No longer are the days where the executive leadership gave out annual surverys asking all employees what they thought about everything. There are a things right off the bat that T-Mobile is messing up with:

    The iPhone… Everyone wants it. We have Phillip Humm as a Leader who got the iPhone to T-Mobile in Germany and you’re saying he can’t get it here. I don’t believe it.

    Rate Plans… There is too much confusion with the rate plans. We have Classic and Value. What consumer wants to pay full price for a phone and sign a two year contract?? It feels like you swindle customers when they get the Value plans. Leadership wants so much focus on pushing for higher data packages, but are we advertising those plans?? NO.

    Phones…. FREE phones. Everyone wants the option of a free phone. Does T-Mobile have one in the store? No. Can we price match T-Mobile.com or other stores that are selling phones we have that are free? No. So as a consumer why would anyone want to pay anywhere from $9.99 to $249.99 for a phone they can get online or at Target, Walmart, Costco, or Best Buy for FREE? They’re not refurbished phones either.

    Long time LOYAL customers… The company states that they want to keep their customers but what are they doing to ensure that. When the iPhone 4S launched, they offered the HTC Wildfire to consumers for free to stay with us. That was nothing but a slap in the face. Really retention?

    Customer Care…. Talk about bombing… T-Mobile has been known for such a LONG TIME as being the best in customer service. There were no days of calling care and having to jump through hoops to speak to a human. And when you had that human, you were greeted with the MOST friendly person ever. Those days are gone.

    Yes, there are things that can be done to keep our customers but T-Mobile executives are not taking the time to listen to their employees to fix the issues. So the question is, do they even care or are they just waiting on the next bid to sell us off to the highest bidder. Otherwise, T-Mobile is looking to become the next Metro PCS, Straight Talk, Cricket, etc. And they want their employees to be bubbly and excited about work?! Give them something to look forward to other than the unemployment line.

  • Blackhawksolidus

    So i have to say that T-Mobile really needs to re-evaluate this “training”. In the 7+ years that I have been a T-Mo customer, i have heard great things how CS would work miracles to keep customers under contract. Well my wife and I have been un-happy with the T-Mo reception as of late. We decided however that even with the spotty reception we wanted to stay with them, as we have had great experience with T-Mo in the past. Called today to inquire about an early upgrade through T-mo direct and we were told “your only option as of now is to buy a phone off contract, or just switch carriers” I could not believe I was told to switch carriers by T-Mo. So we did some internet shopping and founda great deal on a great device. We called and tried to see if someone else could help before we spoke to retentions, it went nowhere. So my wife is on the phone with retentions and explains what we were told earlier. The guy apologized then told her “well, as bad as it sounds, thats the truth. I can give you $50 off any phone we offer, but other than that, you just have to wait another two months until you are eligible for your full upgrade, or switch to another provider”.
    TWICE! TWICE in ONE day we were told BY T-MOBILE TO SWITCH CARRIERS. They obviously dont want to keep any current customers.

    • I would switch, then tell 10 friends that T-Mobile customer service sucks and that they dont care about retaining customers and want customers to leave for the iPhone…which lets face it, is the ONLY device people want anyway.

      • Mary

        If it’s the only device people want then why did the carriers sell more Android phones than the Iphone, even when they came out with their brand new phone at the beginning of the quarter?

        • jusme

          If you looked at 4th quarter sales for Verizon and AT&T.  AT&T states 80% of there sales were Iphones, Verizon says over 50% were Iphones.  Sprint has not released their figures yet.   Just Google it.

        • Mary

          And 4th quarter numbers also show that Android led by two percentage points during the 4th quarter overall in the US(44% vs 46%).  Just Google it.  That means that Android had it’s usual numbers and Iphones sold more during the release of the new phone.  The next quarter will go back to Android dominating after the Iphone becomes older tech again.

        • Guest911

          You are too confused to understand what numbers mean! Hope you dont work for TMo. We really would be screwed!

        • Mary

          Really?  Just reply with you are confused by numbers and don’t bring anything to the discussion?  Nice to know that you understand how to debate a topic and not prove a point.

        • Guest911

          Told ya – you are confused!

        • Kirk

          You are really stupid. 4th quarter iPhone sales were high because it was the launch of the iPhone and it was holiday.
          (iphone launch + holidays= 1 quarter of amazing sales) then the rest of the year is dominated by the ANDROID PLATFORM.

        • Yeah, he isn’t so stupid…and let us try not to call anyone that because you disagree? K?

        • Littlesis1774

          iphone is still the most dominated phone on the market and the most single device sold today.

    • Dan H

      As a previous t-mo CSR this is something that I can say that a majority of calls I would get in a day were from people asking to upgrade before they could, An I can say to that I did tell people that they had to wait till they were eligible or switch carriers. Most Csr’s and Retention reps hands are tied when it comes to upgrade prices. At least they are being honest with you and giving you options. An I bet if you wait the 2 months the phone you want will be cheaper and you will say ” I’m glad I waited and got them for cheaper”

  • Rate Plans… T-Mobile needs to have bundled plans just like everyone else. Offer Set and Unlimited minutes, Unlimited Messaging and Data for contract customers. Do away with 200MB, 2GB, 5GB, 10GB, and make it a “Fair Use Clause” across the board of 10GB of High-Speed Data, after that, speeds will be reduced to EDGE speed (100-200kbps) Hell, they can even increase the plan price by $5.00 per month for this. Offer No-Contract prices if customers bring their own phone, or after their term is up they can switch to them and save $10-15 a month.

    Phones…. Offer the same, or similar phones as on other carriers for near the same price. Free means Free. If T-Mobile wants to compete on the iPhone 4 level, offer the Samsung Galaxy S 4G or Sensation 4G for $100 like all other carriers. If loyal customers are leaving for the iPhone 4S, offer them the Samsung Galaxy S II or HTC Amaze 4G, or another similar to iPhone device for $100 instead of $200-$300 if they resign a 2 year agreement. WIN WIN.

    Long time LOYAL customers… See above! Start offering loyal customers (loyal means anyone who stays with T-Mobile and doesnt cancel, regardless if they are in a contract currently or not) some bonuses, like extra minutes when they pay their bill on time, free add-on features as a simple “thank you”, little perks that let the customer know their continued business is appreciated. On top of all this, even if a customer IS still in a contract, doesnt mean that stops them from terminating. Offer to keep them by hearing their needs and trying to find a real solution, not mistreating them.

    Customer Care…. Straight up customer care is now “customer dont care”. Far as Im concerned the higher up you go the worse they are. Its time to start cleaning house from the management down. 

  • Roshan

    tmo was stupid to  think wildfire is the answer to IPHONE 4S.

    Tmo continues to   act stupid by asking to pay $200 per line up to $1000 in fees to change a plan to value plan. can’t wait to dump TMO after 10 yrs.

    • Buzzman

      The reason you pay up to a $200 “Migration Fee” per line is to give back some of the discount you were given when you agreed to stay with your current rate plan for 24 months. The migration fees are reduced the further into your 24-month contract you are. There are zero migration fees to move to a Value Plan (a pay-for-service only option) when you have 6 months or less remaining on your 2-year contract. When you switch to a Value Plan you are generally not going to get discounts on new phones. So, buy the handsets on EBAY or Craig’s List and enjoy the benefits of the low cost pay-for-service only Value Plans.

  • theben!

    I’m a t-mobile sales rep and only have used T-mobile services since I was hired. I used ATT previously and had an Iphone 1st gen with them for 2 1/2 years. So far I’ve been quite impressed with the network speed of T-Mobile but I believe the phone selection is quite poor and the customer service reps are horrible. I do have a few ideas that could help t-mobile:

    1. Better phone selection: If t-mobile doesn’t get the Iphone this year the company is screwed. Me and a co worker took a tally at work to see how many come into the store asking for the iphone(and leaving once they learned we don’t carry it)  and another tally for how many people came into store asking to cancel service due to them getting the iphone on another carrier. The numbers weren’t so good. In one week we had 96 customers come into the store asking for iphone and then leaving and 43 customers asking about cancelling services due to getting iphone on another carrier. The iphone is a really in demand product and a lot of customers also enjoy the fact that there are apple stores in the area that can help support their products. If you have a problem with the iphone you can take it to apple store and get face to face support. This is something that other phone manufacturers don’t have. Also it was  disappointing to see t-mobile not get the higher end windows phones. There is no reason we shouldn’t have gotten the Nokia Lumia 900 and/or HTC Titan. WP7 are becoming very popular with our customers but they want the most hi end specs and the radar and lumia 710 just don’t compare with the higher end window phones. 

    2. Family Plan Data: Allow people on family plans to have family data plans. Give maybe a $10 discount if all 5 lines get 2gb web. For example on a value plan: first 3 lines get $10 data and the next 2 lines get $5. That would be $40 for all 5 lines to have 2gb data. or make it for 5gb or above only. First 3 lines get $25 5GB feature and the next 2 get same feature for $15 thus making the family data 5gb data plan $105 for all 5 lines rather than $150 for all 5 lines to have 5GB. T-mobile needs to create the incentive for people on family plans to get data plans and some revenue is better than no revenue. This family bundling is a lot better cause it would create the incentive for cheap customers to spend a little more on data instead of going for the bare minimum of 200mb.

    3. 1 year contracts and 3 year contracts: bring back 1 year contracts and a 3 year contract could be for long time customers who have no intention of leaving. The 3 year contract could have larger phone subsidy or be cheaper rate plan. There are some people who have no intention of leaving t-mobile in the future and with cheaper features/phone it could be a win win for the customers wallet and t-mobile as a company.

    • Mary

      I’m confused, if someone already got an Iphone with another carrier then they wouldn’t come in to cancel, they’d already had the other carrier port the number and that’s how it’s canceled.  That’s basic knowledge for reps.

      • Guest911

        You are confused dear! Read his post carefully.

      • Anonymous

        it doesn’t mean they kept the same phone number.  they could have gotten new ones.

        • Mary

          How many people have you seen give up their phone numbers to go to another carrier?  I don’t know of anybody who does that. 

        • Anonymous

          I did.  I switched from Verizon to tmo 3yrs ago and wanted a totally new phone number.  Its not unheard of and people do move from city to city and may want a local number for work or other reasons.

      • Guest

        You are indeed.

      • Littlesis1774

        Mary what he said was that they had 46 customers came in cancel their plans on T-mobile to switch to another carrier that does have iphone.

    • Jonnyfive01

      That is fucking retarded! Who keeps a phone for 3 years. You’re an idiot.

  • denSMSgt

    EXACTLY for me!  I have my own devices, and loathe at&t so was hoping to come back aboard post-paid.  What do you mean I have to sign a two year contract?!  I already have GSM/UMTS devices I like to swap-SIM cards in depending on my mood.

    Shocking!  I wanted to go back TMO post-paid (wifi calling, google voice (voicemail) support, etc.   and they don’t seem to want me to.  I’ll just stick with the Monthly 4G, I like it for the price but would be willing to pay a bit extra for extras.  

    I know they like contract customers, but this does not seem like a smart move in all cases!  Have some flexibility for the folks that want TMO to succeed and already have a device or will pay for one outright/no subsidy.

    C’mon T-Mobile, you have a golden opportunity to think a bit different here and grow!  Please don’t forget you have traditionally had great customer service too!!

  • NardVa

    T Mobile can slow down churn by doing a better job of marketing. People run to AT&T because of the Iphone, People run to Verizon for the Droid line up. People run to Sprint because of their unlimited everything plan. T Mobile needs to figure out something to get a marketing gimmick.

    • Tbyrne

      They already do. Lower prices.

      • Anonymous

        i’ll shear the wool off of you for a very low price, byrnie!!

        • Tbyrne

          Oh gouvy. Better be careful with those shears! I’ll take them away from you. I heard castrations are very painful gouvy.

        • Anonymous

          I heard pegging is also,  but i’m sure you’re quite used to that :-)

        • Tbyrne

          My my gouvy, I didn’t know you were into such risque behavior. That would explain those painful polyps you’ve developed. You shouldn’t have to deal with this by yourself. I’ll send Randall over so he can apply some soothing ointment to where it hurts. Bye bye. Take care gouvy.

        • Anonymous

          No no… my little veal casserole, that’s your first hand experience from dealing with it.  You seem pretty damn aware of the cause and effect of pegging.  I can safely proclaim my pegging virginity, where as my implications of your pegging recreations seem to hit a “hole in one”.  Based on your reaction to my likely accurate claim, i can yet again safely assume that you are a pitcher and not a catcher. Much like sheeple are followers and not leaders. Says a lot.  

          At least your cleverness to my rude responses has risen.  I can give you props for that. Good job on that byrnie.

        • That’s enough children! Let’s all be friends.

      • Littlesis1774

        It the other things that T-mobile does that keeps them from losing customers beside the iphone. They keep charging for to turn the phone back on when you are late to paying it making it more expansive

  • Rumor that Verizon & Sprint might also be getting the Galaxy Note.  And no, T-Mobile is not gonna get it.  LOL. Sigh.


  • Guest

    Some things I think could help T-Mobile win back their customers:

    Take away the restore fees from a partial suspend.  If customer’s are late paying it’s because they probably are low on money.  That just jacks up the bill (especially on a family plan) to a point where the customer can’t afford it anymore.

    Don’t just make changes without telling anyone.  Bill due date change, sudden data charges on phones that never had data plans and those third-party charges that no one ever knows how they got in the first place.  The customer not only has to call in and navigate a very frustrating voice system and have their bill changed/corrected, but they also get hung up on by the voice automated system.  Where’s the good customer experience there, they should never have had to call in at all but “someone” decided this was a good idea to just make changes.

    Stop beating up the front line employees for everything they do.  If you, the customer are calling to remove a feature and you are wondering why making those changes is an uphill battle?  It’s because it counts against the rep when you lower your bill.  The reps have to lie to the customer’s now and say everything looks great on your account because it counts against them and if they don’t make enough money every hour and every month, they eventually get fired for not meeting their numbers.  They are nagged and reprimanded constantly for not meeting not only sales but contracts per hour.  Pretty much gone are the days when you called in and the person on the phone said, I see a way I can SAVE you money every month by lowering your plan.  T-Mobile needs to stop tying the reps hands behind their backs so that they can make a change on an account without fear of being fired for not meeting.  Customers used to really appreciate the fact that employees really cared about how much they were spending and that someone could save them a few dollars.  On the other side of the coin, employees would be happier if they once again felt like they too were valued members of a company, not just a machine that cranks out numbers with no face everyday.  T-Mobile has forgotten (or has chosen to ignore) what it was that used to not only drive customer satisfaction but employee satisfaction as well.  No one feels valued with T-Mobile anymore at all, not the customer or the employees that get fired in droves.

    So in closing, T-Mobile needs to look back a couple of years ago and what drove JD Powers because happy employees = happy customer’s = winning and making money. 

  • Companies that try to spring surprises on customers in the form of fees and pricing changes are going to meet increasing resistance. Look at Bank of America and Verizon. 

  • Anonymous

    When will t-mobile have the support for the iphone?

    • Makedemlaughgregg

      They do. Customer service can send downloads to an iPhone with a sim card (tmobile sim) to allow for use on the network without jail breaking the phone. Just ask…

  • Kerry

    I really liked T-Mobile, and I hope they can turn things around.  That’s why I still visit here to see what’s going on.  I left for 2 reason… 1) Coverage had me on the fence, and 2) Customer Service pushed me away.

    1) Coverage:  We are really busy and active these days and we aren’t always in the metro area anymore.  Many times we would have to use our kids Verizon phone (his Dad pays for it, btw). In order to make a call.  I was ok with not having data, but we needed to call/text to keep in touch with things.  We started thinking maybe it was time to move on, but we weren’t quite there yet.  I made a motorcycle trip to N. CA with a friend who had a VZW phone and quite often I didn’t have coverage.  My friend nearly hit a deer and that really got me to thinking if I’m going to be making these sorts of trips I need better coverage.

    2) Customer Service pushed us away.  My wife decided she wanted a smart phone with data etc.  So we called and checked on combining our plans and getting her a new phone.  The CS person we spoke to acted like we were pulling teeth and they wanted us to pay an extra $100 to combine our plans.  I wasn’t looking to change my contract/renewal date but to just combine our billing for simplicity.  The $49.99 each plan looked like a nice way to accomplish all of this and save a bit of money.

    We shopped around and it was a bit more to go to Verizon with her discount from her work.  We got a BOGO deal on phones too.  Retention wasn’t really motivated to keep us either; they went through the motions but didn’t try to work with us.  We figured if they didn’t want our money, someone else would AND we could get more coverage.

  • anon42

    As someone who has worked in the retail and B2B channels for T-Mobile, I would say the company has lost it’s identity. With so many issues with churn, growth, customer service problems, and network, this ship has sailed. It needs a fresh start with a new logo/name.

  • Mdco

    The last three times I called customer service were incredibly frustrating and aggravating for me. I remember when I first started with Tmo in 2006 how amazed I was at the customer service. Not any more though. Maybe they think they are saving money but in the long run when they lose customers like me they will not be saving money at all but losing it. The last call took 45 minutes to convince the rep not to charge me around 6 dollars for data use on a line that doesn’t have data with a sum card that can’t use data. Lately I’ve been thinking about how nice it would be to not worry about data use with Sprint. I heard that their customer service is like what Tmo used to be and the prices are good and I could get my daughter an iPhone.

  • Maggie S

    Their customer service has become the worst!!!!!!!!!!  I have been calling for a couple of months trying to get them to straighten out my bill and have had horrible customer service.  I’ve had 2 of them hang up on me because I asked them to repeat themselves because I couldn’t understand what they were saying.  The customer service used to be great but not it’s awful!!!!!!!!

    • Tbyrne

      You must be on prepaid. You’ve been calling for 60 days to get your bill straightened out? If I was there, I’d get your bill corrected with one call I bet.

      • Anonymous

        see i knew you worked for them!! all you had to do was be honest!!!

        • Tbyrne

          No gouvy, I don’t, but if I did, I’d make sure your monthly bill was such a mess not even the genius that you are could figure it out. Bye gouvy.

        • Anonymous

          Look at my bill?? please byrnie….   it goes on my amex jet blue card to get flyer points and then gets written off at the end of the year as a business expense. WINNING!!!! 

          when your winning there is no need to look at the bill and therefore no need to figure anything out.

        • Tbyrne

          LMFAO! You’ve got a point there gouvy. You’ve got that tiger blood going on! LOL!

    • Th3problem17

      You only get hung up in for cussing or threatening someone stop lying

      • david vaughan

         i got a “not very english speaking” person one time and she told me something i didn’t like so i told her something she didn’t like…and when she got upset at me she started speaking in some other language which was definitely not Americanese…..so i was reduced to telling her to “slow down and speak english”….which she took offense to and then hung up on me…..so yeah it happens…….there was no swearing or threatening involved……..i made sure to call back and report her hang up to her surperior.

  • Why Iphone ? you can’t facetime while on the cellular network, also, all kinds of videos ( youtube, netflix) are poor quality as well ON NETWORK ,,, So my set up is an entry level android on t-mobile with mobile hotspot that can give wifi to my Ipod touch and Ipad…. So I can get the best of both worlds at a cheaper price.. 

  • Tbyrne

    Poor gouvy. It actually was you who brought up religion first 2 posts back, however, I would never think of killing myself (gasp), do you? Please don’t do anything obtuse. You post many negative and moody things and I’m worried by your last melancholy post that you may not be in full possession of your mental faculties. Maybe you need to stop and take a step back to reevaluate these discussions were having. I’m patient and can wait for how ever long you need to get out of the funk you’re in. Bye gouvy. Take care.

    • Anonymous

      oh byrnie, i wish you could see how much i laugh when i’m at home of in my office  with such internet asshole like things to your comments.  You bring me such comical relief that i look forward to unclever, sheepish answers.  I have reevaluated some and everytime i laugh at your expense yet again.  there is no sadness, gloom, or melancholy here, byrnie.  In real, non-internet life i’m actually a happy guy who has a lot to be thankful for.  I’m also thankful that i have you to entertain me with your lame sheepishness.  

      Even though i’m completely clamoring out my ass, you still focus on little petty things that most would never pick on just to look less sheepish.  You should be proud of your sheepishness byrnie, stop hiding behind the wool and accept who you are!!!  it’s ok to be but a mediocre lamb.   

  • Intheknow

    Last info I heard was TMO was 3 points behind Verizon in the most recent JDP survey.  With the 3% margin of error its really a statistical tie. 

  • Maxgamer001

    It will only get worse…

  • Ihateliars@tmobile

    R own dealers are churning our customers.. Dealers get more commision on new activations.. They screw our customers plans by not telling them .. Corporate and indirect dealers 95% of them are the ones who is CHURNING amd committing internal fraud and cheating tmobile

  • Th3problem17

    The majority of these troll comments are disappointing, just stop lying some of the stuff u guys are describing would get someone fired if u complained like you do on here. Be real with your evaluations of your service that you received, and don’t make up bs just because someone gave you an answer u didn’t like, welcome to the real world

  • MIke Krause

    I was with T-mobile for about seven years and this year have had the most god-awful experience with customer care that this month (March, I dropped them, gladly paid the early termination fees for our two lines, and moved to Verizon.  T-Mobile will never see another dime form me, and I will try and convince everyone I run onto who has T-Mobile to drop them as soon as possible (in fact, I’ve set a goal of getting ten people to drop T-Mobile).  The essence of loyalty is reciprocity, and if you want to keep loyal customers around, you should treat them at least as well when they are under contract as you do when you are trying to get them into the contract.

  • Jillellenburke

    I’ve been with T-Mobile from the start.  My last bill included a $14.95 and a $9.95 charge for wallpaper and a ringtone my husband did not order.  Then, about 3-4 months ago, I noticed my bill going up, up, up.  Data charges are on my daughter’s phone who has never accessed the web.  Called customer service today and they said she must have signed up for Facebook alerts or something to that tune.  She didn’t, I asked her.  She’s not a phone user…just to call her boyfriend.  That’s it.  $1.99 per minute to pay for Facebook alerts to the tune of $45-$50 a month.  They will give partial credit for last month.