T-Mobile’s “2012 Is The Year T-Mobile Fixes Churn” Plan

T-Mobile Philip Humm was clear in his Welcome 2012 Statement to T-Mobile employees that fixing churn was a top priority. “I want to stress that it is critical we fix Churn in 2012. For every customer who renews their contract with T-Mobile, we lose one. That is a dead end, not a growth path. We have established a plan for 2012 that will improve the customer experience and enrich how we interact with our customers.”

So what exactly is that plan? We, we likely may never know the whole plan, but we just got a glimpse at part of the plan and where T-Mobile will focus as 2012 rolls on. Humm’s statements recognize he understands where the problem is, but without addressing how to fix it, T-Mobile will stay in neutral. So how do they fix it? According to these leaked images, “It all starts with fixing the basic reasons that customers leave and improving the customer experience.”

T-Mobile will shift it’s energy and focus on:

  • The Network, T-Mobile’s biggest asset will see an increased focus on network quality and further improving in-home coverage.
  • Handsets are one of the biggest reasons customers walk in the door and T-Mobile wants their 2G and 3G customer base to recognize the 4G handsets and the quality they represent.
  • T-Mobile needs to continue emphasizing their value, knowing they have the “best value in wireless” and will continue to “drumbeat” on affordable 4G.
  • T-Mobile’s fees and contract terms have represented a very large part of angry customers recently, reconnect fees, warranty fees etc…have all upset longtime customers who felt frustrated by fees that seem to come out of nowhere.
  • Involuntary churn represents a portion of the customer base who aren’t properly fitted for a rate plan selection and T-Mobile employees need to be aware of customer needs and then direct them to the right plan.
  • Ensuring that first impressions last, customers who tend to leave right away will do so in the first 180 days so T-Mobile employees need to make sure that they are properly fitted with the right phone, the right coverage and the right rate plan.
  • Employees should get comfortable telling a customer “no,” allowing for a T-Mobile rep to emphasize when and where a customer might have bad service and telling them exactly that. It sounds like a risky move on behalf of a major telecom player, but it helps make sure that the right customers are having the right experience.
  • Customer relationship management will help allow for the return of T-Mobile making customers feel like family. This is what we all felt before AT&T and 2011 came along, now it’s time to get that feeling back.
  • Renewals are a major emphasis and that means keeping customers before acquiring new ones. This requires T-Mobile to have enticing rate plan offers and a solid handset lineup…Let me add in that it should also mean that T-Mobile’s sales and promotions include current customers. T-Mobile’s midnight sales which take place almost every night are only good for new customers and add-a-lines. That creates resentment among the T-Mobile faithful and if this means they have to stop the midnight offers nightly and perhaps make them weekly, than so be it. Just let current customers take advantage of them.

All in all, I think T-Mobile has a good game plan here, with plenty of room to add in new initiatives and ideas that will help restore them to their JD Power award-winning status. So what do you think T-Mobile can do to help win back customer loyalty and bring new customers in through the door? Based on some of the common complaints I read, you’d say:

  • Continue emphasizing the idea that loyal customers don’t get the same deal as new customers, especially in regards to special sales and promotions.
  • Get the iPhone, I know it’s a matter of argument among our readers as to whether T-Mobile truly needs the iPhone but don’t kid yourselves, being the only large wireless company on the block without it, hurts.
  • Continue to improve on the lengthy wait and hold times for customer service, I know T-Mobile is making changes in the right direction, but they need to continue improving on this so the customer service experience resembles what it did years ago.
  • T-Mobile also needs to remove a number of the unnecessary fees and continue focusing on the human aspect of the customer…we know there is a business side to things and we understand that. Consider what just happened with Verizon, they attempted to start a $2 payment fee and customers revolted. Recognize and listen to your customers.
  • Ensure beyond a shadow of a doubt that customers are aware to unauthorized changes to their accounts, the pay per use data add-on, the billing date change all had customers in an uproar because they simply had no idea things were changing. That’s an easily avoidable situation.

I’m sure there a number of other possible things we could address for T-Mobile and all the the things wireless carriers do wrong in the eyes of the consumer. The fact of the matter is we do understand that this is a business, however, that doesn’t take away from the idea that over the past 365 days, T-Mobile has, in the eyes of a number of their most loyal customers, become a different company. We’d like to see the T-Mobile we knew 2 years ago return, at least in terms of customer service and customer perception. Be the T-Mobile we know you can be.

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  • Scarfacemario

    I hope they refarm their 2g spectrum this year with 3g/4g so we may get better building penetration and iphone can work on 3g and offer current 2g users new phones at free or discounted price

  • Jordan Williams

    I don’t know if it’s just me, but one of the major gripes I have with T-Mobile, and I think it’s possibly spectrum related, is in most parts of Southeast Houston, I CAN NOT get a 3g signal inside a building. Maybe that’s rectified with newer hardware(I have a G2), but it’s extremely annoying to have a “4g” phone and keep it locked on Edge so my battery doesn’t die within 8 hours of use.

    • Calieboy707

      I have a G2 as well and live in Corpus Christi. If I drive 5 minutes I get 4G but at home I only get edge. So I have to keep my phone on 2G most of the time.

  • Jordan Williams

    This makes my post irrelevant lol. I do find Edge useful to maintain a long battery life as I can manage 12 to 15 hours of heavy usage if I keep my phone on 2G. However, part of that is because my phone CONSTANTLY is hunting for a 3G/HSPA signal otherwise. 

  • JEssy

    well a good start would be consistency…every rep says something different and most are usually wrong about their own company’s policies – and to have prepaid cust serv not be outsourced as they have no clue…This week told samsung exhibit 2 has known issues – which is why sending it in for repair or resetting it wont help…so for all those who have the phone and can’t send texts, or get text photo attachments that are blurry, or have daily screen freezes  …tmobile rep says its a known issue that you have to live with, because they won’t replace phone or give you another comparable one that will work…so forget about texting and get used to having to do a soft reset several times a week

    • Frigadroid

      Wow another admitted known issue from a scamscum product. Okay defenders of samsdung blog plants, explain away again why the touch wizz experience and samsung product are so superior because I’m not convinced. I keep hearing stories about samsuks that never last the two year contract leaving the owner who declined the high deductible ripoff insurance in a pickle.

      • Anonymous

        “Scamscum”  That is clever.  I generally go with Shamesung,  or the ever popular samsuck,  but that really is a good one as well.

    • Brandon

      I agree! As an employee, I never really feel that I am in the know. Policies change on a daily basis and communication is poor at best. In my store, we have taken a “customer first” approach and it is having a profound impact on our business. My managers have empowered us to do whatever is right for the customer and for our business even if it means going against “policy.” I think that T-Mobile needs to get back to the basics and treat customers like family! I have worked for T-Mobile for over 8 years and have seen this company grow and fall flat on its face. It is time to get back up and become the great company that it once was.

  • The network brings customers and keeps them. Reinvesting in their own network will bring the best results…. Hopefully they are smart enough to figure that out

  • Anonymous

    I’m glad they recognize that leaving existing customers out of special deals is bad business. Take care of the people who are loyal and they’ll stay loyal.

    • Gpmillerjax

      This is the biggest gripe I have with T-mobile. They NEVER offer deals to existing customers. Terrible way to keep your customers.

      • 77danj7

        That is exactly why we left Tmobile after 11 years…two phones on our contract broke (one the camera broke, one the screen was non responsive) with about 8 months before our renewal and upgrade and they would not help us.  They offered to replace my Vibrant with another Vibrant 3G (not the 4G) for $180!  That’s practically the upgrade price of a brand new Galaxy II for a phone that is 3 years old…so we left.

        • Go18365472

          No other would have either- you are not the only one with an issue like this- if they give everyone a discount early they would go broke- this is a business- entitlement society!

        • 77danj7

          Well they could have offered an early upgrade for a contract with 4 lines that paid over $225 monthly…I’ll gladly pay $200 for a new phone.  Oh well…now they have ETF fees of $200 x 4 to try to collect as well as a months charge.  I’ll pay it when I get around to it…they can waste their businesses money and try to collect it in the meantime…

        • guidomus_maximus

          I recently got in a car wreck and I offered to let Chevy give me a new one and promised to stay as a customer. They wouldn’t do it, so I’m buying my next car from Toyota.  Good bye GM after three decades of loyalty

        • Tcummings

          Is this sarcasm or are you being serious?

  • Kyjeepbear

    The biggest part of the ‘action plan’ wasn’t even covered above…. explain away the need for the iPhone.  Talk every customer who walks in the door and who REALLY want’s an iPhone into buying an android, I’m an android fan and user and i despise the iPhone, but when you get right down to it.  T-Mobile just doesn’t get it.  They think that their reps can explain away the iPhone to every Tom, Dick and Harry that walks through the door.  THAT DOESN’T Happen!  It WON’T happen. No matter how they sugar coat it.

  • Weatherdude40

    Listen up TMobile…there is a very easy and simple way to get customers to return and leave other carriers and that is by offering truly unlimited High Speed Data usage for your $49.98 unlimited phone, text, and internet plan…NO THROTTLING.  No other carrier can currently offer this…you would be the only one.   I guarantee you people would flock to your stores to get this deal.  I love TMobile, but this is the one gripe i have with them.  And many of my friends who have other cell phone carriers have the same gripe…why am i throttled after 2 GB or 5 GB or even 10 GB.  That’s not unlimited, because lets be real there is not much you can do with apps or internet access once you are throttled so your phone basically reverts back to just being a phone and nothing else.  It’s useless for internet access until the beginning of your next billing cycle when the phone is no longer throttled.  I can remember when internet usage was truly unlimited without any throttling.  Bring that back to TMobile and i guarantee you will see a dramatic increase in new and renewed contracts.  Sure you might lose some profitability in the short term but long term you will see a tremendous increase in net worth and you will have a much larger customer base who is satisfied and will spread the word that TMobile is the only carrier with truly unlimited access and NO THROTTLING.  

  • Paul

    wow if losing 5 million customers isn’t a wake up call, than I don’t know what is…hopefully we see some real progress made instead of just talk…yesterday T-Mobile was trending on Twitter worldwide, yet for all the wrong reasons, an outage throughout Texas, Arizona, etc and a few other states…go on there Twitter, it’s nothing but negativity from customers, go on there FB, it’s “when are you gonna get the iPhone already”…social networking is a great tool for most companies, yet when there’s are just filled with complaints, etc, etc…it just reflects to those that don’t have T-Mobile…if i’m a Verizon customer looking to join and go onto there FB and Twitter pages, i’d be hesitant from all of the bad comments.  A CC rep told my wife on the phone that she can pick up the white S2 at a T-Mobile store for $100, I knew that wasn’t true but information like that or telling customers wrong information after being transferred to 3 different departments isn’t good business.  

    • MCH

       There = place Their = possession They’re (They are) = action. Otherwise, yes, you are correct in the fact that social networking has become Consumers’ greatest tool in dealing with big companies that loose touch with their Customers.

      • Paul

        thank you professor for the lecture, want an apple for how much I care? lol

        • MCH

          Not from a person who doesn’t care if they look like an idiot to others who read their posts.

      • Justin Georgeson

        They’re over there with their things. It’s over there with its things.

      • Anonymous

        If you are going to be pedantic, then at least be correct. There are several inaccuracies in your posts. You capitalized consumers and added an apostrophe after it. You also capitalized customers and used the word loose instead of lose. Furthermore, you also wrote in an earlier post “It’s another one of miss used words.” It should have been misused. I could also point out the grammatical inaccuracies but I am sure you have already received my message. Now can we all just get along and post friendly comments, please? Thank you.

        • guidomus_maximus

          Bitch slap that grammar policeman!

  • Derrick Fulkerson

    T-Mobile needs to improve their service reach. I live on the edge of Las Vegas (not the outskirts, but the edge) and get no service. WiFi calling isn’t reliable enough to serve as a replacement. When I drive to Utah or Las Angeles my wife’s AT&T iPhone gets 3G most of the way there, T-Mobile, 2G and sometimes zero data service coverage.

    My contract is up near the end of 2012 and I will be part of that 5 million unless I see some big changes in coverage.

  • jrr

    re: keeping customers – bring back EMP!  It’s why I came to t-mobile in the first place.

  • Ss23

    TMo just need to get the fucking iPhone and im pretty sure everyone will switch in! Hey its better than any verizon or att plan! shiit! just fucking get a deal with Apple already!

    • Aaron Tant

      the inability to get your point across without vulgar language demeans your argument.

  • Alvin B.

    If they ACTUALLY do what’s in that memo, they’ll succeed. Bean-Counters of course will kick in and insist that they do not.

  • Anonymous

    While the unlimited plans are a great price for what you get, I hope T-mobile offers lower cost alternatives for people on a budget that don’t talk a ton each month.

    The plan that I’m grandfathered in is a $50 family plan with 2 lines.  We only have 500 minutes, but that is more than enough for us, since we only use around 200-300 minutes.  I’m sure that there are other families out there that would hop on that…

    Promotions to keep the customers extending their contracts is another great thing to focus on also.  A good phone sale for classic/grandfathered plans would be much welcomed.  Inclusion on the midnight sales would be great, too.

  • James

    I want a Nokia Lumia 800 running on t-mobile’s hspa +. Get it done, none of this lumia 710 nonsense. Also, why 2yr contract on a value plan? Makes more sense to make it one year, or even off contract.

    • Anonymous

      read the article. they want to stop churn. if they lock you in, you are less likely to leave.

      • locking a person into a contract just makes the leaving inevitable after the contract expires.  an unhappy customer is an unhappy customer be it on a monthly, yearly or two year contract.  they’ll just leave after the contract is up. like the article says for every renewal, someone leaves.

        • Anonymous

          Every provider does contracts. You are aware of this right? I mean, am I the only one that understands when you get a devices at 1/4 or 1/2 price, you’re going to be locked into a service plan… Seriously guys, open your eyes and realize how business works. Tmobile is here to make money, not give you ways to make money off them.

        • James Thammarath

          What don’t you understand about their value plan?  You a phone at full value, unsubsidized so you get a discount on your monthly payments.  Meaning there’s no point for them to lock you into a 2 year contract because there’s no discount for them to have to recover.

        • guidomus_maximus

          This series of posts illustrates one of T-Mobiles problems.  They attract the low end of the market.  The low end of the market doesn’t understand the complicated plans and schemes that they dream up to try to sell phone on the low end.  They think they are getting screwed when actually Tmo is bending over backwards trying to sell them a phone they can afford at a reasonable price. 

          Let me get this straight, its NOT Deacon’s job to figure this out.  It’s Tmo’s job to explain it.

  • MCH

    The 2nd generation of my phone was recently released; new customers could get it for roughly $150, while I, a loyal customer of 6yrs, had to pay roughly $500 and it would affect my contract. This is the biggest gripe I have with TMo; why should I, a loyal customer pay FULL price when a new customer who might not stay can get it for less than half the price? And why have a contract affected by new/upgraded hardware? This makes no sense to me… add hidden or sudden fees, sh*tty customer service with a smile (they’re very polite and nice, which is great, but absolutely useless when it comes to doing or fixing anything), not having the iPhone when TMo Germany has it available, the online bill view being very confusing (heck, the whole site really) and so on. If I see these things change, then I might stay; the only reason I’m still with TMo is b/c I can’t afford the $200 deactivating fee and the activation/new phone/(possible) credit deposit fee.

    • Anonymous

       You signed a 2 year contract to get your phone, of course you’re going to pay more for the phone now! Same as the people getting it now

      • MCH

        No, I signed a 2yr contract for the services they provide; phone, texting, and internet. The phone was the necessary tool to provide said services. Why should a tool affect the overall outcome of a contract of service? It shouldn’t, unless, of course the obvious, you’re up/downgrading types of phone; smartphone to non-internet phone or vice versa. But that would imply you are changing the type of services in your contract anyway. However, my point is why should a new customer get better discounts on said tool than an already existing customer? Sure, new customers should still get discounts on phones, but not more so or over a loyal customer.

        LC> That still doesn’t make sense; if I’m upgrading my phone through TMo then the idea is that I AM staying with TMo. Why would I go through my carrier for a new phone, then cancel right after? Talk about an idiotic waste of money on the consumers part. If they need to “make up the loss” then they shouldn’t be offering deeper discounts to new customers.

        • Anonymous

          Well then you don’t know why you signed a contract obviously. You can actually buy a phone outright and go month to month on any service provider. Contracts are in place specifically to cover the cost of a subsidized devices. Whats so hard to understand about this? Just because what you think you’re signing a contract for doesnt meet with reality, doesnt mean t-mobile should change to keep you as a customer. Go to any other provider and they all put you on contracts for the exact same reason.

          And just because you wouldnt upgrade your phone and then leave doesnt mean that other scamming individuals wouldn’t. How is it an idiotic waste of money? You upgrade your phone, no contract extension, you just got that phone for $200… now you go on ebay and sell it for $400… you just made $200 off of someone else and can now use that money to get another subsidized phone on another service. Contracts are about protection to the company.

        • Anonymous

          you my friend are either a child or have the worst lack of knowledge as to why you signed a contract and the way businesses operate and attract new customers.

          When you signed that contract, the wireless company gave you a discount on the phone. You got that discount because YOU agreed to two years of service.

          Who do you think takes the risk of giving you a $500 phone for $200?!


        • guidomus_maximus

          Go down to the local car dealer and have them knock a couple thousand off the price of a new car.  Or better yet, ask for a free one because you are a loyal customer.  Promise to have you car oil changed there in return.

        • Hahahahahahahahaha


    • i’ve never understood that either ..upgrading a handset creates a new contract .. why?  every company that does that is stupid.  it makes no sense.  i should be able to use whatever phone during my two year contract and not have it renewed everytime i want a new phone. if they fix that they’d be in good shape.  go against the grain..be the one company that does it. you can even set the price $50 above a new customer .. just taking away the contract renewal would help.

      • LC

        They do it so they know they can make money back on the phone. That phone obviously costs the company more than $100-$250, so they need tl make up the loss in the end.

        • i’m sure there’s a way beyond extended the contract out another two years to recoup whatever cost.

        • Anonymous

          The problem is the contract ensure that you have to pay the rest of the cost of your phone should you decide to cancel. No contract extension means you could upgrade your phone, leave the next day scott free, and then sell your brand new phone that you got half on TMobiles dollar, and sell it on ebay… Not really a fair situation now is it?

        • guidomus_maximus

          People do this all the time.  They are called thieves.  Where do you think most of those ‘good deals’ on Ebay come from.

        •  Like increasing the cost of your monthly phone bill? Or increasing the cost of the phone for you out of pocket?

        • guidomus_maximus

          Open your wallet and pay the $500 upfront

      • Anonymous

        the carrier foots the bill, and takes the financial risk, of giving YOU $300 or whatever discount on a phone.

        The Early Termination Fee guarantees, somewhat, recouping of that $300 discount they just gave you in case you decide to terminate the agreement early.

        The 2-year contract helps assure that you hold YOUR end of the deal and don’t cancel in 32 days, then sign up again for a new discount

      • guidomus_maximus

        That 150 phone costs us 500.  So every time we sell one we start off down 350.  We have to keep you as a customer for 2 years to work out of the hole we got into by selling you a 500 phone for 150.  Same with upgrades.  ETF is just a way of getting the 350 back if you skate in less than 2 years

    • you’re an idiot. you want to pay subsidized pricing and not have to extend your contract. do you also want us to hand you a million dollars too? SMH

      • MCH

        If I’m an idiot, then you’re a (fill in an inappropriate name of your choosing) for calling me such; un-knowledgeable about ALL that goes into subsidizing and contracts and inner workings of a company, I’ll grant, but an idiot I am not. To add to that, in viewing your Twitter, you’re also a hypocrite. You’re looking for essentially the same discounts I am with upgrading a phone while being a current customer. In my opinion, in order to keep up with technologies and network constantly updating/grading, you’re damn right I want to pay subsidized prices on a newer version of a phone I already have with a contract that’s already in place. In the 6yrs I have been with TMo that would basically mean 3 contract renewals, right? I’ve only renewed twice in those 6yrs which has only been when I’ve had to get a new phone. So why don’t they contact a customer when the contract expires and offer deals on a new phone to renew that contract?

        Would you like to know who to make the check out to?

    • Anonymous

      You do know TMo Germany runs on different frequencies, yes?

      • MCH

        Yes I am aware of that. When iPhone 1st came out I used it on USA TMo up through iPhone 3G until an Apple update locked the base board. 3G and the newer iPhones can still be used on TMo with jail/network-break. So, with that in mind, what’s the point of different frequencies?

    • Anonymous

      MCH, when you got your first phone 6 years ago, did you have to pay full price for it? Of course not. So, unless your contract has expired, you’re not eligible for the update to a new phone at the lower price. I’ve been with Tmo since 2003 and got the “good” phone each time for discounted price after my contract was up. Absolutely NO CARRIER does what you’re asking, it doesn’t exist, and the fact that you’ve been a customer for XX years has no bearing on this. When your current contract expires, you CAN get that phone for $150 and not have to pay the full $500 price. Do you get it?

      Alternatively, here’s a solution for your ‘wanting a new phone every few months’ dilemma. There’s nothing holding you back from selling your current phone to another individual for XX amount of $. Let’s say you can sell you current phone for $250-300, then you can add the $150-250 required to get the new phone. Your contract is still valid and you just move your sim card from your old phone to the new one. After your contract expires, you’re in a situation where you can continue to do this and get a phone as often as you like.  There you go… stop whining.

  • Guest

    Lose = to miss from one’s possession.
    Loose = not fastened

    • MCH

      lol I know, wondered if any one would catch that too. It’s another one of miss used words.

    • guidomus_maximus

      Say mit ein german accent.  it is the same

  • Bklynman

    I don’t know if the other big 3 charge’s there customers upgrade fee,if not then why does tm does? Also if the other big 3have 1cent sale follow them!

  • Fer428000

    iPhone enough said !!!

    • Gwapo


  • JamesJ

    Here is what tmobile forgot to add to the list:
    1.the iphone
    2.the samsung nexus galaxy (such a bummer its exclusive to verizon)
    3.and a lot of Carly on TV, the more commercials about their service/phones the better
    my 4g is already working great…

    • 1. T-Mobile can’t add the iPhone to their list. It’s not a guarantee they’ll get it. It’s an Apple product, not a T-Mobile product.

      2. See #1, only substitute “Apple” and “iPhone” with “Samsung” and “Galaxy Nexus”.

      3. They’ve already got a tone of Carly commercials. Now I love Carly, but I’d be more for seeing commercials that are more aggressive, with the mentality of “Switch to us, we’re badass!” not “Switch to us if you like Carly.”

  • moedawg

    Get the iPhone and I will come back from Verizon – deal?

  • CC1

    too late. I jumped to sorry ATT after seven years with t-mo to get my HTC Titan. What were they thinking to pass on this phone?

    • the Titan is definitely the best WP out there.

      •  The Titan is awesome! It was the phone that made me actually drool for WP, and if the customizability of WP improves, I’ll probably look into switching from Android!

        Now if only T-Mobile will get a WP phone like the Titan…

  • Deceptivesmiles

    I used to be against the iPhone but at this point, TMO needs it. It does hurt to be the only kid on the block w/o it. I wouldn’t go for it unless it can use the 4G speeds tho. That would give a one up since AT&Ts only runs on 4G (if I’m not mistaken)

    Increase network strength. If they have to acquire smaller companies to grow, do it. ATT and Verizon did it so why not; especially if it’ll increase network strength and the build out for LTE. Try to gain some other spectrum somehow to get the build out going.

    Customer loyalty, especially for those of us w/ family plans. Id really like a 10gb/mo shared data w/ all 3 phones on my phone. I know we wouldn’t use that whole 10gb, probably 7 max (wishful thinking). But seriously, they should advertise Loyalty plans for ppl who have been w/ em for 2+yrs

    • Tmosince2003

      Shared data for families FTW!

  • enveed05

    By the way, the new value plans are a major fail.  The value plan pricing can’t even begin to touch my classic plan pricing, and even if I wanted to consider switching, there’s a huge migration fee.  So T-Mobile needs to decide on something and stick with it.  If they want us all to pay full phone prices, then they need to discontinue the migration fees for switching from classic to value (and they need better pricing…)  If they want to continue to operate with the types of plans that people are accustomed to, then they need to start showing the current customers a little more upgrade love.  Just saying, I like my HD2 and I’m having fun with installing android versions on it, but at some point I am gonna want to upgrade, and I can do better with Best Buy, Walmart or Target than I can with T-Mobile directly.  

    • BigMixxx

      that’s the cool thing.  Do that…As a matter of fact, T mobile will help you.  The in store pricing is bad.  T mobile wants the plan commitment…

    • Aaron Tant

      either check your math or provide the details of your classic plan and any discounts you have…

  • BigMixxx

    if Churn is described as the rate at which a customer leaves for the competition, easy fix is…
    Ask customers what they want.  I’m sure they will say stuff like:

    1)  Where is the iPhone
    2)  I wish I could upgrade my phone every year, especially with new phones coming out every quarter
    3)  the plans are great, simple to understand!
    4)  How can I get better in home coverage?

    Quick fixes for new customers would be:

    1) Don’t confuse potential new customers with strange pricing, such as this weekend’s sale.  People like simple information, especially when it comes to pricing.  Phone will cost you this, your plan will be this much. 

    2) Promote properly…the script for the sales team should be to promote the smartphone, since data is bread and butter…’this is android, this is Windows Phone, this is Blackberry’  Set up test drive centers and programs for new customers…
      2a)  Get mobile phone reps in the stores to help sell your devices…nothing like saying..well the HTC person was there and said…

    3) Most importantly, totally agree with Get iPhone, it sells itself…most importantly it sells T mobile’s service.

    4) Quality devices:  Sensation, Amaze, Galaxy S II, Blackberry 9900, HTC Radar..phenomenal devices…bread and butter right now is data so these sell very well. 

    5) Attract a specific customer group with quality programs…age groups 35 to 55+ have a ton of disposable income to use….

    For existing customers…
    1) Get people involved with sampling your product:  Beta testers for devices….Failures include the POWERFUL G2x (Good hardware, crap for software), Motorola Cliq (line), The NEW MyTouch ( by LG), the Crap Samsung phones…drop them…demand quality products for your line.

    2)  Take the Apple approach to customers by build the demand for your product year over year.  People will have to view T mobile as a product vs a mobile phone company.  I would propose T mobile drop ALL of the non smartphone devices and strictly focus on simple phones and Smartphones.  Those customers don’t push money into the bread and butter (DATA).

    3)  Allow existing customers to do more by buy valuing existing customers more, after all, WE do determine the churn rate….

    As a company direction.

    1) More Towers!  Home phone service is now optional vs. required. So better penetration in building and in homes would be a very good thing.

    2) Team with the right partners and get more exclusives….Galaxy S II would have been a great exclusive…

    3) Beta LTE services in Las Vegas……

    That would be my plan…

    • Anonymous

      Upgrading your phone every year would either mean the initial cost of the phone would have to go up, your monthly rate would have to go up, or T-Mobile would lose money on every device they sell. Part of your 2 year contract covers the rest of the cost of your phone, if they shortened it to a year, naturally they must pass that cost on to your plan. Its not like T-Mobile some how gets phones for free – $250… They actually pay just a hair below full price and then sell it to you subsidized because they know they’ll get their money back over 2 years.

      • BigMixxx

        To defend my point…..:-)  I don’t care how much it costs…

        I completely understand that the cost of the phone should go up.  That is typical thinking.  They already have….
        I’d pay a little more (just as Verizon offers their premium android phones at that 299 pricepoint).  No phone right now in T mobile’s lineup should be more than 199 at the t mobile store….(GS2 259, AMAZE 279, Walmart: Amaze 199, GS2 199, Sensation 79)…

        I may be completely off base here……and will sound dumb…
        Churn is defecting customers. 
        defecting customers is the willingness to pay ETF’s at a maximum of 200…(if they pay it) 
        Keeping the person on contract determines churn therefore cost of Phone – 200 (max)  = real cost of phone yeilding a delta in the churn rate…. in the first year ONLY.  Second year is pure profit. (however stupid that may sound, it might be correct). 

        To stop churn…somebody has to spend money…..it should not really be the long term consumer who has spent 1200 a year for service…

      • Cp60188

        Personally, I dont care about iPhone.

        I’ve been a Tmi customer since Voicestream days. That said, here are some thoughy…

        The comments regarding pricing for data plans are pretty fair to me. I retired my G2 for a Galaxy Nexus due to the lack of an upgrade path. 4G data service near my job is spotty, and one of Android”s failings is that it doesn’t play well on 3G. A 10Gb, no throttling data plan would set Tmo apart from the competition.

    • Tmosince2003

      To your home coverage point, wifi calling helps here. Have a rep put free wifi calling on all lines and it won’t use minutes.

      I agree, even if I personally don’t want an iphone, TMO could make $ on them. It’s one less thing to be confusing people if they can get the phone they think they have to have.

  • Dear T-Mobile: I’ll make this simple for you to cut down on your churning: 1: For every year you’re with T-Mobile, give a customer a bonus (free phones are nice, but how about $5 off whe  you renew your contract). 2: Throttling: let it go as well for your best customers (after a two-year contract, boost the limit). T-Mobile needs to look at customer retention in two ways: first, obviously for every customer you lose, you lose money. But more importantly, for every customer you lose, someone else gains a customer. Kill the competition by limiting the new customers. Don’t give people a reason to leave.

  • Gwapo

    3G on Iphone!!!!!

  • Davenycept

    Upgrade 3g/4g coverage consistency, get the iphone, continue getting top androids and tmobile will be fine…then it can work on getting LTE

  • Mario

    As someone who was a Store Manager there for years, I can tell you that churn was in every yearly plan we got. And every year we got new training on how to right fit customers. In my anecdotal experience, customers left because the coverage was terrible in their areas, and other carriers just got better phones. people were willing to pay more for better phones and coverage; It wasn’t really a price thing. One of the low points in my time there was when the first Droid came out for verizon and we got the super terrible Cliq at the same time, which was one of the rare phones I had to keep people from buying because then they’d be returning that thing in two days asking me why it was so much worse than the Droid.

    • coverage no doubt .. i’m in Dallas and it’s supposed to be one of the main target 4G areas for TMO but my 4G is actually so sporadic at times all over Dallas.

  • GetReal

    I’ve long said and will continue to say just giving value to incoming customers only makes current customers mad. I’ve been with T-Mo since they were voicestream and I am gladly leaving this year I get no value from being this faithful to them. Secondly, I honestly doubt they get the GN or the iPhone anytime soon or at all to keep current customers and attract others. They are slowly but surely becoming a sinking ship and I’m jumping off….

  • Crash30071

    Through buy outs and mergers, TMobile considers me a customer with TWELVE years of continuous patronage. I don’t understand why my TWELVE years of being their loyal customer does NOT entitle me to a handset price the same as NEW customers receive. Add the network nosedive in coverage and quality since AT&T showed up and TMobile has a customer willing to pay twice the price for the same service at ANOTHER carrier that has better phones and lighting fast LTE coverage. TMobile is trying hard to strangle the life out of their brand.

    • Bill

      I left TMobile in Nov. for Verizon. Paid 125.00 a month for two lines, one without data on it.  Got two Iphones on Verizon that cost me 160.00.  If I were to add data to the other TMobile line that would have been 155.00. 
      Had nothing but Edge where I live on Tmobile, and never more that 2 bars.  I seem to always have 3G,  and have not experienced any problems with calls. 

      • Anonymous

        Well the coverage is on an area by area basis. Naturally everyone should go with the provider that has the best coverage in the city they live in.

        The price on the other hand is solely based on the plan. For me and my wife to move our unlimited everything family plan we have on Tmobile over to  Verizon would cost dramatically more than the $5 extra you depict. Our plan now – $140 /mo for unlimited calling, texting, and data (well you know, the 2gb throttle deal), equal plan on Verizon – $229 /mo, but if we go over the 2gb we would get charged by mb… god only knows what that would drive my bill up to. Verizon has a very high price tag on unlimited calling, and unfortunately for us my wife does regularly blow through 2000 + minutes on her own.

        I would love to go to Verizon though, so I can get me some Google Nexus love without paying full price and ordering it from Europe from a company with a janky return policy should there be a manufacturer defect.

        • Bill

          We had the same plan since 2003, and just renewed when it came due, so probably missed out on better rates.  (no one ever offered them).  Apple has a program called talk-a-tone, works with Google voice.  (gmail).  I am sure Nexus has some sort of Google Voice on it.  Voice is free off the Wi-fi, you just have to make the call.  Saves on the minutes.

  • Boy03892003


    • Anonymous

      I seriously doubt they ignore the iphone.. its more like Apple and Tmobile havent agreed on a price, and im sure this year Apple was worried T-mobile was about to be bought out. T-Mobile is on its own special spectrum that requires Apple to make them their own special iphone… With that in mind, Apple is hardly worried about the 4th largest carrier (by quite a margin). Its more a matter of apple ignoring T-mobile.

      And personally, getting an iphone wouldn’t keep me as a customer, I could really care less about the iPhone. Id rather they fight to keep getting the Nexus phones first. I’m considering leaving for the first time so I can go get a Nexus on Verizon.

      • Littlesis1774

        My dad called to Tmobile and told me I can get the unlock iphone to run on their network but they said about these phone. I was like I never buy windows or android phone again thanks to htc hd2 experience I am windows phone hater. I WANT THE IPHONE

    • guidomus_maximus

      Where will they come from?  The other three major carriers already have iPhones.  Those people would not leave and jump to T-Mobile if we have an iPhone.  They already have iPhones.  iPhone will NOT attract new customers

    • HM

      IPhone requires major carrier subsidy and it impacts profitability for
      almost a year in a two year contract. Value Plans are great for
      T-Mobile, since it translates to profits from day 1. It is also great
      for Customers, since they need not pay inflated monthly prices once they
      finish off paying for the phone/device. IPhone is a great device but
      bad for carrier profitability. Just look at Sprint profits &
      financials Vs T-Mobile if you are interested

    • Anonymous

      Has the iPhone helped Sprint? I’d say it has hindered them more than helped. If you’re so intent on one of the fruit phones, why don’t you just go to a carrier that has them and GTFA from here? We don’t need your drivel here. David, the owner of this site has an iPhone and uses it on the Tmo network. Why don’t you ask him how to do it?

      • Hey, my drivel needs to be welcome here!

  • Frigadroid

    T mobile should call sprint’s bluff offer truly unthrottled & advertise that the “T” stands for truth in mobile. Be the company that takes the high road. Like he said bring back the family feeling of past. Honesty is the best policy when sales persons are properly trained to use the positive negative positive approach of explaining why T mobile is the best value. That includes a sale that can be pitched and understood by joe average in 30 seconds or less, because 2012 joe average doesn’t have time to BS or money to waste.
    Not all churn is a bad thing some upper management churn might even rally the troops!

    • Frigadroid

      About the iphone I think it is stupid not to sell a phone at a phone store that people want. If I worked at tmobile I would risk having my own unlocked new in the box I phone available for personal sale. I guarantee I would sell more plans even giving full disclosure about the 2g pushing wifi or option to forgo data. Satisfied customers do tell their friends and if you sell it truly unlimited they will still come and stand in line.

  • Sandsly100

    T-Mobile needs better reception and that would guarantee more customers.  I strongly disagree that by getting the iPhone would help their sales to increase.  There are more android users than iPhone users because iPhone is made for old and non-techy people.  Smart people enjoy the freedom of download free apps and Android phones allow users to have more free apps than the iPhone.  Bottom line, T-Mobile needs better reception for better sales for better profit!

    • Anonymous

      There are more Android users, but you can’t deny iPhones stranglehold on the market. Whether they need one to survive or not is a moot point… they need it so they can capture more customers who walk in the store and ask first “do you have an iphone”… it happens whether us Android fans like it or not. Not only smart people buy phones, everyone does… gotta have options.

    • whoda

      It’s hard to ignore postpaid customers gradually leaving T-Mobile despite its very respectable Android lineup. The biggest carriers are still gaining/retaining postpaid customers partly due to the iPhone.

    • HM


      Sales are indeed required but ultimately it needs to transfer to Profits. IPhone requires major carrier subsidy and it impacts profitability for almost a year in a two year contract. Value Plans are great for T-Mobile, since it translates to profits from day 1. It is also great for Customers, since they need not pay inflated monthly prices once they finish off paying for the phone/device. IPhone is a great device but bad for carrier profitability. Just look at Sprint profits & financials Vs T-Mobile if you are interested

  • Encino Stan

    I love T-Mobile’s customer service and have been with them since they converted me from my VoiceStream account. BUT, I hate the fact that my phone does not work in my office while all my colleagues with ATT and Verizon have no issues. My wife has the same issue and has threatened to move her service out of our family plan to an ATT plan because her phone does not work in her building, but all her coworkers with ATT have great coverage. (Yes, going to ATT will be much more expensive than T-Mobile, but sometimes it is worth it if you can get a working phone.)

    I love T-Mobile, but if they cannot get the coverage needed, then they will lose my account also.

    Is the fact that  they have signed a “seven-year UMTS roaming agreement and AWS mobile spectrum in 128 Cellular Market Areas” with ATT going help?

    • Encino Stan

       … and I am not even talking about 4G coverage, I am talking about GSM coverage.  Calls are dropped if the phone evens rings at all.

      • whoda

        I hear ya man. T-Mobile’s GSM network is pretty bad when talking about network penetration through buildings.  I’ve had similar experiences in office environments in both NYC and upstate NY.  I’m still with T-Mobile for the price and GSM network (I don’t like having to call CDMA operators to activate my phone when I can pop sim cards).

    • HM


      Get a phone with WiFi calling capabilities, most of the newer T-Mobile phones have them. Then you can have calls over WiFi for no extra charge i.e. home or office. Only T-Mobile is the major carrier who allows this feature for free. The WiFi calling minutes may count as your regular minutes depending on the type of plan you have.

      • Qtpie1976

        How do you call over wifi?

        • Chatter

          Most new Androids (blackberrys too) have wifi calling built in. You connect to any wifi network and make a call as you normally would. Stop by a store and they can show you how easy it is.

        • Anonymous

          my Vibrant has an app that enables it. Becomes seamless you just dial and it works.

          And when you call over WiFi it doesn’t take from your shared minutes

      • Encino Stan

        My phone works at home. It is at the office that I have no connectivity. Both my work and my wife’s work does not allow any unauthorized wifi devices to connect to the lan.

        So having a phone with WiFi calling capabilites (I have one) does not help.

  • Anonymous

    Agree with your point that they need to start extending their sales to renewing customers. So tired of “sale” announcements followed by “Only new customers buying a Value plan”. My wife has been waiting since September for some sort of sale to upgrade her phone, but literally every sale has been either new customers only, or new customers with a qualified value plan. At this point we’ve waited so long that we’re waiting for the next crop of phones to come out, because what was new in September will obsolete in the next month or so.

    And I don’t want the iPhone… really kind of despise it, but yea, if they want money burning customers to come to T-mobile they need to get one.

    And expand coverage… and work on building penetration. I’ve considered leaving tmobile so many times because while I do get good data outside in an open field, as soon as I get in an office its 2g or nothing at all.

  • Mattcat03

    T-Mobile claims that they have the largest 4G network.  Is that in this planet?  What I don’t understand and this is and this is an old issue that I have experience since 2004, Tmobiles lacks signals strength where other carriers don’t have don’t have that problem.  In other other words there are more dead spots and nothing has really been done to fix that.  It’s embarrassing to see people using their phones without a problem inside a building for example and I find myself searching for signal. I believe Tmobile has the best customer service that I have experience but they need to wake up and improve their service coverage also.   They should focus more on call coverage rather than data coverage until they get it right.

    • Anonymous

      Actually I’ve come to find out that, coverage is not always so black and white. True, carriers pick coverage based on where they think most of their clients are but not always.

      When I lived in the state of WA, we had a dead spot where our building was. I did some digging and found out the city council wouldn’t allow any more cell towers or cells erected anywhere near us. Even Clearwire showed dead spot on their map. The nearest tower to us was up on the other side of a hill, behind 2 large apartment buildings down a steep hill

      So YMMV on coverage.

      On the other hand, Verizon where I’m at here in South Florida has 4G lte near the I95 and the coast, inland they’ve got it labeled extended coverage area and I was told it’s not available everywhere. And it’s not, if I drive a few hundred feet east from here, my Verizon 4G hotspot lights up with LTE, at home facing the tower which I can see I get only 3G

  • Dominique

    This is coming from a CSR on why I think the churn is there.  It’s NOT that new customers get better deals than older customers(it’s always been that way), it’s NOT migration fees to the Value plan(quit whining how you’re a loyal customer and should get subsidized phones on a plan that doesn’t give subsidies), and it’s NOT the reception(it’s been fine before). 

    The churn started happening in Q4 of 2010 and that was the time of all the changes in T-mobile.  There was a change in culture at T-mobile when DT sent their man(Humm) to get more money out of T-mobile.  They completely threw out “right fitting” customers and pushed sales.  The requirements for sales are incredible and if you don’t meet the sales then you’re gone.  This has caused reps to turn a blind eye to discrepancies on an account because we don’t want to remove anything, push things that customers don’t need and I see it way too often where reps will put things on people accounts that they never asked for or never removed the feature they called in to remove or reps will hang up on the customer when they start talking about removing features or lowering their plan.  Removals or dropping the price of the plan hurt the reps

    The billing date change, restoration fees, and pay per use data has been a money grab and I know that has caused people leaving as of late but the biggest cause of churn has been, in my perception, is in the culture of customer service moving from doing what’s best to the customer to trying to make the most money they can off of a customer and try to talk them out of dropping their monthly recurring charges, even if that means bending reality a little.  This is pushed by the supervisors too to do what you have to do in order to get the sales goals.  They care less about making the customer a priority and more about money, which was never T-mobile until DT sent their man in to clean house.

    • JadedNYer

      I currently have two lines on an EMP plan. It was three but one line was ported out to Verizon. It was ported out only partially for the iPhone but the main reason is that I don’t have a lot of trust in TMobile after the past year. My eldest kid whose line was the one ported will be attending college and I wanted to do my best to ensure that there won’t be a lack of coverage. The horror stories I have heard and read about also factored in to this decision along with various acquisition rumors such as possible divestment to Metro PCS. It is obvious that TMobile wants to generate as much revenue as possible and bind people to and extend contracts. It was policies like this that made me leave Sprint. Evertime I needed to replace a broken phone which I did at full cost resulted in an extension. The only reason I ever needed to replace a phone (and this was pre flip phones) was for dead batteries that Sprint no longer carried.

      Customer service has been contradictory. I have PHP and when I have had to call about a warranty issue was told it only covers the hardware, it only covers the software, it does not cover batteries. I will stay for now but not under a contract. I am not willing to make that committment until I start hearing about improvements in customer service and policies (i.e. changes in minutes resulting in contract extenstions, $5 warranty exchange fee when one is paying 2/3 more for an extended warranty than other carriers charge. A warranty exchange is the cost of doing business).

      • Dominique

        Truthfully, I can see the charge for the $5 processing fee for exchanges.  They send it to you UPS Express, not Ground shipping.  It used to be free but you would get it Ground and usually wait a week for the replacement to show.  Now it’s only two days.  Customers without the extended warranty have to pay $20 to exchange their phone and it’s sent by UPS Ground.  They changed this because of smartphones.  What they were finding was that customers would say they did the troubleshooting that the tech reps suggested and were still having issues, but when the phone was sent into the T-mobile the repair techs found that most people did not do what was asked, like doing a master reset, and found the phones did not have an issue.   People sending in non-defective phones were costing them mass amounts of money. 

        A customer can always go through the manufacturer for the warranty, because they are the one’s that made the phone, and that’s free but it takes awhile.  I sent in my Mytouch 4G into HTC to fix the power button because I was happy with my phone other than that and I still use that phone today.

        • Anonymous

          @Dominique as a recent former call center manager i agree with you 100%. There was a time at T-Mobile when it was considered very bad to sell a customer a product or service unless it would really benefit them. I had a rep get docked on a quality score for not doing a visual audit on an account and offering the customer a LOWER rp bc they clearly weren’t using their minutes. This all changed when Mr. Humm took over. It became more about generating new revenue than really taking care of the customer and the churn results reflected that. We had to put pressure on our reps to add features and extend contracts which led to reps being dishonest because they were afraid of losing their jobs. I hope this gets turned around but I have serious doubts about it. The company I left was not the same company I was proud to work for  in years past.

        • Fuckhumm

          Im so glad I dont work for that shitbag company anymore…. Like you guys said it all went down hill after Humm. working for sprint now and I know the network sucks but they actually have organization and are rapidly increasing customer service.

        • JadedNYer

          My kids had Sidekicks on TMobile and one day while on an upper floor of Macy’s Herald Square I saw saw they were able to use their phones. With Sprint as soon as I walked in the door I would lose my signal. Coverage for me has been excellent.

        • JadedNYer

          Tmobile called me a few months ago to try to get me to sign up for an unlimited value plan with 5GB on two lines and 500 minutes, 2GB on the third. It would have only saved ten dollars a month. The rep didn’t mentioned anything about a two year contract but I asked and when she confirmed that there would be a contract I declined. Had they wanted to “right fit” me she would have tried to sell me on the 1000 minute, 2GB plan which would have been more than sufficient.

  • Younghov

    wow. some interesting comments here. thought I’d chime in for the first time:

    1. I agree tmo needs the iPhone. many many customers want to know when when when and are willing to switch carriers to get it and pay more money. and when asked why they want one many have no reason. that’s the power of that phone and tmo needs to recognize that.

    2. coverage needs to improve. no doubt about that. the roaming agreement with at&t will help but its still a sticking point. although I wonder how many people are aware of wifi calling and the fact that tmo now has mini cell towers (available thru customer care)

    3. for the people who say they’ve been loyal customers for years I’m sure tmo appreciates it. but you pay money for a phone/ service and tmo give u a phone/service. u are not giving to a charity so stop acting as such.its a 2 way street and some folks act as if tmo should give them new phone free every six months due to tenure. you signed up agreeing to our 2 year contract terms and they ask u to at least fulfill some of the contract to get another subsidized phone, just like almost everyone else. every company is gonna throw u great deals to get u there ( including tmo) but please look at big picture over 2 years.

    3. to the person who is upset about their phone breaking and left cuz tmo didn’t give them a good deal on another one: come on. u get a one year manufacturer warranty on the phone. u have at the time of activation to add an extended warranty/ insurance. you chose not to now u want to go back on your contract terms and receive a early full discount due to your negligence. stop it.

    4. tmo has out of the big 4 consistantly the lowest rates. I understand the value plans are hard to grasp, but over the course of 2 years they are almost always cheaper than going the traditional route. yes u pay full price for a phone but your payment is lowered. even with the installment payments on your bill u should se a lower bill and after 20 months (once the phones are paid off) a drastically lower bill. regardless, if a phone is bought in store ( and not on a special sale or price match) something has to be paid for in store. whether that’s a down payment on value or a subsidized phone on classic. i mean i dont know how much lower tmo can go than their current unlimited value plan pricing. they have to make some kind of money! there are deals at stores, online, and customer care all the time. please stop tmo is forgetting about the existing customers when its simply not true.

    • Anonymous

      I think Value is  a 16% discount from Classic plans. Classic is another 16% off of what AT&T charges, with more minutes.

  • Mattcat03

    A phone is only good if the service coverage is good and not the other way. Tmobile can sell you an iphone but if the reception and data sucks then it will be like sprint. On the other hand, if Tmobile can produce coverage like Verizon then were talking. Can you hear me now Tmo.

    • Dominique

      You’re just griping about an issue that hasn’t even caused the churn over the last year.  T-mobile, with the same coverage, was gaining customers every single quarter until Q4 2010.  You’re comment doesn’t have any relevance to the article.

  • Rob M

    Coverage is hands down the biggest issue they have right now. Not just lack of voice coverage but lack of 3g. I have a few friends who left for that very reason. When you have a smartphone in today’s world you want it to steam video and music. When your stuck on edge and gprs good luck with that. It drives me crazy every time I go on a road trip and either can’t stream music or have no signal all together! I hope this roaming agreement kicks in soon for gods sake. One more thing that drives me nuts is t-mobile customer care. I complained that my area which is strong 3g according to the map has no 3g and sometimes no edge. They asked me if I had wifi. If I want to pay for wifi calling I will get Vonage or some other voip calling plan. I’m paying for freakin cell service last I checked not wifi calling. Now they want us to pay for comcast or time-warner broadband service on top of our t-mobile bill just so are phones can make a phone call? They need to either fix their coverage or pay for people’s broadband bills. That’s my 2 cents:)

    • Mattcat03

      I here you bro.

    • Dkdontforget

      1 WiFi calling is free, and has unlimited min. 2 you obviously already have internet so I see no problem.

      • Rob M

        What do you mean unlimited minutes? That is definitely not true. When I make a call over wifi it subtracts from my minutes. I remember a short window when they were offering that if you called and asked to add it. I called and was told that it was no longer available. That would have been nice though. Maybe they should bring that back and I’ll be much happier with this situation.

        • Tmosince2003

          Call customer care and ask for free wifi calling on all of your lines. You do have to ask for it. The app will STILL say “wifi calling uses plan minutes” but if you check your bill and usage it will be free.

        • Rob M

          Did they start this deal up again? Like I said I have called in the past and they told me it was no more. If it’s back on I’ll give it a go again. Thanks



    • Dominique

      So customers will leave the carriers where the Iphone is already available and go to T-mobile to get the exact same Iphone?  That doesn’t make much sense.

      • Littlesis1774

        They could leave for lower prices and no overages charges for data

    • Turtle6988

      Sprint paid 30 million just to get the Iphone.

      1. T-mobile cant afford it and DT already spent the breakup fee

      2 Apple REFUSES to support T-Mobiles AWS band

      • CRT24

        Sprint paid 20 billion….that’s billion with a b for the iPhone

      • Craigers

        Apple doesn’t refuse to support AWS. There is very strong belief that they came to T-mobile first. T-mobile has just refused to make the deal.

        • Anonymous

          You’re correct Craigers ol’ buddy. Apple came to Tmo first but I bow to Tmo for not allowing that much control from an outside company (Apple). They refused and Apple went to ATT and I’m glad for it.

    • Anonymous

      #1. Turn off the all caps. Makes you look like a fool. #2. Nothing wrong with the iPhone as a product in general. I might even try one IF I didn’t have to use iTunes. That is absolutely the worst POS of controlling software ever. It’s Apple’s cash cow and they make it manditory for you to use it because they can control YOU and the PRODUCT. That’s why its required for every Apple product. So you go suck on your iTunes and I’ll continue to wait and watch. And yes, you’re 100% right, the iPhone would bring a LOT more customers to Tmo. I won’t be one of them however. The masses are easily swayed and you’re part of that mass.

  • Tmobilecust

    Yep, Iphone will get a bunch customers, improve network (less congestion), hiding, unexpected fees and oh yeah, t-mobile turn me down when i applied post paid contract couple months ago after being many years as fllexpaid customer, went to big red recently because iphone reason and i got approved (very odd, was not expecting). I think t-mobile have very strict process with creditapplication requirements because i have same credit score, otherwire would be getting a lot new contract customers. I still believe in T-Mobile,  has best value plan and good customer service, so give me a good reason to paid ETF to bring my second line back to tmobile.

    • Kahlayoh

      “I think tmobile has very strict process with creditapplication requirements” In my experience I would have to beg to differ!!! Before coming to T-mo I used to have sprint about 5 years ago…while trying to switch up on carriers I went to AT&T and when they ran my credit…damn fools wanted a deposit of $600!!! I told the rep, what kind of phone does that deposit comes with..and she said none…that’s just the deposit fee to become a customer!! I looked dead into her face and told her to take that offer and wipe her employers @$$ with it!!! Who in their normal mind would pay a $600 deposit fee!!! That’s when I went to T-mobile and scored a nice Sidekick (When they were in) and a smiling face with no deposit fee!

      • Nomailthanks

        This is a big reason churn is so high.  T-Mo gives contracts to people that other carriers don’t want to have on contract.  Customers with poor (or no) credit ratings leave at a much higher rate.  But it can still be a profitable segment.  You just have to accept that it’s going to come at the price of churn and more bad debt.

  • Diamond Prince

    Main 2 Things 1st “Coverage” It Says Modesto Ca Has 4G Service But Its Really 3g Pointless For Having A 4G Phone.. 2nd Thing “Classic Plans” we shouldnt have to pay to be able to change to “Value Plan” Or Make Them The Same Prices By That I Mean Lower Classic Plan & When Theres Special Deals Its Only For Value Plan Classic Should Be Included Also.. Maybe Like We Can Make Payments On Them Or Lower The Price By 30% Or Something. If They Dont Do Somthing About The Classic Im Not Going to renew My Contract And Go Elsewhere. Even Tho I Love T-Mobile..

    • Anonymous

      you pay to change to Value if you’re still under contract on your classic plan

  • Platypus

    Coverage is the key here.  I was a T-Mo (business) customer for 16 years.  I recently moved to a new house in a new area and was able to get 4-5 bars outside my house, and barely 1 inside.  Same with the gym.  Same with the market, the drugstore, the doctor’s office, etc.  I finally switched to ATT.  Now I get 5 bars everywhere.  BUT, I pay about $60 more per month for my service.  YUK!  I would come back to T-Mo in a heartbeat if they can improve their coverage and penetration.

    • Anonymous

      Well since T-Mobile will have a nationwide roaming agreement with at&t soon, that solves your signal penetration problems right there.  You will get T-mobile’s network or at&t’s, whichever is strongest.  Plus it sounds like in a lot of those places you would benefit from WiFi Calling.

      • Platypus

        Actually, I DID benefit from wifi calling.  Until my BB 9700 needed replacement and there were no new replacements to be had.  I wanted the new blackberry torch, but it was released in September and still does not support wifi calling.  I looked at the Bold…no wifi calling.  HTC Amaze…no wifi calling.  Samsung Galaxy S II.  NO wifi calling.  YET!  They said that all these phones will get it eventually.  Unfortunately, eventually doesn’t help when I was missing important business calls or emails. I do still keep an old PAYG number with a UMA blackberry for when I travel internationally, just to get the “free” calls back to the states, but as a daily driver, T-Mo just wasn’t cutting it anymore.  Like I said, when they get their act together, I will gladly return.

        • Anonymous

          The Amaze and GSII have WiFi Calling NOW btw.  It’s confirmed to come to the Bold but who knows how long that will take.  Again, once at&t roaming goes into effect, what’s the point of being on at&t?

    • That poor coverage problem used to happen to me.  I had a spot on my desk from which I could get a strong 3g signal.  LOL  If I moved it, it would fluctuate between 3G and 2G.  At some point it got solved.  I have no idea why.

  • Chatter

    I like this plan and hope they succeed. Lets go TMo!!!

  • Anonymous

    Just get the dam iphone

    • Kahlayoh

      That’ll bring a lot of apple fanboys to Tmo!! 

  • X1

    Iphone and don’t delay white color phone after the first one launch…


      i am waiting for iphone7 and only  if screen size is is bigger than it is 1.5 ghz or more

    • Liversausage

      it’s not the carrier which is responsible for the variant phone launches, it’s the manufacturer. a korean newspaper recent has an article on samsung launching different colors of GS2. “Sometimes we launch two or three colors together from the beginning, but we often launch a black model first and white after a few months when sales growth slows down. When white cools down then comes pink. In the case of long running models, a new color boosts sales,” the Samsung spokeswoman said.

      Though i am pretty sure carriers are more than happy to comply this practice; good profit for them too. 

  • Jr

    This kills me. I appreciate the fact that you can go to another carrier and im glad you pay your bill on time like a responsible adult should but i don’t see how or why this entitles you to credit or free devices. I have been shopping at the same grocery chain for years i don’t walk in and demand free toilet paper. If i called the gas or electric company and demanded a discount rate or free service they would laugh and hang up on me. Cellphones are a part of life its a bill like rent, car payment, or insurance. Just accept it and pay it.

    • Timothy Desaules

      Do you know how many times in store I hear, “I’ve been a customer for xxx years, how come I don’t get a free phone?”  Ive been going to McDonalds for 29 years, but my fat ass hasn’t gotten a free happy meal yet…..

      • TheWayOfThings

        It’s as I’ve said before, people like to confuse complacency with loyalty. Loyalty refers to a selfless heartfelt allegiance and that is simply not what these chest-thumping “loyal” customers have with T-mobile. They have been provided a service that has been acceptable enough that they have felt no need to seek service from someone else.
        Personally, I am not a loyal T-mobile customer, I have been with T-Mobile for over 5 years only because I am content with my grandfathered plan and feel no need to change. Are there better deals out there that might be more beneficial to me, that I fore-go to remain with T-Mobile? Probably, but it is not out of selfless loyalty that I stay. I am simply complacent and too lazy to through the bother of changing… and I’ll wager that 99.99% of the self-proclaimed “loyal” customers have stayed with T-Mobile for the same reason.

    • Sr

      The ignorant attitude of this person is exactly why some companies are failing.  And the fact that the post has more “Likes” than any other post in this thread tells us all the extent of the problem.

      I’m not going to lecture you about why you don’t understand human beings, nor train you on how to understand them.  My only message is that YOU – and all your ‘Likers’ – are the reason your company is struggling.

      You will fail if you choose to just throw up your arms.  In order to succeed, you need to understand others.

      But then again, you are just the tool that answers the phone.  You were hired because you are cheap labor, not because of your insights.

  • damthathurts

    I have been a loyal TMO customer but I will be leaving in the next few months if they don’t get the iPhone. I have been using an unlocked iPhone on tmo for awhile and I’m tired of 2G.

    The iPhone 4S is the best selling phone on all 3 major carriers and it is already hurting them by not having it. They are trying to give away the crappy Android phones to compensate but that is a losing strategy.

    If they remain without the iPhone in 2012 it will dwarf the blunders made by netflix in 2011.

    • Timothy Desaules

      Its the best selling due to marketing, not quality or innovation.  Don’t kid yourself.

    • Cwxcf00

      if androids are so crappy why is it that it is the most used mobile interface in the world?  because the only company that advertizes best android phones is verizon. tmobile needs to work on that. 


      iphone  is like hot dog for americans,  their regular food and regular phone, there are better foods out there than hot dogs and  there are better phones out there than iphone.
      IPHONE IS ONLY GOOD FOR IT’S BUILD QUALITY< thta's it, compare the specs to andrioid phones, HTC amaze easily destroys the IPHONE.

    • Kahlayoh

      You can’t really say crappy Android phones!!! Just because it doesn’t fit your needs doesn’t neccesarily makes it crappy! I don’t like the iphone at all…but I don’t call it crappy! Iphones pretty good…but to me…it just doesn’t fit my needs, it’s just too limited with things! What android phones have you own that makes it “crappy”?

  • Kyle

    I was a T-MO customer for 2 and a half years. I held out my contract and then some, hoping for the next greatest handset to upgrade to and for a final decision on the merger. I was REALLY hoping for the Galaxy Nexus to be officially available on T-MO so I wouldn’t have to pay $600+ for one. I went into a local electronics store just to play with one when a Verizon rep started talking to me. For $6 more a month, I’m now a Verizon customer with a Galaxy Nexus. Faster network speeds, clear calls, and the latest phone. 

    • Anonymous

      what kind of plan were you on that verizon is $6 more lol

      • Kahlayoh

        Yea…I’m sure when I last compared prices…it was way more then $6!!! It’s one of the reason why I’m still here at t-mo!

    • Timothy Desaules

      I call BS on all fronts.  Verizon’s LTE coverage < TMO's 4g coverage.  CDMA is notoriously lesser quality on voice calls, and the nexus is not as great as it was advertised.

  • Anonymous

    I posted this idea not long ago and this article is the perfect place to repeat it. 

    T-Mobile, are you listening? Here’s how to fix the problem and its just 3 simple steps. #1. People want new phones when they’re released. So simply sell them while the item is HOT.  When a new phone is released that is definitely going to be a good one, people want them and they want them now. Make your deal with the manufacturer and start selling them immediately.
    #2. Forget the bloatware. People don’t like it. If you MUST install your bloatware, then make it as an app that can be removed. Also, your bloatware makes it hard to update the phone easily and quickly. Simply release the phone as the manufacturer makes it. Then when updates come out, its a simple matter to update the phone without hassles.
    #3. Go back to the days when your customer service was #1 rated by JD Powers. You earned it before and you can do it again.

    The #1 thing to remember is that people in the US are chomping for new phones, but when its already been released to the rest of the world (and usually with GSM too), why does the US have to continue to wait for months and months? The new wears off and people wait on the next new one.  So Tmobile, there’s your window of opportunity. Get in the game. Get stock phones out to John Q. Public FAST. You’ll sell a ton of them, you’ll gain a gazillion new customers and your prices will keep them.

    How many Galaxy Nexus’s do you think you could have sold? How many new customers would Tmobile have if you’d simply got on board when they came out. That phone works on the Tmo network stock out of the box.

    Do this with the GS3 and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

    • Kahlayoh

      I’m definately waiting for the GS3…worth the wait for me!

  • ex_tmo_user

    I left T-mo because of their poor network… I have been with them for 7 years, the first 6 there were 3 outages that affected me… in the last year I have had dozens… Every time I call t-mobile I get the same thing “yea we know, its an outage in your area it will be fixed in 48-72 hours” (!!!!)

    Its not just where I live, work and play (central Florida) but its my parents down south, even more so. there was a tower down for almost a week, where they had nothing but “emergency calls only” from their house… T-mobile wouldn’t even reduce the contract to allow us to leave (even when i tried negotiating a partial ETF)

    for those who doubt all the outages, here’s 3 major ones I remember in the last few months:
    http://support.t-mobile.com/message/67601 (this one was the one that prompted me to switch… no text or incomming calls for 2 days!)

    Every time I called t-mo they acted like I was bothering them, they do not take pride in their network or customer service any more… some of us actually have to rely on our phones for business (such as myself) and emergencies. There was a shooting at a local hospital where my mom worked, and she could NOT CONTACT ANY OF HER FAMILY!

  • Googcs

    Here is my gripe with T-mo. Been a customer since voicestream days and been without a contract for 6 years! I call to re-up to a new phone and was offered GSII for $299 on contract and to Change my plan to a higher tier plan. I have the $39.99 value with $3 300txt and tzones. I asked to remain on current plan and was told no. Asked to get the phone for less and was told no. So those who do not believe in getting charity discount I beg to differ. They have made profit on me for last 6yrs and they cannot care to subsidize a phone for a long tenure customer? BS!

    Tmobile should fire all parties involved at TMo who rejected Apple when Tmo was offered the iPhone first. You are the reason for this churn! At least carry the 3GS which won’t have high sub

    • Timothy Desaules

      Go to a store and they will help you out big time.  I just upgraded a customer on a 12 year old plan with no problem this morning.

      • Kahlayoh

        What store do you work at? Cause I would deffinately be your #1 Customer! T-mobile just has to evaluate their employees, and I’m not talking about the local store manager but some kind of district or regional manager! Some of the workers in there just has no kind of experience with customer service. Sure it takes no rocket scientist to say hello, good afternoon how are you, what can I do for you today…but it sure is a start! Some of the customer service I experience while walking in just simply sucks. But occasionally there are some reps out there that do care and want to see the customer happy. 

    • You have to pay the price somewhere for being on an old plan. They may simply no longer have the capability to instantiate new contracts for your old plan in their systems anymore. It happens with grandfathered plans. I had to give up my old D-AMPS AT&T Wireless plan when I upgraded on Cingular because the system wouldn’t let them do anything with it. If you want to keep that old plan, just buy the phone full price, you’d still be saving a lot of money anyway.

      It’d be hard for T-Mobile to fire those people responsible for not getting the iPhone, since those people worked for Deutsche Telekom and T-Mobile International AG, who are above T-Mobile USA’s power to fire.

  • I left T-Mo because they didn’t have any interesting phones.  I had my eye on the Galaxy S II, but once I saw the “version” that T-Mobile had, and was thoroughly underwhelmed when I used it in the store, I I walked out the store immediately.  T-Mo would have given it to me for free just to re-up my contract but I still didn’t want it.  I ended up buying an international phone and going to AT&T.  I will say this though.  I had a better plan with T-Mo and the quality of calls dropped immediately after transferring to AT&T.  I would regret it but with T-Mo I would have to settle for a phone that I didn’t want.  T-Mobile just doesn’t get the good phones, and when they got the Galaxy S II, they ruined it with the modifications.  The version at AT&T is closer to the original and the one everybody fell in love with.  I got a Galaxy Note, but AT&T is also getting that one soon.  T-Mo will get more crappy HTC phones I guess, or midrange MyTouch phones.

    • Anonymous

      so……. if you ended up getting an international phone………………..AT&T…….ummmm…


      get the GALAXY S2 HD, NOKIA LUMA 900, GALAXY NOTE,
      you don’t have to wait for tmo to bring it to US< u can order from korea and europe

    • Kahlayoh

      what was wrong with T-mo’s version? 

      • Tbyrne


  • NoneN

    Single__Pot FAMILY DATA!

    • OldPro

      Yees!!!  Shared family data would  be huge!!! 

      • What would be the point? Shared data is only useful if you have tiered data with overages.

        • None

          Because some people are fine with that, as they exist on edge anyway.

  • Sdsdsd

    One word…..coverage.

  • aaron cooper

    If they offered me a new or reduced price for a phone when I want one ( one a year should be the limit ), I would stay with them…. As of today, I don’t think I will continue with them, and I will pay my ETF just to get out from up under them….

    • YouAreStupid

      so, because you want something earlier than the industry standard you would leave a company? your sense of entitlement amazes and amuses me, sir.

  • Timothy Desaules

    How about getting rid of any dealer who defrauds a customer?  Also, teach reps how to do math.  I currently work for a TPR location for T-Mobile, and we have almost no churn or chargebacks.  There is a dealer in the mall down the street, and they have 9 times the churn and chargebacks that we do because of how they treat their customers.

    • Kahlayoh

      I got to agree with you there! That’s why I don’t deal with authorized dealers in Kiosks!! They’re full of it most of the time and they just trying to make a sell. And I also warn anyone I know that asks about Tmo and not to go to any of the Kiosks no matter how cheap the phones they display for. They never tell you about any fees your’e gonna get hit later after you had just bought the phone. But I think it goes will all carriers when it comes to Kiosks…they should bann those and just stay strictly to actual stores. Maybe that’ll reduce some of the bad experience people have. Maybe not a lot of reduction, but a little is better then none!

      • Keithvstevens

        They have No consitancy in stores… Online is not the same price as in store. Corporate stores are not the same price as Kiosks… And even corporate stores are allowed to set different prices. I bought a GS2 from a corporate store for 279.00 and found it 5 days later at both best buy and target for 149.00. for the sam carrier and same plan.  It leaves a bad taste in the customers mouth.. Not to mention the debacle they call unlimited data…. I realize it was not really unlimited and was Capped…. But was NOBODY tells you is 50k. Nowhere in any small print or advertising or on the website does it say 50k. I realize trying to save network congestion… but most of that is bull crap. They could easily raise that to 500k. So you can still at least use it. And I would love to see a class action lawsuit for ALL the carriers over this Tethering charge. If I pay for 10GB does not matter how I use the damn data laptop or not. Its my 10GB and if I go over I still get overage or capped. Its charging twice for data anyway you look at it and its ridiculous… I could see if it was truly unlimited. Bit its not. Just another way to screw a customer. Oh… and the iPhone. Lol. 

        • Anonymous

          Best Buy, Wirefly, LetsTalk are 3rdparty resellers. They give you a discount off of the comission they get

          It’s why they also add their own Early Termination Fees on top of Tmobile’s, and other carriers

        • Keithvstevens

          No they don’t… Not with best buy. I have had 3 new contracts with them and there is No extra fee if you cancel. I know from experience Best buy does not do that anymore. Cant speak for the others. 

        • Keithvstevens

          http://reviews.bestbuy.com/answers/3545/category/abcat0801000/questions.htm?page=29&sort=recenta&dir=asc Like I said… No they don’t. they quit doing that a long time ago.

        • Kahlayoh

          I scored my phone off tmo.com and caught it at a right time with the web deal. My wifes phone i got for free and didn’t even have to pay any taxes on it!! And actually it is unlimited data but it states that you get full throttle 4G for up to 2-5gb. But I agree with you there about the tethering…it’s a shame that they charge a extra $15 a month to just tether the data that you are already being charged for! They’re pretty much double charging us for 1 thing!! But when I got the mytouch 4G the rep had told me that I was able to tether for free back then. But there is a way where we can tether and not get charged for it. Download an app called titanium back up and you can freeze it so you don’t get charge while tethering. 


    if they would  not charge us the $200 rip off migration fees to get the value plan, i will be happy

    • Dominique

      Yes, let customers get full discounts on phones and then move you to a plan that doesn’t give discounts on phones…..just because you’re special.  Every other new Value customer had to pay full price for their phones, so if you already got a discount on the phones then the $200 fee is like giving that discount back to T-mobile.   That seems fair.


        WHATS wrong in discounts on phone and plan  for long time customers?
         $200 fee per line, for me is 5 line $1000 fee to get the value plan is a BIG RIP OFF!
        charging a $200 per line to get a plan ? cmon

        • William Cron

          I fully agree here. $1000 out of my pocket just to get $10 to $20 off per month AFTER I’ve paid off the EIP isn’t very enticing. Maybe $200 to migrate my entire account, but not per line then have to pay full price for the phone. Value plans might save some people money, but they still have huge flaws. 

        • Dominique

          Well, if you bought Android phones then you probably got more than $200 in subsidies on those phones to begin with.  You get those subsidies because they make it back on the rate plans.  If the move you to the Value plan and you get the subsidized phones then they’d lose out over $1000, in your case.   The Classic plans are already the cheapest in the industry and you want to go to the Value plans with discounted phones?  That’d run T-mobile into bankruptcy….period.  You’re not that special to be a customer that costs more to the company to have as a customer than not be one.

  • 123

    Great. Bring on the promotional sells for us grandfathered customers.

    This also sounds like Tmo US will not be sold off yet. Maybe they will rebuild a little bit (a year maybe?) and then resell the us branch again. 

  • Pig Vomit

    I feel abandoned by T-Mobile.  I bought the Vibrant on the day it came out after having been a T-Mobile customer for many years.  What did I get?  Misleading statements from T-Mobile (and most definitely Samsung) about the GPS debacle, and GPS is a critical component of the phone.  So I’m stuck with this phone.  And I watch as Galaxy S phones around the world get updated to Gingerbread…..but not T-Mobile’s Vibrant.

    So now I want the Galaxy Nexus, even though I swore I would never buy another Samsung….but that’s how important getting updates is to me.  T-Mobile just doesn’t support their phones.  They’re slow to get the current phones, and then they don’t update them until months later, if at all.

    The only critical T-Mobile customization is Wifi Calling.  I don’t need or want anything else.  Stock Android is fine.  All these customizations are rarely used by customers.  I mean does anyone really use Mobi-TV or whatever it’s called?  Whatever T-Mobile is making off something like that couldn’t possibly make up for all the bad will that’s built up from the delayed or non-existent OS updates.

    • Kahlayoh

      Is T-mobile resonsible for developing software updates to their phones?

      • JW

        Along with the company that makes the phone yes. But the networks in America often are slow to want to roll out updates for what ever reason. A phones equivalent in Europe and Asia will always get an update far before it’s American counterpart. The carrier is totally to blame for that.

        • The customized hardware and software does take additional time. Carrier-branded models in Europe and Asia get it earlier than we do because most carriers don’t order customized models. In Japan, they follow a similar model to the U.S. carriers, and so it takes just as long (if not longer) to get updates out to those phones.

  • Guy22yrs

    I don’t really have issues with my coverage or plan pricing, but I’ll be damned if T-Mobile couldn’t stand to focus more on some high-end devices. I have two Galaxy Vibrants I’d be more than willing to upgrade to Galaxy Notes–should somebody figure out that I have money to spend. I don’t really want to go to another carrier, but I’m running out of options…

    • Dominique

      The Galaxy Note isn’t even in the US and they have the Galaxy S II and HTC Amaze.  Two top  end phones.  Other than Verizon’s Razer and Nexus, I don’t see another carrier with a better selection of high end Android phones.

      • Kahlayoh

        Actually I just played with the galaxy nexus today and I’ve got to say..it felt pretty darn nice!! But I still love my galaxy s2 and soon s3 may be coming soon (hopefully). 

      • Anonymous

        the galaxy note is coming to at&t

      • JW

        Verizon’s high end Android lineup blows Tmobile out of the water! What are you talking about!

        Droid Bionic
        Droid Razr
        HTC Rezound
        Samsung Nexus Prime
        Droid Charge

        Uhmm..I’m tired of typing. So you are totally wrong!

        • Dominique

          You’re bringing up phones from last Spring?  T-mobile has just as many dual core Android phones that Verizon has.  Sensation, G2X, Galaxy S II, Mytouch 4G Slide, and Amaze.

    • JW

      They need to improve their phone and tablet offerings to more high end devices that easily compete with that of other networks. 

      • TylerDerk

        GALAXY S 2 is High end  and HTC Amaze and Blackberry Bold etc,……go to the nearest corporate store and see the phones they are  comparable or better then all other carriers.?   Research it …

  • Sadly, I had to cancel my TMo service today. Data speeds in my neighborhood have been poor since August and I kept getting told that “things should improve within the next month”. Thanks to corporate discounts, I’m paying slightly more on Verizon for much better service.

    • Sholland1155

      did you request a signal booster for your home? i had the same problem and was told the exact same thing. finally had customer service to send me the signal booster – can’t believe the difference! 4G and excellent coverage now!

      • It wasn’t a signal issue. I was always getting full bars. A CSR told me that my neighborhood was covered by less towers than before due to expiring tower leases.

      • TmoCSR

        Cel-Fi signal booster….at the cost of using an upgrade and renewing your account’s contract.

  • Cwxcf00

    t-mobile should work on better deals like say give 15 percent off any plan for 1 or 2 years to customers that left in the past 2 years and comeback in 2011 also give better deals on phones like att has a lot of phones for 0.01 just because they are 1 year old does not mean they are bad. also work on the commercials a little bit like putting more confidence on them like i love the whole sexy carli thing but still makes tmobile look a little weak and cheap. make her look more professional or geeker or glamorous i dnt know. more upscale commercials would attract more people since all most people want is look like they have money and feel rich with what they have, just by knowing its the best in class and value. 

  • Cwxcf00

    look at this, maybe a galaxy nexus is comming to tmobile soon too??

  • Kahlayoh

    As a customer in San Diego, Ca. I’m an average kinda satisfied customer!! 4G is pretty solid…might not be as good as some other places, but it’s fast enough!! My family share plan is pretty cheap compared to other carriers..so that’s another plus!! Not what would’ve made me and maybe a whole lot of other people completely satisfied is letting your customers know that the due date of your monthly service will be changing to an earlier date! It sucks when you try to budget your monthly bills and now having to pay your cell phone bill 8 days earlier then usual with no notifications just threw me off a bit. I wasn’t mad…but it would’ve been nice to have some kind of notification. If I can’t pay my bill on time…I atleast have the courtesy of calling t-mobile and letting them know of the situation and what to expect. Now even though it’s my fault for letting my service getting suspended, it’s kind of a shock to see that I have to not only pay a suspension fee per line I have on my contract but also have to pay a reconnection fee as well! Suspension fee ran me $20 per line!!! For the year 2011 alone, I had my service temporarily suspended for a week or so about 6 times due to financial reasons and I was ok with that but again, I had the courtesy of letting T-mobile know and what to expect. And 5 out of those 6 temporary suspensions I never paid a suspension fee per line and reconnection fee until the last one. $60 extra popped up on my bill and the reconnection fee popped up as well. When I called tmo to find out what the extra charges were the hard to speak english rep was trying her best to explain what the extra fees were. I had told her that I never paid a suspension fee and reconnection fee those previous 5 times. I was kind of happy that I didn’t have to but was wondering why all of a sudden those fees decided to pop up after all the other times it had happen. But I thank you T-mobile to taking a step for 2012 and to making existing/future customers along with myself to have a better experience, better/cheaper services and better phones!! I’m happy to stay with T-mobile no matter how rough things get and bad experiences i have with T-mobile!!!

    • Guitarslinger55

      see, this is a prime example of why my/our job is sofa king difficult sometimes.  Tmobile changes policies ALL THE TIME and never tell customers about it until the change affects the customer negatively.  hell, 99% of the time they dont even tell us REPS that policies change.

      im constantly pulling up a community doc and noticing that things changed without any sort of notification.  having to tell customers on a daily basis “i know you didnt have that last month but we changed the policy and now this is the way it works”. 

  • William Cron

    One thing I’d like to see, and it would be a nice good faith gesture all around, is to bring back the call center jobs to the US. It would be nice to speak to a real Peggy, and not “Peggy”. (Yes, the weakness is mine as I have difficulty understanding certain accents, but when you’ve asked the person on the line to repeat the same damn thing for the third time, maybe there should be the option of transferring back to an American agent.)

    Hopefully this new ideal will also stop reps from trying to force high-end phones on people who don’t want them. I get tired to telling a rep I want phone B, and them telling me I really want phone A because phone B is a “piece of shit that even the OEM reps hate”. (Yes, this has been said to me by a store rep concerning Windows Phones.) 

    I really want to see the T-Mobile of old return. I miss them. 

  • Anonymous

    phones!  the need more high end phones…not just the iphone!  Example the samsung galaxy note…they need to bring this phone in their line up!  ASAP!

  • GinaDee

    Overnight shipping and Saturday shipping options for upgrades:  I can’t believe our only option as business customers is 2-3 day shipping!!!!!

    Online portal for business customers:   It’s 2012 and we still have to email our T-Mobile reps for everything.  I can’t add my own lines or modify my own features without emailing my rep or calling customer care.  

    Warranty exchanges:  These need to be done in-store when possible.  If done over the phone there is no need to charge your customers a warranty exchange fee and a $20 shipping fee for 3 day shipping. 

    Business in-store upgrades and bill to account purchases:  Can’t do these in retail stores like you can with Verizon.  

    Accessory orders over the phone:  Can’t bill accessories to our business accounts when calling telesales.  

    • James

      most everything you said could easily been solved if you go to a store… you can add lines to your account in store

      Warrenty exchanges if your a buisness you should have insurance anyway and its next day shipping

      • GinaDee

        Can’t bill to our corporate accounts at retail stores.  

        We don’t need insurance to do a warranty exchange if the device is within the 12 month warranty window.  

        As it is T-Mobile stores don’t seem really equipped to handle business accounts.  They need to step it up if they want to increase their business market share. 

  • Calziel

    Coverage QUALITY!!! I recently put my GS2 up against the new RAZR. Wow, was I embarrassed! My phone is fast but that RAZR destroyed it. We had the same amount of bars as well. I doubt it was the phone because while on wifi, my phone is as fast as a desktop. If the coverage quality is improved, then T-Mobile would be the best carrier out there!

    • Tbyrne

      I had a different experience. I live in Sacramento CA and went to a Verizon store in my neighborhood. I told a pretty Verizon salesgirl that I wanted to look at the new razr. She said it was the fastest phone in their lineup. After playing around with the phone I was impressed with how thin and nice it was. She asked me if I was with Verizon? I told her no and pulled out my GS2. She said “That’s a nice phone!” I had her turn off her wifi and I turned off mine as well. We went to youtubes home page and cued up a ladygaga video, pushed play and……………….. The GS2 kept up with the razr and didn’t skip a beat. I will say this though. The picture quality of the video on the razr looked better than the GS2 which both surprised and saddened me. All in all I was impressed with the razr but it WASN’T faster than my GS2 in my opinion.

    • TylerDerk

      I did same test not the same result as you GS2 great phone so is the Razor but not worth going CDMA and paying much more,

  • JW

    I think that the call centers returning to America is just what we need! Love that idea!

    • William Cron

      Well, it would first and foremost create American jobs and be a nice slap in the face to AT&T who said the takeover would create them. (In a backhanded way it would.) It would also go a long way in showing us customers that they really do care, enough to make the support process a little easier.

  • James

    i do the same thing customers used to come in all day look at the HD7… and see that big screen then be like i want it… get it 3 days later be back in trying to return it… making us look like we sold a bad phone

  • Anonymous

    Get the iPhone. Focus, promote and get strong windows phone 7 devices, Help in the upgrading process on android devices. Re-word the word Unlimited, (we hate to have our intelligence insulted). Go back to those aggressive anti AT&T commercials. You can do it T-Mobile, your only hope are those who are loyal to you, with us we we can steer our friends and family away from the other guys towards you.

  • HannaBB

    Definitely need better phones and/or bigger variety! I know that a lot of people are not Blackberry fans any more BUT there are plenty of us who are…. and we would LOVE to see Tmo get the BB Torch 9860!!!

    Even though i’m not a fan of iPhones, i am certain Tmo would have less people leave because of the phones!!

    • Dominique


      • TmoCSR

        not anymore we dont.  we End Of Lifed it on January 3rd.

        • HannaBB

          So now, that the 9810 is out, will Tmo finally get the 9860?? :-)

      • HannaBB

        If you read my post again, I wasn’t talking about the 9810, i was talking about the NEW torch, the 9860!!!!

  • Two things that kept me a long-time customer with T-Mobile were low rates and handset financing.  I have 4 phones on my account,  two of which are for my kids who only use them to school and back.  Next time their contract is up and they want a $200+ upgrade of their phone- since I can’t finance the cost for the phones with T-Mobile any longer, I may as well move them to Cricket where I’ll still have to pay around the same up-front price, but I can get an even lower monthly rate.  My wife and I both want new phones now as well, but she feels slighted by this move by T-Moble and she’s moving to a company phone through Verizon and taking our daughter with her.  I’m debating whether or not my son and I will join her…

    • TylerDerk

      Go to the most expensive company to save money?

    • Wheresbrent

      Right, because Verizon offers handset financing, and tmobile slighting your daughter was not just a business decision, you my friend are the problem with the wireless world, your sense of entitlement is sickening and reveals how short sighted most customers are

  • Gwapo


  • Ref6170

    To be honest, all the phones t mobile has is like wrapping paper . They look nice but inside they want (at least as an option) the iPhone. It’s that simple. U should check all the customers that left , see what phone they ended up getting.

    • Dominique

      I ask this to customers and never get an answer.  What about the Iphone do you like better than a top end Android phone.  I can bring up many things that are better on the Android phones but only one thing better on the Iphone, ease of use for low tech knowledge people.

      • GinaDee

        Doesn’t matter.  If the customer wants an iPhone then they want an iPhone period. 

        See customers what they want not what you like better.  

        • Dominique

          So Gina, then those customers are just like the video that the Best Buy employee did for the Iphone 4.  Crazy thing is that I hear most of the same things from customers.


      • xmiro

        how about easy to use, doesn’t crash, stutter, doesn’t refuse my finger when I press.

        how about it just works?

        how about you get all the damn latest updates to fix any bugs?

        How about Tmobile and Samsung releasing that shit 2.2 update that’s full of bugs which won’t be fixed at all?

        And don’t tell me to go root myself!!

        Today alone the home button on my Vibrant refused to  work – it wouldn’t even vibrate when I press and hold. It takes me minutes to go trough my emails because the stupid phone takes so long to do anything.

        Not accepting my finger on first press?

      • Anonymous

        ah what?

        how about a phone that just works? Easy to use, smooth, doesn’t stutter every other minute!

        how about a phone that gets updated regularly and for a long time. Unlike what Tmobile and Samsung did with the Vibrant and that shitty 2.2 update that’s full of bugs and will never get fixed?

      • Dpro

        Really now? I like the Iphone a lot better than top end Android, why you ask? Because it just functions properly without me having to root it. It is extremely smooth and fluid no freezes. Oh and I can organize my apps into folders in different categories. Just put them in different folders and instant clean screen.

        Oh and the app widgets can be moved too. If you really want to go customized themes? Jailbreak  it, yup same thing as root just different name. Then you can go on Cydia  and get all kinds of themes.
        So ya IOS works and Android is the end all and IOS is not all that different besides just working great out of the box.
        Android is not bad but its not perfect get over it.

        Oh and just because someone wants IOS does not make them an idiot some people would rather just use their phone then tweak it  like some internet forum nerd.

        • InvisibleHand

          I don’t think Dominique meant that iPhone users are all low-tech, just that ios is much more polished and requires less maintenance. Most people, especially ‘low-tech’ people, don’t want to have to hard power cycle their phones every day. I love Android but don’t love the required maintenance. Ios is super smooth and reliable, but I want widgets without having to jailbreak (which makes the phone way less stable). I love WP7, just wish it had widgets. The bottom line is that if someone wants an iphone, the reason doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter how good a windows phone, or galaxy nexus or Amaze4g is if the customer wants an iphone.  

        • i agree with dom

          Ios is far from flawless out the box they always have issues i think what dominique is saying is the same thing i expierence everyday as a sales rep for tmo people want the iphone but have no better reason other than cause their neighbor or someone has it but i do agree that from a sales standpoint tmo needs to get the iphone asap since during the wait on the att merger sprint snuck in and got it tmo does not need to be the odd man out and not have it and to be honest having the iphone would be nice for the paycheck too lol

      • InvisibleHand

        The thing T-Mobile refuses to acknowledge, is that the best phone on the market is the phone that the customer wants–regardless of the reason. I like Android more than ios for a lot of reasons but the things that make it great are also its downfall: free, open software. Google is not likely to limit the things that manufactures do to android since it brings them no value. I wish Microsoft had brought out WP7 a year earlier. I have never used as smooth of a phone (including the iPhone4). Unfortunately, the late launch of WP7 will make it very difficult to get good market share but the OS is incredible.

  • For me, as a T-Mobile employee, it’s bad when TMO only spiffs us like 40 bucks for renewals and puts a full emphasis on new lines (primary lines 1 and 2 at that.)  Hey TMO, make your upgrade and renewal prices on handsets BETTER than for new customers, and pay reps/dealers/stores accordingly.  A customer who has been here for two years is obviously less of a risk than a brand new customer.  Reward loyalty!  Plain and simple.  The most common thing I hear is, “I’ve been with you guys for like 7 years, and everybody else gets a better deal than me.”

    • Dominique

      You’re griping about how little you get for renewals?  I do renewals each day and aren’t paid for them nor am I rewarded for how many I do.  I and other reps would rather not renew a customer, because it causes the call times to go up by having them go through the electronic acceptance tool.

      • JBLmobileG1

        Well maybe you and the other reps who are like you should be fired for thinking that. You should care about EVERY customer whether new or not. Just because you don’t get paid to renew a customer you’d rather not do the upgrade? Funny… if it wasn’t for me and my 8 years of loyalty you wouldn’t have a check nor a job at all scumbag.

        • Dominique

          If you pushed renewals each day then you’re call times would go up.  YOU would be fired for lack of performance.  It’s not about the customers but about hitting the numbers, that’s the change in culture in customer care.  Would I like to help each and every customer?   Absolutely, but it’d cost me my job.  I’m already told to not go above and beyond on a call because it’ll cost me my job for the increase in CRT…..that’s directly from the bosses. 

          At some point you have to choose one or the other:  Keep your job(hit the numbers and get them off the phone as fast as you can, no matter what and sell them something they don’t need) or be the customer service rep that T-mobile wanted us to be a couple of years ago but you get fired…..simple answer.

        • JBLmobileG1

          If that is what they expect of you even after the merger then Tmobile has already failed. Things need to change and go back before to the pre At&t thinking. If not then Tmobile will no longer get my support. The reasons I have kept and praised Tmobile for so long is not only for the price and I get quality service that works, but because they have always seemed to be the non-American “American” company that seemed to respect and care not only for their customers BUT for their employees. They seemed to treat everyone fair and equal and the rewards for the customer was quality service and customer care while the company was recognized by the Tmobile faithful and JD Power and Associates. So if you are getting scolded for helping each and every customer equally I am sorry. To get into trouble for helping a customer to fix normal things like an upgrade is wrong. If they think that way then their growth will go no where but down and THEY will lose it ALL.

        • Dominique

          Yes, it’s still the same and the extra money they’ve made through the sales has actually pushed them to think this is working perfectly.  Just this month they raised the sales requirements by 20%, when it was almost impossible to do it before without some luck or shady salesmanship.  T-mobile had said last summer that there is no plan B and if the deal fell through then they were still leaving.  T-mobile still is able to just break up the company and sell it to the smaller companies.  They haven’t said they’re staying yet and their words to us seem like they are still trying to shop T-mobile out to the highest bidder. 

          The loss of the AT&T acquisition means they still need to make as much money as possible before they get out, which is the most likely scenario.  You notice in one of the earlier Tmo news articles with internal documents that the “challenger strategy” is proven to work, which means making calls as short as possible and pushing the reps to make tons of sales

        • JBLmobileG1

          From the information that I have read on this site I was under the impression that DT is actually going to give Tmobile USA a chance. Try to actually make it work for them by paving the way for the future with upgrades to the network and bringing back the old Tmobiles customer care. If they went back to the way it was but actually listened to customers on what needed fixing… I think they would make more money and have a better chance to compete. They already started to bring in better phones right before the whole At&t deal… just continue the trend… continually upgrade the network and coverage and bring back the old customer service that we know and Love and what helped make Tmobile… and you have an amazing company.

        • Dpro

          Ya well it was attitudes like yours the finally pushed me away from T Mobile. I had been a customer since they came to California . In the last year though several things happened that caused me to leave.
          One was the customer service attitude that you have, that started becoming prevalent. Instead of calling customer service and getting treated right I was told they could not do anything for me.
          Seriously you need to be fired. Seriously T Mobile needs to go back to how they were before the whole purchase ( it was not a merger) deal was proposed and announced. If they do not they will keep losing customers in droves.
          I had no problems with reception, I had no problems with the pricing. I did have problems with how bad customer service has become and you are a prime example. I also have problems with how the whole billing got predatory. Shortened payment times. Payment texts that threatened reconnection fees . I always paid my bill and was a customer for over 9 years. That is not how you treat a loyal customer.
          So ya I left.

        • Dominique

          You act as if the reps, like me, are acting this way because we don’t like you.  We are coached to perform the job in a certain manner.  All the reps I know would like it to go back to the way things were.  T-mobile changed and to keep our job, we had to change too. 

          You say I “seriously need to be fired” but were only doing what were told and do what we have to do to hit the outrageous numbers to meet every month.  Want to have someone fired for the change then ask for the CEO to be fired, because the changed happened when he was transitioning in. 

          I’m just telling you how it is, not how the reps want to be with customers.  8 hours of calls is 8 hours of calls and I’d rather it be a more pleasant 8 hours like it used to be before we were told we had to end our calls sooner and had to meet sales numbers to keep our jobs(ie sell things people don’t need).

        • Babydoll25

          Then maybe both YOU AND YOUR BOSSES should be fired. I bought every single one of your stupid add ons, now when there is nothing left to sell me I get treated like crap AND pushed off the phone. FYI: I’m the type of customer that does their own troubleshooting and ONLY CALLS WHEN ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY. Not only that but I go out of my way to treat reps with respect and I get NONE in return.

        • TheWayOfThings

          If your attitude on the phone is anything like you’re displaying here, I find it difficult to believe that you treat anyone with respect. Did you not understand that the reps do not want to treat customers poorly but they are driven to do so by the expectations laid by management? What do you expect these people to do, go against their bosses and lose their jobs so that you can be happy?

          If I were a rep and providing for my family was on the line, I know what my choice in the matter would be… and I’m sorry, but to be honest, I have a dog that I care more about than I do you, and if meeting the expectations of my employer means pissing you off, oh well…

           Do you know just how much these reps really want to go back to the days when doing what was right was paramount concern on every single call, but at this time if they do so, they will soon find themselves unemployed. Right now, reps are between a rock and a hard place, and many are trying their best to do the right thing in an environment where management has thrown its moral compass right out the window.

          Luckily, I’m not a rep and I don’t have to put myself in such a sh!tty ethical predicament, but I have friends that are and I understand how completely precarious things are there for the reps.

          I hope that one day you find yourself in an employment situation where you have to put your ethics aside in order to survive.. see how much you like it.

          And just to extend you the same courtesy, I hope that wherever you’re employed right, you get fired as well.

          Have a nice day.

        • Tbyrne

          Yeah, you’re really being respectful. Wishing someone gets fired. Especially in this economy. Pathetic!

        • Nearmsp

          What you have written here shows that the problem is with the top and middle management leadership team at T-mobile. They are going for the short term performance and in the long term the company would be hollowed out and set course for a long term high churn rate. In these days of electronic forums, Facebook etc, most consumers and customers are well informed, and bad news travels fast. If T-mobile really needs to reduce churn rate, they need to devise policies that will encourage loyal customers to renew and thus devise incentives for you guys to convince existing customers to stay on. I think the middle management is devising all these flawed operations policies (prioritizing new accounts over new contract extensions). Clearly, the top management is incompetent to find out what the root cause of the churn problem. Incompetence at the top is disastrous for any company. DT’s a hands off approach does not help.

    • Anonymous

      You’re an idiot.

    • absolutely as a fellow t-mobile employee i couldn’t agree with you more, that’ts one of the main reasons why loyal customers leave because they don’t get the same deals as new customer so they take business else where, and to make matters worse there is more incentive for sales associates to activate new customer than renew existing customer and the energy is being exerted in the wrong direction. 

      • JBLmobileG1

        I don’t actually work at Tmobile but as a current customer I agree with the above. You need to give the deal to existing customers as well… maybe even make them feel a little special after a while with special offers sorta like the loyalty plans… or let them get their hands on the latest and greatest phones by pre ordering and getting phones a few days early before others. I along with other current customers… don’t treat us as if we took the bate now move on before they notice the next customer is getting even a bigger and better deal. None of the “don’t worry…. we have them in their contact… their not going anywhere” type of thinking. Once the contract is over we can take our business anywhere.. and if we were treated bad during that time… the voice is one POWERFUL weapon and believe me I am not afraid to use it.

        • But you can’t always do that. Loyalty offers are good but people seem to think every time a new phone comes out or goes on sale that they should be offered the same exact deal over and over again.

          At the end of the day its a business and a business can’t operate by always giving things away

        • Anonymous

          No I think what JBL means,when your contract is up give us the same deal as new customer would get. I had to go to Target to get SG2 for $99.00,when they had them on sale. The big 3 had a 1cent phone sale on during Nov. I think that sale was for 2weeks not sure of the time,or what phones they had for 1 cent. But not Tm! The 1cent sale was for new and upgrades.

        • JBLmobileG1

          That’s exactly what I meant. Give existing customers the same deal as new customers once we are out of contract and able to upgrade. I am not saying to let us upgrade whenever a new phone comes out… although with how often phones do come out… 1 year upgrades would be nice with a slightly better discount than what is offered now. Maybe they could offer free shipping or wave the upgrade fees with the customers who’ve been with them for 5+ years just to show their appreciation for their loyalty…. of course.. only once their contract is up and ready for renewal.

        • Anonymous

          The Amazon 1 cent sale was only for new customers/new line  and not for extensions. 
          But the prices for existing customers were varying based on carrier and phone model. 

  • Trenda

    Bring back the one year contract. I should not have to sign a two year contract if I already own my phone. I’d love to move from Prepaid to a Value plan. The two year contract is the roadblock for me.

  • Yesitis

    Accessory discounts for biz customers would be nice too.  

  • Anonymous

    It’s not only the iPhone they need to get.  They need to land high-end Windows Phones too.  With AT&T launching a BIG 4G LTE push on Windows Phone, T-Mo can’t compete with just the Radar and low-end Lumia 710.  They’ll need the Lumia 800, Lumia 900, HTC Titan, and a host of other handsets as well to compete on the high end and keep customers.  I certainly will be tempted to leave, all other things being equal, if I cannot get a high-end Windows Phone when my contract is up.

    • Heisenberg

      Well at the time when the HD7 launched it was hands down the most high-end Windows phone in the US and it didn’t sell.

      • Anonymous

        The HD7 was far from “high end.” It was a warmed-over HD2 and wasn’t stocked at most T-Mobile retail locations (if you wanted one, they had to order it).

        If T-Mobile wants to let customers leave over poor phone selection, that’s cool — just stop complaining about churn if that’s the case and let us go.

  • Anonymous

    Doesn’t work if you have Windows Phone.  I’m not switching operating systems to get the same ability to make calls indoors that AT&T and Verizon customers have by default.

    • Dominique

      You mean THE AT&T that is always rated the worst in coverage and dropped calls?

      • Anonymous

        There are a lot of places where my T-Mobile service never drops calls.

        Like the basement of our building — no T-Mo service (while AT&T and Verizon have five bars).

        And the elevator — where T-Mo has no service, and AT&T/Verizon have five bars.

        And the hallway of my apartment building — where T-Mobile barely gets a signal while Verizon and AT&T have full bars.

        You can see where I’m going with this. T-Mo needs better in-building coverage. Bragging you “don’t drop calls as often” is cold comfort when your phone cannot make a call at all due to poor signal penetration.

  • Anonymous

    HD2 isn’t Windows Phone, it’s Windows Mobile.

    Saying you hate WP after a WM experience is like saying your Apple II is a piece of junk so you’re never getting an iPhone.

  • Anonymous

    They need actual real phones on display at their stores, no plastic ones that don’t do anything.

    • JadedNYer

      Ha. This is also one of my pet peeves. I usually get bashed when I post this and am told Tmobile only does that in high crime areas or that having working display phones costs money and people break them. And that the store has working phones behind the counter and I should just ask. Last time I asked to see a BlackBerry the only working model they had was a return. There are Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint stores within feet of one another and they all manage to have working phones. I did go into a ” new look” store and they did have functioning display models but only the SGII and the Amaze.

    • TmobileEmployee

      As a TMobile Employee in a high crime area, its really gotten to a point where even dummy phones get stolen. We cannot afford for live phones to get replaced so often.

  • Anonymous

    Well, at least they are admitting they have major shortcomings in their network especially with indoor coverge.  Reducing churn is great and all, but how about some real profitability??  yeah they can bring in 200 million a year or so but they aren’t bringing in the serious bacon that VZW and AT&T are.  Reducing churn may help reduce lost profit, but it doesn’t help them grow the way they should in the long run.  I just don’t think the money they save from churning will be enough to get them out of the hole.  I’m aware their churn is terrible (seriously), but they need a new strategy aside from putting band aids on old wounds that have started to scar already.  What are they going to do after they get back in proper running order and learn to live with their scars?

  • v

    lot of m$ salespeople/employees  here – the “need” windows phones. Like hell they don’t. Nobody cares about m$.

    • Anonymous

      I need MS or iPhone to replace the shitty Android Vibrant that can’t run 5 apps without stuttering and making me press my finger 3 times to dial a number

      • Wheresbrent

        You have one screen, why would you run 5 apps at once?

        • InvisibleHand

          You only have one computer screen and likely run multiple applications at once. Why would you ask such a stupid question?

        • Anonymous

          not at once, I was referreing to the 5or so apps i use day to day I can’t do without

    • Anonymous

      If they want to keep me, they need a high end Windows Phone or two. Many of us value a simple, fast phone with great integration and battery life.

      Having to choose between a crash-prone battery draining Android handset that’s out of juice by noon or a BlackBerry or a couple of low end WPs doesn’t do it for me. With the new high end devices from HTC and Nokia announces at CES today going to AT&T, it will become increasingly difficult for those of us on WP to stick with T. I am not switching from the best platform, even with a discount. Certainly not to a platform as unusable as Android.

  • Nearmsp

    One major worry for me is to see that T-mobile now locks all phones in the plan on a new 2 year contract when one phone gets upgraded. It is a way of lifelong contracts because if your phones are not in sync then the contract will get perpetually renewed. Another worry for me is reading experiences on the T-mobile web site about how users were conned in to renewing contracts without their knowledge by T-mobile CSRs. That is a dangerous way to go down. Once the fair name of a business is gone, it will takes 5 or more years to correct the bleeding. Sprint tried it and it lost customers for years. I do hope that T-mobile executives stop unethical business practices and distinguish themselves. And yes, I do want an iPhone. I like my SGS2 on my value plan, but I will happily pay the same amount for  new iPhone that can run on 3G on T-mobile’ network. Finally, both my work and home in MN, I do not have 4G! T-mobile really needs to expand their 4G!!

    • T-mobile actually does not “Lock” all phone in the plan on a 2 year contract upgrade, only the line that takes the upgrade gets the contract, however if you change your rate plan with an upgrade that is when all the lines have the contract.

      • Popim79624

        They locked me in i have four lines on a family plan, but i don`t like is they all don`t come up for upgrade at the same time. I am going to stick with them I have bout 8 month left on my contract. I will  buy my phone from ebay or somewhere else that way  I will be month to month and can leave when ever.

        • Wheresbrent

          Well yeah, you get a full discount upgrade every 22 month’s, so the reason you don’t have an upgrade at the same time is because YOU upgraded them at separate times, how is that inconvenient or for that matter tmobiles fault? Phone service isn’t something that is free, it’s expensive as hell to put up cell phone towers and sell discounted phones, that is whY there are contracts, lay off the sense of entitlement and be happy for what you have Tmobile is less expensive than the other national carriers which means you pay less.

    • Wheresbrent

      This is neither accurate or true, you may want to go back to the drawing board for facts that are factual my friend

      • Nearmsp

        I was out of contract for 4 family plans on a legacy loyalty family plan. I upgraded 2 phones at discounted price. I was told that the old plan does not exist so you need to migrate to a new plan and that means, ALL 4 phones will have a $200 cancellation fee if you break the contract before 2 years. How do I know that, I listened to the recorded voice and pressed 1 to accept the new contract. In future, I will be buying full priced phones to avoid having all phones go on a new contract. 

        • Wheresbrent

          The other two phones that have not been upgraded remain upgrade eligible, its the new rate plan that contracted the whole account, so again even if those lines are under contract, you can still have your upgrade

        • Nearmsp

          In reply to your posts:
          The plans are cheaper but my total outgo is the same. On 2 of the phones I added Hotspot for $15 for each of the SGS2. I got text for the same price as before. I never use text so I have put the text blockage again. My data plan was $25 unlimited now I get the same price on the value plan but I now have to pay $15 for tethering which was free earlier. So price wise not much difference, though a 4G phone in a 4G network may give me be better speeds. My house and work are not in a 4G area though. 
          I am not worried about the upgrade on the remaining phones. Since I am on value plan I will buy it for full price and since the phones are not smart phones they do no cost an arm and a leg. It is just that both these  phones are now on 2 more years of contract.

        • Wheresbrent

          According to tmobiles terms and conditions of service prior to them charging for tethering it was not supported, so again, you are getting more service for the same or less than what you used to pay, the rate plan caused the contract which was obviously revealed to you, so what are you complaining abour?

        • Wheresbrent

          Under almost every circumstance, the new rate plans are cheaper than the old loyalty plan, if you were completely unbiased you would most likely be revealing your new rate plan is also less expensive than your old. It you want to be seen as unbiased and not just a complainer, please provide complete and factual information

  • Vme Tommy


    • Nearmsp

      I am told only pre-paid customer calls go to India, not classic and value plan customers. My calls have never gone to India. Are you on a pre-paid plan?

      • William Cron

        All of my lines are on a Classic plan and all I ever get anymore are the Indian call centers. Doesn’t matter what time of day I call.

        (Looks like my comment down below about call center support struck a nerve!)

      • Vme Tommy

        Nope, I am on a classic plan, been for 4 years… the last 6 times I’ve called, probably 5 have been Indian people who do not speak the greatest English, do not fully understand the reason I am calling and are very curt.  I always recommended TMobile and the first thing I told people as a reason why was their EXCEPTIONAL customer service, I never used to wait on hold and always got friendly, knowledgeable people — NOT ANYMORE… it’s going down hill!!!

      • TmoCSR

        actually youre not speaking to someone in India.  mostly the Philippines, some in Mexico.

  • Vme Tommy

    … and I know that this really isn’t a t-mobile thing, but if Motorola puts out a new/better version of the Defy (not including the Defy+ which is essentially the same exact phone with a barely faster processor) — I love my Defy – having a rugged phone that doesn’t really look/feel rugged is great – after a year and a half my phone still works, no scratches, broken glass, etc… and i’ve dropped it, gotten it wet… love it!

    I also wish makers would stop removing T9 keyboards… I can’t imagine having it on phones takes up much memory, few hundred k? Believe it or not, there are people who prefer T9 to QWERTY… especially on phones like the DEFY that are a nice size between the uber huge screen phones and the tiny ones, I can type much faster with T9 than qwerty.

    • Wheresbrent

      Dude T9 if you really want it, is on the Android market which takes less time to download than writing or for that matter reading your non sense post

  • Anonymous

    Offer the iPhone.  That will surely help.

  • How about re-introducing unlimited (ie unthrottled) data?  You’ll not only get new customers, you’ll keep existing customers, who get grandfathered in and will never want to lose the unlimited data.  You’ll probably find that only a very small percentage of users will really take advantage of the unthrottled data but – like me – want to have it “just in case” :-)

  • If worried about capacity, then make it a limited-time special offer – or even limit it to existing customers, and make it so that existing customers would be able to switch their current plans to it.  The monthly charge for the unlimited data should be something reasonable – maybe somewhere between the 5GB and 10GB rates they charge now?

  • Gwapo


    • Guest123

      You do realise, it’s not T-Mobile’s decision not to get the iPhone, but Apple’s, correct? The iPhone currently does not support 1700MHz, which means the iPhone only works on the Edge network – not 3G or 4G. Until Apple provides 1700MHz support, T-Mobile selling the iPhone would be a bigger mistake than not selling it at all.

      • Anonymous

        Apple made a CDMA iphone for verizon. If a carrier has the cash to play, then Apple will make it. They are all about money. which do you think is harder? Making a CDMA compatible phone or adding one extra band to a phone? Not getting the iphone is on Tmobile, not Apple. 

      • guest369

        TMO can fix the Iphone issue by moving (refarming the spectrum) the 3G (HSPA+) to 1900 and  reserve the 1700 MHz for LTE.

        • Giraffe

          Uhm, so Tmo changes every single phone with every manufacturer they work with for one phone?

  • Is the iphone THAT important? Doesn’t seem to ha e helped Sprint much. Guess I’m the only one who has never been impressed with it….

    • Anonymous

      Sprint has not posted their iPhone sales numbers, so we do not know if it is selling, but I have read that over the life of the contract Sprint will make 50% more off an iphone owner over other smartphone owners. Sprint’s CEO has said the iphone was 50% more network efficient than android phones. 

    • Nearmsp

      I do think it is important. I like my SGS2 but the more I use it the more I realize how much better the Apps and the iOs is in comparison to the Android OS and market. My need to get an iPhone increased after I moved from my BB Bold to SGS2. SGS2 is a great hardware but no where as good as an Apple product. I currently use an iPad2 and MacBook Air.

  • TheWayOfThings

    Yes, Bring the jobs back to this continent AND shift the priority from sales to service. I don’t care how many times management drones around here repeat to the contrary, it is a fact that you CAN NOT give proper customer service when the ultimate prime directive is to sell something on EVERY SINGLE CALL. When you set up the expectations of sales quotas that must be met or you’ll be fired, then ethics start taking a slide in a fit of desperation.

    I have a friend who works at a call center, and this is a true story, he had a customer call in to cancel a line on her account because it was her husband’s line and he had recently passed away. My friend did as he was asked, expressed his sympathy and let her get on way. His supervisor had been remotely listening to him during the call and after it was over, pulled him off the phone and reamed him for not attempting to make a sale.

    My friend tried to explain that he couldn’t think of a good reason to sell something to this woman who had just lost her husband. His supervisor, and I’m not making this up, told him he should have offered her web with the pitch that now that she’s single she can use the internet to find a date… Can you imagine?!!! My friend said he was just stunned because his supervisor was absolutely serious.

    This is the sort of crap that causes unethical sales behavior.  Constant harassment from management to sell, threats of being fired, and watching long-time coworker escorted out with their belongings in a box serves to put once ethical people in a position where survival takes priority over doing what’s right. When you see coworkers being fired for doing what’s right too much, what can you do but ignore your conscience and follow orders.

    What’s really a kick in the nuts to the reps, is that when T-Mobile recently lost the J.D. Power award, management blamed them for the loss.. not the change in policy and shift in priorities.. no it was all the reps’ fault. Disgusting!

    So yes, the jobs need to come back here, but also the scope of support for customer care needs to be brought back to the basics: Account maintenance, billing issues, upgrade orders, and very basic troubleshooting. Raise the amount of time reps are allowed to get things done, encourage the reps to audit accounts to find recommendations for giving the customer the plans and features that best fit their usage and above all else, get rid of required aggressive sales expectations.

  • TheWayOfThings

    I posted this further down the comment thread in reply to someone else’s comment, but I felt the need to repeat it up here.. This is what I feel would be a significant help in reducing churn and raising over-all customer satisfaction.

    Bring the jobs back to this continent AND shift the priority from
    sales to service. I don’t care how many times management drones around
    here repeat to the contrary, it is a fact that you CAN NOT give proper
    customer service when the ultimate prime directive is to sell something
    on EVERY SINGLE CALL. When you set up the expectations of sales quotas
    that must be met or you’ll be fired, then ethics start taking a slide in
    a fit of desperation.

    I have a friend who works at a call
    center, and this is a true story, he had a customer call in to cancel a
    line on her account because it was her husband’s line and he had
    recently passed away. My friend did as he was asked, expressed his
    sympathy and let her get on way. His supervisor had been remotely
    listening to him during the call and after it was over, pulled him off
    the phone and reamed him for not attempting to make a sale.

    friend tried to explain that he couldn’t think of a good reason to sell
    something to this woman who had just lost her husband. His supervisor,
    and I’m not making this up, told him he should have offered her web with
    the pitch that now that she’s single she can use the internet to find a
    date… Can you imagine?!!! My friend said he was just stunned because
    his supervisor was absolutely serious.

    This is the sort of crap
    that causes unethical sales behavior.  Constant harassment from
    management to sell, threats of being fired, and watching long-time
    coworker escorted out with their belongings in a box serves to put once
    ethical people in a position where survival takes priority over doing
    what’s right. When you see coworkers being fired for doing what’s right
    too much, what can you do but ignore your conscience and follow orders.

    really a kick in the nuts to the reps, is that when T-Mobile recently
    lost the J.D. Power award, management blamed them for the loss.. not the
    change in policy and shift in priorities.. no it was all the reps’
    fault. Disgusting!

    The jobs need to come back here, but
    also the scope of support for customer care needs to be brought back to
    the basics: Account maintenance, billing issues, upgrade orders, and
    very basic troubleshooting. Raise the amount of time reps are allowed to
    get things done, encourage the reps to audit accounts to find
    recommendations for giving the customer the plans and features that best
    fit their usage and above all else, get rid of required aggressive
    sales expectations.

    • Wheresbrent

      Just an FYI, that coach was not following tmobile policy, if a customer had intention to cancel a line (regardless of the reason) the CSR is not supposed to make a sales offer, (unless thereis unbilled usage that would impact the customers billing). So fortunately in that case the CSR did the right thing.

      The other thing that customers forget is that T-Mobile used to be non contract, and service related. If you are saying they need to go back to that model, that is what got them to where they are today. At this point T-Mobile is in preservation and growth mode BECAUSE that old way of thinking was unsuccessful. Why would they continue to do something that was obviously unsuccessful for them?

      • Dominique

        Non-contract?  I’ve been with t-mobile since right after they took over Voicestream and they were never non-contract. 

        Also, that coach was doing what is the norm.  I seen a rep asked why they didn’t do a sale on someone requesting a line to be cancelled.  The explanation is that they are only cancelling one line and there is still a line they could have made a sale on.  There is a very rough guide on T-mobile policy and the managers and coaches are all telling the reps to do what you have to do in order to hit the numbers, because it’s their job too if the numbers don’t get hit.

        • Pgibes

          even more plus 2010 – early 2011

        • Dominique

          I know of the non-contract EM+ plans(which started in October 2009) but those made up a very small percentage of customers.  The churn rate was not affected by those plans and they were the same price as the Classic plans are today, so it’s not a revenue killer. 

        • Wheresbrent

          And you know this how?

        • Giraffe

          If you weren’t aware that this bloggers is involved in customer service for T-Mobile and has access to statistics that she probably can’t share, you’re not paying attention.

        • Wheresbrent

          If a customer requests to cancel, the rep tranfers to retention, thats the policy, anything else that is done is not within policy, the same goes for calls transferred to tech care, and up till this last winter non promo rate plans and even more plus plan changes DID NOT require contract extensions, which is obviously the problem they are trying to fix with the release of this letter. So yes, tmobile did previously have an emphasis on non contract

        • Dominique

          We and the other pods in the center are told to make a sales offer before transferring the financial care, CLT(if only one line is removed off of a family), and Tech support.  If it’s not policy then why do the VOB scores take a hit if you don’t offer before transferring, because they do.

          There is no set policy in Community about when you can and cannot offer.  The training that we went through was thrown out the window.   My coach told me to forget everything we learned in training because its been changed.  We now ASSUME THE SALE, which before we were told not to do and were told that even if we don’t have a resolution on the call then we still have to offer.  Both of those were the core of the training that was done nationwide and now it’s in the trash. 

        • Wheresbrent

          You need to have your coach check on policy updates, this was established in the last month

      • Dominique

        Also, T-mobile didn’t start losing customers until they changed the culture at T-mobile from service to sales.  The scoring for customer satisfaction wasn’t even big part of a reps score, it was sales and call times.

      • Really

        Partially agree with no contract but not service vs sales

        “The other thing that customers forget is that T-Mobile used to be non
        contract, and service related. If you are saying they need to go back to
        that model, that is what got them to where they are today”

        wtf  that is when all the best reps got fired, customers got pissed, and when we lost the mantle piece of jdp and customers.

        Reps do not have enough time to do everything and yet they keeping on piling on stuff beyond adding features like forcing cs to add lines in some of the calls centers etc.
        Change they metric.

        stop removals from hurting reps.That really hurts the customer.

        Make internet opt in w/ verification
        same with third party charges w/ verification

        (give full refunds on tpc why are they prorated)
        tired of hearing (I never did that or bobby wouldn’t do that)

        Love to have ivr automated system say ” it looks like you have third party charges do you want their phone number to stop and get a refund”.

        Get rid of that slow as molasses quickview buggy piece of c*** put features in to samson.
        (customer please hold on while waiting for paint to dry)
        never mind the talk time.

        Make one plan and make it darn good!!!!!!!
        Grandfather everything else

        Stop with bait and switch commercials for value plans.
        That makes people want to quit when they can’t get it, pain to try to explain migration fees hsupgrades  etc.

        When you know you have a junk phone
        pull it and send it back to the manufacturer.

        and yes most cs and dealers know the junk phones.

        Phones and networks should be high on the list

        Everything got worse and needs to change since the Atandt venture.

      • TheWayOfThings

        Regardless of whether the supervisor was following policy or not, my point was that my friend’s experience is a prime example of a thoroughly disgusting mentality that rules over T-Mobile at this time. An unethical, apathetic, vicious, goal-oriented, sales-obsessed attitude from management that supersedes common decency.

        I understand that in order to succeed, a business must sell its wares, and it is understandable that T-Mobile wants to increase profits, HOWEVER, the strategy being used right now is a short-term cash-grab, that appears to be nothing more than inflating profit to make T-Mobile look more desirable to potential buyers, with the added bonus of more cash in DT’s pockets.

        Right now, DT is trying to squeeze as much as they can out of TMUSA with the hopes of getting the hell out of the US market. Placing sales as the number one priority to the point where resolving customers’ issues is an afterthought, is not a sustainable long-term strategy, as is shown by the extremely high level of churn being addressed by this very article.

        As far as being service-oriented not being a successful strategy, I think you’re quite wrong about that. I think it was the high quality of customer care that made T-mobile as successful as it has been. Seriously, until the last couple of years, it was the customer service and cheap plans that kept T-mobile in the game, because it sure as hell wasn’t T-Mobiles coverage or phone selection. Another friend of mine who works, in Customer Loyalty, told me the main reason people used to leave T-mobile was lack of network coverage, sub-par data network and piss-poor phone selection, now it’s because they feel they’ve been treated like dogsh!t, and quite often they have.

        Over the last year or two, the amount of time allotted to finish a call has been steadily shortened, while at the same time more responsibilities have been added, with threats and harassment if a rep makes too many transfers. In doing so, T-mobile has created the perfect environment to reduce their domestic workforce through terminations and basically driving people to quit, at the same time outsourcing those jobs to other countries. Again, this only serves as a strategy geared toward short-term cash-grabbing, because while such measures may save the company money, ultimately, customers are being short-changed and will be more likely to jump ship at the earliest opportunity.

        There is room for both profitability and high-caliber ethical service at T-Mobile. Simply reward adding features but at the same time stop penalizing the reps for doing the right thing. Allow them to be able to recommend a rate-plan that best fits the customer’s needs, regardless of whether or not it lowers their monthly service charges. Doing that will earn a customer’s appreciation and long-term business.

    • justmytwocents

      This is the reason I left T-Mo.  I was hired in to tmobile about 6 years ago with the mentality that customer service came before everything else.  Do whatever you had to do to resolve the issue, in one call, in it’s entirety.  That all changed about two years ago to, do whatever you have to do to make a sale, even if it’s just adding callertunes to a line, do it, but make sure the customer service fits in somewhere.  They told us to lie to customers, for example, “for being a great customer we’re going to give you a free month of internet”, and not tell them they had to remove the feature a month later or pay the full charge once it kicked in a month later.  Or when customers would call back later to remove the internet (because they only took it because it was free) to once again ‘twist’ information and tell them they would have “pay per use” fees if they removed the internet, rather than properly educate the customer about their device and internet usage, or features to block web usage.  Coaches and Team Managers used scare tactics CONSTANTLY about consequences of not adding a feature on every single call.  They took away “stread” (time for reps to review daily policy updates), to huddle everyone together and remind them about adding features, and to share best practices of how to get customers to add a feature, or suffer the consequences.  It added incredible stress and pressure to me and my peers.  Customer attitudes and tones changed about this time as well.  You would start to hear more irate customer, more customers using language, more customers screaming at the top of their lungs into the phone.  More customer confusion etc.  I think it was a result of the mentality change from the top down.

      • Anonymous

        huh? I have called several times the last two years due to SMS spam and other issues and I don’t recall to ever have been sold on anything.

        • justmytwocents

          i’m not the only one confirming this – feel free to review all other comments from other tmo employees

  • Pgibes

    how about t-mobile starts having classic plan sales as well not only shitty value plan only

    • Tmobile_Fan777

      Goodbye! See ya…

  • T-Mobile Corporate Employee

    employees would be more inclined to Renew first if the commission for renewals wasnt shit.

  • LewCarue

    Just get the galaxy Nexus and put it on a plan for 199.00, I’ll be a fan for life !

  • Lalaland228

    So does that mean that T-mobile is going to sell iphones?

    • juicebox

      We don’t know. That depends on whether Apple and T-Mobile USA enter into an agreement to do so.

  • Gaius_Baltar4

    Cool article about DT talking to bankers on how to keep T-Mobile USA competitive 

  • CO_yeti

    2012 is the year they fix churn… and 2011, and 2010 and 2009 and 2008… Bottom line isT-Mobile will always have an issue with churn. It goes along with being the “value” leader out of the big 4.  It would be a better idea if Tmo accepted that and built a buisness model that made money and grew the company knowing they will have higher churn than Verizon or At&t.

  • Anonymous

    To all those that are saying get the iphone or Galaxy Nexus know this:
    T-Mobile’s core philosophy has always been to be a value based company.
    Part of this philosophy means less of an emphasis is placed on having
    the highest end devices and more on providing an affordable alternative
    to the Verizon’s and At&t’s. This goes both ways as well. Phone
    manufactures also view T-Mobile’s main customer base as being less tech
    savvy and less interested in the highest end phones and more interested
    in getting similar feature phones at a lower cost.

    When I was a manager for them we would talk to reps from Blackberry,
    HTC, Samsung etc and would always ask why isn’t T-Mobile
    getting…(insert latest super-phone out at the time with a
    competitor)…and the answer we would always get is that they didn’t
    feel T-Mobile customers would be interested in the latest super-phone
    and would be unwilling to pay a premium price for them as opposed to say
    a Verizon customer. 

    Unless this core philosophy changes (which is unlikely considering their
    current financial situation) T-Mobile will continue to be content with
    offering phones like the HTC Sensation or the Galaxy series at the same
    time as a competitor but would prefer not to take the financial
    investment needed to secure first rights on the latest super-phone being
    offered exclusively with a subsidy.

    • Tbyrne

      To state that the Sensation & GS2 was the same offered by competitors is ludicrous. The Sensation was a T-Mobile exclusive and even though Sprints GS2 had a 4.5 inch screen, many consumer reviews show T-Mobiles version was better executed. Instead of coming in here all gungho to trash T-Mobile, why not give kudos to what they’ve accomplished thus far. 4 Billion banked and spectrum to divest. Less mumbo jumbo & pessimism and a more positive stance would be appreciated.

      • Anonymous

        I’m not here to be pessimist, I am only stating facts that were relayed
        from the highest points of T-Mobile (From former CEO Robert Dotson to
        COO Jim Alling to current CEO Phillip Hume) to those down the line about
        what T-Mobile’s core philosophy has always been. I am not saying that
        the T-Mobile version of the Galaxy II is inferior, I was merely using it
        as an example where T-Mobile secured a phone at the same time as other
        carriers but wouldn’t have been willing to pay for any type of
        exclusivity. The Sensation is certainly a great device, but came out
        when other carriers received similar devices (Dual core phone, 4.3″
        screen, stock Android etc..) and certainly wouldn’t be considered a
        “must have” phone at this point by the majority of tech enthusiast. In
        fact Verizon received and upgraded version of the Sensation in the HTC
        Rezound that they have marketed heavily and has sold considerably more
        than the Sensation to date.

        Another example of this is the HTC Evo in 2010. HTC offered this device
        to T-Mobile first to help kick of their HSPA+ 4G push but the company
        refused to pay the price for exclusivity. It then went to Sprint and
        became the flagship Android device for a time.


        The intent of my post was to illustrate times when T-Mobile
        received a similar featured phone as a competitor but is not willing to
        pay the price to secure exclusivity like At&t was with the iphone
        (until the 4th iteration and even then it was Apple’s decision to not
        offer exclusivity) or Verizon was with the Galaxy Nexus. T-Mobile does
        not view this in line with their core philosophy.

        Like i stated earlier, this is not just T-Mobile’s view, but phone manufacturers as well.I even had an
        executive at HTC tell me that if your looking to be an early adopter of the
        latest tech than you most likely don’t have T-Mobile in the first place.

        • TheWayOfThings

          I think you would’ve been right a couple of years ago, when T-Mobile invested very little in their data network and even less in high-end phones… But saying they’ve never been the vanguard provider of a new phone technology is simply not true. At one point in time the Sidekick was a unique and cutting edge line, granted it started losing its luster after a while, but the fact remains that it was quite a big deal back in its hay-day.

          Even if you disregard the Sidekick line, you simply can not discount the impact T-Mobile made on the mobile-phone landscape for being the company that started one of the biggest phenomenons in cell-phone history and it’s name was the G1. T-Mobile, teaming with Google, introduced android to the world and in doing so changed the mobile industry forever. Granted, I can not deny that they dropped the ball by allowing Verizon to come in and dominate the android “market” (no pun intended), but still the fact remains that when it was released, there was no other phone like the G1, it was the first of its kind and it was on T-Mobile.

        • Anonymous

          In regards to the G1, T-Mobile did not have to pay a premium to get this phone. In the recent Steve Jobs in his memoir it stated that Steve Jobs would have punished At&t if they offered any android products off the bat and threatoned Verizon if they launched the first Android device that they would never see a CDMA iphone. Sprint took a wait and see approach when it came to Android.

          Look, I am not saying at all that T-Mobile doesn’t or hasn’t had great phones because they have. My original statement was aimed at those on this article saying T-Mobile should do what Sprint did and make a huge investment to get the iphone or bid on a hot exclusive device like the Galaxy Nexus. All I am saying is that this would go against T-Mobile’s core philosophy and that was true a few years ago and that has not changed one bit today.

  • Alex C

    1) iPhone. Can’t have the other big 3 offering the iPhone and not T-Mobile. Maybe Apple didn’t bother since they just assumed T-Mobile would be absorbed by AT&T, though that didn’t work out. Maybe Apple just tells Qualcomm to start shipping those radios with AWS 3G bands on them, too. But I doubt it.
    1.5) Get some better Windows Phone models. AT&T gets the big brother Nokia Lumia and T-Mobile of course gets the one that looks like a kids’ toy. Well done.

    2) LTE strategy? HSPA+ is nice, but the reduced latency and higher possible speeds of LTE and LTE Advanced are the future. Just as it took T-Mobile years after AT&T to roll out 3G, we’re seeing the same problem now with even Sprint rolling out LTE within 6 months and T-Mobile not even having any detailed plans yet. I love T-Mobile, but my contract is up in July. If there’s no news on LTE and no iPhone or good Windows Phone 7.5 (WP 8 by then probably) I’m gone. By that time most of Verizon’s entire network will be covered by LTE and the kinks will surely be worked out. Come on, T-Mo. I stuck with you guys through the 3G fiasco, don’t do this to me again.

    • Wheresbrent

      So you’d leave because of the name of a network? Golly gee hspa doesn’t sound near as cool as LTE, who gives a rats ass that hspa is competitive with and in some cases faster than LTE, I.would pay 30 more per month just because its called LTE

      • Alex C

        Not the name, the higher speeds and lower latency. I couldn’t care less what it’s called.

      • Dominique

        They have to do LTE but not necessarily for the data speeds.  It’s because LTE is much cheaper to run, which means that if it costs T-mobile more to operate then they’re going to lose the price war later.

      • Matthew Jett

        True, HSPA+ is faster than LTE in SOME cases, however LTE Advanced is significantly faster than HSPA+. And you can’t just skip the LTE stone my friend, you’ll end up in the water ..

  • Yes the iPhone is that important. I need 2 lines, 1 for business and 1 for personal. I would have both with T-Mobile if they carried the iPhone, but they don’t so they only get 1/2 my business.

  • If you want people to renew include upgrades in your sale prices. When my contract is up why would I stick with T-mobile and pay $250 for the same phone I can get for $100 from another carrier?

    • Wheresbrent

      Because that other carriers plan price is $30 more per month, besides the fact that you are WAY off on your pricing you would spend more long term elsewhere no matter what

  • HectoRome

    I HAD Been With T-Mobile Since Day One.

    I left recently for AT&T and the iPhone as I had been treated unfairly regarding my rate plan.  I too for many many years had felt that I was a part of a ‘Family’ and had Never experienced bad customer service. Until the week before Christmas when I was misled by the customer service rep regarding my rate plan.  Shortly after hanging up I checked this site and got the heads up on the new rate plans ( Thank you David!) I noticed the rate plan I switched to just moments before over the phone was Considerably Less ($40 to be exact).  When I had called back to complain I was informed of my $200 per line cancellation which is not only unfair as I had just changed plans minutes before.  It was absolutely maddening on how I was mis-informed and was now being penalized for it.

    Thanks for the years of providing great service during my SideKick days T-Mobile and wishing you all the best in the future . . .

    • Wheresbrent

      So you went to ATT where you will pay even more? Sounds to me like you were upset because you weren’t offered the value plan. It’s not the CSRs job to go over every single possibility with you.

      • TheWayOfThings

          But it used to be the CSR’s job to find the best possible value for the customer, and that meant giving the customer the best options. Now that CSR’s are penalized for reducing a customer’s monthly service charges and must meet sales quotas, with their jobs hanging in the balance, they are driven to avoid, at all costs, giving the customer the best options if it results in reducing the customer’s monthly charges, regardless if doing so would best fit the customer’s needs.

          And if HectoRome really did call back within minutes of changing his rate-plan, there should have been absolutely no reason why the rate-plan change could not have been reversed. The fact is, he was lied to, plain and simple, because that rep has been forced to avoid making changes that would negatively impact his metrics. When a rep sees entire teams terminated, coworkers that he/she has worked with for years marched out the door left and right, and his/her call center has been basically reduced to running on a skeleton crew, coupled with the knowledge that the job market is absolutely saturated with more people looking work than there are jobs available, well you can only expect that rep to pull some shady half-truth sh!t out of sheer desperation.  Is it acceptable? No.. Is it the reality of T-Mobile? Yep..

         The fact that you are trying to justify the underhanded dishonest treatment that HectoRome received, truly serves as a prime example of how this rabid focus on increasing the customer’s monthly bill has changed T-mobile into the sort of deceitful heartless greed-driven abomination that it once prided itself on not being.

        • Tbyrne

          All conjecture Thing. Every cell provider out there has a goal in increasing revenue. Hector should have sat down and figured out what plan would save him the most money in his situation. If he felt a Rep misled him, he could of asked for a review of the transaction. Since he clearly was misled, they would of switched him to another plan. For you to come in here and state that T-Mobiles is greed-driven shows how deceitful you are!

        • Dominique

          WayofThings is completely correct.   Reps used to “right fit” customers and customers call in because the reps are supposed to be  the experts.  They shouldn’t feel like they’re at a used car lot, wondering if what the person is saying is actually the truth.  Absolutely reps will try to hide areas where customers can save money, even if the customer asks if there is a better plan or feature because it hurts the reps numbers.

        • Tbyrne

          Doesn’t diminish my point one bit. All Hecto had to do is call back, question the discrepancy and ask that the transaction be reviewed. Sometimes you don’t always get the most knowledgeable person to deal with. Right Dom?

        • Dominique

          Absolutely, because I’ve had to fix tons of mistakes from other reps because they push the call time requirements so low that some reps BS the info or just plain don’t double check their work.

        • TheWayOfThings

          If your point is that you’re a Team Magenta Cheerleader, then I think you’ve made your point quite nicely.

        • Tbyrne

          You bet your ass I’m a Magenta cheerleader! Glad I don’t feel, in your own words, that T-Mobiles a “deceitful heartless greed -driven abomination” of a company. I feel nauseous.

        • TheWayOfThings

          In other words, you don’t care about reality. You would defend T-mobile and point the finger of blame at anything and anyone but T-mobile, no matter what shady policies or unethical shit they put out.  You would justify whatever they do. That’s rather twisted and pathetic.

          When T-mobile does something right, I’m pleased to congratulate them on it, however, unlike you, when they are doing wrong, I won’t hesitate to call them out on it.

          Seriously, do you get a paycheck from T-Mobile or what?

      • HectoRome

        I did call back shortly after seeing on T-Mo News the heads up on the rate plans. After calling back I was told by Automated message that for all Plan Related Inquiries I needed to call back at 6am Eastern Time. I hung up, called back and selected the option where I was able to speak with a CSR and was transferred to the (now closed dept. ) and heard the same message. When I woke the next morning and called back. It was at this time I was informed about the ETF. When I asked Why I wasn’t informed about the better price point the CSR simply stated had I switched to that price that the plan would NOT include discounted phones even when eligible. I understand that this is a business, all I asking for is for my options and let me decide from there. A little clarity, all of my options being transparent so that I might make a better more informed decision shouldn’t be to much to ask for. After being misled I called back to complain and inform the next CSR ( 3rd call in 7 hrs ) the CSR stated plainly there was “No Possibilty To Avoid The ETF” it was on this 3rd and final statement that I made the decision to switch to AT&T and get the iPhone. My plan with AT&T with corporate discount is family 700 minutes, mobile to Mobil is free, any carrier so long as it is mobile. Calling land lines will use the 700 minutes but mobile to mobile on any carrier is free. 2gb data per line and unlimited texting is $120 a month after taxes is $126.37 a month. The phones were $199 ea for. 1 black, 1 white iPhone 4S.

      • Roshan

        value plan is a rip off plan, $200 per line up to $1000 for 5 family line, hell with the value, tmo needs to stop acting stupid

    • Billy

      I would say about half of the T-Mobile reps are excellent.  The others are less than worthless in their positions.  Of course all the ones in the second category think they are in the first.

      And from the postings on this forum, I would say that a good chunk of the latter category spend their time on these forums bitching about customers… misguidedly thinking they are actually helping their company (quite the opposite, of course).

  • HectoRome

    I HAD Been With T-Mobile Since Day One.

    I left recently for AT&T and the iPhone as I had been treated unfairly regarding my rate plan.  I too for many many years had felt that I was a part of a ‘Family’ and had Never experienced bad customer service. Until the week before Christmas when I was misled by the customer service rep regarding my rate plan.  Shortly after hanging up I checked this site and got the heads up on the new rate plans ( Thank you David!) I noticed the rate plan I switched to just moments before over the phone was Considerably Less ($40 to be exact).  When I had called back to complain I was informed of my $200 per line cancellation which is not only unfair as I had just changed plans minutes before.  It was absolutely maddening on how I was mis-informed and was now being penalized for it.

    Thanks for the years of providing great service during my SideKick days T-Mobile and wishing you all the best in the future . . .

  • Darkblue Dean

    This is simple, all T-Mobile has to do is offer the iPhone.

    Personally, until the iPhone has a 4.5″ screen, I am staying with Android.

  • Vladimir G

    If T-Mobile wants to get out of this, the management needs to start with stepping up and firing network engineers that lie about the performance of their network in major metropolitan areas like Atlanta.

    T-mobile support repeatedly recorded dropped calls and unsent text support requests from me, nobody  did anything and T-mobile refused to admit that this problem ever existed in Atlanta. Yet, me and about a dozen of my neighbors and friends keep having the problem. The department on the phone tries to fix problems that do not exist and engineers tell them that there is no network problem… Well, why would me and my friends keep calling for over a year locked in a 2-year contract? Somebody is lying here – is it the customer in this case?

  • Kajkandler

    Just three points:
    * Get Android/Windows updates ASAP, if T-Mobile users have it two weeks earlier, then the comparable models that will go a long way.
    * Get back the contract free tariffs, that was what did distinguish T-Mobile from the rest and de-cluttered the rate scheme. I can’t see the point why I would pay for my own phone and still be bound by a two year contract. It is not only the money but also the flexibility. May be monthly is too fine a granularity, but quarterly should be good. And may be one could collect loyalty points good towards a new phone after several years.
    * Yes give your loyal customers at least the same deals as your new one’s. It is not only said, but a slap in the face if you have to pay to renew your plan and pay for a new phone. It does entice you to switch to a new carrier for the new phone discount. Why else would you stay? May be there would be even deeper discounts for customer on full priced plans that have accumulated 27mo or 30 mo or even more.

    May I add a forth one. Offer simple phones for the elderly that are still attractive. T-Mobile does offer youth phones under their own brands successfully. I’d bet that stylish phones with larger displays and keys as well as simple easy to understand software and may be other age related helps (hearing aid compatible, life alarm system, etc.) would go a long way. Elderly customers are very loyal to their contracts, especially if they reap the benefits of value contracts and are treated well. May be even special support lines where people understand the difficulties that aging brings to phone users and people that are not up to date on the latest technology and don’t care. Get your marquee lady a grandpa and sell him a phone. If you can actually sell the young generation that this is the right phone for their parents you have a greatly under-served customer base.

  • And today yet ANOTHER damn after hours sale for new activations/add a lines only. wtf Humm?

    • BizzMan

      You people just don’t get it … In order to have competitive rates customers will have to give up something. Sprint is losing $500 per iPhone. They can do this only if they make some profit. In order to achieve higher profit margins they have to charge more for their services. T-Mobile offers a good variety of handsets and the handset offering is expanding, if slowly. T-Mobile also offers the Value Familty plans where one can add-a-line for as little as $15/month for 500 anytime minutes, free T-Mobile-to-T-Mobile anytime, free nights and free weekends to landlines and cell phones.AND 2GB of no overage data. For unlimited talk add $20/month to the $15 figure. Yes, yes the price for the first two lines for Unlimited Talk/Text/2GB Data is $50/mo, but any way you look at it the Value Plans are a good deal. If you are going get get a good deal on service then you’re going to have to pay for the handset. T-Mobile cannot eat the cost of the iPhone and provide competitive rates. All of this hype about the iPhone makes Apple rich — Apple makes 70% of ALL of the profits made on handsets. For you knuckleheads who need a business tutor, that means Samsung, Nokia, HTC, Sony and ALL of the remainder of the handset makers are sharing in the remaining 30% profits. Apple is the clear winner inthe cell phone era. The carriers are all concentrating on providing additional, faster and better data delivery at substancial investments while Apple reaps all of the benefits. Stupid carriers .. all of them. 

      • Contracted plans cost more per month than off-contract plans.  That’s how the phone subsidy is paid for.  Whether on-contract or off-contract, the consumer is paying for that phone.  In some, not all, cases, signing a contract and getting a ‘discount’ actually means paying MORE for the phone over the course of 24 months than what the discount was worth.  ($200 off the cost of the phone… plan costs $10 or $15 more a month x 24 months…)

        To believe any carrier is ‘eating’ the cost of the subsidy is naive.

  • Anonymous

    Last month my wife and I went to inquire about moving to the Value Family Plan. We have been with T-Mobile from spring of 2004 and have had the same plan the whole time, with the exception of adding data when we picked up the MyTouch 3G. Since that time we have only upgraded one time (Voluntarily) when the Samsung Vibrant was released. We got ours on July 21st 2010 and basically had the same problems everyone else had until the following January. 

    I called after my Vibrant stopped working for the 5th time. I spoke to a CSR that was nice and kind of cool in a way. She put me on hold for a about 10 minutes after listening to my issues with the phone and reading through the notes form past service problems with both of the phones on our plan. She agreed that a replacement phone would not fix the issues we had with the Vibrant. She suggested that she could talk to a manager about fixing our problem. After putting me on hold she came back saying that because of our tenure she said that they would replace our phones with he SGS4G. I thought that the old school t-mobile customer service was still alive and well and I was satisfied. 

    Last month, I went to a T-mobile store and spoke to a guy about the new value plan. I was going to keep the phone and pay the $50 per phone I was estimating it would be to switch to the Value plan. Unfortunately (I’m sure you see where this is going…) I was told it was $200 per line. The replacement phone was not a replacement phone but a loyalty upgrade. Shocked, I sort of laughed it off saying to my wife, “that explains why it was so easy”. We had just used our upgrades 6 months before, so in my mind it was just T-mobile helping a long time customer with a horrible piece hardware. I was never told I was being upgraded, I think that would be some kind of no-no  in the contract business world. 

    I am about to jump ship to Sprint as soon as the new LTE phones come available. I get a 20% discount from Sprint because of a employer relationship and that would make it cheaper than staying with t-mobile on my old school plan. 

    • Tbyrne

      Did you ask the CSR if the two sgs4g’s we’re going to be replacement phones instead of a loyalty upgrade? Apparently not. Like they say in the business world, read the fine print or in your case, ask the right questions.

      • Anonymous

        what the hack is a loyalty upgrade? I’ve been with them since 2003 and never heard of such a thing….Then again 2003 was the only time I got a phone on contract! lol

    • forced to switch

      We had warranty exchanges done that weren’t done as upgrades, and in the end they “lost” three phones we returned to the warehouse and charged us $1800, for three missing phones and one phone that they shipped to us but had UPS intercept before it got here. It was like all of a sudden they shipped a replacement and decided that previous phones that were in the system as received were now gone. Any time we sent a phone back, we called later to confirm that it was received and were told yes. Then 40+ calls in over two months later and multiple “we’re looking into it, it was just an error” responses the charges were not reversed and our two lines were suspended, during the middle of a snow and ice storm. I finally spoke with one very helpful rep who located two of the phones and halved the charges, but she did not have the authority to clear the rest and turn the phones back on. Sick of it all and in need of working phones, I just switched to Sprint anyway yesterday to get my work discount. I was instructed to write a letter to Customer Relations because the call center reps say they have no more power to do more to help. I was halfway through my contract after not being on one for a good 3 years and also having been a customer since 2000. 

      I had 11 years of amazing customer service, and one year of rude, argumentative, often clueless non-support. I am tired of always reaching someone who can not understand what I say, and I am also tired of being hung up on. Oh, and being yelled at for believing what other reps had previously told me. That one is fun. 

       I also discovered that the first phone we had issues with was done as a warranty replacement until they changed the phone, at which point we received the “loyalty upgrade” and it extended the contract, which would have ended this June. After that first one any other exchange was done as a warranty replacement, though it resulted in this mess. All warranty replaced phones were refurbished, and pretty much had the same or worse known issues as the one they were replacing. 

      This focus on churn is too little, too late.  

  • Anonymous

    So 2012 is the year to fix churn? Is part of that strategy to have zero announcements at CES 2012 while other carriers are announcing all sorts of upcoming exciting phones and devices? Way to kick off the Year to End Churn Humm. Great job – hope you get a big bonus for it….

  • Kevin

    Not that I am interested, but if T-mobile gets the iphone in 2012, it will help substantially.  If they do not get the iphone in 2012, its going to get worse.  

    I love being with T-mobile, but the phone line up has to get a little more interesting.  Att and Verzion have some very interesting big screen phones coming out.  

    Also, I can go into the Sprint, Verizon, and ATT store and actually USE the phones, all the T-mobile stores in my region have replaced all the live phones in their stores with mostly Faux Phones, just cries cheap small company, not a way to get newer customers.  

  • Anonymous

    Get the Galaxy Nexus.  Get the iPhone (however you have to do it). Give existing customers discounts.  

    Does tmo still offer 1 yr contracts? I was all about those back in the day. I upgrade my phone every year. 2 yr contracts are useless to me, so I’ve been paying for phones unsubsidized.  Ouch.

  • Anonymous

    Bring back the 1 year contract (maybe offer it to existing “loyalty” customers) with a nice discount for handsets….

    I have been with T-mobile since 2003. I have been off-contract with them since about 2006 or so. I also use an iPhone. I would love to switch to a Windows Mobile device, but I can’t justify the price and a 2 year contract.

    An awesome differentiator for TMO would be to somehow work with phone makers to expand the “WiFi Calling” fetaure to non-Android devices. (This woud ROCK if TMO gets the iPhone! It would be a huge boost to the “feature phone” segment.) I would gladly snatch up a Windows Mobile phone with this feature.

    Just my ramblings and thoughts.

  • After a disappointing CES showing, I know one more customer about to churn…

    I’ve been off contract since 2009 or so and have been extremely adamant about never going back on contract.  I even paid full price for my HD2, then Dell Venue Pro, to stay off contact.

    For the Nokia 900… hell, even the Nokia 800… or possibly even the Titan 2… I would totally have signed a contract.  Please believe me when I say:  That’s saying quite a bit.

    Tmobile has a lot of good things going for it, but its getting to the point where their handset selection is ridiculous.  It doesn’t matter what your OS of choice is… Tmobile does not offer the flagships.  There was a period where I accepted this fact about Tmobile and was ok with it… but after seeing all the glorious new tech shown at CES and seeing NONE OF IT coming to Tmobile… meh… Tmo, I am disappoint.

    • Tbyrne

      Carly punching David in the stomach was a disappointing CES showing? All kidding aside, we just got over the acquisition attempt and the year just started. Give it some time dude. Perhaps a handset will come out soon that will tickle your funny bone.

  • Tbyrne

    You must be deranged. If you ate at a restaurant and after finishing the meal they presented you with a bill that you felt was substantially higher than you felt it should be but begrudgingly paid the bill anyway and kept going back than you are a fool! In your own words, which everyone in here can read, you said that T-Mobiles a “deceitful heartless greed-driven abomination.” If that’s how you define this company, you are deranged if you continue to patronize them. Fault finding gets pathetic after awhile. Most emotionally healthy people just vote with their feet.

    • TheWayOfThings

      Did I say I was still a customer? By the way.. that nausea you feel.. it’s probably your conscience. And yes, I stand by my words, when T-mobile has done right, I applaud them, but their wrongs far out-weigh their rights at this point… and also yes T-Mobile management  is an unethical deceitful den of thieves forcing good employees to act unscrupulously. I’d wager that most reps would agree with me on that. As for you, I’m done with you, cheerleader, go rah rah rah all you wish and keep on cashing those checks. I’m sure most people with two eyes and a lick of sense can see your Pro-magenta chest-thumping as the pitiful joke that it is.

      • Tbyrne

        No. Actually what people now KNOW is the phoney that you are. Coming in here with your propaganda and hateful disdain toward a company you’re not even a part of is not only disgusting but disgraceful. To nitpick about problems that ALL cellular companies have to deal with shows you obviously have an obsession with trying to demonize T-Mobile. Very disturbing if you ask me.

  • Anonymous

    If anyone is due for upgrade,Target has the HTC Sen. for free! For new customers and upgrades! Not sure how long it will be!  But if you due for upgrade,go to Target! That where I got my SG2 for $99.00
    in Dec! Why can’t Tm do this for their customers??? Spread the word! 

  • Nomailthanks

    If T-Mo is going to get the iPhone they have to get it for a better price than Sprint or it’s going to hurt.  Also, if they do get it there is no way you’d be able to get it on a $49 value plan.  Apple would get part of that monthly contract price, too.  Probably around $10 a month.  It’s a tough decision.  Rise prices on just iPhones customers and tick them off or raise prices across the board and tick everyone off.

    Much of the churn problem is because T-Mo gives contracts to people
    that other carriers don’t want to have on contract.  Customers with poor
    (or no) credit ratings leave at a much higher rate.  But it can still
    be a profitable segment.  You just have to accept that it’s going to
    come at the price of churn and more bad debt.  But if you start giving these customers highly subsidized iPhones that are already losing the company money it could get out of hand.

  • HectoRome

    As A Parting Gift T-Mobile is charging me $593.02 for being misled and Not having all of the facts clearly stated.

    Ouch!  I am really having a difficult time in holding back my anger as I Never wanted this and certainly didn’t ask for this type of treatment.

    T-Mobile Personnel any words of advice before I walk into a ‘Brick & Mortar’ location and aggressively discuss this unusually large final bill?

  • falling_out_of_love

    I’m really getting tired of T-Mo screwing us existing customers.  A few things that stick out:

    1. a few weeks ago there was a sale of the SGS2 for $80 on the web.  The catch? It’s only for NEW customers.  WTF??

    2. I got a nice little flyer from them about this president’s day sale.  The catch? The first catch is a mail in rebate (card said “may be required” but every phone required one.  The second catch is they required me to get me off my legacy android internet plan so they can detect me tethering (presumably). 

    This is NOT the T-Mo that I fell in love with.  Sad to say it, but it may be time to break up.  :/

  • Chris

    As the most recent commenter said, the subsidy is much greater for new customers than for existing customers who are out of contract ($350 vs. $100 by my estimate), yet the cost of the contract is otherwise identical. What this represents is a $250 per line disincentive to stay with T-Mobile rather than taking a two-year vacation with AT&T. Though most customers may not run the numbers, I would think we are all dimly aware of being majorly taken advantage of. It is amazing that this reason for churn was not mentioned by the statement.

    • Chris

       I though of a potential solution – if T-Mobile at least allowed existing customers to carry over their unused subsidies, even the current small ones, it would go a long way to limiting the growing sense of opportunity loss as the years go by off contract.

  • prettysmartfella

    Working with T-mobile retail is a little like playing chess and not being able to see your opponents pieces.

    Rule #1: if you want to make a deal on rate plans, devices, or whatever, DO NOT GO INTO A RETAIL LOCATION! I have been with t-mobile since 1997 (Think Voice Stream) and you’d think that it would account for something, but according to the woman at the retail counter… “go ahead and shop the competition, it will cost you $1000.00 ($200 x 5 lines) in early termination fees to make any move.” Boy did I ever feel like a jackass, begging for spare change.