T-Mobile’s “New Year, New Phone” Sale Starts Today, Runs Through Sunday

This is your friendly reminder for T-Mobile’s “New Year, New Phone” sale going on now through Sunday, January 8th. Did you already forget the special offer? “All smartphones and select Mobile BroadBand devices in T-Mobile stores will be available with a new down payment of $49.99 or less, when purchased with a qualifying new Unlimited Value Plan.”

Thinking about picking up a phone? See if you qualify:

  • New activation and add-a-lines
  • Any Classic, Legacy, or existing Value Plan customer qualifies for this promotion
    • There are no contract or handset tenure requirements
    • Standard migration fees apply for customers switching to Value
  • 2-year contract required
  • Must activate or upgrade to Unlimited Value Plan with qualifying data feature
  • Variable data requires: Smartphones (2GB) or 42Mbps Superphones (5GB)
  • Qualifying Rate Plans: Unlimited Value Family Plan, Unlimited Value Single Lines and AAL (Must have unlimited minutes add on feature)
  • Any webConnect Value rate plan of 2GB Or higher

Are you stuck on your Classic plan but thinking about adding another line? Check out your local T-Mobile Retail Partner Store for a special Classic Plan offer.

We’ve got all the details for you: here, here and here.

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  • 123

    Still useless

  • Anonymous

    Would the 42mbs “superphones” 5gig be a higher cost?  I hit between 400-800mb of a data a month and only stream music.  That leaves with me 4gig of data I’m grandfathered with my plan that I don’t even use.  I would not be pleased to buy a new phone that requires a higher data package because it is capable of reaching theoretical speeds of 42mbps but in real world no way.  Offer me a phone that has a solid connection at that speed and I could see being required to pay that.

    For those on classic plans that did not want to buy a “value” plan but use their normal upgrade for a new sg2 or amaze, were you required to get a new 42mbs superphone data package at a higher cost? 

  • Anonymous

    I think that data requirement is super lame!  I use maybe 100 MB a month since I’m around WiFi most of the time.  I don’t think I need to get a 5 GB data plan for the Amaze or SGSII since I’ll still be doing most of my data through WiFi…

    And don’t get me started on these deals only being for Unlimited Value Plans….

    I miss the good ol’ days when T-mobile would do sales that anyone with an expiring contract could get a good phone for a good price and they would just need to extend their current contract, not upgrade to  a unlimited plan and add a massive data plan that I wouldn’t even get close to taking advantage of.

    /end of my whining…

    • brandycona

      actually the old promotions that t-mobile ran required a 30 dollar data plan and a much higher voice charge. this promotion offers the customer rebates on down payments and a much lower cost monthly than any plan ever offered. plus you can always downgrade your data plan later. the 5gb is only required for rebates. I got a great deal on my galaxy in November and already got my rebate and downgraded to 2gb. and i am saving 25 a month over my old unlimited plan even with paying for the phone!

    • Droidsoup

      I personally went to Wal-mart and got the Samsung Exhibit ii 4g Pre-paid now enjoy the $50/mo. Monthly 4g. I just topped over 100mb. We’ll see how slow the speeds are.

      • DiscussionIsGood

        But your wifi hotspot app is disabled. Dealbreaker.

  • Anonymous


  • GetReal

    What a waste of time no one wants anything to do with these phones. T-Mobile is falling behind, they need a new board and stateside CEO. I mean this is getting really bad, and very hard swallow ugh

    • Anonymous

      Whats wrong with these phones? 
      And to all who are poo pooing this so called sale, it is aimed at getting new customers. I don’t think they expect you to get rid of your old plan to pay more so you can finance a phone. Quit your whining. We cant be competitive and give away the farm while still staying profitable. Check out Verizon and AT&T plans and get back to me…

  • JBLmobileG1

    Sale? What sale? For anyone with an old grandfathered plan this is a joke. I thought they wanted to start the new year on the right track and keep the churn down? If it wasn’t for us old timers who knows where Tmobile might have been today. I guarantee they wouldn’t have received the offer from At&t and the money they did receive wouldn’t have happened. Tmobile how about a sale or even a new plan for the loyalists? Maybe early upgrades after a year so long as you been with them say 5+ years? I myself will be going on 8 in September.

    • Cupcake

      So true!  Been with them since 1999 back when they were Voicestream…12 years and counting.

    • Been with T-Mo since 2001, sad.

    • Anonymous

      I have been with them since 2001.  And I have been buying power from the power company since 1988.  And Gas from the Gas company since then too.  And funny thing, I don’t expect the gas company to give me free gas, or the electric company to give me free electricity.  If they are not meeting your expectations of giving you stuff, no one will stop you from going to another provider.  Maybe they will give you stuff.  Just a thought.

      • tommy

        ooh not smart. you cannot switch electric companies or gas companies or else they would offer you free gas or electric.

  • Anonymous

    This isn’t a sale, it’s a reduced down payment option.  

  • TMOisslow

    Hello all, well for those of you that have been a long time member of this site you will remember that I was the one who called TMO to task for not living up to their reported speeds and was later born out by independent testing.

    Well, I have been out of the country for awhile and playing catch up. TMO overseas is a different story, one I will not tell today.

    However, having read through much of the blogging I must say that I too am fed up and making the trek to Verizon.

    Yes, having been exposed to their LTE phones while waiting on connecting flights made me a believer.

    It is incredible, 16M down consistently. No dropped calls. Its like discovering an entirely new world.

    So, I will join David on his mirror site VZ buzz and bid you all a happy new year.

    • T mobile_Fan77

      Goodbye and  again, Goodbye!

    • The only reason I’m staying with T-mobile is the relatively lower plans.  I’m not sure how true this is still.

    • Realcool2000

      Looks like noboby cares who you are or what you do, buddy. Got any friends? Have fun paying those VZ prices…

  • HBK

    might as well just call it another rebate sale…

  • I’m already on a Value plan.  If I want an SGSII, do I only put down $49.99?  Or is this for new activations only?

  • Anonymous

    How about a sale for classic plans? The option of a value plan that requires you to sign a two year contract and pay full price for a phone is a huge scam to me. They want you believe that you are getting a lower monthly payment but that’s not really true. A single line unlimited plan with 5GB data is $74.99 per month compared to $89.99 per month on a classic plan. What they do not take into account is the monthly cost of the phone itself. With this sale you would put $49.99 down on a Samsung Galaxy S2 then 20 payments of $20.00 per month. This makes your monthly cost $94.99 for 20 months instead of $89.99 with a classic plan. The last four months would be $74.99.

    So you save $15.00 per month for the last 4 months for a total of $60.00. However, you pay an extra $100.00 over the first 20 months compared to the classic plan. That is a net loss of $40.00 over the duration of the contract and you received no discount on your phone. A normal sale like they always have, would have given you the same mail-in rebate of $150.00 that this one is offering, and you would still pay just $49.99 up front, except you would save $40.00 over the course of the contract.

    • Timothy Desaules

      Just lower your data to 2GB after you get the rebate.  80% of customers only need 2GB.  Theres your savings.

  • Timothy Desaules

    They could start reducing churn by closing dealers that defraud customers.  Those little kiosks in the malls need to go.

  • Guest

    The Blackberry 9810 is nowhere to be found on TMobile’s site.  Did they drop the phone from it’s lineup??

    • Bluehorseshoe

      The picture states “in stores only.” as for it not being on the site at all, who knows.

    • JadedNYer

      The Torch is not showing as an upgrade option for me either. Just the Curve and the Bold.

  • Bring back Handset Financing for EVERY CUSTOMER and not just the Value Plan.  I have 4 phones on my account all up for upgrades around the same time.  Now I’m going to have to pay $1,000 up front instead of being able to split it over 4 payments?  Thanks for sticking it to us again T-Mobile! My wife and daughter are moving to Verizon and my son and I may follow.  Yeah, we’ll pay more monthly, but removing handset financing leaves me nothing else to hang around for.

  • matt

    thanks for having crappy brick phones for us who like them… and thanks for having crappy smart phones although you force us all to buy them. 

  • dave

    It’s the 49.99 down payment. They still charge 20 per month for 20 months. 

  • DiscussionIsGood

    I thought long on this. I would be willing to extend my contract, go through the hassle and uncertainty of a rebate, and happily pay the sale costs upfront and monthly.

    But I don’t need an unlimited anything plan, I like the plan I have. When they really want the inventory gone and are willing to let the incessant upsell go, I might just get a new phone from the 2011 4G crop.