T-Mobile Announces “New Year, New Phone” Sale, Rings In 2012

While we always feel that the week leading up to CES is a silly time to buy a new smartphone, we can’t stop you from having your heart set on something T-Mobile currently has in their lineup. With that in mind, T-Mobile has formally announced their “New Year, New Phone” promotion. The details are exactly what was leaked yesterday with the promotion running from Friday, January 6th through Sunday, January 8th. Almost all of T-Mobile’s devices are available for $49.99 or less. Of course, each deal requires a mail-in rebate card and the selection of a qualifying unlimited Value Plan. Payments start at around $10 per month on phones or $5 per month on mobile hotspots. The Galaxy S II, HTC Amaze 4G, myTouch 4G Slide and all the rest of T-Mobile’s Android and Windows Phone lineup are ready for your purchase.

Hit the full press release for all the info. Or just check out our posting from yesterday breaking it all down.


T-Mobile Rings in 2012 with the “New Year, New Phone Sale”

On Jan. 6–8, all T-Mobile smartphones and select mobile broadband devices are available for as little as $0–$49.99 net down

BELLEVUE, Wash. — Jan. 3, 2012 — Following last year’s successful holiday promotions such as “Magenta Saturday” and the “4G Super Sale,” T-Mobile USA, Inc. will help value seekers kick off the new year with the “New Year, New Phone Sale.” For one weekend only, Friday, Jan. 6 through Sunday, Jan. 8, T-Mobile is giving customers the chance to purchase top devices, such as the HTC Amaze 4G, Samsung Galaxy S II or the T-Mobile® Springboardtablet, for $49.99 or less net down payment — after a mail-in rebate card — when customers sign up for a new two-year agreement on any qualifying T-Mobile Unlimited Value plan.1

“Some people join a gym as a New Year’s resolution while others vow to stay in better touch with friends and loved ones, and T-Mobile wants to help with that resolution,” said John Cleland, Senior Vice President of Marketing, T-Mobile USA. “For consumers who didn’t get the latest mobile phone for the holidays, T-Mobile is giving them a chance to welcome in the new year with the hottest new devices at an affordable price and help them stay better connected in 2012.”

New customers will be eligible for this deal when they sign up for a two-year agreement on any qualifying Unlimited Value plan2. Existing customers also can take advantage of this great sale if they are eligible for an upgrade, meaning they have been on their current service contracts for 18 months or more.

The following is a sample list of some of the exceptional devices available through the “New Year, New Phone Sale”:

The “New Year, New Phone Sale” will be available the weekend of Jan.6–8 at participating T-Mobile retail stores nationwide. For more information about T-Mobile’s “New Year, New Phone Sale” and details about qualifying Unlimited Value plans, which include unlimited talk, text and data for a low price, visithttp://deals.t-mobile.com/new-phones?cm_mmc_o=lBgbzkFwpbzCjCzczywEwllCjC5ywllywkwzlwCjCwEpButBkbpzYwMwEfnivv.

1 Equipment installment plans: On approved credit and 0 percent APR. Down payment and unfinanced portion required at purchase. Remaining balance paid in 20 monthly installments. Total post-rebate price of each device equals down payment amount plus monthly payment amount times 20.

2 Devices must be supported with the following data requirements: voice phones: 200 MB data; most smartphones: 2 GB data; 42 Mbps devices (Amaze and Galaxy S II): 5 GB data.

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  • Anonymous

    So T-Mobile is forcing people who have a 42Mbps device on a Value Planto pay for the 5GB?  Thats jacked up.  Good thing I have a regular plan I guess.

    • Anonymous

      if you want your rebate, you need 5gb data until the  trebate has processed. you can change it after that. this only applies to the gsii and amaze

      • Anonymous

        Oh OK thx for the info.

  • Savage

    Another BS sale from Tmobile. What a joke!

  • Pete Townsend

    Meet the new sale…….. same as the old sale………

    • Frigadroid

      People try to put us down, time to update my sensation!
      Iphone and Nexus can’t be found, DT’s got a situation!
      Contracts getting pretty old, talking bout my frustration!
      Time for phil & rene to go. tmobile frustration, tmobile frustration.
      What’s up Pete?

      • Gentleman559

        Buy the GSM Galaxy Nexus. It runs T-Mobile 4G. I had one long before it came to Verizon……

        • youllneverknow

          Not everyone wants to pay over $700 for an overhyped pile just because its the first to run on the newest operating system.

        • Frigadroid

          If it was $1 I still wouldn’t buy it because I have vowed to never buy samsung again. If they produce a googlerolla nexus made in america I wouldn’t mind the inflated price.

  • Aviifl

    just found out the anouncement that apple will be giving in new york, is apple the iphone coming to t-mobile. this is coming from a very reliable source

    • Tenaciousmatt

      T-mobile also to announce the discovery of Big Foot living in their Bellevue, WA headquarters. HA!

      • Frigadroid

        That would explain who has been calling the shots. I didn’t really believe that the upper management were even showing up for work, with the direction the company has been going.

        • Anonymous

          I think the takeover probably had a lot of people heading for the exits. I’ve personally not had issues so whatever other people are experiencing can’t be widespread

      • Gentleman559

        Haha. Now thats good. ;-)

    • Anonymous

      pics or i dont believe it. Also its a media event, not a hardware event.

  • Chrisroberts7577

    T-Mobile is really excluding all their customers that want to keep their current plans from these sales.  Looks like they must not be making as much money on us as the new guys.  

    • Anonymous

      I think something is up, they are pushing the value plans hard lately. They’re either using these sales to gather data to help them decide how to change the calling plans or something else

    • Anonymous

      by the way we were out of contract for two years, I called in and asked for retention and they made me an offer. Be curteous, polite and reasonable tell them what you’re interested in and see what they offer you.

      You don’t have to wait for official sales

    • Anonymous

      Go find a costco or sam’s club. They normally have huge discounts with no mail in rebates if you have to stay on a classic plan.

  • Really Lost

    So what does this mean? Galaxy S II $49.99 down? Monthly payment $20.00? 

    • Anonymous

      it means you get a Value plan, which does not subsidize the phone cost like Classic Plan does because it’s cheaper per month. You put down your first payment of 199.99 plus sales tax, which is based on the full $599.99 of the phone. You then send in your rebate, and get back $150 and the rest of the phone payments are applied monthly to your bill for 20 months, Without any interest unlike say a credit card.

      And you can always pay off the outstanding cost of the phone or just keep making the monthly payment

      • ryan meggy

        So overall, are you basically getting a $150 discount? After your 2-year contract is over, will you have paid $450 rather than $600? (not including sales tax)

        • Anonymous

          overall you’re getting $150 rebate that brings the phone cost to ~$480 depending on what your sales tax is: $599.99+tax-$150 AND the lower monthly cost Value planns offer over Classic.

          After 2yrs or whenever you want to pay your phone off you would have paid ~$480 for it instead of $529.99+tax

          Tho keep in mind the reguirements for the rebate are unilmited Value plan – talk/text/5GB web which you can probably change later, around 2 months, after you get your rebate

        • ryan meggy

          Sweeeeet, thanks for the info. I’m about to get the small business plan with unlimited talk, text, and 5GB data, which also comes with its own promotional offer (monthly bill is only $35 the first year, $50 the second year with the purchase of an SGSII). If I add this “New Year, New Phone” discount ($150) plus the $180 I save from the business plan’s promotional offer, I can get the Galaxy SII for only $300!  

        • Anonymous

          just make sure you read the fine print, and if you downgrade in 2 months ask specifically if you’ll get an ETF if you’re still paying the phone off via EIP

        • Anonymous

          I don’t think that there are no 2GB data plans with small business, only 5GB. So there is really no way for me to downgrade anyways lol.

  • Anonymous

    I think I will for an Amaze or Galaxy SII for free midnight sale. That’s how I got my Sensation last summer :)

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  • Anonymous

    People love to complain about these sales, but the bottom line is that you are saving a lot of money compared to the other 3 big carriers. I have tried all of the carriers in my area and for the money, T-Mobile delivers the best value when comparing price, reception and network performance. 

    For somebody looking to move to T-Mobile from AT&T, Sprint or Verizon, this is the perfect time to do it!

  • Been Burned by t-mobile before



    • Xermys

      DO the math Chipmunk. When you consider its for a value plan, even after that its still saving over $200 compared to a classic plan.

      • Been Burned

        No you don’t get it do you?  TMobile is advertising a sale on phones I am not talking about the plans, and showing the prices at $49.99.  But you end up paying 10 times what the advertised price is.  You need to read the fine print which you are not doing because you are trying to bring in plan prices to a sale on phones.  Don’t mix your apples with your oranges.

        By the way, you must be a TMobile troll to say you are saving money on a plan when we are talking solely the phones right Chipmunk cheeks?

        • Xermys

          if you get a mail in rebate that brings it below the price you would normally pay it does qualify as a sale.  To help you our I copied the definition form dictionary.com.

             [seyl]  Show IPAnoun1.the act of selling.2.a quantity sold.3.opportunity to sell;  demand: slow sale.4.a special disposal of goods, as at reduced prices.5.transfer of property for money or credit.

    • Anonymous

      child, please do some maths

      Normal GS II pricing: $529.99+6% tax (florida in my case) = $561.7894
      Promo GS II pricing: $599.99+6% tax =  $635.9894 – $150 rebate = $485.9894
      GS II on Classic subsidy right now: $279.99+6% = $296.7894 – $50 rebate = $246.7894

      Then take into account your Classic vs Value plan costs, Value being $10 month cheaper

      • Xermys

        actually I believe the Value plan for Unlimited Talk and text with the 5 gb is $20 less expensive per month. So you pay $480 less for the plan over the life of the contract. So you save over the long term over $200

      • Been Burned

        Child you do the math, TMobile is falsely advertising the price of the phone.  The advertised price is $49.99.  The additional $400.00 you pay is hidden and buried in the fine print footnotes, do you really ever read the footnotes when you sign a service plan like this?

        Also, you need to go back and learn proper spelling and grammar.  I have never heard of “do some maths”.

        • Anonymous

          one, I was being facecious

          two, I don’t know what’s buried where but it is well known Value plans do not subsidise a handsent the same way Classic plans do. Although when you do the mathses that subsidy is in the Classic plan costs.

          What I think may be misleading however, is Tmobile jacking the retail price of something like th GS II to $599.99 from $529.99 unless it’s one of those “cheaper online” arguments

    • Common Sense

      You’re the same type of customer who walks into a store after they see a sign that says $49.99/line UNL TALK TEXT WEB and is surprised when its $49.99 per line UNL TALK TEXT WEB.
      The sale is that you are getting up to $150 back on smartphones. Just because you dont get a FREE phone and T-Mobile positions the sale to attract customers into the store doesn’t mean its not a sale.
      Go and get a FREE phone with these other “sales”, end up paying less now, but complain later why your bill is so high.
      T-Mobile is a business not a charity. Just because you feel fooled since you aren’t getting what you want, don’t start claiming its not a sale.

  • Anonymous

    Ok, here’s how Value plan and this promo win, obsessively broken down. I know most people don’t think of all this.

    My assumption is based on us: current customer, no activation or upgrade fees, on family 1000 plan with 2 lines, Florida taxes, 2GB data and current GS II Classic plan subsidy (no haggling over the phone with Retention people)

    It’s real easy to see everything in a spreadsheet by the way.

    Florida tax: 18.157%
    USF: $1.90 ($1.61 per line plus florida tax)
    E911: $0.50 per line

    $59.98 + tax/fees = $75.67 + $40 2GB data = $115.6705 per month or $2,776.092 in 24 months total

    2xGSII @ $279.99 each + 6% sales tax = $593.5788 – $100 in rebates = $493.5788

    $493.5788 + $2,776.092
    $3,269.6708 over 24 months on Classic 1000, 2 lines, 2GB data, no text, 2 GSII $50 rebate each

    $79.98 + tax/usf/E911 = $99.3019 + $50 5GB data = $149.3019/monthly
    or $298.6039 for 2 months long enough to get the rebates

    Then lower plan to … say… Value 1000 minutes @ $49.98/m, no text, 2GB data
    $63.8548 + $20 data = $83.8548 or $1,844.8056 22 months

    $298.6039 + $1,844.8056 = $2,143.4095 over 24 months

    2xGSII: $599.99*2 + 6% = $1,271.9788 – $300 in rebates = $971.9788

    $2,143.4095 + $971.9788
    $3,115.3883 over 24 months on Value 1000 2 lines, 2GB data, no text, 2 GSII w/ $150 rebate each

    Classic:$3,269.6708 over 24 months
    Value: $3,115.3883 over 24 months
    $154.2825 savings with Value plan
    ($228.9335 if it takes the rebate 1.5 months to come & then you lower your plan)

    • JadedNYer

      The small print says that you must stay on the qualifying plan for the duration of the EIP which I assume means the unlimited talk. Before you can switch to the 1000 minute plan you would need to pay off the EIP.

  • TMobile police

    How many TMoible trolls are posting on this site?

  • CliffordBush

    l tank about t-mobile is not a big help in oneway.But now at&t isn’t gone to stop. T-mobile. Camper because. Thy Don’t have the I phone.o

  • 46bab in jacksonville

    As a T Mobile customer for the last 10 years they offer better value for the service  than Verizon, AT&T and Sprint. You cannot get it online. You have to go to the store and let them earn your business. I have 6 employees using  T Mobile with talk,text,and data unlimited with top of the line phones and 1 AT&T, and  Verizon. T Mobile is head and shoulders above the rest.  T Mobile’s sales force is flexible. If you do not like a charge or fee sometimes they will drop it. Everything has to be done before you sign on the dotted line.