T-Mobile’s “New Year, New Phone” Value Plan Sale Kicking Off This Weekend

T-Mobile’s “New Year, New Phone Sale” is ready to kick off this weekend and it’s bringing the Value Plan goodness. So what’s the offer? “All smartphones and select Mobile BroadBand devices in T-Mobile stores will be available with a new down payment of $49.99 or less, when purchased with a qualifying new Unlimited Value Plan.” In other words, this sale sounds exactly like the previous sales that have been geared toward the Value Plan side of T-Mobile’s dual-rate plan offer. This appears to be the “winter event” we were expecting after T-Mobile’s winter marketing focus sheet leaked at the end of 2011.

So who qualifies?

  • New activation and add-a-lines
  • Any Classic, Legacy, or existing Value Plan customer qualifies for this promotion
    • There are no contract or handset tenure requirements
    • Standard migration fees apply for customers switching to Value
  • 2-year contract required
  • Must activate or upgrade to Unlimited Value Plan with qualifying data feature
  • Variable data requires: Smartphones (2GB) or 42Mbps Superphones (5GB)
  • Qualifying Rate Plans: Unlimited Value Family Plan, Unlimited Value Single Lines and AAL (Must have unlimited minutes add on feature)
  • Any webConnect Value rate plan of 2GB Or higher


Customer purchases Samsung Galaxy S II

Pay Today

Down Payment $199.99

Mail-in Rebate -$150.00

Net Down Payment $49.99 (after MIR)

Monthly EIP payment: $20 (some devices will increase to $20 EIP on January 6)

Five Superphones Requiring 5GB Data Plan With $20 EIP

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  • Joeboxer

    Blah Blah Blah!

  • David Rosen

    wait so this is for people that are still in contract too? really? like if my contract isn’t up until October 2012, can i take advantage of this now and get a galaxy s2 for $50 plus $20/month? and if so, how long does the $20/month go for? is it for 2 full new years? if so that’s a terrible deal haha, but if its less than 2 full years worth than it could be good…

    • Anonymous

      You will still pay a migration fee.
      YYou still bed to fulfill your original contact.

      • David Rosen

        so then it’s definitely no deal for someone like me. if anything i’d be paying even more money than the $414 it says it would cost to upgrade now.

    • Anonymous

      i asked for clarification. we will see what they say.

    • Dwashington1

      If you’re in a contract, you’ll pay a migration fee based on when your contract is over to switch to Value

      $20 a month is for 20 months

      You can use EIP

  • cale42

    So I’m thinking pretty seriously about switching to a Value plan, but I have one question I haven’t found an answer to anyway.  Can I use an EIP and what kind of deal do I get if I don’t choose a “qualifying” plan.  I like to buy the newest phone when I upgrade.. but I’m a moderate user, the 1000 minute and 2gb family plan is perfect for my household.  So lets say I want an SGSII with the 1000 minute and 2gb plan.  I obviously don’t qualify for this deal.  Do I qualify for anything, can I even use an EIP or do I have to pay full price for the phone?  Thanks to anyone who can explain this.

    • Jemar55

      You can use the EIP and get the plan you want without the “sale”. The “sale” has restrictions which nullifies anything you would possibly get from it…… I want to get the SGSII but will get it  either before or after this sale… more so after when they notice this sale was really crap and  few customers supported it.

  • Lemme get this straight: You have to pay $199 cash up front AND pay $49/month for voice plan AND pay $?/month for required data plan AND pay $20/month extra phone subsidy AND sign a 2 year contract… and all you get in return is a $149 MAIL-IN (not instant) rebate?!

    No thanks.

    • Guest

      Let me set you straight.  The $49/month includes the 2gig web…  you do have to pay a bit more for the 5gig if you want either the 9900, GS2 or Amaze.  But yes, you do have a $20/month payment.  

      The “catch” is the regular price was increased $70 for the sale, so you are actually only saving $80.  


    jesus fn christ another sale that failed 3 times last quarter….3 FN TIMES THE SALE DIDN’T WORK!!!


  • guest

    I don’t get EIP.  If the phone costs me $200 and I’m signing a 2 year contract, why am I still being charged $20 a month to ‘pay off’ my phone?

    • Drepope100

      Exactly my point!. I guess we weren’t suppose to do the math……..

    • Guest

      Because the phone does not cost you $200…  you pay full price.  The $200 is a down payment.  

  • eYe

    So…. they just jacked up full retail of sgs2 by $70? This so uncomplicated ….. $529 + $70 – $150 MIR…. who designs these “so called” sales?

  • Rafalski

    shakin my head….this is a freakin disgrace.  they tried this sale 3 times last year.

  • Kirk

    T-Mobile does it AGAIN. Another horrible promotion for Value plans that really aren’t a value when you tag on the price of the phone in monthly installments. PLUS THEY REQUIRE YOU TO SIGN A 2 year CONTRACT STILL. Awful.

    How about some love for your long time clasic plan contract customers?

    Another reason I’m leaving T-Mobile soon. They just don’t seem to get it. 

    • Guest

      Please leave.  Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.  More bandwidth for me!  

  • Anonymous

    Still nothing for Classic plan users. Sigh….. I still have to pay an EIP of about $20 for at least twenty months. I’d rather pay ten dollars more a month with no EIP and fully subsidized phones. Just makes more sense to me. I don’t keep my phones twenty months anyway, heck I don’t keep em twelve months….

  • Anonymous

    there is no rebate normally on value plans, so there would be no discount at all. just downpayment and eip. wait until after the sale so you dont pay the inflated price.

    • Jemar55

      Exactly!!! You also wouldn’t need to sign up for the 5GB plan i you don’t need it for higher end smart phones.

  • Rafalski

    same crap….different month

  • Anonymous

    still a better deal than the classic plan with a free phone…

  • Anonymous

    because you are paying full price for the phone. eip just lets you charge the price of the phone to your bill for 20 months instead of paying all the day you get it

  • Anonymous

    you are still saving money over buying it any other day. 

  • Anonymous

    ugh. none of my replies went where they were suposed to… sorry for the clutter

  • Youngt82

    Like joeboxer said just bring us the Galaxy Nexus already and some new exclusive smartphones its getting tiring and boring now with all these sales and the same old phones smh

  • Thebestthereis

    they did it again…rolled out another crap sale…

    my question is does anyone who has any authority in this company, do you or can you open your eyes and read/hear what people are saying about this sale…the 4th in a row with nothing to show for it.  Losing more customers than gaining because you are charging full price and making customers sign a 2 year contract…that is ludicrus!!

    But I also blame you!! the customer!!,  you keep coming in, you’re still going to pour money into this company. I’m just a spoke on the wheel. The wheel is going to keep turning and I understand that. Executives are going to make money despite himself. He’s a millionaire who should be a billionaire. You know why he’s not a billionaire? Because he surrounds himself with glad-handed, non-sensical, douchebag (censored) yes men who’s going to tell him everything he wants to hear, and I’d like to think that maybe this company will better after……… 

    • Tbyrne

      Hell yeah we keep coming in! I enjoy having lower monthly bills than most of the people I know. I guess you’ll be leaving soon then? Bye.

  • JBLmobileG1

    This isn’t a sale but a rip off compared to the plan I have now. I would think in order to be even be called a sale the MIR would be instant and nothing you need to send in to get. Also ALL migration fees should be waived. Who in their right mind would pay $200 to migrate to save a little… which in my case would probably be nothing. To me this whole plan is like a credit card where you get what you want now but end up paying for it in the end with interest… in otherwords paying extra in the long run. I might as well save my money and buy a phone outright because that’s pretty much what you end up doing from the sound of it.

    • Guest

      Most people with basic math skills and reasonable common sense would disagree.  

      For most people, the savings you get in Value over Classic is more than $200, so while you do pay a bit upfront, you get it back over the life of your contract.  

      As for credit cards, just pay it off every month and pay zero interest…  and get points/miles.  Can’t pay it off?  Try living within your means.  Or get a higher paying job.  With your intelligence, I’m going to suggest the living within your means path, as it is probably much more feasible for you.

  • What I’m trying to do is switch from my Even More Plus plan which includes Unlimited text, talk & data up to 2GB to get basically the same thing but with data up to 5GB.  I don’t need a new phone as I’m using an unlocked Samsung Galaxy Nexus.  From this chart I can’t tell what the price of the data plan is.

  • Josh Streeter

    Migration fee?  What’s a migration fee?  

    • when you switch from one style of plan to another without extending your contract, you’re charged a migration fee. a fee for switching plans. 

    • Drepope100

      It’s what they charge you when you move from a classic plan to a value plan. No different then paying a early termination fee. Sucks right?

      • Xermys

        No actually its great.  To be able to change a legal contract for a small fee.  Wish it was that easy I would do that with my mortgage.

    • Aaron Tant

      to better explain what Drepope100 and Andrew Singleton are trying to say:

      a migration fee is the fee imposed on customers who have received discounted handsets for the existing contract.  
      If you current contract has been in effect for 0-7 months, then you pay a $200 per line migration fee.  
      If it has been in effect for 8 – 11 months, then the fee is $150 per line.  
      If it has been in effect for 12-15 months, then the fee is $100 per line.  
      If it has been in effect for 16-17 months, then the fee is $50 per line.  
      Last, if you current contract has been in effect 18 months or more, then you have no migration fee.
      So, hope that helps.  As for Drepope100, having your cake and eating it too is not allowed, sorry.

      • Josh Streeter

        So what if I’m already a Value Plan customer and just want to keep my Value Plan?  I’ve been on it for ~8 months.  Never got a discount handset.

        • Guest

          You qualify for the deal no problem, unless you have an existing EIP, which you must first pay off before you qualify.  

  • Brie

    Deutsche Telekom has no interest in being in America and is doing as little it can to keep remaining subscribers until someone buys Tmobile USA.  GOOGLE HEADS UP!!!! You have Moto patents now buy RIM patents then buy Tmo for spectrum!  THEN GIVE ME A FREE PHONE!!!

    • interesting idea. google buying tmo? google would absolutely never buy RIM patents – perhaps the company as a whole to dissolve it and takeover market share, but google becoming a provider seems natural

    • how many times are people going to bring this up?
      8 months later and it still doesn’t sound plausible for google to buy tmo. (Mostly because google doesnt want to)

  • Simplifiedgenius

    T-Mobile: If you are going to force a 2 year contract anyways, then just offer the standard $199.99 pricing on your smartphones and be done with it already. 

    Too  many confusing choices with too many confusing stipulations and penalties.  Who at T-Mo USA dreamt up this plan boggles my mind. 

    Make it simple.  Make it valuable.  Make it easy.  Make it affordable. 

    • Aaron Tant

      then, Classic plan for you

  • Mamei

    Can you find out what % of Tmobile contract customers are value customers?  It seems Tmobile keeps pushing these (at least quietly in these non-advertised sales)…Yet they still seem to confuse most people, including Tmobile employees.  Wouldn’t it make more sense to just discount the phone and make it easy for customers to understand and give them the immediate gratification that they want now.  What does Tmobile get by these value plans vs. just discounting a phone and selling it the traditional way?  For example, for all of you who do the calculations and say over a 2 year period, customer will save $80 on Phone X….why not just discount the subsidized phone by $80 and sell the classic plan that everyone is familiar with.  I guess Im missing something or TMobile is getting something that I don’t realize…It would seem more customers would jump on that offer (like when Amazon slashes a phone price or Verizon doubles the data).   If you want a customer to bite, don’t you want to make the value to them obvious and tempt them into making an impulsive purchase versus making them have an MBA to figure out that in 20 months they’ll start saving money.  I guess the one thing maybe is trying to attract customers that can put out $50 up front instead of $200 for a phone…but even that doesnt make that much sense as the customer still has to put out the $200 up front and wait (and maybe fight) for the rebate to come in afterwards.  I know a bunch of people are going to post how great value plans are and a bunch of people are going to post how stupid they are.  Im  just trying to figure out the marketing strategy behind it.

    • Maryswanson

      on a value plan the company makes their money back on the device sooner rather 9 months on a classic plan …honestly its crap I and the customers dont care about.

      its a fraudulent sale, fraudulent plan.

      ya, im gonna sign a 2 yr contract and pay full price…sure!!

      I agree with other posts…its the customer that is making this wheel turn…you all see the bottom line number of $49.99 per line for 2 lines…how many customers do i see daily that ask for the $49.99 plan??..idiots!! that price is before handset protection per line…taxes and the price of the phone.  its you the dumb customer, t-mobile is doing what any and every other company is doing MARKETING!!! they reeled all the foolish customers in with a bottom line price to get you in the store…once your there and the sales associate has talked circles for 30 minutes to inform you about the value plan, you mr customer is in a trance and will buy pretty much anything at this point.

    • 45-50% of all postpaid are Value plan customers, according to Obermann in Q3 2011 financial reports.

  • virgin mobile, metro pcs. done.

    • Tbyrne

      Done with 4G too. Right?

      • Aaron Tant

        and coverage…

    • Anonymous

      Enjoy CDMA and not being able to access data when you talk.

    • Xermys

      Enjoy not being able to make a phone call once you leave a metro area and having to buy phones every 4-6 months because they sell junk.

    • Podoqob

      Enjoy CDMA with out of order and delayed texting.

  • JadedNYer

    Why does the bottom say that the BlackBerries require a 5GB plan but the top only has 2GB required? Same sale that doesn’t work for me because I don’t need unlimited talk so any rebate will be eaten in a few months of paying 20 dollars more per month on a family plan. I will just sit tight and with my EMP plan.


    how is it a value plan when we have to pay $200 rip off fee to get it?

    • Guest

      Not if you are out of contract.  You wouldn’t be able to upgrade anyway if it’s been less than 20 months since your last upgrade.  

  • Guest1122

    think about it you humanoids…

    you have to get unlimited with 5 gb of data to get he rebate. thats $74.99 compared to the 2gb plan of $59.99

    thats $14 dollars more a month…that $336 over 2 years….is that $199 rebate worth it??

    • GUEST1122

      and the price of phone went up as well…and the higher priced phones are $20 per month instead of $15…so your paying an additional $100…so really your paying $436



    • guest123

      You only have to keep the Web until you get the rebate. after that then go you can remove the Web all together if u want. that’s the highlight of the value plan. So ths savings are still there

      • Xermys

        Web is a required feature for the smartphone sales. It wont be removed unless you can show you paid full price for the phone at time of purchase and did not receive a rebate or use installments. 

        • Guest111

          @xermys you must be new to the company….you can switch the REQ web from 5gb to 2gb anytime you want….also what guest123 is saying, on a value plan you do not have to put a REQ feature on, you have the option to put just 5gb web without it being REQ….you can remove the web once you get your rebate,…you can also put it on eip without web.

  • Jay

    So let’s see. I’m currently in a classic plan so I’d have to, cancel that plan which is $200, then pay a down payment on the Galaxy S2 which is, $199. So i’d be paying $400 for a new phone. I might as well just purchase it regular price…

    Remember when the G2 was given away free last year around Christmas? I miss that T-mobile. :/

    • Guest

      You are still paying more on your Classic plan.  

      • Frigadroid

        Wrong, you guys always forget when you have all the loyalty discounts the classic is cheaper, because on value you pay close to retail for the phone and extra for 5Gb data.
        Up to there its almost even but then consider that I get my phones for 50% off or sometimes free. Last value has the migration fee my charter member classic loyalty plan beats the value plan by $500-$1000 over two years depending on which phones I choose.

        • Stephen Fenton



  • JadedNYer

    So, if you buy two phones on a family plan with 20 dollar EIPs it works out to be the same monthly amount as a Classic plan. I wish TMobile would let EMP customers just go to a classic plan.

    • GUEST1111

      you can go on classic….just tell your sales associate..it does give you the option of switching it in the system

      • JadedNYer

        This is not what I have been told by TMobile unless something has changed in the past ten days.

        • Guest1111

          yes you can…you dont call in to care to do it…if you do it through cam instead of quickview it allows you to put the customer on classic..trust me I have done it

      • Xermys

        If he was a Even More Plus (if that is what is ment by EMP) it is not possible to go to a classic plan.  They can switch to a Value though, may save them money

  • John

    Another weak sale by t-mobile why cant they just stop these sales and get rid off value and classic and have one single plan

  • Joeboxer

    If there’s a Tmo Employee reading this. Please explain why I would sign a 2yr contract and pay full price for a phone. The M4G plans with 2g Data is $60 and the Taxes are less. Please don’t say because of EIP ( I have a Credit Card with 0% for 36months ), and second don’t say I’m saving money on this winter sale. All in all the savings is about $80, for $80 I don’t need or want a contract. And for me that M4G $60 plan is still to much, the Walmart M4G plan is even better / cheaper. It gives me 100 anytime minutes unlimited text and 5G of 4g internet all for $30 BUCKS!

    • Truth

      As a former employee of t-mobile i wanna thank you for being a logical customer

    • Millneral

      Well not everyone has a credit card. That’s the first issue and 2nd these savings are compared to the classic plans and to the other major 4carriers. You can’t compare contract plans to prepaid. You can find prepaid plans now for as low as $20 a month for just about all you need. So yes in your personal scenario then the value plan is not for you but that’s doesn’t speak to all customers.
      Tmobile employee

    • Aaron Tant

      I would say that, in your case, the M4G is better… the only other reason would be to have insurance.  But, not everybody is in your boat of having that type of credit card.

    • Jrbull29

      M4G plans are great and if you are not one of the customers that need to be spoon fed every step of the way, then you shouldn’t ever have a contract. When you have a contract you’re paying for the customer service, the tethering plans, family plans, mbb services, etc. So if you need more than one line of service on the same account; contract. If not then have fun without any handcuffs

      • Guest

        I’ve been with t mbile for six or seven years because of a contract with one line and one account

        • Christopher Canon

          and you got people from India answering the phones in Customer Service

        • Jamaljulabkhan

          So whats the problem in people from india from customer service

        • guest123

          All Tmobile customer care call centers are in the US. The only ones that are not are the flexpay and prepaid. But all customer care call centers are in the US. Hate when ppl say they are outsourced

        • Really Lost

          Just fyi, outsourcing doesn’t necessarily mean the call center is in India. Just generally means contracted labor, which companies like T-Mo and Sprint use to help reduce expenses by not providing 401k and other things. I was a contract employee (Supervisor) for Sprint here in the US. We also had a T-Mo outsourced call center for Pre-paid accounts here as well. 

        • Nearmsp

          So what is your problem if people from India take the call? The phone is manufactured in S. Korea  or China. I don’t care as long as it meets my needs. 

    • BlahBlahBlahBlah

      so pay your phone on your 0% interest for 36mos and then get that plan, no one is forcing you to get anything, the reason there is contracts is for people like you that will try to get away without paying the full phone before the 20 mos are up.  The contract just insures that you will have to pay off the phone and keep the service for 2 years if not you get hit by both and most people wont want to pay off an etf when it will be cheaper to keep the service and pay the phone off instead.  Not everyone wants 100 mins either but its better to pay 90 bucks with Unl TTW + Insurance and taxes for service when you know you are paying towards your phone when other carriers will still charge you an extra 30$ per month so you end up paying an extra 600 over two years on top of a phone that you paid maybe 199$ for on a so called discount.  On top of all this on TMO your bill goes down once your phone is paid off so it’s added perk for someone who wants more than 100 voice minutes.    And if you guessed it by now YES i’m a TMO employee.

      • BlahBlahBlahBlah

        Oh and btw, you dont get the entire TMO footprint on that 30 buck wal mart plan or any plan special for Wal Mart, thats why it’s so much cheaper, unless you go to the boonies then I suspect most people wont have an issue, but it’s the reason why they offer these plans a bit cheaper sometimes.

  • Aaron Tant

    What I don’t understand from people’s complaints is how they keep complaining about how they are not saving money… Look at the images above, again.  The Amaze and GSII are $80 cheaper, after mail in rebate, than they are normally priced.  And people who are complaining about the required amount of data needed to get the rebate… remember, you can always change your data plans (or take them off as Value plans cannot mandate data plans…).  Enjoy the sale.


      you are wrong, value plan is a rip off,

      • Aaron Tant

        and now it is your turn to explain why

      • Jrbull29

        You, sir, are wrong. Do the math, then switch to the value plan and save yourself some money.

      • Kirk

        Agreed. I will never pay full retail for a phone and still have to sign a 2 yr contract. No thank you.

        Make a GSM phone with both T-Mobile and At&t 3G bands on it, do away with the 2 yr contract, then maybe I’ll consider the Value Plan.

      • Realcool2000

        You are wrong thatscool. It is not a rip off. It has been proven many times with basisc math that the value plan does in fact save you money. Please prove otherwise with using math that you are correct and I will personally give you $5.00 :)

        The comparisons must use equal rate minutes, data, etc….you know be equal.

        Now step up pardner and prove ur scrawny little words are true haha

        • Realcool2000

          Cause I’m callin yer a liein varmit that’s cool hahaha

        • Urakoolaiddrinker

          realcool2000 must be an employee like myself….the difference is I don’t bleed magenta like he does!!

    • Joeboxer

      I guess I’m in a boat by myself. I just don’t see why someone would pay full price and sign a contract. The value plan unlimited talk text and 2gs of 4g web is $60 and the M4G no contract is $60.

      I think a value plan should go like this: No Contract, No EIP… Get EIP, Get Contract… The benefit of the contract should be EIP. Then the difference between Value and M4G would be Insurance, up front exchanges and Tmo Care in the USA, unlike with pre paid they outsource to another country for M4G Tmo Care, no insurance and exchanges are a real hassle you must send in your phone 1st. What do you think?

      • CRT24

        People with family plans would…….that’s who

      • Aaron Tant

        On that plan, the $60 for individuals, sure, that is the main difference.  But the other plans are all heavily favored in the Value Plan:

        Individual Value Vs M4G:Unl. Talk/Text/5Gb: Value: $75, M4G: $80Unl. Talk/Text/10Gb: Value: $105, M4G: non-existent
        Family Value Vs M4GUnl. Talk/Text/2Gb per line: Value: $100, 2 M4G’s: $120
        Unl. Talk/Text/5Gb per line: Value: $130, 2 M4G’s: $160
        Unl. Talk/Text/10Gb per line: Value: $190, 2 M4G’s: non-existent

        So, echoing CRT24, family plans and anybody wanting more data are better off going to Value.

        • Kirk

          It doesn’t matter how many way’s you say it. Simply put customer DO NOT want to pay full price for a phone AND sign a 2 yr contract.
          End of story.

        • Aaron Tant

          you do realize that you always pay full price for a phone, no matter which carrier you go to… at least T-Mobile actually shows you how you’re paying for it.  Transparency is good thing.

        • Kirk

          When you compare a Value plan to a non value plan, saving a couple hundred if even that at the end of the year isn’t a big saving. Add super deals like free phones or Amazon 1 cent deals, then the Value plan really comes out losing.

        • Kirk

          Did I mention you still have to sign a 2 yr contract? I’ll pay full price for a phone, but DON’T MAKE ME SIGN A CONTRACT.

        • Aaron Tant

          Again, Kirk, you always pay full price for a phone in a 2 year contract.  1 cent deal with Amazon only solidifies the point.  Carriers are not losing money on subsidized phones.  Why do you think Verizon and AT&T charge over $100 for their unlimited plans and give a free phone.  It usually takes around 9-12 months for a carrier to make their money back on a free phone, but it is still lumped into the price. So, if you want a free phone, go get a classic plan and pay more on your rate plan.  Simple as that.  Other than that, leave the thinking man’s game to the thinking man.

        • Nearmsp

          I think the 2 year contract comes up when you convert from the Classic Plan to a Value Plan. Once you are on a value plan and complete the 2 years you can buy the phone on full price and not sign a new contract. I agree the $150 for a single phone is not incentive enough to bind you for 2 years, and worse the cancellation fee is now $200 for EACH LINE, not just the new phone line. But the benefits of converting to  a Value plan make it worthwhile to go for the first 2 year contract.

        • Customers should realize that other carriers who subsidize phones are actually paying for the full price of the phone via their monthly rate plans. The reason why T-Mobile is doing this, is because if the customers pay the full price of the phone, T-Mobile will be able to keep their rate plans lower than the other carriers.

          T-Mobile should start educating consumers about this on their ads. Paying the full price for the phones equal LOWER rate plans. Paying a subsidized price for a phone equals HIGHER rate plans. It’s that simple.

          Want lower rate plans? Pay the full price of the phone.

      • Here’s the thing. You are only on a real contract until you paid off your EIP. After that you don’t have to worry about ETF or anything so you can easily cancel your plan and start a new one. They are just keeping you on a 2 year plan so they can make sure they get paid for the phone you are currently leasing from them (in a rent to buy kind of way). If you stopped paying for the phone you have no service and now they have all your credit information to fill out for your bad deed. If you weren’t under contract in this situation it would be a lot easier for you to just take the hit on your credit when you stopped paying for your phone and still get phone service. I think also there might be some legal tie ups that probably make it harder to have the two separated 

  • Cameron Stark

    So there is an article, an explanation and five graphics talking about this sale.  Still people are “confused” about where the saving are…  They might sell more phones and sign up more customers if their pricing and sales made sense at a glance!

    • Chatter

      Your comment is spot on! Some people do benefit from these sales but TMo loses on simplicity. Keep it simple and people may investigate the “sale” further.

  • So we can’t just pay for it all at once? I don’t want to pay for it each month. I just want to buy it. Our contract was up in august. Not sure I like any of the phones out right now though…

    • CRT24

      You can still buy it outright up front and you will still get the Mir……you don’t have to put it on the installment plan.

    • Anonymous

      you can buy it in full, the monthly installment plan is just an interest free pay-it-over time type deal

  • bruin81

    I just signed up for the Walmart $30/month, 100 mins, unlimited text, 5gb data and a Exhibit 2 phone for ~ $200.  I will cancel my existing $60/ mo EMP+ post paid plan – and be ahead $30/ mo.  Don’t see how you can beat if you don’t use voice on your phone much :)

    My plan is to purchase a Galaxy Nexus when the GSM pentaband phone is available in the US, and put this SIM in it.

    • Xermys

      Have fun. God help you when you have a problem. 

      • Anonymous

        a? what problem? The phone is insured from where her buys it. Get it with a nice credit card and you have 90 day protection perks plus 1 year extended warranty

        • Xermys

           I know people who had service and billing problems and it was a nightmare trying to clear them up.  The care reps you call into are generally nice but training and experience is lacking. The store employees are not well trained and in most cases are not dedicated to thr cellphone area, meaning you might be talking to someone who usually stocks the socks.

  • bob

    The people in the comment area are in the minority. as a frontline employee once explained most customers realize the two year savings and tmobile as a company wins because they never take a loss on the phone. Its a deferred cash flow on the balance sheet. I do think you will see value plans phase out if a deal is made for the iphone. the full price for the iphone is just to expensive to EIP. we sign customers up to value plan everyday as new and current customers with no rebate so the rebate becomes a bonus. I agree that value plan pricing should just be the norm and subsidies the phones because as a marketing strategy if it takes more than a min to explain you are fighting an uphill battle. The only issue is as long as DT owns Tmobile they want the business to be as liquid as possible. Tmobile is one of the few Profitable properties DT owns. I think once a partnership is formed with Dish or cable company you will see things shift.  

    • Anonymous

      nah. Apple is selling the iPhone without contract now for $649. My Apple buddies have told me it sells well that way so I doubt it would affect anything with the Value plans, but you never know of course. Tmo seems invested in Value plans running all these promos every other week

      If the iPhone comes they’ll just offer it like any other phone, no big deal. The GSII is $529.99/$599.99 on Value plan promos and the upfront payment is higher – $249 in the iPhone’s case vs $199.99 down for a GSII

  • Anonymous

    I got two masters degrees and I find this too complicated. They need to make it simple.  there are hundreds of different options the way it is now. Less clutter is good for customers, and ultimately business.

    • Realcool2000

      Dude I’m sorry for you that you have two masters degrees and don’t understand, that’s unfortunate.

      What’s worse is that you have two masters degrees and reserve to call yourself daddyspank…..what are your degrees in?

      • Anonymous

        haha, its unfortunate for the marketing team of tmobile, yes. and really you couldn’t find anything else to criticize than my screen name?! better try again, im sure you can find something else to mock.

  • Josh Streeter

    Okay, he’s my scenario.  This isn’t looking good for me.

    I am a Value Plan customer, $60/month for everything.  To get this “deal” I need to Add:

    +15/month to upgrade to 5GB data ($360)
    +20/month for EIP ($400)
    +50 price of phone after rebate

    $810 Total

    Cancel my 5GB plan after I get the rebate?  OK, so maybe 3 months ($45) I pay for 5GB.

    So, $495 for a $600 phone, and I have to sign a new 24 month contract, and “trick” the system by agreeing to higher data, then going back (and hope to not get caught).

    So, I save a hundred bucks over 2 years, provided I don’t pay the “migration” fee ($150-$200 in my case).  If I do, I’m going to be paying more in the long run for this phone, not less than just buying it outright.  

    Is that all correct?

    • Themusicman

      2gb web is 10, 5gb web is 25,not 45

      • Josh Streeter

        I already have the $10/2GB.  $25 is $15 more.  $15 X 24 months=$360

        I use about 1.5 GB/month  

        • Jason

          Once you get your rebate back, which is 4 to 6 weeks at most, call up and lower your data back down to the 2GB plan. It’s totally legit to do that. I’m a rep, we’ve been told you can lower it. The 5GB is just the required data plan to receive your rebate back.

    • Anonymous

      if my spreadsheet is correct just add the difference between 2GB and 5GB data which is $15 more per month. Your voice plan stays the same, taxes are only applied to it, not to data. So plus $15 to what you have now times 24

      • Josh Streeter

        Yeah.  I keep scratching my head on how $150 rebate is a deal when I have to spend $360 over 2 years to get it.

        • Anonymous

          the way i see it the deal is getting voice and data for cheaper than on classic and getting the GSII for almost $100 less than if you were to buy it online

        • Josh Streeter

          I get voice and data for $60 now.  When I switch, it’s $75.  That’s $15 more, for 24 months-$360.

          So I get a phone for a hundred bucks cheaper now, and then I pay nearly 4 times my savings over 2 years????

          How is this a deal?

        • Anonymous

          This is probably targeting people on Classic and customers of Verizon, AT&T and Sprint. For you since you’re already on Value plan the benefit is saving $150 on GSII for example, but if you’re not a heavy data user then it’s not a deal

  • Steve

    Is any other carrier making you pay $400 on top of the down payment for a phone when you commit to a 2 year contract? 

    • Aaron Tant

      they just slide it into the cost of your monthly plan, that’s all.

    • Anonymous

      you don’t get anything for free. Your phone cost is built into the data and voice you buy and pay for monthly.

      They’re doing something weird with these promos, Even More Plus plans used to be cheaper and have no contract since they didn’t offer subsidized phones.

      Now Tmo is giving you rebates on what was previously non-discounted plan and equipments, you pay $10-$20 less per month on voice get $150 and sign a contract

      I do have to wonder if jacking up the sale price of the phones from what it is normaly labeled as MSRP is legal tho

      • Brie

        “Your phone cost is built into the data and voice you buy and pay for monthly.”  I have a question about this.  So you sign up for a new 2yr contract receive a phone and part of your bill includes a monthly payment for your new phone.  When your 2yr contract is up does your bill become less?  Because after the 2yr contract your phone should technically be paid for so your bill should be less the monthly payment for the phone.  Does this happen?

        • Jason

          Yes. When you are done paying off the phone, your monthly bill drops.

        • Anonymous

          or if you pay it off early or upfront

  • Landmarkcm

    This is all well & good but im holding out for the Nokia Lumia launching the 11th! Um Tmobile dont suppose you can launch it a bit earlier! haha oh well its supoposed to have a good price point already but would be nice if it was in this sale!

    • Josh Streeter

      Oh, yeah!  I’ve been holding my breath for a Windows 7 phone with single core processor!  Maybe Tmo can sweeten the deal by selling it for more than you can get it off contract on Amazon.com, forcing you to sign a 24 month contract for the privilege, and requiring higher data, still making installment payments, yet calling it a sale!

  • What is EIP?

    • Aaron Tant

      Equipment Installment Plan.  It allows the customer to break up the cost of the phone over 20 payments following the down payment.

      • So we’re paying bottom line $450 for phones like the Amaze and SG2. So family of 4 needs to get on their $150 unlimited value plan at least. Not a good deal at all. Well, I guess depending on needs. For us, the true value in the “value plan” is the 1000 minutes plan. This is ample for our family, especially with mobile to mobile, free weekends and nights. Who really needs unlimited minutes? We pay about $70 right now for our 4 lines with the value plan using our own unlocked phones. Yeah, I guess it depends on needs. For us, this is not a good deal.

        • Anonymous

          GSII is $485.9894 after rebate with mandatory $25 5GB data per line

        • Aaron Tant

          One size doesn’t fit all, true.  In general, good deal, but not for your needs.

  • Wkoster

    Why not just let us pay $50 straight up front instead of paying $200 then get $150 back weeks later?

    • CRT24

      For the reason that any company does mail in rebates, because they count on some people not submitting them…..we dont like them and customers don’t like them but they are what they are.

  • Wkoster

    …and why do the phone prices (frp) go up by $70 yet they say it’s a sale??

    • Yep. So it’s like you’re not getting the $150 rebate, you’re getting $80 rebate technically.

  • bob

    This back an forth convo going on in the comments is the reason why this plan wont work as a long term strategy. trying to explain how a customer is going to save over two years on a blackberry torch by paying full price and ATT has it for $50 or free after rebate is a losing battle.  Please t-mobile make it stop!

  • CRT24

    Actually I think your way off trying to compare t-mobile to att when you are talking about price because it is pretty simple to see that paying 75.00/ month including the phone compared to $120.00/mo for just your plan with att is very easy to explain and if you as a customer don’t understand that……well then you are not smart enough to have a cell phone. If you are talking about explaining the difference between classic and value plans within T-Mobile then that is a little more of a gray area because the difference is not as great, but I think it has been shown pretty convincingly that value plans are the better “value” in almost every case, the exceptions being some older grandfathered plans but that’s it! We have no problem showing customers the difference and those who want to get a “discount on a phone” can still do classic but either is a better price than any of the other major carriers so T-Mobile has it covered either way.

    • Nearmsp

      I agree value plans save money over the 2 year contract period. I modeled it on an excel sheet and for my 2 dumb phones and 2 smart phone family plan, even 2 free SGS2 in the classic plan did not come out better than a value plan with 2 SGS2 at full price. I will be happy to upload my excel sheet if it is possible on this forum. That said, there is no value plan pricing for Wi-Fi sharing in the value plan that reduces the value in the value plan for us with 2 Wi-Fi sharing. Nor is there is a reduced pricing for name caller ID, which is given free on smaller providers like US Cellular.

  • Anonymous

    Iam glad I got GS2 at Target,for $99.00 when they had it on sale! What I understand,the normal price
    for GS2 at Target is $129.00 not sure those. Others have stated that Best Buy sell’s the GS2 for $149.00. Not sure that price is for upgrades too or not. Hope this help’s someone. 

    • Briguy

      Congrats, youll pay back your savings plus hundreds more on your classic plan….

      • Bklynman

        Don’t think so. $71.00 amonth for everything. With my job discount. So enjoy paying for your new phone the next 2yrs. Don’t forgot paying the extra $70.00 they jackup the price of the phone for thier so call sale

        • Guest

          If you do the math real quick in your head you will see that you are still paying more bklynman.  the monthly payments are not for 2 years but for 20 months. $50 for phone + $20 x 20 + $50 x 24 is still cheaper than 100 + $71 x 24. It is not “hundreds” but it is more

  • Anonymous

    I like my loyalty plan where I called retention to inquire into upgrade cost of a phone I was interested in, and they gave it to me FREE. And then….I found out I still qualify for an upgrade. One of those loyalty deals apparently. So should I upgrade to cheaply built plastiky Samsung, or beautifully built Amaze with battery life that is shorter than a Windows 7 shutdown sequence? 

  • I wonder if this will do well. New year, new sales. Let’s hope so. They need to focus on their current customers as well, and hopefully they will run some come of promotion for us.

  • It’s not a very difficult thing to figure out it’s just not the way people are used to purchasing a phone.  Usually it’s the plan, the phone and a rebate.  This involves down payments, rebates then monthly payments but it really isn’t that difficult to figure out.

    If you have ever purchased anything requiring a down payment and monthly installments (or used layaway) then this is exactly the same.  The kicker is that you get a mail in rebate for your deposit.  The key is to look at how much you will pay in total for the phone (including the mail in rebate “discount”) and divide that by 24.  Add that to the cost of your plan then multiply by 24.  That will be your total two year cost.

    To compare to the other plan ( just multiply the cost of the plan by 24 and add the cost of the phone and compare the two totals.

    It’s a different way to get to the same result of having a phone and a plan from T-Mobile.  Getting bent out of shape over the cost of the phone is useless if you haven’t compared the 24 month costs for each option yet. 

  • Jaygqitalia

    I was very excited about this plan, till I realized I wasnt putting only 50 down upfront. This mail in rebate bullshit is the reason alot of people dont use these. I dont have the cash to randomly drop down 200 bucks with taxes included. Even if im getting back in 3 months

  • Landmarkcm

    Lol Wp runs just fine right now with a single core still way faster and smoother then Androids that have dual cores and all there force closing problems. The Lumia has a slightly faster processor then the radar as well & im reading that it’s camera takes good photos as well! So we shall see. I think it’s specs are better then alot of entry level phones & if your a wp fan? then its gonna be a good device. Plus I like the way it looks better then the 800 personally

  • Landmarkcm

    One great thing with eip esp if your getting a device thats under 400.00 if you decide to pay it off ealy lets say within a year. You can get another new phone again!  I have researched both the classic and value over the life of the 2 year & with me paying 59.99 for my plan instead of 79.99 even with the fifteen a month for the phone. Overall its cheaper and better. Plus it helps I get 10 percent discount through work as well.. :)

    • Anonymous

      it’s only a good deal up to a point. I have a whole spreadsheet running the numbers and found out that really it depends on what the phone is selling for, sales and state taxes (since you have to account for those).

      And if you are off contract how much can you negotiate off the advertised price. Get it for free, or nearly free and Classic tends to cost less overall. But after a certain price point Value plans come out costing you less money anywhere from $XX to $XXX over 24 months

    • JadedNYer

      You can get a new phone IF the continue to offer lines of credit if you don’t want to purchase a phone at full retail. Who knows what will be offered a year from now. TMobile reduced everyone’s lines of credit on EMP plans about a year ago. A year from now you might want a new phone but the financing might not be available and you will still have another year left on your contract.

      • Landmarkcm

        Ya true but  Im not real worried abt it theres always ebay.. Im just holding out till the 11th right now to decide between the Lumia & Radar here.

  • swagster

    so this means that if im currently on a classic value plan with only 1000 minutes i have to change it to an unlimited plan?

  • Iamfayhigh

    so let me get this straight….
    I can get the Samsung galaxy S2 for $49.99  after MIR and get on the $49.99 Unlimited plan?

    • Guest

      Yes, that’s correct

    • Gophilz2010

      No the down payment is 199 minus 150. For the 49. Your are getting 150 off regular price think it’s reg 399. So it’s now 250.

  • 2modywane

    wait damn they always find ways to screw us.

  • Javi

    Phone companies always charge you full price for your phones. Chances are when you get a “free” phone from any wireless company its because you’re paying $25-$30 a month for a required data plan. Over the course of two years your “free” phone ends up costing over $600 ($25-$30 x 24 = $600-$720), it could cost you even more of you don’t change your plan. I was skeptical of value plans as well but if you’re not smart enough to realize that nothing is free then that’s too bad. At least with value plans tmobile is letting you know how much you’re paying for the phone and when you’re done your monthly plan drops. If you don’t like the idea of paying full price for your phone, guess what, you’ve been doing it for years. I mean honestly people if this is such a problem for you to understand then switch carries? If changes like this bother you so much why stay loyal to a company? Switch to Verizon and pay double for your service and $2 extra to pay your bill oh but get your phone for “free” of course.

  • Upset with TMobile

    I have been with TMobile almost 9 yrs and I recently changed my plan which went with a two year contract and I was told I can get two phones at a discount for renewing my contract because I have two lines.  Well today I called and was told I had to renew my contract again in order to get a phone at a discount.  WHAT A PIECE OF WORK TMOBILE IS !!!!  how can they do that to people especially people who have been customers for years and have paid their bills on time !!!!  I will probably go with another company now because the person on the phone who was NOT from the United States could not help me and I could not understand.  We need to do something about these companies that take advantage !  Instead of the “Occupy Wall Street”  they should “Occupy ALL Companies” who take advantage of the middle and poor class!!!!!!  

  • DiscussionIsGood

    They are getting closer to a sale I would buy. Almost there, just let me choose a plan that fits my use.

    I don’t need unlimited anything, my needs are not that great.