T-Mobile “Winter Sales Event” On The Horizon, Details Coming Later

This little goody just hit our inbox breaking down T-Mobile’s planned winter season marketing campaign. It’s filled with the usual marketing mumbo jumbo including what goes on the walls and windows at T-Mobile corporate locations. This is all pretty standard writing except for one line that catches our attention…the promise of a “Winter Sales Event” coming up in the near future. As the image itself states, info will come at a later date and we just hope it’s something a little different than T-Mobile’s recent sales catering to Value Plan customers.

This just might be something to keep an eye on as we wait to see what T-Mobile has in store for the coming year.

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  • Anonymous

    Just picked up the Samsung Galaxy S2 @ Target for $129.
    This BLOWS my Sensation out of the water.
    Everything is faster in this phone!!
    I am a Samsung convert!

    • Sharmarke Hosh

      Where is your sensation?

      • Anonymous


    • Aaron Tant

      Yeah, it is insanely fast.  I have loved working on both that one and the Amaze

      • Anonymous

        Almost went with the amaze but after all the issues with Sense didn’t want to chance it.
        I will say that trying to hold on to the galaxy is like trying to hold butter sometimes.

        I am shocked at how slippery the sides of the phone are.
        1 thing I have noticed is posting on these forums is 1000 tines easier from the galaxy browser. when I would post from the Sense browser it was a pain in the ass to select a word to correct for example. it would jump all over the place and make it almost impossible to select a word.

        I do miss the build quality of the sensation.

        • MC144

          Is the $129 price at Target for existing customers with 2 year extension? I don’t see the phone listed on the Target site..is this an in store deal only? Thanks!

        • Anonymous

          okay so it’s kind of a long story….
          At the last minute I heard it was $99 at target. there are only like 3 super targets around me that even carry t mobile contract phones.
          the manager at 1 of the mobile kiosks was able to get me 1 at the 129 price. I picked it up yesterday and although he was out of stock it was marked at 129.
          I have 3 lines of unlimited data for $20 per. the only catch to getting it was that the number we upgraded was limited to 2 gigs per month which wasn’t an issue for me. So yes contact extension.

        • MC144

          Thanks for the info!

        • Anonymous

          You’re welcome! :)

      • What’s your opinion of the two devices? Would you choose one over the other?

    • cloudsurfer

      Just picked up the Samsung Galaxy S2 @ Target for $99 before it went up to $129. $129 is still a great price. You are right, it is one fast phone.

  • Abc
  • Jaygqitalia

    I think ill actually get a phone this coming sale. I have EM+. Only reason I havent yet is because I keep thinking that the minute I buy something, the Iphone will be announced for T-Mobile. Better chances now that the ATT deal is dead. If anything I think I wanna buy the AMAZE 4G. The phone itself looks great to me.

    • No disrespect, but you really like the iphone? wow, I just don’t see why people are interested in that phone.  It’s boring to me, and we all know what to expect every time one is coming out. Sure the outside may look different, but the guts and OS is the same. (Boring) I have an iphone 4, and an iPad 2.  They get little use, because they are both just media devices they way I see it.  One can make calls, and it’s smaller.  I don’t know, but there are tons of other phones on T-Mobile that are better.  I have an SGSII right now, but I bought the SGNote before this.  Basically I’m saying, just buy a phone from elsewhere if you don’t like the lineup and really want to stay with TMo.

      • Realcool2000

        Well said. I totally agree. Everyone just wants to be part what they think is a “cool” crowd and nothing more. Iphone is something that followers feel they must have because they only know how to follow and not lead.

        They iphone increasingly comparing itself to android using the “we have more and better apps” statement, and people stand by that like its their life anchor. Really tho all the apps anyone uses or needs is a calculator and a notepad lol, ( maybe a calendar if they really don’t know what day it is ) hahaha

        • Jaygqitalia

          Actually no I dont want one because I wanna be part of the ” cool ” crowd. I enjoy the OS and I like the apps it offers. Ive had an iphone in the past and enjoyed it. Cant someone say something positive about the competition without someone complaining? There’s a reason its the number 1 phone and so many people have it. To chalk it up to people just wanting to be ” cool ” is just dumb.

        • Jaygqitalia

          Lemme rephrase, number 1 in the US. I know the GS2 sold more this year world wide

        • Most honest statement I’ve heard all day, lol. Yep, the SGII is a beast! I like it!

        • Guest911

          Have you ever seen an iphone commercial comparing itself to android? Nope. When you have mindshare, you dont mention competition.
          Only simple minds laugh at their own statements.

        • Go create a login first, then come back and make a respectable comment. Trying to insult that person, only makes you look silly.

      • Cwa1105sucks

        People feel that they need to have the “in” device, just like back in school where you had the “in” section in the cafeteria.  At the end of the day, the iPhone is for followers while devices like the BlackBerry Bold 9900 are for the “leaders”.

        By the way, if you’re looking for a tablet but don’t want to spend $500+, the BlackBerry PlayBook is on sale for $199 (16g) and $149 (32g).  And yes, they also have an Angry Birds app too as well as many new apps once the OS 2 comes out in February.  Instead of spending $199 on a Kindle that has no camera or apps, this is the way to go.  Many stores are sold out but you can order it on blackberry.com.

      • Jaygqitalia

        Ive used an iphone and android. I dont have a problem with either of them. Ive never had hardware problems with the iphone in the past. With android I have. I just personally believe its built better and enjoy the apps and interface. Do I NEED it? Of course not, but if it was available on T-Mobile, id scoop it up, along with many other people.

        • I can respect that. I hope that you are to get what you want, because you are right. There are tons of people who want it, and that’s good for them. Heck, david has this site stating pro tmo, but he doesn’t even use a t-mobile phone as his primary lol. Go figure, but whatever floats your boat. You like it, I love it.

        • Jaygqitalia

          You have the GS2 right? What made you choose that over the amaze? Build or OS?

        • Well. I used iOS for some time beside android, and it boils down to personal preference to me. If want an OS that you can pretty much do what you want with it, get android. If you feel content with pure speed and solid build quality, lean towards iOS. Now don’t get me wrong, android is fast and smooth on the right device (SGSII).. But iOS is smoother. iOS has more apps, but android has the same apps that are most used in both markets. Android has much more variety, hands down. But apple can just make another device, and the world will turn over like it’s something to die for. When apple decides to make a 4.5 inch sreen iphone, we might see some big changes in the tech world both are nice, but people who are paying attention know that android is a great OS. Respect to iOS fans as well. That’s my take on it as of today.

          Oh yeah, I’m doing all of this on my iPad 2 lol, for real. Even though I have a both galaxy tabs, lol. Go figure.

        • once was

          I hope Apple doesn’t make a 4+ inch screen. I like smaller phones with all the goodies. If they make a monster 4.5 screen etc.. I hope they also put out an equal device with a 3.7 but they only make one phone a year.

      • once was

        I was never into Apple products, IPAD, MAC etc.. I like Android and the new windows 7.5 mango RADAR. I own a GAlaxy S2, but my hand hurts using it (repetitive stress injury). anyway. I want a smaller phone, like the radar, but with all the apps and the highes specs, like 8mp camera and duo core…Basically I see why some would like the IPHONE. Smaller, great looking device (not plastic) with high end features and all teh apps, without having to carry a huge or bulky device. That said, I am not an apple fan, nor do I own an IPHONE.

  • TMOsince2003

    Waiting for the CIQ app to not be installed or come with an off button. No new phone until I can manage what data is being collected.

    • Th3problem17

      lol really freaked out about the carrier iq huh ,

    • Anonymous

      just use cyanogen mod, no CIQ there :)

  • KevinCatastrophe

    just picked up a free htc sensation 4g on christmas eve online. Hopefully this “Winter Sales Event” is within the 14 day grace period. I’m definitely exchanging my sensation if they offer the GSII at a good enough price (hopefully even free). I could care less about sense (although its a nice UI) or touchwiz. I’m just gonna end up flashing an ICS rom onto it so it really just comes down to hardware for me. and the sensation’s build quality in comparison to the 4.5″ amoled screen is leaving me clueless. any opinions?

  • Chas Indust

    I just got this notice in my in-box (unsolicited and to an email address not registered with TMo). So I’m a little leary at its legitimacy. Their’s a pdf doc attachment then I’m supposed to contact some guy thats Director of Small and Medium Business Programs at Tmo in Denver CO. Is this deal for real? Dear XXXXX: I wanted to be sure you were aware of an unbeatable offer for a brand new smartphone: for a limited time, get the HTC® Radar 4GTM for FREE when you trade in your old working handset (a $50 mail-in-rebate card and new 2-year agreement on a qualifying Classic plan are required). Keeping up with your customers, colleagues and social networks has never been easier thanks to the new HTC Radar 4G. The Radar 4G is a fully loaded Windows® smartphone that brings a familiar and easy OS to the smartphone experience. Big, interactive tiles makes connecting and sharing with those who matter most one touch away. With Internet Explorer, surfing the web is as familiar and easy as doing it on your PC. • 4G capable • Now with Windows® Phone 7.5 • 1Ghz Processor • 5 Megapixel Camera We’ve coupled this amazing phone offer with the new Small Business Classic Plan which gives you unlimited data, talk, & text and no activation fees for only $69.99 per line per month with a new 2 year-agreement, plus taxes and fees.* Send me a date and time when you are available. This offer is good for only a limited time, so we’ll want to meet soon. I’ve been with T-Mobile for 14 years and promotions like this don’t come along very often. To find out how to take advantage of this free Radar 4G offer, send me a TIME and DATE that works best for you. We’ve coupled this amazing phone offer with the new Small Business Classic Plan which gives you unlimited data, talk, & text and no activation fees for only $69.99 per line per month with a new 2 year-agreement, plus taxes and fees.* Send me a date and time when you are available. This offer is good for only a limited time, so we’ll want to meet soon. I’ve been with T-Mobile for 14 years and promotions like this don’t come along very often. To find out how to take advantage of this free Radar 4G offer, send me a TIME and DATE that works best for you.

    • Bratty

      Seems suspicious.

    • Fartsandwich

      This phone is free after $100 trade in (trade in any working phone) w/ MIR in stores.

    • Vjballa21

      you can get that deal at the store. anytime.

  • Enveed05

    There’s an “after hours sale” on T-Mobile.com however the sale seems to be on the crappy phones that nobody really wants anyway.  They do have the SGSII on sale for $100 if you are not a current customer, but for those of us that have been around for a while, we can upgrade for $230.  How about T-Mobile having an after hours sale where current customers get the new account prices for upgrades, huh?

    • Th3problem17

      why didn’t you take advantage of the sg2 when it was on sale for new and existing customers.

      • enveed05

        When exactly was that?

  • Th3problem17

    it’s 200 because it sucks lol 

  • Fartsandwich

    all hands days for employees on jan 6-8th

  • Go18365472

    The only sales in retail stores are for Value Plans! Don’t think that will change!