(Update: T-Mobile’s Official Deal Site Live) Full Detail Rundown For T-Mobile’s December 17th And 18th “4G Super Sale”

Update: On the heels of our report T-Mobile tweets the website for the “4G Super Sale.”

Welcome to T-Mobile’s “4G Super Sale” on December 17th and 18th where you’ll find “all phones and select Mobile Broadband Devices, including the LG G-Slate, are available for a net down payment of $0.00 (after a mail-in rebate) when purchased with a qualified Unlimited Value Plan on a two-year contract.” In other words, your out-of-pocket cost in store could be anywhere from $9.99 to $299.99 depending on the device you select but, you’ll get all of that back on a mail-in rebate leaving you with an Equipment Installment Plan of anywhere between $3 and $20 for 20 months.

Qualifying customers include:

  • New customer who activate on a qualified unlimited Value Plan and a two-year contract
  • Single lines, Family Plans, Add-a-lines, Mobile Broadband, Small Business and Government lines
  • Existing customers must migrate to a qualified unlimited Value Plan and a two-year contract renewal
  • Existing customers on a Classic/Legacy rate plan must have at least 18 months of contract tenure
  • Existing Value plan customers who currently don’t have an open EIP can qualify for the rebate

T-Mobile continues to push the Value Plan option as this is now the third “all hands day” sale in a row that offers a similar style deal all geared toward Value Plan customers. I can already see the comment section filled with angry complaints from Classic/Legacy plan customers who are beginning to feel shunned by a company they once applauded as the best thing to happen in wireless. If you’re already on a Value Plan, this deal could save you some real money, but if you aren’t already on the plan for one reason or another, you’re stuck watching from the sidelines.

T-Mobile, stop this Value Plan sale only madness and let all of your customers partake in the fun of a pre-Christmas holiday sale. Do it for the children, and for the kittens.

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  • Shad


  • Haha… cue T-mobile yelling at David.

  • Ducman1907

    Currently using LG G2X, can’t really say the batter is good but i have heard all other android
    devices are on same boat. Wanted to buy a GS2 but T MO Rep advised me that the battery is
    not different than what i am having now, any suggestions? should i wait for the Nexus Device?

    • Anonymous

      it is not going to matter. they all will suck the life out of the battery because of the network speeds and powerful processors.

    • Anonymous

      I have a G2x too and the only reason I would consider jumping ship to the SGS2 would be for the faster HSPA+ and the screen. .5 inch bigger is nice because I play a lot of games/browse web/netflix so I would like the screen BUT I paid full price for my G2x and if I sell it im going to take a big loss since they’re going for like 200~250 dollars locally. I’m going to keep the G2x at least untill we get a Tegra 3 device (NOT LG!!!!!)

      The nexus is really tempting but 700 dollars is too much for a phone..

  • Rennebeth

    yeahhhhh this will be a great few days of super happy customers.. cant wait

  • So No SGSII, Amaze 4G of MyTouch 4G Slide? No thanks.

    • Jaygqitalia

      your blind

      • I fixed my comment before I saw yours. You’re free to fix your grammar, thanks.

        • Spell Checker

          Your blind what? 

        • I liked this but if you didn’t realize it’s “you’re” blind then I want my like back ;-)

  • anonimouse

    this sale, like the last two, sucks. i can’t wait to quit this god forsaken company. they’re never going to wise up and start investing more in their sales promotions and employees (given, they don’t have the money to)

    • Anonymous

      just leave now so we dont have to read your non-sense anymore

    • Anonymous

      Tmobile is giving great discounts here… saving you thousands of dollars over the big three wireless companies.  If you go with any of the other big three, you will still pay thousands of dollars more over two years EVEN IF YOU MANAGE TO GET A FREE PHONE. 

  • Tim

    So, if I want the HTC Amaze and sign up for a value plan, how much do I end up paying for the phone?

    • Jaygqitalia

      400 with tax. It says the phone is 599.99 outright , but its really only 529.99 on T-mobile.com

    • Samk18

      Lets see if i can help you out.  The phone is $600 according to the chart.  You make a down payment of  $200 but you get that back in mail in rebate so your paying $400 for the phone.  
      But the question should be how much will i be paying for two years.  If you want this phone you have to get a 5gb data plan.  There are two options Unlimited everything with 5gb at $74.99 a month or 500mins with unlimited text/data at $64.99 a month.  

      Two years with Umlimited is 74.99*24= 1799.76 + 400(price of phone after rebate) = 2199.76
      Two years with 500min.  is 64.99*24 = 1559.76 + 400(price of phone after rebate) = 1959.76

  • Cheesehead

    All I see is the Classics getting left out again.

    Maybe I am missing something here, so maybe the experts can help me out. I
    have a two line family Classic, on a 6 year old grandfathered $99.00
    per month plan. Unlimited data, text and 400 minutes. One BB and one
    MT4G. 13 months in on the latest 2 year contract. How would I beat this
    by moving to the value plan?

    • Jaygqitalia

      It would be 99.98 for 2gbs of data with unlimited talk and text. You would get no phone discounts, and you would probably be charged a migration fee. Id probably stick with what you have if minutes arent an issue.

  • PorscheCarrera

    Now this is a great deal. I’m hopping on this. 

    Does anyone know if I can downgrade the data plan after I buy the phone? I only really need 200mb. 

    • Laiesurf

      yeah, but you have to wait a month or two to have your rebate processed first, then you can downgrade your data plan for the rest of your contract. my brother is a sales manager for tmobile in the midwest and i asked him this same question last night!

      • PorscheCarrera

        Wow thanks. I called, and they said that my two years resets if I downgrade it. Is that true or are they blowing smoke? 

        Btw, I surf too at newport beach. I like fishboards. What about you? 

        • Wood

          No not if you downgrade your data, it will not reset anything.

  • Jaygqitalia

    Why are the full retail prices all raised? 

    • So T-mobile can make more money. During this “sale” I can get a Samsung Galaxy S2 for “$0” down, but I’d actually be paying about $27 in taxes before I’m reimbursed via the rebate, plus I’d be paying $5 more a month ($100 more through the life of the plan) than I would be paying now. Additionally, I’d have to pay about $15 more a month for 5GB of data I don’t need or want.

      • Jaygqitalia

        I dont think your forced into the 5GB with this sale. I could be wrong though. I know the 2gb is 59.99 and the 5gb is 74.99

        • I’m just going by the minimum data requirement column in those screen shots.

        • E-Money

          You are not forced to get the 5gb data plan, what it quotes on the snapshots is that RSA’s (Retail Sales Associates) should recommend the 5gb data plan to customers.

    • That is their normal MSRP price on there site so I don’t know what you mean….Scratch that.

      That is their normal MSRP in store. Stores always have a higher MSRP because of the extra overhead. In store prices never reflect the prices you see online.

  • Ok, so 3 of my 5 lines are eligible for an upgrade.  If I do and upgrade on one or two of those lines will I have to pay a migration fee for the 2 lines that are not eligible?

    • D-Money

      If you want to switch to the Value Plan, all your lines will have to be at least 18 months into their 24 month contract. As long as their into 18, you can migrate them into Value without any fee.

    • Nearmsp

      Reading the screen shots it says no migration fee if each phone has been on classic contract for at least 18 months.

  • Bdbdbdjhd

    they want us to right fit customers…but how is forcing them to have unlimited minutes plus 5GB of data doing so?

    • Anonymous

      So nobody comes in complaining about getting throttled i guess :P

  • Anonymous

    So 200 down – $200 rebate =0 for samsung galaxy 2 down payment. Then payments of $20 ×20 months = $400 for galaxy s 2!! Anddd my bill goes down to $60 after I pay it off! Thats $130 off the retail price of $529 even though they raised it to $600 for those 2days is a decent deal. Only thing better would have been no mail in rebate but ill take it.

  • BigMixxx

    ok…I’m so against this…I mean I REALLY hate this.  (I’d rather see..no phone over 199)…


    I finally understand why they are doing these deals…

    T mobile wants to sell contracts (DUH, bigmixxx, you don’t understand the mobile phone business).  However, they can careless what the phone costs.  

    I just don’t like this Value plan thingy.  That bothers me a bunch.  But anything to help the numbers.

  • Thecellulargalaxy

    From what I understand this is available at corporate and tpri stores at indirect dealers you will be able to get the rebates on clasiic plans I know adorama camera will have the sale I was told in their store only

  • Purenupe1

    so i want a bb 9900, but I dont want to pay $300 down and then have to wait 6 weeks to hopefully get it back, depending if i filled out the form correctly, passed a blood test and licked the envelope just the right way. Plus why would I sign a 2 year contract for this crappy deal. just discount the phone $300 immediately letting me walk out the store with only having paid the 1st months EIP and i sign your stupid contract.

  • 123

    can the phone be paid in advance before the 20 months? or can we still buy the phone up front and get the mail in rebate?

    • D-Money

      Yes you may.

    • firebird

      You can always pay off the EIP early. I am not certain if you have to put it on EIP to get the rebate.

      • Anonymous

        no, you can pay the whole thing in the store and still get the rebates. some people might not even qualify for EIP.

  • Purenupe1

    The down payment for the bb9900 says $199 but when i go to the stores is $299, whats up with that

    • JadedNYer

      They upped the EIP to $20.00 for the sale.

  • Jeff E

    So you’re FORCED to buy 5GB data plans if you want an S2 or Amaze?

    That’s an extra $15 a month, or $360 over 2 years.

    I’ll pass.

    • Jaygqitalia

      I doubt that. Your always allowed to change the rate or data plans to your needs.  Wouldnt surprise me though if you are forced

      • PorscheCarrera

        When I called the 1800 number, cs said I had to reset the 2 year clock on my contract every time I alter my plan. Is that true?

        • yet_another_nick

          Yes I got the same response as well

        • PorscheCarrera

          Thanks for the confirmation. Good to know that cs isn’t bsing me. It is a little odd that they changed the policy. 

          After crunching the numbers, I will be sitting out on this “deal.”

        • Anonymous

          you do sign a new two years if you change the amount of minutes. not if you remove or add data or text

    • Anonymous

      You can take off the data plan once you receive the rebate. All value plans do not require data, all thats required is you have the 5gb plan until you receive your rebate. After that you can call up or go into a store and change to the 2gb plan or cancel data all together. This is due to the fact your essentially paying full price for your devices on value plans. Hope this helps clarify.

  • BigKitty

    Is there an activation fee?

    • firebird

      If you are activating a brand new line, then yes. If you are upgrading an existing line, then no, value doesn’t pay upgrade fees.

    • Anonymous

      if your employer has a discount through tmo, then there is waived activation

  • Kool

    No wonder T-Mobile sucks and their are verge being out of business look at the promotion at&t is running for new customers or renewal of a two year contract. SHAME on you t-mobile greed is a disease which your are suffering from.

    • Don’t be Fooled

      Actually, poverty is the disease Tmobile is suffering from

    • Anonymous

      Tmobile is saving their customers thousands of dollars over the period of the two year contract compared to att sprint and verizon.  They are making the deal even sweeter for two days. Those companies can give all the “free” phones they want, but you still pay for it 4 times over within your two years. 

  • This EIP is really dumb. I save $5 year but still pay full price for a phone. not worth it.

    • oCrazyyyy

      Definitely worth it, look at it over 2 years. You are guaranteed to save money over two years.

    • Anonymous

      you dont have to use it… but you do pay no interest over those 20 months…

  • D-Money

    Many of you do not understand, you DO NOT have to get the 5GB data plan. Yes you do have to pay full price for the phone however, you will 100% guaranteed save money with the Value plan. Many customers that I have gotten I have saved over $1,000 over two years. Please take the Value Plan into consideration and go to your local T-Mobile retail store and have an Associate go through the Value Plan with you thoroughly.  

    • Rearea_32

      Thank you for clarifying that D-Money

    • BigKitty

      Look at the screen shot.  If you get the s2 or the amaze you DO have to get the 5 GB plan.

    • SomeAdvice

      If you want to qualify for this mail in rebate sale yes you do have to get the 5gb plan if you want an HTC Amaze or Samsaung Galaxy S2.  You end up paying 400 for the phone after 200 mail in rebate but you have to have a higher data plan which is 15 more a month than a 2gb plan.

      But if you dont want a 5gb plan and rather get a 2gb plan or something lower your better off getting the value plan the regular way without the sale then you pay full retail price for the phone but your data rate plan would be cheaper each month.

      Either way tmobile is confusing a lot of people and apparently fooling people the think this is a great deal when in  reality they are just shifting cost around.  Yes a 200 mail in rebate looks enticing but when you look at the bigger picture you are paying because you have to get more data.  Now if you were in a market for a 5gb plan this would be a great deal.  But im sure most people want to pay the cheapest bill possible.  


      HTC Amaze with mail in rebate sale     Unlimited everything 5 gb plan
      $200(down payment) – $200(mail in rebate) = 0 (net down payment)
       Monthly plan  74.99×24 = 1799.76
      20x$20(monthly installment payment for phone) = $400
      Grand Total =  1799.76+400 = $2199.76

      HTC Amaze with out sale    Unlimited everything 2gb (if you dont need 5gb plan)
      $229 (down payment)
      Monthly plan 59.99×24 = 1439.76
      20x$15(monthly instalment payment for phone) = $300
      Grand Total = 229+1439.76+300 = $1968.76

      The difference between the two is $231 over two years.  

      I hope this help some people out that even though this looks like a great deal tmobile makes you get a 5gb plan to qualify for that $200 mail in rebate.  

      • Jaygqitalia

        So get the mail in rebate and then downgrade the plan.. Right?

        • Anonymous


        • Anonymous

          But what will happen to the 2 year contract that we signed for the VALUE PLAN with 5GB Data Usage promise?  
          So will they ask for a ETF fee?

      • Anonymous

        Value plans can remove and add data at anytime. You are correct on that its required at time of purchase to receive mail in rebate but after you get the rebate (4-6 weeks) you can then call up or go into a store and remove the 5gb plan or switch to the 2gb. Hope this helps with your decision.

    • Anonymous

      Smart man D-Money! Or you can add the 5gb data plan until you get the rebate, then switch it over to 2gb or none if you want. Value plans are never required to keep data:)

      Classic Plans are a Tax on people who failed 3rd grade arithmetic lol..

  • riderdiechic

    Does anyone know if the Samsung Galaxy II have WiFi?  Also does is have FM radio?

    • Anonymous

      Yes it has Wifi for connecting to an alternate internet source and No on the FM radio. It doesn’t have Wifi Calling if that’s what you mean but it will get an update soon to give it “Wifi Calling”.

      • riderdiechic

        Thank You Ktwist, that’s what I meant WiFi calling.  I’m trying to decide between this phone and the htc sensation 4G

  • tomarone

    It’s a great deal. I currently have 1 BB 2 android and 1 regular phone, unlimited everything 2GB, and pay under 180, and 1 android phone is probably still eip but should be close to done. so thats up to $300 credit for a phone and the value plans are cheap. ping is slow though! :P

  • Frigadroid

    Now I know 18 months is the magic number. So if you have a grandfathered classic unlimited family plan with loyalty discounts, and you signed for the vibrant when it debuted. Then soon you can migrate to value and save on a new phone by valentines day. That’s okay I want to wait a bit to see where tmobile is going anyway. Amaze and SGs2 are alright but I want something to be more excited about if I’m going to slap down the cash and sign another contract with a carrier who is getting to the point of barely being better than family mobile.

  • Don’t be Fooled

    again, the prices on the better phones increased $529.99 to $600, and 15 a month to 20 a month. Not as big of a deal as it sounds. but better than nothing I guess.

  • Anonymous

    Just need some confirmation. With this deal here, if I get the SGSII, which is at $600, at the end, I only shell out $400 total?

    • Anonymous

      Correct. $600 for full price then you receive a $200 rebate = $400

  • Jason pujo

    Please correct me if I am wrong but for my two off contract Business lines I can go to Tmobile on Saturday and get (2) Galaxy S II on the Business value premium plan at $49.99 per line.  Total phone cost after rebate is $400. I then also get a $15 credit for 12 months business promotion per line for the Galaxy S II, making the phone cost $220? So per line plus tax is:

    24 months * $50 = $1,200
    20 months * $20 = $400
    12 months * $15 = -($180) Data on us credit

    $1,420 per line for 2 year contract with unlimited data, talk and text?  What am I missing?


    • Tommyboy

      All your calculations look right to me.

    • Firebird

      That’s pretty much the best deal right now. They are really pushing the Small Business plans right now.

    • Bayview

      What do you mean “$15 credit for 12 months business promotion per line for the Galaxy S II”?
      Where did you see this promotion?

      • Anonymous

        in a retail store they should have info about it.

    • Anonymous

      Correct. Just remember business plans must fork up the cost of the phones up front. They do not have EIP. So you will pay $1,200 upfront, yet it will cost you $440 for both phones at the end of 1 year receiving the credit and MIR.

      • Timothy Desaules

        You are wrong.  Businesses do get EIP.  Please do your trainings…..

      • Anonymous

        that changed at the end of october dude!

  • Anonymous

    Hope I can clarify something. Value Plans DO NOT require a data plan since your pay full price for the device. The deal this weekend DOES require you to get a non-required 5GB data plan BUTTTT you can take it off after you receive your mail-in rebate(4-6 weeks) :) On ALL value plans, DATA is not required EVER, even if your buying a Smart phone. You can call up or walk into a store anytime and remove data on a Value Plan. Classic plans are the only plans that require data on smart phones.

    • Anonymous

      as soon as you see the MIR is processed, drop it down or take it off and go wifi only. Thats another reason why i love selling the value plan.

    • Nearmsp

      Removing data from your plan after 8 weeks (when your rebate arrives) will mean a change to the plan. Will that not extend your contract by 2 years?

  • Guest

    I wonder when this “deal” is over if the price of SGS2 will go back to what it was?  Also I have to point out that it is extremely stupid to increase price of an 6 months old technology

    • Anonymous

      most people would consider saving $130 over the normal price to be a deal.  The price will go back to what it was the next day. Just like last time.

      • Guest

        Do you mean that Galaxy S2 price will go back to $529?? Also do you know how long these “Value Plan” deal will be around?  Thanks

        • Anonymous

          Yes it will go back to$529. The value plan is here to stay until tmo changes things up. We all know that happens pretty often lately.

        • CRT24

          The sale is the 17th and 18th…..since you get back what you pay down in a rebate then the phone will cost 400.00 with 20 months of eip at 20.00 per month so you are saving and extra $130.00 on the phone plus the savings on the value plan so if you are waiting until it goes back to regular price…..not sure why you would do that

        • Guest

          What if I want to sign up for 1000 min shared Family Plan with 5GB data and no texting ??  This promo is only for Unlimited Plans right?

  • PowerAxel

    what people fail to realize is that Tmobile essentially has 2 contracts on you with these value plans. That have a service contract and a phone/device EIP contract on you. You must pay off the phone at the same time you cancel the service contract. No more exiting out of your.contract for $200. Now they can keep the msrp on the phone high as they know the phone must be paid off when and if you leave. Its a great retention model…its the future of the cell phone customer model unfortunately that’s why Tmobile pushes everybody to these value plans.

    • Anonymous

      Of course your have to pay the phone back if you use EIP. The phone is purchased at FULL PRICE. If you didnt have to pay back the phone that you billed to your account, people would just pay $200 down for a phone and cancel after 14 days paying only $400 for the phone  and cancelation fees. Either way your paying FULL PRICE for the phone so its up too you if you want to break it up on your bill. No one is forcing anyone to use EIP with no interest. Pay full price and sign only 1 contract. 

      EIP is strictly a benefit for the customer not willing to pay $529 or $600 up front for a phone and at the same time giving them an UNLIMITED TALK TEXT 2GB Data for $59.99.

      • AS

        Why not just make a promo. Phones free and be done with it. Who ever heard of paying full retail with a contract. Go prepaid then, its the same thing

      • Purenupe1

        Why not pay full price for the phone and sign NO Contract

        • Targetdog

          Well, it’s b/c “full price” for these phones is more than you’d spend on a full desktop PC, and unlike a desktop, the phones can be dropped, scratched, cracked, or lost.  And if none of those things happens, you know you’re gonna be bored w/ it and want a newer one in less than two years.  So I think it’s natural that most ppl are loathe to drop $599 on a gadget like that….

    • tommy

      the EIP is just a loan at 0% interest so it’s a great deal.

      • Target

        It’s not a good deal if the 0% loan is on something purchased at an artificially inflated price…

        Plus, his logic rings true.  It used to be, “Maam, if you cancel your contract, you’ll owe us a ETF of $200.”  Under Value, it’d be, “Maam, you’re welcome to leave but you’ll have to pay us $200 penalty + $120 outstanding on the phone”….  That painful math would cause a lot of ppl to stay rather than leave.

      • Purenupe1

        Not if you are trapped in a 2 year contract

  • Alphanite

    In response to classic/legacy customers not being able to get the sale, granted it sucks you can’t get it this time around, but i’m sure your time will come around. Before the value plan came around, Tmobile was only doing “special day” sales every 3months, now they can do it every month. So your time will def come. Just saying

    • Anonymous

      Classic plan customers time comes daily. Go to walmart/sam’s club/target/costco…. they are ALWAYS cheap. 

  • Loomsters

    Funny how the full retail price of the galaxy s2 amaze is actually 529.99 and they have them listed for 599.99 on the list for this supposed sale. I hope people realize they are being ripped off.

    • Jaygqitalia

      Even so your still paying 400 total. Nothing ripped off about that

    • Anonymous

      They are just playing with numbers to get an even number EIP.  This is actually a good sale… you are getting $129 off the full price of a GS2.  Even better is the radar where you get $100 off the full price and still get a $100 trade in credit!

  • Action 6

    off topic but help me with info here,

    If I return a phone  that I upgraded via customer care on phone 6 days ago and phone is unopened and unused, Will TMO charge me restocking fee? will TMO refund me the total price paid including tax and
    upgrade fee i paid?

    • Dude

      Only physical retail stores charge restocking. You’re safe.

    • Jcbmj2854

      Yes you will get a full refund

  • Loltmobile

    Another rebate sale..?? Funny

  • Targetdog

    Here’s what I think is stoopid:

    I’m on a family plan, 3 lines.  We are all PAST upgrade date for our phones.  However, we are 1yr. into “contract”, b/c we added unlimited texting about 1yr. ago.

    Ok, so I wanted to get new phones and move to Unlimited Value.   Guess what, it’s “migration fee” of $150 PER LINE at this point.  Are you f*cking kidding, TMobile?? 

    So b/c we changed our friggin’ TEXTING option 12months ago, you want to ream us for $450 in fees for re-upping for two years at YOUR PREFERRED PLAN STRUCTURE??

    WTF.  After d*cking around w/ this, calling and threatening to leave for ATT (wife wants iPhone), nothing…

    So what do I do?  Go to Target, get the Sensation for free, the S2 for less than $100 (traded in old phones&cameras).  And now I see TMO has cheaper “classic” calling plans available (1K minutes, unlimitied texting, 2GBdata for two lines) that I can switch to, no fees, and I’ll be saving like $30/month over my current plan.

    Am I missing something, or what? I wanted to buy my phone through TMO, but it seems they just want existing customers to BEND OVER.  We’ve been them for over a decade.  TMO, Target Mobility just ate your lunch.  And drank your milkshake.

    • Guest

      Unfortunately I work for Target, by getting your phones there all you did was take from Target’s commission from TMO by getting phones reduced.  As a third party we pay TMO full price for all phones and have what is called “Phone Eat” when you buy with us.  TMO made full profit off you, Target made next to nothing.

      • Targetdog

        Well, it’s not what “I” did…it was TargetMobile corporate who set the sale price of the Sensation and S2…  Don’t you guys get a cut of the monthly revenue stream?

        Anyhoo, loss leader or not, Target still got me in the store, that’s half the battle.  They know you’re probably not to walk out w/o buying something else, right?

    • tammy

      migration fee? what is that for I did the same thing no migration fee. what is it?

      • tommy

        I had the easiest time in the world migrating. it was wonderful. Magenta loves me.

        • HKA

          I switched to Value plan 2 weeks ago and CS rep did say it will be $200 migration fee (for 1 or 2 line still under contract) but it has been 2 weeks and I have not seen a migration fee on my account.  Thus far I’m not complaining at all :)

        • Targetdog

          I’d watch and see what if anything shows up on your next billing statement —

    • Anonymous

      That is the case that I hate…. they should waive your migration fee since you haven’t had a phone upgrade in over 18 months. I have had customers come back and tell me that CC waived their migration fee. I have heard from others that it was partially waived. 

      What i dont get is how adding texting extended your contract. You must have switched to a promo plan or something new being offered. Adding features never extendings your contract. Adding an employer discount and changing the plan does.

      • Targetdog

        Ohhhh…it must have been a discount.  About 1yr ago we figured out my wife was eligible for a discount.

        Whatever, it still seems ridiculous, this “$150/line migration” crap.  B/c I was told that if we move to a 1000min (cheaper than unlimited) plan, the discount will follow us and be applied to our new plan.

        So it’s like, “If you wanna move to Value we’re gonna hit you w/ migration fees.  But if you move to an even cheaper “Classic” plan, no migration fees”.  Explain the logic behind that one…

        • Anonymous

          The logic is classic plans get phone discounts. Value plans do not. They are charging migration fees to recoup the loss of a phone discount and cheaper rate. If nobody was charged a migration fee, everyone would sign up with a classic plan and discounted phone then move right to a value plan

        • Purenupe1

          The best to beat this is to buy phones from craigslist and ebay and just switch SIM cards, at least until Tmobile quits snorting corporate coke. Cause there is no way in hell I’m signing a 2 year contract and paying full price for the phone. The value plans suck because you never get out the contracts

        • Anonymous

          What do you mean “never”?  Did you sign a  “life-time” contract?  If not, don’t be afraid to take them to court if need be.”small claim” could be the best solution for that.  If they send a lawyer… it costs them more per hour that potential of winning the case. If enough people get nasty with them and start suing (with some twitter “advertising”) companies do cave. I am currently thinking about leaving Verizon for t-mobile (I want a new Windows phone).

      • I am one of those ones that simply does not think ADDING features should result in contract extentions. You are offering the company to pay more for more features you need to remain happy – thus, they shouldnt extend your contract if you are willing to stay because you are willing to pay more.
        I also dont believe that a company should extend your contract if you are eligible for any discounts – You are clearly adding the discounts because you feel the bill is too high, and you WANT to stay, and this is how you WILL stay, by adding a discount that you deserve anyway (regardless if T-Mobile is cheap enough already). If they dont add it, there are many other carriers that cost less, MetroPCS, Cricket, hell even USCC costs less than T-Mobile usually…So why not make the customer happy and not lock them into longer contracts for adding a benefit that is KEEPING the customer, and preventing the churn.

        I am one of those people who lets the carrier know, “I dont like this and that, but Im willing to stay, if you can meet me half way. I pay a lot, and I think its too much, but Im willing to pay more for xxx product and overlook the faults of the network/service/etc if you are willing to NOT extend my contract and allow me to carry out my remaining contract.” Sometimes they budge, other times they dont. If they dont, I let them know that I am willing to pay more and be locked into a contract with another carrier that has better customer/network service if that is the case, and to start opening my account for the porting process. Honestly, I have zero tolerance for carriers at this point and I am loyal only as long as they treat me like they are loyal to me.

  • Enoel69

    If you already have ur phone…can u sign up for the small biz plan? Is the small biz plan totally unlimited talk, txt and data (5GB) for $34.99 OR just talk and txt and u add data extra.

    • CRT24

      Can’t as an individual….you must have a tax id or sign up as a sole proprietorship business to get business plans

      • Not entirely true. I have a Federal Tax ID, and I own my own business and it is a start-up Sole Proprietorship, and T-Mobile approved me no deposits just needed me to fill out some papers and fax them in. Once I did, they contacted me and said Sole Proprietorship is the same as “Consumer” thus, if I wanted a business plan, I needed bank statements in the company name (my name) and documents pertaining to income tax (under the company name filed separate than my personal income; not possible this early), and then they still wanted a deposit, instead of it being $100 for a consumer deposit, they wanted $500 for a business…keep in mind, this is AFTER they approved me without a deposit, and accepted my ID and everything over the phone. Once I sent everything in, their tune changed, even though it all checked out prior.

        So, if you think you can just waltz on in with your Federal Tax ID and use “Sole proprietorship” as a way to save money and get on a business plan, you are sorely mistaken and it simply wont work. It sucks too because of this, I took those business lines I wanted to open with T-Mobile, to Sprint, who has NO CONTRACT Business Plans now.

  • Skinsfan05

    Can you pay off the phone early and still get the rebate?

  • Shop2

    Can this promo be used with 1000 Minute Talk + Text (instead of Unlimited)? If Unlimited is required, can it be dropped to 100 Value Plan afterwards?

    • AS

      No. Has to stay unlimited for the 2 years

      • Shop2

        Hmm, in that case this promo is really for people who want Unlimited Plan. For others it would be better to buy smart phones somewhere else at discounted price and then just sign up for any Value Plan. The only drawback would be paying the whole price up front rather than over 20 months.

  • Steve

    What’s the dif between classic plan and value plan? $104.95 vs. $119.95 for 10GB plan… What is missing?
    Also, don’t understand phone situation… Price is stated as $229 for the Galaxy S2, yet y’all are talking abt havin to pay full price…?

    • Guest

      I don’t get that either, everbody is talking about paying $400 for GalaxyS2 and how great deal that is?? Can someone explain this?

      • AS

        I work for T Mobile so let me break this down for you. The industry classic is a classic plan – a plan at a set price and discounted phone. Usually a 5 or 6 hundred dollar phone will be in the 200 range. T Mobile came up with this value plan junk. Basically you get a cheaper plan but you have to pay full price of the phone.Their marketing behind it is that even if you are paying full price of the phone and breaking it up into 20 payments you will end up paying less than a classic plan. T Mobile’s promos are B.S, walk into any store right now and compare the prices on the full price. You will notice that the “promo” prices are at least $50 more expensive per phone.
        People are saying that it is a good deal because it sort of is. On a normal day a customer walks into the store and gets an Unlimited Value Plan and the Galaxy S2. The phone full price is $550 (not $599), the customer puts a down payment of $250 plus taxes and has $300 left to finance over the course of 20 months-at $15 per payment. Oh and you can be on a 2GB plan- you don’t have to be on a 5gb paying $15 more per month if you don’t need it. Honestly if you have  the cash laying around, go with prepaid plan. Check this out- contract and expensive plan with full price on phone doesn’t seem to make much sense right. On prepaid the same plan that will run you 102.95 per month will run you $70 no contract. Either way you pay full price on a phone!!!
        Now the question is why would TMO do such a thing as value plan. Well its simple, it makes them more money. A cell phone company makes money on service, not on phones. That Samsung phone or HTC phone that TMO sells to you for $200, chances are they paid more than that very same amount. So no profit there. They charge you for 24 months so that is all profit. And mind you they still need to pay the rep who made the sale. We get 40% of the monthly recurring charge. So say we sell one classic line with a Galaxy S2 and its $86.99: 40% of 86.99 = $35.19. Net profit initially is only $57. Now the MRC on a value plan is lower (we don’t get paid on the phones) so say that same $87 is now only 67.98. 40% of that is $27.92 AND they sell you the phone at full price. So now not only are they paying us less but they are also making more. AND TO TOP IT OFF IT MAKES NO DIFFERENCE TO YOU THE CUSTOMER! EITHER WAY YOU PAY ABOUT THE SAME!. Big whoop, i didn’t $5 per month was going to make me any richer or poorer. Any questions hit me back

        • Guest

          Thanks for the detailed reply. Also wanted to find out if I can buy Galaxy S2 for price of $229 after this weekend sale thing with a 1000 minutes family plan+5GB data plan? It doesn’t really make sense to pay full price for this phone.. thanks

        • Itsmeagain

          hmm, I got the sII for free just for joining on the classinc plan and will most likley cancel in 2 months- contract says 200 etf – no biggie I’ll pay it and be done. then get another on the prepaid plan. 

        • Purenupe1

          I know you were trying to help but damn that was post hard to follow

  • Nearmsp

    In the classic plans you typically had a 2 year contract and then when you bought a phone on discount that phone then would have to be on contract for 2 years, but you could cancel it and pay $200 and be gone with your family plan phones. In a value plan, is it correct to say you are in permanent rolling contract. Say I have 4 phones and every 6 months I get a new phone on this value plan. Will not buying a new phone EXTEND the value plan contract by 2 years even if I buy the phone on full price? Additionally is it true if I am on value plan I can never go back to classic plan or pre-paid?

    • PenisBreath

      it shouldn’t, but I am sure Tmbile will make you sign a new two year if you want them to bill you the remaining cost of the phone. seriously, you should look into Verizon. 4g lte, they really do have more coverage than t mobile, sprint, at and t, anybody.

  • Blankspace87

    Nice article David.  I agree with you on how T-Mobile is not catering to the existing T-Mobile customers.  I have 5 lines on my plan and 3 of my phones are eligible for upgrade but due to the migration fees to be able to qualify for the phones I haven’t elected to upgrade ($750 in migration fees!)

    My suggestion to those that are upset is to make it your moneys worth.  I recommend you send mass text messages and leave your phones on all night with another T-Mo customer just so it looks like your using 7000 minutes a month on the phone. (Haha) 

    You could also try harassing T-Mo and maybe they’ll not want to deal with you anymore and terminate your phone lines (freedom!)

    • Want to know how I get my plans worth? 1. I initiate a call to a Powwownow conference number in Iowa, usually a 641 area code. 2. Then I initiate 5 more calls using the 6-Way Calling standard included in GSM service. 3. I do that all night long, put the volume down on the phone, press mute, and set aside all night, every night for weeks of the month. 4. I check my plan and see tens of thousands of minutes used for night and weekend (or day since I have unlimited minutes) and laugh knowing….. (see below)

      When one calls a rural number in area 641, the long distance provider has to pay the termination fee to the receiving telecom party: up to 8 cents a minute. Large telecom providers are the hardest hit with the costs for these so-called free service providers. AT&T filed a suit to withhold these arbitrage payments (AT&T got a $2 million bill a month). – Wikipedia

      Knowing that, I hope that T-Mobile will either terminate me or ask why it is happening and maybe make me into a profitable customer by offering me something that really fits my current needs rather than saying “Sorry, we cant help you lower your bill” – Well if you cant help me lower my bill, I will help you spend the money I give you.

  • Ediblesweet

    that is stupid. most people wouldn’t need 5gb. again another pointless promotion from yours truly.
    lame. This company really is so stupid. If you are so broke you cant afford Verizon or Sprint, you should be working 2xs as hard and much as everyone else, which means you won’t have time for 5gb of data usage a month. T Mobile makes it sound like a good deal, but again there coverage isn’t everywhere so why even bother. and I mean like in the 24 hour fitness Sherman Oaks all over LA,
    you put a wall up between your T Mobile 4g phone and T Mobile tower and your phone won’t work. period.

  • GSII

    Feel bad for people who paid $200 deposit (hope to get it back in 2 months!!) and $20 per month for 20 months for SGS2..  I only paid $99 at Target and got two for family plan. I saved about $400 in total contract and phones.. not bad.