T-Mobile’s “Last Chance Sale” Set For December 17th-18th

We’ve managed to uncover at least some of the major details for T-Mobile’s upcoming “Last Chance weekend” sale being held on December 17th and 18th. Once again, T-Mobile is pushing the Value Plan offer hard by offering up $0 down payments for every smartphone after rebate. The Equipment Installment Plans will range anywhere from $3 to $20 per month depending on the device you select. The offer is good for both new and existing customers, so long as you’re on a Value Plan or migrate onto one. Data requirements range from 200MB for voice first devices, 2GB for smartphones and 5GB for “super 4G” phones such as the Galaxy S II and HTC Amaze 4G we suspect.

So far that’s all we’ve been able to uncover as this deal looks suspiciously like the earlier Value Plan deal days T-Mobile has run.

We’ll post more details as they arrive!



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  • Anonymous

    Cue the disappointed people saying this deal sucks in 3…..2……1….

    • Anonymous

      Ya they think they should get a brand new phone every 6 months


        With how fast they release new phones and how often the technology changes… I do think they should let you upgrade at full discount price after a year with a contact renewal. How about being required to sign a two year contract but also be aloud to get a new phone once a year if you wish. I have been happy with Tmobile this long so signing a contract wouldn’t be a big deal to me plus I could get the latest and greatest sooner without having to wait as long only to find out that phone you wanted is discontinued.

        • Steve

          The upgrade policy actually changed at the end of 2009 to 1Q of 2010.  The policy allowed for a full discount on smartphones every year.  The only difference was that in order to be eligible for any “buy 1, get 1 free”, you had to wait until the 22 month mark.  No other company was doing that so it helped drive the T-Mobile smartphone market.

        • CRT24

          You are mistaken…..you get A discount after 12 months but not full until 22 months of tenure so not sure where you are getting this from.

        • Anonymous

          and that discount is never worth it. its normally $50 off full price. 

        • Heisenberg

          There’s a reason no major wireless company gives maximum subsidies every year, and it’s because they’d be out of business.  

  • Ngius1026

    So, does this mean a $200 instant discount to the high end phones that would normally be a $200 down payment???

    • Anonymous

      Not instant…reimbursed downpayment via mail in rebate card

  • Awesomemiz

    didnt we already see this?? 2 times this year!!! another fraud sale…make sure we over staff to not get any sales….push classic plans, atleast you have leverage to discount , match price etc…

    • Rudy Belova

      Maybe its the “Last, Last, Last, we swear last time sale”

    • Rudy Belova

      Maybe its the “Last, Last, Last, we swear last time sale”

  • Rudy Belova

    I went to the last sale. For only $600 plus phone fee, i could have walked out with the amaze 4g. PASS! I instead upgraded one of my lines and paid $229 for the amaze instead. No way im going on the value plan.

    • Durandal_1707

      Wow, you sure didn’t let them fool you! It’s utterly preposterous that they would expect hard-working Americans to spend $600 of their hard-earned dough (probably something like $200 down plus $20/month for 20 months) when they could be getting the same thing for $709+ instead ($229 down plus $20/month for 24 months, plus $20/mo extra for however long you stay off contact). Who do they think they’re fooling???

      • Rudy Belova

        It was a $200 per line “Conversion” fee to the value plan. I would have to pay monthly for the phone on top of my new “value” rate plan and will NEVER get subsidized phone upgrades ever ever again. But! I save $20 per month, before the $20 for the phone. I like being able to have a phone subsidized if i need it. Granted, i usually pay full price but i do like having that option

    • Guest

      And over the life of your contract, you will pay much more for that phone than $600. Boy, you showed ’em.

  • Anonymous

    Not really a sale. PASS!!

    • Anonymous

      It is a sale…..there arent typically rebates or discounts on value plan phones….what tmo should do is allow every classic customer to migrate to value without fee and waive activation fees for new customers

      • Anonymous

        they will never do that. they have to make up for the cost of the subsidized phones sold to classic customers. which is why there is a Migration fee. 


    who does tmo think they are fooling

    • Anonymous

      you. most people like paying less per month and less up front.


    Do some math and you will see the Value plan is the best way to go in almost every case,,,,SillyRabbit

    • Nearmsp

      please see above and comment. 

    • Anonymous

      100% of the time a customer pays less up front and less per month when on value. NO upgrade fees, or MIR to deal with. Even when there is a sale like this where the EIP goes up to $20, you are not taxed on your bill for that $20, so it still ends up cheaper than the classic plan.

      • TiredofwaitingforyouNokia

        T-Mobile Reps can mock folks for not “getting this” all they want…. as people continue to “not get the math” and walk on over to other carriers for BETTER phone offerings that “feel free” even tho, as you point out, they aren’t.

        The point is… you are asking a population of people who thrive on “free now, pay later” to see the savings in a more complicated plan.

        Furthermore, you fail to appreciate how that “free phone” at contract renewal works in families where “Terra Teenager” knows darn well she better take care of the phone because she doesn’t get a new one for 24 months. Sure, the Value Plan could be managed the same way…but it introduces some “gray” into an otherwise “black & white” equation for most families.

        Now you can argue all you want that the market is thus “too dumb” to “get it”. But gee, it wouldn’t be the first time that the consumer was marketed something that could be done a “more favorable way”.  But that begs the question, which “better” do we trust? The first one? The second one? Or the one you are going to change us to later because we gave up grandfathered plans which turned out to be less advantageous for you and you couldn’t wait to get us off them?

        Anytime a company is this anxious to move it’s customer base off an earlier plan construct it raises RED FLAGS of distrust.   DO THAT CALCULATION and you’ll find that as “good as it seems” the Value Plan initiative could be costing you customers.

        • TiredofwaitingforyouNokia

          Here’s an easy prediction, in less than 10 years a new generation of phones based on 3 increasingly standard OS offerings working on next generation tower technology will FINALLY minimize this whole “phone = carrier” game. 

          AND THE PRICES FOR ALL OF IT WILL COME DOWN…..as long as mega-mergers aren’t allowed to happen.

          Just as we stopped getting our land lines from AT&T, just as we don’t have to get our DSL modems from our ISP, just as we don’t get our WIFI devices from anyone providing those signals…. the hardware sales will decouple from the providers and become much more affordable….and…. without the carrier freebe phones being the norm we might see better/more rugged phones.

          Once most folks have made this step change to Smartphones it may be the case that folks will be just fine holding on to the same phone a little longer. I think most people over the age of 35 do anyway.

        • TiredofwaitingforyouNokia

          “Just as we stopped getting our land lines from AT&T”

          I meant to say “getting our landline phones” from AT&T. But most of you might be too young to remember when we did.

        • Anonymous

          i dont understand why you are saying it introduces some “gray” … you can get a new phone in the same amount of time with the value plan as upgrading on the classic plan. when your EIP ends, you are free to keep what you have and pay less or get a new phone for the same price as you would have paid to upgrade.

          I think T-mobile is opening the door for lower full cost devices not tied to the carriers.  Sign up for the $100 family plan and buy your devices unlocked from google or apple. Customers will finally open their eyes and see that they were never actually getting a discount on their phone. They were paying for it all along… even when they weren’t using a phone upgrade!!

    • Jaygqitalia

      I pay 59.99 right now on EMP for unlimited everything. Id say the value plan isnt the best way to go with me.

  • Awesomemiz

    you keep drinking the value plan kool aid….classic plan is the better way!!

    • Jason

      Yay!! Spending more money is way better!!

    • Durandal_1707

      The Classic plans are a tax on people who failed 3rd grade arithmetic…

    • Anonymous

      keep paying more per month and more up front. i get more commission off of your classic plan anyway. come back and see me every time you upgrade.

      • Anonymous

        And you would be a prime example of why t-mobile isn’t number 1 in customer service anymore

        • Anonymous

          actually, with every customer who comes in, i check to see if i can SAVE them money on the value plan. people like the guy above who dont like saving money are rare, but im not going to force someone on a plan they dont want.

  • Nearmsp

    OK, I keep hearing how great the value plan is and how one does not know how to calculate etc. So here it is for those of you who are more endowed with Math skills. The difference in cost for me with a value plan is around $3 per month! And that is assuming that one does not call the loyalty line and ask for additional discount for phone on classic plans. Most times one can buy discounted phones for classic plan at all retailers (Best Buy had SGS2 for $149 last 3 days). On the other hand value plan sales are restricted only to T-mobile stores and opportunities are far and few. Additionally, discounted phones starts in 18 months into contract, for classic plans. Here is the criteria. 2 Amaze phones with unlimited talk and text and 5GB data and both phones with tethering (no discount for value plans on tethering!!!!!). 
    Total outlay for value plan over 2 years:=2($530) + 24*(1-0.15)(80+50+30)=$4324Total outlay for classic plan = 2($265)+24*(1-0.15)(100+60+30)=$4406.Saving on value plan $82 over 2 years or $3.41 per month!Can any of the many users who recommend value plan,  please comment if I have made any errors in my calculations? Where is the value in value plan for the CUSTOMER (not T-mobile!)??

    • Nearmsp

      I forgot to mention that one of the reasons the skewing of the benefit towards a classic plan is pronounced because I get 15% employer discount from T-mobile. Now the discount is not on purchases but monthly payment. So in a classic plan, T-mobile is indirectly giving me 15% discount on the phone but not for the value plan because of upfront payment of cost of the phone.

      • Durandal_1707

        Well that’s great for you. For the rest of us who _don’t_ have a 15% employee discount on monthly payments, the Value plan costs less overall, especially with this sale, where no down payment means that even the $600 phones won’t cost more than $400 total ($20 EIP x 20 months).

        • Nearmsp

          OK, maybe here is where I am not getting. What is EIP? I thought one paid the full price of the phone. So amaze would cost $529 on Value Plan. It would cost $229 + $35 upgrade fee for classic plan. Is that right?
          I would appreciate if some one could explain how a $600 phone would cost only $400? Can I pay that upfront or do I have to add it to my monthly cost?

        • Durandal_1707

          EIP == Equipment Installment Plan. Instead of posting the full price up front, you pay a down payment and divide the rest up into monthly payments. I.e. it’s the same thing as the Classic plan, effectively, but you pay less. I don’t understand why the Classic plan still exists, to be honest. It’s nothing but a rip-off.

          According to this article, the sale makes the down payment $0, and the monthly payments range from $5 to $20 per month. And since the EIP is 20 months, the worst case scenario is that you pay $20 x 20 == $400. A pretty good deal when you consider that the SGSII and Amaze 4G both cost in excess of $500 normally.

    • TMoUser

      What do you mean by 24*(1-0.15)(80+50+30) – I get 24 months but what is the (1-0.15) and the 80+50+30? Can you explain each number?

      • Steve

        That’s for the 15% discount.  in other words, you’re only paying 85% of what the plan would normally cost.  Classic gives you the best deal since you can get either loyalty or even a store to do a price match or just adjust the price to keep your upgrade.

      • Nearmsp

        Value Plan: 2 lines unlimited talk and text = $80+ 2 phones with 5GB data = $50 and 2 lines with tethering =$30. So that is 24 months each at (80+50+30). 
        I deducted 15% employer discount i.e., 85% or (1-0.15) in fraction.

    • Guest

      There’s no one perfect answer for everyone. Our family, with five lines, and two smartphones, saved $49 each month moving to the value plan. If it doesn’t save you money, don’t do it.

    • Anonymous

      let’s simplify it to what normal people get. 
      2 HTC Amaze with unlmited talk text and 2gb data:99.98/mo for 24 months = 2,399.52 + $30/mo for 20 months for the phones = 600. Value you pay $459.98 down and $130 a month. = $3459 over 2 years on value. classic is $139.99/mo and 229.99 after the MIR = $3819.74 over 2 years on classic.  You pay $559.98 down and get $100 MIR and you pay $36 in upgrade fees. you are saving $396.74 over 2 years with the value plan.I dont know about you, but I would rather pay less upfront and less per month…

      oh and thats before any of the discount with the value promo

    • YaddaYaddaSomething

      First off, discounts start at 12 months. 18 months is for the Early Upgrade Plus discount. 22 Months for the Same as New discount.

      Lets assume we have the Unlimited Talk/Text/2GB web plan. $80 on Classic, $60 on Value.

      Let’s go ahead and use Best Buy’s promo of $150 for the phone. Your up front cost is $150 and your monthly cost is $80 x 24. That adds up to a grand total of $2,070 over two years.

      With the Value plan, let’s ignore the promo for now. Phone cost in total is $530, that’s what you’ll end up paying with EIP or paying upfront. So let’s do $530 and $60 x 24 = $1,970. You saved a whole $100 on the value plan before we even consider this promo coming up.

      Now lets go ahead and assume what Dave is saying is the actual promo (Free phone with mail in rebate). We know that on EIP, normally the phone up front is $230 with a $15 EIP. So lets go ahead with that (could be different on promo day. I know several promos ago some phones had $20 EIP. I’m not going to mess around with that since I don’t have a concrete solid answer yet) and shave that $230 off the total cost. Again we’re now looking at $300 for the equipment and $60 x 24 for the monthly costs. Now you’re saving $330 over the span of 2 years with the value plan.

      Now with family plans, same deal. Unlimited Talk/Text/2GB web. Family plan, $140. Value plan, $100.

      Classic – Phone cost $150 x2. Plan $140 x 24. 300 + 140×24 = $3,660.

      Value (no promo) – Phone cost $530 x 2. Plan $100 x 24. $1,060 + 100 x 24 = $2,930.

      The savings are even more pronounced when two lines are involved with the value plan saving you $730 vs. the Best Buy promo on the classic plan. The only difference you will physically see is the upfront cost for the device is obviously less at Best Buy.

      • YaddaYaddaSomething

        Also to clear confusion as well. Corporate Discounts/Employee Discounts apply towards the Value Plan as well. As long as you’re on a plan that allows a 2 year agreement (IE: Not the Even More Plus or Pre-paid plans), then both plans will reap the benefits.

        Though there is one stipulation. The corporate discount will not apply towards any equipment installment purchases. So if you split the cost up of the phone you will only see the discount apply towards the plan and your EIP will be $3/5/10/15 with no tax or interest.

        • Nearmsp

          Thanks very much for taking the time to really explain the Value Plan. I was not aware of the EIP. I will surely visit a T-mobile store on Saturday. 3 of our phones are off contract and 1 is 15 months in to a contract. I hope they don’t deny or charge $200 to change to value plan.

        • Anonymous

          if its 15 months in to the contract, you will be charged a migration fee. you are charged no migration fee when its 18 months in. but, try calling customer care to get the migration fee waived ahead of time…. trust me, it might work ;)

        • Anonymous

          Is the Corporate discount applied before taxes?
          So If have a 100$ family plan and 10% corporate discount will I get the monthly charge at 90$ + (Taxes+Fees) as a % on 90$? 


      • Anonymous

        let’s not forget about upgrade fees. they charge them at best buy too. no upgrade fee with the value plan.

  • Anonymous

    The Value plan only saves you money after two years when the phone is paid off. At that point you are paying for a cheaper plan without a phone payment. You could also save money by going to the value plan and using an old phone.

    • Anonymous

      Usually the highest the monthly payment is on a high end phone is $15/mo.  Which WOULD be cheaper monthly than Classic plans, especially if you have multiple lines.  On sales days like these the monthly payment for the high end phone is $20/mo which would bring you monthly rate to be the same as the classic but you get the money for the down payment back.  So in essence when you normally have to choose between a discounted phone (classic) or discounted plan (value) on these sales days you are getting both.

    • Guest

      All I can say is we saved $49/month on the value plan, and over the life of our contract, that’s $1,176.

    • Anonymous

      No, save money right from the start because your EIP doesnt even start for 2 months.

    • Aero

      Switch to Value without getting a new phone. Buy phones much cheaper flat out on craigslist or ebay or whatever, put Value SIM in, bam, now you have a dirt cheap monthly. 

  • Guest

    What’s to keep someone from starting a phone on EIP, then just paying it off on, say, the second month

    • Heisenberg

      You don’t have to even put the phone on EIP to begin with.  If the GSII is $100 in store, $20/month on 20 mo. EIP ($400), and $100 rebate, you could just pay $500 up front and still get the rebate.

      • Guest

        During the last sale, I was told I HAD to put a phone on EIP to get the rebate.

        • Aero

          Once you have the rebate card in hand, call up Cust Care and ask them to finalize the EIP plan. It’ll put the remaining balance on your next statement. Then take the card and go to your Tmo store, use the rebate card to pay your bill off (and whatever else you owe obviously) and voila, you had to pay maybe 1-2 months of the EIP, which comes off the total final price, and with the big rebate from that sale you’ve essentially paid off the device. 

    • Kelly

      Nothing. I paid mine off the same afternoon I started the new plan. I went to the sale last month.  We showed up right when they opened and started the plans purchases. Later that afternoon we brought the gift cards we were expecting (from winning the VIP zone sweepstakes) in the mail  to pay the EIP’s off and even add a little to our account. 

  • Cielo Moreno127

    No mi gusta

  • Jaygqitalia

    T-Mobile is pushing the Value Plan offer hard by offering up $0 down payments for every smartphone after rebate.
    That is the dumbest thing. So of course im putting down a down payment. I dont care if I get the money back. By the time 2 or 3 months go by , im still making payments. Now if they offered me a phone with NO money down period, then I would get one. 

    • Anonymous

      That’s what everyone wants. Free phones and they dont care about how much they are paying per month. People come into my store and tell me that AT&T is offering them a free blackberry. Ok, well sure you get it for free, but you are paying $120 a month for unlimited talk text and 2gb of data. Wouldnt you rather pay $79 today and pay $75/mo for the exact same thing with no web overage charges?? oh and i forgot to mention, your bill drops down to $59.99 after 20 months. 

      The responses i get are:
      “you mean i have to pay money up front for a phone that is free across the street?””I’m not paying rent on a phone”
      “i cant afford to pay anything up front”

      Look at the big picture. If you compare Value vs. Classic, you are paying less per month on a value plan ********AND******** less up front.

      • Iwant5boldsforfree

        amen brotha. as a fellow employee i know exactly what you’re talking about. nothing can beat the free iphone 3gs on att right now. “you’re getting a phone that’s two years old for free.” “so it’s an iphone” 

        • Anonymous


        • Droidsoup

          I bought a pre-paid Samsung Exhibit 4g for $199.98 Walmart and I use the $50/mo plan unlimited talk text and with 100mb data.  Fine for what I need.  If you go to a cheaper phone look at some of the ones at Straight talk cheap low monthly of $45/mo unlimited all.

        • Anonymous

          monthly 4g is a good deal too. and you only pay sales tax.

        • Jaygqitalia

          I dont mind paying for the phone over time. I just dont want to have to pay anything upfront. They say with this sale the first payment is free AFTER rebate. Why bother with the rebate then? Just give it free to begin with, its a hassle  

        • Anonymous

          That’s why. Because they make money off of the people not mailing in the rebates

          Sent from my Windows Phone

    • HM

      Try to do the calculations over the 2 years which is the contract duration for the value plan with full retail price and zero down plan on equivalent phones by other carriers, you will see that Value plan easily beat other plans on costs. I am surprised that this smartest consumer friendly move is not copied by any other carrier, i.e. discounting the plan it self rather than phone. In the end, it is all about the marketing, i.e. expensive plans actually are perceived cheaper by people…

  • bob

    If you cancel your service after you’ve recieved the rebate, are you on the hook for the remaining eip payments? Or do you have to pay the cancellation fee+remaining eip?

    • Anonymous

      of course you are. $200 etf + remaining eip

  • Skinsfan05

    I’m on the value plan and looking to buy a SG2 but not if I have to sign up for the 5GB plan.

  • Samk18

    You guys need to really understand whats really going on…the value plan is really not meant to help customers but tmobile.

    In the event they do get bought off tmobile is off the hooks for the price of handsets that are on value plan. that cost is shift to the customers.

    Lets assume they get bought by att which doesnt look likely now. and customers who are on the value plan want to cancel. they have to pay 200 termination fee plus whatever they owe in the phone they bought.

    If people were on the classic plan and they decide to cancel they only have to pay the termination fee. tmobile would be stucking paying manufacturer for the cost of the phone minus whatever down payment customer paid.

    It really looks like tmobile wants to be bought one way or another and they want to lower their cost as much as possible.

    Saving a mere 100 between a classic plan and value plan over the course of two years is nothing.

    • Nikawren

      Alt of ppl save far more than that! Have seem customers save that a month including a phone payment plus get extra features, don’t u guys username you post for the phone in a classic plan too? Just a different way…

    • kir

      How is the value plan not meant to help customers? I think you mean it’s not meant to help carrier jumping douchebags who want everything for free everytime a new phone drops.

      “Saving a mere $100” is not nothing, it’s a $100.

      If you had 5 lines you would save a “mere” $500.

      Where did you come up with $100 over 2 years. Out the door value is less since they’re are no mail in rebates for required data. You’re assuming everyone is going to purchase the highest tiered devices.

      If i go purchase an lg mytouch on classic i would pay $130 + tax = $140 out the door. In order to get the mail in rebate you would have to have unlimited data putting you $70 + tax

      same device and same plan on value would cost $80 + tax on full amount = $103
      same service with 500 min w/msg and data would cost $50 + tax + $10 for 20 months

      up front i saved $37(device) + $80 (save $20/mo for 4 months without eip) + $200 (save $10/mo during eip) = $337 /line

      even with $15 eip it’s still more than $100 savings.
      gs2 is $304 on classic out the door and $274 on value.

      saved $30 upfront ($50 on upgrades since there is no upgrade fee) + $80 (save $20/mo for 4 months without eip) + $100 (save $5/mo during eip) = $210/line

      that being said, if you somehow come up on a free phone on classic, then yes the savings aren’t as good.

    • Guest

      These unilateral assertions one way or the other are simply misguided. You *must* do the math for yourself and make a smart decision. IN general, I do believe *most* people would benefit from the Value plan, *especially* folks who aren’t hot to have the latest phone every two years.

      Again, I can site my own example: With five lines and two smartphones, we moved from a Classic plan to a Value plan, and we are saving $49/month. Our old bill was $143, and our new bill is $94. Over two years, that’s $1,176 in my pocket. That’s enough to pay for my new Amaze at $529 and have $650 left over!!!!!!

      By contrast, had I stayed on the Classic plan and “upgraded” to the Amaze, I’d have paid that $49/month PLUS the “upgrade” price of $279, meaning my total outlay over the life of the Classic plan (and “real” cost for my Amaze) would have been $1,455!!

      So, I had a choice to go “value plan” and have a brand new Amaze, spending $94*24+529 = $2,785 in two years, or “stay classic” and spend $143 * 24 + 279 = $3,711. That’s a real difference of $926 in my pocket. Which would you choose?

      I can’t promise everyone’s situation is like this, but from my knothole, the value plan is a no-brainer. Yeah, you get cut out of most of the “feel-good” discounts and promotions tied to the Classic plans, but believe me, you’re paying for them whether you know it or not.

      The smartest thing is to sit down and do the math for yourself. For some, its a great benefit, for others, not so much. But to say the Value plan is nothing but a moneymaker for TMobile just doesn’t hold up.

    • Th3problem17

      your though process is a little off  . if you sign a contract for a 20 month installment plan it has to be honored if tmo was to be bought that doesn’t mean you break the contract, and if they weren’t able to keep providing the installment plan you would be off the hook so sorry sir you are incorrect, and even with the installment plans you save a little bit more then 100.00 between plans. re-do the math!

      • Samk18

        Ok let me add a little more perspective.  I know most people are upset about tmobile being bought by att. Some would cancel their contract and leave but im not saying everyone is going to do that.  but they have to realize if they do they have to pay termination plus whatever they owe on the phone.  Over two years if they bought the same phone with the same plane between classic and value the difference is a mere $179.  

        Heres the catch though.  People who go into the the store, if they want a value plan they have to get the equipment protection which is $7.99 if they are doing the 20 installment payments.   If you buy the phone right out you don’t have to.  But who would want to buy a phone at full price and not want protection on it that’s crazy.

        Heres an example:
        Samsung Galaxy S2 on Unlimited everything with 2gb high speed data.  

        Classic Plan:  $229 down after mail in rebate. 79.99*24 = 1919.76
        Grand Total:  $2148.76

        Value Plan:  $529 full price of the phone.   59.99*24 = 1439.76
        Grand Total: $1969.76

        Difference 2148.76 – 1969.76 = $179

        But if you made installment payments on the phone you would pay $7.99*24 = 191.76
        So value plan with equipment protection is $2161.52.

        If you have your own phone already value plan is great for you.  If not it doesnt matter which plan you choose.  But tmobile wants to take most cost out of their hands by moving people to value plan.  

        • JadedNYer

          Really? The insurance is mandatory? I find that hard to believe but who knows. I have the EMP plan and although I have insurance, it was not required. If this is true, then it is even more infuriating that EMP customers can’t switch to a classic plan.

        • Tommyboy

          Equipment Protection is not a requirement on the Value plan. It can be removed at anytime. It is just HIGHLY recommended

        • Samk18

          Well from going to a tmobile store they wouldnt sell me a value plan on installment payments without the insurance.  Especially for a phone that cost $529.  I know that for classic plan they dont make you get insurance they just recommend it.

        • guest4405

          this is wrong.. the 7.99 is the insurance, not the installment plan, which you could have with EITHER plan.. you don’t need to include the installment plan added to your value plan price because you’ve already factored in the full price of the phone.. so value plan, ONCE AGAIN, is still the better deal.

        • Samk18

          Ok maybe i should have word things differently.  Yes i know the $7.99 is the equipment protection  which is the insurance.   

          There are two ways you can have a value plan.  You buy the phone at full price in which you dont have to buy the insurance.  Or you put a down payment and you make 20 installment payments for which the Samsung Galaxy S2 is $15 dollars a month for 20. If you make installments you are forced to get the insurance.  They will not sell you a value plan on installments without the insurance.  I already went to the store and asked.  

  • Nikawren

    Should be better, I hope….

  • Anonymous

    I wish I would have waited for this deal since it’s 0 down, but it requires 5gb data which I don’t have or need

  • Lachupa79

    It amazes me how many people don’t see the value in the value plan. You think your free phone is free from other carriers. Take a look at your cell phone bill. Your paying for it.

  • Stu

    Fail on TMO’s part. Ignoring all the classic people again. No incentive to switch or give up the grandfathers.

  • Cheesehead

    Maybe I am missing something here, so maybe the experts can help me out. I have a two line family Classic, on a 6 year old grandfathered $99.00 per month plan. Unlimited data, text and 400 minutes. One BB and one MT4G. 13 months in on the latest 2 year contract. How would I beat this by moving to the value plan?