T-Mobile After Hours Sale On The Galaxy S II, $100 Off

T-Mobile is hosting another one of their nightly after-hours sales that run until 3am Eastern Time and 12pm Pacific time. On the block right now is the Samsung Galaxy S II for $129.99, a $100 savings thanks to this web-only offer. The clock is ticking on this deal so if you’ve been meaning to add another line then now is the time to get a great deal on the Galaxy S II.

In fact, while you’re at it…go ahead and check out our review.


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  • Ekoy

    that sucks only add a line no upgrade.

    • Wilma Flintstone

      You should know by now that Tmobile barely Ever gives Existing Customers (Regardless of how “LOYAL” they think they are) any special offers.

      • i feel like leaving tmobile they never show us upgrades any love

        • VieweR

          Cancel the account – port your number for a couple weeks to some cheap prepaid and then port it back to Tmobile.  Its these stupid shenanigans that they make you do.  Also, these sales are great- real sales that customers can understand and take advantage of …but again very little if any promotion so unless you’re logging on to tmobile at 2am, you have no way of knowing about these until its too late.  Tmobile has given up on us- so its time you start giving up on them….Im starting 2012 with another carrier and never looking back.  Tmobile is dead to me

        • SimpleQuestion

          Have you ported your number to a prepaid carrier before? It looks like Simple Mobile is a prepaid carrier and they use the same 1700 AWS for high speed data. So I wouldn’t have to change phones at all, just SIM cards.

          I figure all these 1700 AWS companies in the USA really use T-Mobiles towers and network. I’m wondering if AT&T or whoever buys T-Mobile will keep the 1700 AWS up and running.

          Anyway, has anyone had any experience with Simple Mobile?

        • VieweR

          All I can tell you about simple mobile is Ive emailed them about 10 times and they never responded – tried regular customer service and their media relations line.  The fact they wouldn’t/couldnt respond to an email made me not consider them

  • Voce

    The Skyrocket on at&t is $149.99 and it has a LTE radio.

    T-Mobile really has nothing to offer anyone anymore.  They don’t provide value and only give decent coverage inside the middle of cities.  

    • Anonymous

      well have fun with 0 LTE reception and paying double what we are paying. We will be enjoying 42mb/s galaxy s II

      • Mega

        What is the difference between LTE and 42 mb/s?

        • Anonymous

          LTE is in what, 4 cities on AT&T? HSPA+42 covers way more markets. HSPA+21 is in almost every market.  No battery drain like LTE either.

      • Kahlayoh


    • BigMixxx

      REALLY, really….



      Go ahead a switch.  You should see my sisters Mobile Phone bill when she ‘mistakenly’ went over 2 gig.  Not a very pretty site.

  • William Burnham

    Been on the phone with a lady at T-Mobile customer service for nearly 45 minutes.  I can barely understand her and she keeps saying there is no Galaxy S2 in her system only Galaxy 4g and I need to go into the store.  I keep telling her that its a midnight sale and needs to be done tonight but she has no damn clue what is going on…… Def not worth it…

    • Cielo Moreno127

      I called and was offered a sweet deal on the Galaxy S2 only to be told that its on backorder. Keep checking within the next week.

  • William Burnham

    And how convenient that the web chat with customer service feature is ONLY available from 3am – 10pm PST ….. what a joke.

  • Jhorsepoop

    Be warned: Only works with the Classic plan.

    • Datjuliusboi

      Got it at HEB plus in austin, tx for $99 (regular price, no sale)

      • mat Stutz

        Out of curiosity, which HEB Plus?

    • Anonymous

      were you seriously expecting a $400 discount on the value plan? LOL

  • Steveclarke33

    not for an upgrade, another bs sale

  • Cyclone

    sensation was free this morning

  • Media_11

    I think I am going to wait for the white one.

    • Tomato_1028

      the white one is awsome!~~~~~~~~~~

  • mrmiddl

    so, called customer care and found out i have a full upgrade. so i tells the guy to “upgrade me with the sgs2 baby!!” ( in my Telly Savalas voice). sadly,he tells me they dont have them in stock to sell and that i should try the store. i asked why did they have them available for new customers then? (i checked earlier today under an assumed “new customer” name)he begins to play the dumb role at that point. this sale, just like most sales t-mo has, is only for new customers signing up. the old customers get no love. funny though, the amaze is available for anyone to purchase.

    • Antoinetrenton2003

      T moblie as always been good to me I use to have a g2 then they gave me a HTC my touch4g and now they just sent me a LG g2x all of this phones where free to me and I only paid 531.00 for the HTC g2 when it first came out so t mobile is good to me PS the g2x kicks ass running android 2.3.3

    • mrmiddl

       so i added another line, and lo and behold, its available and i receive it this week. so they lied to anyone who wanted to upgrade and said they’re not in stock or on backorder. so im cancelling my old line that i had the upgrade on, it was an old grandfathered line anyway.

      • Angelinatmobile

        Wow Actually the different sales Channels for the WEB CARE or the Store all have there own inventory. Samsung needs to step up Production so all sales channels have the device available… The White Galaxy S 2 just released and is available the Titanium is on back order. T-Mobile is waiting on Samsung… Just thought I would put that out there …….


    This is another bs sale by T-Mobile! Really sucks they are getting like this! I have an upgrade and don’t use it because they keep having these bs sales or want me to swap plans to lose my unlimited internet plan! Really makes me want to leave this company. Step your game up T-Mobile! More and More unhappy customers! 


    TMoNews site you need to pull this bs add down! 

  • Adsflkaj

    So dumb…
    leaving tmobile pretty soon

  • Occupywallstreet

    Phone is alright but the internet speeds suck.  Supposed to be 4G but all I get is 200 Kbps max.  WTF T-Mobile?  BS excuses for your sorry @zz network.  Can’t wait till you are assimilated into AT&T.  If you don’t take care of your customers why should we want you to stick around?

    • Jamar Eccleston

      u may be using edge check your settings?

    • Anonymous

      T-mo can’t have awesome service in 100% of the country. I’m under HSPA+42 coverage and its freakin awesome!

    • Tbyren

      You obviously have your phone not setup right. I’m getting 5-7 mb here is NorCal. Contact CS and see if there’s something you can do on your end to bump up the speed.

    • Mgt2014

      You’re an IDIOT. You’re probably using GSM ONLY under your mobile network settings. I get 17-20 mbps down here in houston and 10 in a shitty area.

  • Angry Guest

    So I call T-Mobile and apparently there is no one to answer the phone… “call back at 7am.” I then sign in hoping to do it online and guess what? The GSII is not even listed under the devices!
    *********TOTAL F’IN BS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!************

    • YMK

      You need to “uncheck” the free phone category…then it shows up…..
      I had a same problem…

  • enveed05

    They really gotta do better than these “after hours” sales.  It’s great if all you do is hawk the T-Mobile website every night looking for something like this, but for the rest of us that have actual lives, it gets tiring reading about the sales a day late all the time.  Perhaps T-Mobile could send text blasts or web advertising to “check the website tonight”  IN ADVANCE when they have one coming up so us east coasters have a better shot of getting in on it.

    • Anonymous

      Visit a warehouse club like Sam’s Club. They always have deep discounts on phones and waived activation. Plus, you never deal with mail in rebates. Also, at Sam’s Club, you can cancel your membership anytime within the year and get your $40 back.

  • Mmartinez3723

    When I called loyalty they said to keep a look out for the weekend for a sale for existing customers

  • Lawrence of Arabia

    I want the $100 off the full price.

  • This is a great deal, wow!