T-Mobile’s Next “All Hands Day” Coming December 17th?

Ninja tips are pouring in that T-Mobile is setting up for another “All Hands Day” sale on Saturday, December 17th. That’s pretty much all we know at this point as there is no word on what kind of event T-Mobile is planning. I’d like to think it’s something that benefits BOTH Classic and Value Plan customers as the last two sales were directed specifically at Value Plan options. Could next weeks T-Mobile, Nokia press event have anything to do with it? That’s certainly possible but at this point but, it’s really just a wild guess.

What would you like to see?

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  • Kyjeepbear

    A friend who works in a T-Mobile store said it was the iPhone!

    • Yal’Waljala Alsarfari

      Lol, he’s wrong.

    • Larrrs

      Not the iPhone, that will not happen until at least next June

    • Notaphone

      In case you haven’t noticed every time this happens someone says its a phone launch. And its never been a phone launch. Only special offers on plans and existing phones.

    • Svfitz

      lol.. and santa will bring it, plus it has the tmo tooth fairy & easter bunny apps. ya I stopped believing in all that once ATT started eyeing Carly.
      A nice dream, but that is all it is.

  • Rob Reder

    Galaxy Nexus.

    • JustMike

      Amen – we’re two weeks into Verizon’s “exclusivity” on the Galaxy Nexus and they’re not even selling it yet.

  • I’d love to be able to buy my wife (Finnish) a Nokia Windows phone for Christmas.

  • Anthony Mauldin

    i really hope its something that is truly going to benefit us all cuz im on an old plan and so far no deals theyve done this year has impressed me! so if they offer a free phone like the amaze i just might have to get it assuming im eligible which everyone better be able too lol

  • Vim

    T-Mobile needs to have a sale on the Galaxy S II and Amaze 4G for customers willing to extend their existing plans.  

    • Tauntaun71

      They had an after hours sale on the HTC Amaze on Tuesday 12/6 they offered it for 129.99!

      • Anthony in Utah

        This helps us now how lol

      • Marty

        Yea when i saw it it was at 5.30 am I was like man that’s messed up they did it late I have to sleep early do to work …plus it was only 3 hrs…

      • Vim

        I missed it, and I know I checked that night. It must not have been the entire night. It probably required a new line any way. 

    • Yousef Nasrallah

      SGS II is $129 for upgrades at Target

    • tman10449

      and 3 day sale going on at best buy for 149 for the galaxy s2.  do you read davids blog posts lol

      • Vim

         Personally, I’m more interested in the Amaze than the Galaxy S II. 

  • Loltmobile

    How exciting another rebate sale……

  • A little Birdie told me that it is going to be a tooty fruity phone. Whether it’s an iPhone, a Balckberry, or a Mango flavored phone is beyond me…. :p

    • Occupytruth

      I work at T-Mobile. Tell the bird to stop lying.

  • how about BRING THE GALAXY NEXUS to us??

    i bet it’s the white GSII

    • LC

      That phone isn’t going to be carried in the retail stores.

    • Tauntaun71

      The White GS II is supposed to be out on December 14, 2011

      • Wilma Flintstone

        Which is a better phone than the Galaxy Nexus.  People, seriously, look at the specs.  All the Galaxy Nexus has is vanilla ICS (Which will be ported to the GS2) and a Partial 720p HD screen.  Nothing else.  Everything else is better on the GS2.

  • Leshekamack

    I work for t-mobile and trust me it ain’t the I phone but it will b a good deal were having.

    • Dpro

      LOL so far all the latest hands on days have been yawners with nothing
      really exciting IMO. I am going into this not expecting to be dazzled.On and T Mobile has always prefaced it with it will be a good deal. LOL

      Seriously your words do not reassure of anything special at all. It will probably be another convoluted plan sale that will only be for certain customers and nothing really that interesting.

      negative view? Yup T Mobile has not done anything really special since before the whole AT&T buying them dustup.

      • Vim

        I feel exactly the same way you do.  The last few sales have been big disappointments.  T-Mobile only seems to care about value plan customers these days. 

        • Anonymous

          I’m a value planner and the last few sales have been, at best, ho-hum for me. I was looking at a myTouch as a gift during their last sale, but to get the “sale” price I *had* to put it on EIP, and I was buying it outright. No discount. That meant “no sale.” Very disgruntled.

  • Lawrence of Arabia

    is the ELF going?

  • AfroLogic

    My kryptonite, white meat. 

  • Dave Lima

    I wanna see the SGII on sale, dont care about color, but i wanna keep my plan

  • Kelly

    Good. I need to get my son on my plan and could use a good discount on a new phone for him.

  • Have 2 lines that needs upgrade. Hopefully, it’s BOGO for the GSII.

  • i’d like to one day wake up to news that TMO is having a sale that benefits EXISTING customers without some need to pony up for a new line or new contract.

    • Anonymous

      What exactly would you like? Since you are out of contact you qualify for some great plans!

      • Aaron Tant

        I’m thinking Deacon wants his cake and to eat it too.

    • Aaron Tant


  • i’d like to one day wake up to news that TMO is having a sale that benefits EXISTING customers without some need to pony up for a new line or new contract.

  • Nearmsp

    T-mobile web site has removed SG2 from their web site. I understand they have run out of stock so it is doubtful if next Saturday’s offers will be related to this phone. It is more likely to be for HTC Amaze.

    • http://www.t-mobile.com/shop/Phones/cell-phone-detail.aspx?cell-phone=T-Mobile-Galaxy-S-II

      I’ve heard it’s out of stock as well but it still appears for me on the site.

      • Nearmsp

        When you try to really buy it, the SG2 disappears. 
        I called for a cancellation of service and was put through to the loyalty department who offered a deal for SG2 and then sad sorry, we are out of stock and don’t expect anything. I told her it is on the web site, she checked back and told her supervisor said we will pull it out from the web shortly. I later logged in and tried to do an upgrade and SG2 is not a  choice.

        • tomarone

          SG2 you guys are talking about the galaxy s2? (GS2?)

        • tomarone

          I almost bought one last all hands day but they close so early on saturday. 5 or 6PM so I dropped it and I’m glad I did.  waste of money but thats an opinion. Now waiting for galaxy note, even more money!

        • Nearmsp

          Yes, I meant Samsung Galaxy 2 (GS2) is sold out and you can’t order it from the web. It is available everywhere else today including Best Buy at $149 for new and upgrade with 2 year contract extension.

    • kenbot

      I really hope it’s related to the HTC Amaze. specifically getting rid of the MIR. 

  • Nearmsp

    Best buy is still offering SG2 for $149 both for new lines AND upgrades on-line. Delivery “before” Christmas. 

  • Anonymous

    I would like to see EIP without contract requirements and or the removal of migration fees

    • Guest

      That is exactly what I would like to see.

    • exvoicestreamer

      me too…..will not happen though

  • JustMike

    Out of curiosity.. are the retail stores crowded on these “All Hands” days?  I’ve never had a reason to go in and find out. 

    I should clarify, I mean crowded with customers and not just with bored sales people.

    • Justamazing

      Never crowded… All hands day sucks unless u work in a mall like location.

      • Jnarine1115

        U obviously work at a sucky store….sucks to b u..

      • Kelly

        The crowded one I went to was not in a mall.

    • Kelly

      The store I went to on November 19 was packed. I waited on my favorite employee (he had an entire family switch and buy phones and had to transfer all their contracts from verizon phones) so I spent more time in that store than most people, but there was a LOT of people in my store. This is the only store in Wichita that had tablets so I didn’t have a choice because that was part of why I went. I decided that day due to their professionalism and level of quality customer service, I won’t go to any other store in Wichita, Ks. The salespeople here didn’t have time to breathe let alone be bored. Despite that, they were all in great spirits and handled themselves wonderfully.

    • Occupytruth

      T-Mobile makes us change the price cards the day of the sale to make the full price of the phone more money. Then its a rebate deal….. Normally to start the day its busy. Most customers notice it isint much of a deal then leave. Some stay tho

  • Daddym469

    First of all I want to start out by saying, I am not a T mobile employee. I really wished more people who have been with T mo for years like myself would write in and speak some logic into these blogs. 
    Has anyone noticed since the summer and the announcement of this AT &T buy out this company has taken most of its main revenue customers like former Even More and Even more plus customers back on contract. Changed most of its policies like adding manditory fees, ending plans for forced new ones. I get so sick of hearing these 20 year old brats who get on here wandering how to make a Galaxy s2 work on the new monthly 4g rate plan or these other idiots who are breaking contracts yet don’t even realize paying that Etf still helps the bottom line. That bottom line is T mobile cares about money more than anything else. If any of you would dig a little deeper you will see that this sale just like the last one has many other motives besides a deal on a phone. The bread and butter of a cell company is it’s post paid subscribers…people like myself who had to qualify through credit just to open the account. Post paid customers have carried the heavy load only to be tricked with the Value plan to stay on. This sale like the last few were all set after the due date of the majority of the post paid billing due date….the logic here is not only are they hoping to sale a phone, they also know you will have to be current to do so. I have seen people  leave 5 and 600 dollars just to be able to get a phone. These sales are not motivated by deals they are motivated by the greed for cash from holiday spirited folks unaware of the real deal. AS LONG AS THEY OFFER PLANS ON CONTRACT, THERE IS NO SALE OR DEAL JUST YOU AND ME PAYING IN TO THE BOTTOM LINE. FYI…IF YOU are one of those even more plus customers who are still off contract….STAY THAT WAY OR SWITCH COMPANIES….THE PRICES OF THE VALUE PLAN ARE NOT WORTH BEING MADE A PAYMENT WHORE.     

    • Anonymous

      You lost every ounce of credibility when you cry about being,”tricked”.

      • Daddym469

        Credibility my ass……crying……? The main point of everything I said was, YES the Value Plan
        Pricing is hard to beat…I cant deny that, but they changed a lot just to get those prices and my main gripe is…after switching from even more plus with dip benefits, off contract. All of themes rules and trickery is ridiculous. They change retail prices just to make a deal appear like a deal when its not. The sickest thing I just realized is…..in addition to buying a phone full price they add two full years to that line….that’s not right. So what the dip is 20 months long, they’re adding 24 months to the line just like a classic rate plan phone with no discount. There is no whining man. Value pricing has many loop holes not worth having for the price…and noneof these phones are worth 500$….were all being screwed and just because you have the money to pay the bill does not remove you from the victim list…..Bottom line the Value plan is a money saver at a much higher cost….many of you just won’t admit to.

    • Chrisangel13

      have fun on Metro or PCS; terrible coverage, service, and phone selection… but at least you’re not on contract, right? ;D

    • Kelly

      There is no tricks in the value plan. It’s all up front about what you’re doing and why when you sign up. My husband and I went from paying $185 a month for both our individual plans to a family plan with a data plan for a tablet for $60 less a month. Add that up and that’s still more savings over what we paid for my new phone especially with the rebate offered of $150 on the 19th. Why wouldn’t they want to retain customers? Isn’t that what every business does? I’ve been with T-Mobile for 10 years and I’ve been happy with the cost and quality of network service and/or customer service for the majority of the time. How many Verizon/Sprint/ATT customers say that?

      • Daddym469

        Credibility my ass……crying……? The main point of everything I said was, YES the Value Plan
        Pricing is hard to beat…I cant deny that, but they changed a lot just to get those prices and my main gripe is…after switching from even more plus with dip benefits, off contract. All of themes rules and trickery is ridiculous. They change retail prices just to make a deal appear like a deal when its not. The sickest thing I just realized is…..in addition to buying a phone full price they add two full years to that line….that’s not right. So what the dip is 20 months long, they’re adding 24 months to the line just like a classic rate plan phone with no discount. There is no whining man. Value pricing has many loop holes not worth having for the price…and noneof these phones are worth 500$….were all being screwed and just because you have the money to pay the bill does not remove you from the victim list…..Bottom line the Value plan is a money saver at a much higher cost….many of you just won’t admit to.

        • Jenson Wellingford

          Here’s a concept for  you, I think you’ll find it enlightening.  If with a classic plan you would end up having paid, at the end of 2 years of a contract, for example $2000 including the cost of your phone sold on discount and your monthly bill… vs. $1800 for the cost of your phone (sold at full price) and your monthly bills… which is the better deal?  If you picked the $1800 then give yourself a gold star, because you’re not an idiot.  If we were to modify that example and say that on top of paying $200 more for the first option, you had to pay that extra $200 at the time you bought your phone, vs. say $50 as a down payment to leave the store with your phone… it’s still a better deal for the second option, but it just got even better because you paid less out of pocket for your phone, and less over time.  

          People need to realize that the carriers are just that… carriers.  Their job is to provide cell phone SERVICE, and they couldn’t give a rats ass what phone you use.  The only reason they sell phones in the stores is so their customers can having something to use their service with.

        • Vim

          Incorrect.  In the United States carriers have historically offered significant subsidies on popular phones to convince people to sign 2 year contracts.  T-Mobile played with the idea of getting rid of both the subsidies and the contracts, only to lose lots of customers. Now they’re attempting to bring back the contracts without bringing back the phone subsidies.  Given that the other carriers are still offering phone discounts with their 2 year contracts, this is turning into a tough sell. 

          Value plan pricing is not necessarily superior to the plans T-Mobile used to sell several years ago.   (The Classic plan isn’t much older than the Value plan, so it really isn’t an honest comparison to the  existing plans many of us have.) The prices were often just as good or even better, and also included phone subsidies.


      Companies wanting to make money in America? BLASPHEMY!

    • Occupytruth

      Despite his crying he is correct you can just get a T-Mobile prepaid service for $60 Unlimited talk text 2gb web and pay full price for your phone. The only advantage you would lose is insurance and not being able to finance your phone.

    • Larry

      Theres 2 things the customer should.care about. 1) how much is it TODAY?2) bottom line is , how much is my monthly bill. That’s it. I could care less if the phone cost $1000. Build it in to my plan however you want.what’s the bottom line? Verizon,att, sprint they all advertise these great deals in phones for a reason. THEY are the ones hiding the fact that their plans are much more expensive. You don’t see verizon wireless or att.advertising a rate plan, noone would.even bother going to the store. Lets tell everyone about our$49 4g lte wonderful phone,get them in the store, make them sign in, deal with some yuppie kid in a cheap suit and let them know yes, we.at vz are the most expensive around, but hey, were verizon, we can do whatever we want. Customer: ok, youre right. Ill take 5 of those phones. It’s amazing.

  • Anonymous

    A deal on the Amaze!!

  • Anonymous

    Per usual people not wanting to live up to what they agreed to and think Tmobile OWES them something.
    Its not good enough I guess that you are paying less than the other carriers.

    • Nearmsp

      Not really it is myth that T-mobile is the cheapest. I dont use text. For me, for 2 smart phones with tethering Verizon is cheaper for me by $10 per month if I take their 4GB plan compared to Tmobiles 5 GB. Besides, Verizon is the top ranked in Customer satisfaction by JD Power and associates. Moreover I have not even considered the employer discounts at other providers which is higher than T-mobiles. For example AT&T is 23%, Verizon 18%. T-mobile is maximum of 15%. On top of this, T-mobile’s phone cost more.
      For me the loyalty factor to T-mobile after they tried to become a clone of AT&T is gone. So what about you? Are you a Tmobile employee?

      • Jenson Wellingford

        I’m not going to say you’re wrong outright, but do you have a grandfathered plan on vzw?  If you do then you shouldn’t be comparing it to currently offered plans from T-mobile.  T-mobile’s currently offered plans are always cheaper than their competitors in “The Big 4”.  Also, it would make sense to have a lower % discount through employers if you already charge less.  If say for instance I charge 80% of what you charge, and you giive a 18% discount, then why do I need to need to also give a 18% discount… I’m already offering the best deal.

        • Vim

          Not quite.  T-Mobile’s plan price superiority is only significant if you actually text and need unlimited minutes.  That’s where most of the savings is. On the other hand if you don’t send/receive more than a handful of text messages each month and feel a limited number of minutes is sufficient, then between all the discounts and sales Verizon tends to make available (bigger corporate discounts, bigger phone discounts, double data rate promotions, etc…), Verizon may well turn out to be the better deal.

        • Bob jones

          Just FYI most carriers with the corporate discounts like Verizon, Sprint, AT&T that have large discounts usually don’t apply on the whole account… just like AT&T discounts only apply on 2GB web or more not 200 mb… T-mobile takes it off the whole account… 
          750 min unlim m2m txt 200 mb web for 2 lines on ATT
          $119.99 (say 20% discount doesn’t apply for text or internet $108.00)
          UNLIM Talk Text 200 web for 2 lines is $119.99 on classic
          $119.99 (say 15% discount, applies on whole account, $102.00)
          Sprint applies mostly on the first two lines… 
          Verizon only applies based on rate plans and not the whole plan…

          I know that in Texas… Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, Houston…

          Verizon’s 4G LTE cannot touch our 4G++ towers

          my Samsung galaxy 2 4G does like 25-30 mb/s in a lot of places…
          Customer service, never had an issue with us… 
          we don’t just offer m2m but unlimited on land lines as well…
          value we got it, classic we got it… 

        • Nearmsp

          I do have a grandfathered plan, but I compared the current plans of T-mobile and Verizon. I used 5GB data of T-mobile and 4GB data of Verizon and considered T-mobile’s tethering at $15 per phone and free tethering by Verizon and T-mobile comes out more expensive, without even comparing the higher corporate discount at Verizon over T-mobile’s maximum 15%. T-mobile used to be the cheapest but since they started charging additional charges for tethering they are no more that competitive, especially for loyal customers out of contract.

        • Jeter_81

          I’m not really sure if pricing is different for VZW around the country, but I looked on their site, and for 2 unlimited talk lines with 4GB of data (which includes tethering) and no text I’m seeing $220/month. On a value plan you’d get unlimited Talk, Text, and Web (5GB) for $130/mo.  Add in $15/mo for each line’s tethering and $15/mo. for each line’s phone installment (assuming high end phone installments) and you’re at $190/mo.  So you’re saving $30 a month for 1st 20 mos. and $60/mo for last 4 (after phones are paid off). Over the course of 2 years you’d be saving $840 according to what I see on their site.  Not to mention the fact that you’re getting unlimited text and an extra 1GB of 4G speeds per line & NO DATA OVERAGES!!!

      • T-mobile phones cost more? The Amaze is Tmo’s most expensive android at $250 and that is $50 less than any top of the line Verizon 4G LTE devices


    I work in a Tmobile the size of a shoebox and last all hands day (magenta Saturday) we killed it. We were slammed and were working from 6 to 8 non stop. My Tmobile is literally the size of a nice walk in closet. MONEY TEAM DO WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Occupytruth

      Cool. It sounds like you got an award for that.

  • Stratspider230

    Target has the Sensation for 19.99, new and existing if anyone cares. Gonna pick one up tomorrow if its legit

    • Enveed05

      Target in my area doesn’t even have T-Mobile phones.  Where are you located?

    • Target

      Target gave me $30 for my old mytouch3g, so effictively they PAID ME $10 to take the Sensation off their hands.  Gotta love it :)

  • Guest

    Last sale I went to was so intense I thought a chirping cricket might have killed everyone

  • jun of charleston


  • Blooweasle

    9860 released on tmo

  • Pikachu

    all hands man the printers its gonna be REBATE TIME ….

  • mrmiddl

    all i want is an sgs2 for $150. can we make this happen T-mo

    • Anonymous

      Not sure if it over or not,u could of got it at Bestbuy,$149.99.Not sure when the 3 day sale is over.

    • Target

      The sgs2 is currently $129.99 over at Target — new customer AND upgrade customers.  30-day no restocking fee, and they will give you money back if you trade in your old phones, digital cameras, etc.

      • michael

        is that a in store deal or online?

      • mrmiddl

         129.99 or 199.99?

  • Ibleedmagenta

    I don’t know if I’m the only person that loved the myfaves plans, but it would be good for people that only talk to so many people that aren’t tmobile customers possibly bring that back as a plan option I could see it having a low amount of minutes but unlimited tmo to tmo, and having options on data being the way it is now. It’s ideal for people that wanna talk alot. In short just bring back myfaves at reasonable prices

    • Rickeyeilandjr

      I still have the Family MyFaves plan and will not be letting that little gem go. 

  • Michael

    ok, so where is this sgs2 deal at again. im not seeing it online

  • Techhi

    Im with ATT want to move to TMobile for the Unlimited Data – should I wait till the 17th to see what comes out – I want the galaxy S2 (I have the Infuse now) I was looking at the $79 unlimited plan but see they also have a $60 Prepaid. How Can I get the no contratc prepaid and use a Galaxy S2 – do i have to buy a phone when i get the prepaid and can i buy the GS2 – can I use my INFUSE untill i get a phone – So confused and don’t want to make a mistake after i sign – or will there be a better phone out soon ?  Thanks great reading here

    • Pikachu

      my advice is. go to a retail store. stop getting suckered into low upfront prices. who cares if the phone is free if you’re going to pay $20 more a month for 24 months. I never get that with the majority of t-mobile’s customer base. t-mobiles online prices, as well as over the phone deals result in classic plans which cost more per month (for sometimes a few extra dollars off the phone)… only retail stores can do value plans..

      • Techhi

        if i get a prepaid 4g plan say for $60 month – do i have to buy a phone from them or can i just use my own phone for now then buy one elsewhere like a Galaxy s2  and will the GS2 work on the prepaid plans

        • firebird

          Any GSM phone that is unlocked or T-Mobile branded will work on the prepaid plans. You can activate a prepaid plan and then buy a phone later, either from T-Mobile or elsewhere. If you are on prepaid and buy a phone from T-Mobile it will be full price up front (for the GSII that’s $529.99).

  • Michael

    anyone know where the best price for a sgs2 is? every where i look i see $200, but i know there are better deal also that is for upgade price that i am looking for.

    • Quuen

      costco has it for 159.99

  • InvisibleHand

    T-Mobile has so many “all-hands” days that I’m starting to think that the true deals will be advertised as “understaffed Thursdays”.

    • Nearmsp

      Bestbuy had it for $149 Thursday to Saturday. Target had it for $129. There is no need to pay more than 150 for this phone if you are patient. When the white model comes you may get a better deal on the black one. Once Nexus Prime is released on Verizon, SGS2 sales will be attractive. I expect deals on Amaze this week due to lower stock of SGS2.

  • Third_Eye

    Sensation is free for 12Dec11 from T-mobile.com

  • Decided to upgrade both of my lines on Saturday.  Got 2 GSII for $117 before tax at Target.  The kios rep gave 5% discount for Red card and 5% from a web coupon.  Wanted to get it before T-Mobile stops shipping the handset without headphones.

    • Techhi