T-Mobile Hosting Party With Nokia On December 14th, Windows Phone Incoming?

T-Mobile just dropped an invitation into our inbox for an event on December 14th that’s co-hosted with Nokia. We’re already wagering that T-Mobile will be the first to carry one of Nokia’s Windows Phone handsets. More to the point, we’re betting T-Mobile and Nokia will unveil the Nokia Sword (working codename), which is really the Lumia 710. For the moment, it’s all just speculation but we’re glad to see T-Mobile score what we assume is at least a short exclusive on Nokia’s US Windows Phone based handsets.


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  • tmotech

    You know, I would try Windows Phone if I could just get a model with a qwerty keyboard. Oh, and one actually sold by T-Mobile. I am aware of that Dell model, but I can’t get my discount on it :(

    • David

      Dell sell it really good price on their website without even renew contract and it is one beautiful device!

    • Hairtodaygonetomorrow

      Check out the Nokia E7.   It has a REALLY good chance of being the model for a first Nokia Windows QWERTY.  But you know what, I’ve been “preparing” for moving to a Win 7 Phone and in my research I am finding key stuff that Microsoft left out or otherwise decided it was time to “change how we operate”. E.G. no USB to PC sync and a heavy bend towards “the cloud” which many aren’t wanting to adopt so universally.

  • Mister

    Please NO on the 710! Why make your first foray into the US with your crappiest phone?

  • Anonymous

    The 710? Wow… I would certainly consider the Lumia 800 but NOT the 710.

  • If they’re holding a big event with a musical guest to announce that they’re going to carry the crappier of the two Nokia Windows phones, I’ll be disappointed.

    On the other hand, if the 800 (or a newer model) are announced, I’ll start counting the days until I’m upgrade eligible.

    • Makoute

      Unfortunately, if you go by tmobile’s history of announcements, they always underwhelm.  So be ready for the 710

  • JQuest

    I’m an Android guy, but I’m all for some variety in TMos lineup, especially in the Windows Phone area that is severely lacking. So whether it’s the 710 or 800 I think we as customers should be happy TMo is at least trying to land some sort of exclustivity… Who knows we might even land the 800..

  • David

    Base on what I know (some kind of trusted source) Nokia device will be something like Lumia 800 or even better Lumia 900.

    It will feature a 1.4GHz processor, 4.3? ClearBlack AMOLED display (or bigger!), HSPA+ data speeds, 16 GB or 32 GB of storage, Front-facing camera, and an 8-megapixel.

    So if this is what we gonna get then it will be very sweet.

    Maybe thats why T-Mobile didn’t offer HTC Titan so they can offer this one…

  • Anonymous

    I seriously hope it’s not just the Lumia 710. It’s a nice device, but its mid-range specs and primary white color makes it too similar to the HTC Radar that’s already in T-Mo’s lineup. It wouldn’t be clear enough to customers why they should pick the 710 over the Radar. Why not add the Lumia 800 so there’s a high-end WP7 device in stores as well?

  • Gwapo

    I think it will be 710 :(

  • Please be the 900.  PLEASE!!!!

    If it’s the 710…. please no.

  • I’m certain the Lumia 710 will be part of this, but I hope a variant of the 800, or something better will also be announced. 
    Don’t want another situation like HTC where T-Mo gets the Radar and AT&T gets the Titan.  Hopefully Nokia will make sure their best handsets get to as many carriers as possible and can start with 2 devices on T-Mobile.

  • If you thought the Radar wasnt a worthy upgrade from the HD7, the shitty 710 isnt going to be any more of an option. Better to stick with the higher spec android devices.

    • Hairtodaygonetomorrow

      No kidding….. the 710???? Come on, REALLY?  How about the 800 AND a Windows Phone based on the E7 design.  NOW you’re talking a good counter balanced offering!  The 710 is like, hummmm, saying you really are the low ball two bit operator in the US. Save that for Metro.

  • Littlesis1774

    I am sorry but T-mobile needs more phones other android and windows phones. I am leaving T-mobile once I get back from Europe.

    • Anonymous

      Well they have BlackBerry too, problem solved

    • Jackhuny

      Just said it already, you want a iPhone on T-Mobile.

      • Oh I do I do, I’ll totally admit it.

  • Monti92

    Lumia 800 VS Lumia 710

    “The two devices have almost same features. They both have 3.7-inch
    screen. Besides, 1.4GHz processor with 3D Graphics HW Accelerator, 512MB
    of RAM, 25GB of free Microsoft cloud storage, no expandable storage,
    stereo FM with RDS, and 720p HD video recording are some of the other
    common features of the gadgets.

    The few differences they have is that the Lumia 800 has a Clear
    Black AMOLED display with curved glass on top while the 710 has conventional TFT offering with a flat glass.
    And the battery on the 710 is removable, on the 800 is not. Besides, storage capacity and battery life are other two differences
    which makes them stand opposite of each other.”