T-Mobile Confirms White Galaxy S II Launch For December 14th

T-Mobile promised to deliver on their White Galaxy S II variant “before the holidays” and they’re delivering on December 14th. Just announced via the @tmobile account on Twitter is the December 14th release date. Pricing for the Galaxy S II model in white will be the same as the current Galaxy S II on T-Mobile. It’s white, it’s the Galaxy S II and it’s festive. Awesome.

Here’s a brief video showing off the white color variant.


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  • Anonymous

    oh how tempting. whats keeping e grounded though is tje need to sace my beans abd i think i figured out whats up with my G2X and i think i remedied it.

  • TinTinBoy

    AT&T get 2 models, Exynos processor then rocket SII with qualcomm’s processor &  LTE but sold for $50 !! T-mobile sucks

    and now they get the galaxy Note, T-mobile gets a white old SII ?!!

    • Anonymous

      If i bought the original s2 with att id be pissed about the lte skyrocket…..to those who waited tmo is offering a new color….no big deal in my opinion

    • ByeByeTmobile

      I agree T-Mobile is really falling behind in this mobile fight on the phone side and customer service. I will be happily switching next year do in part to their now horrible customer service, poor phone selection, and horrible forward thinking. Why didn’t you go for the iPhone and Galaxy Nexus to make sure you could make all your techy customers happy and again with shitty low end phones, yeah great ideas over there…

      • Tbyrne

        Yeah you’ve got a point. Galaxy S2, Sensation, Amaze, Ruby, Radar, DoublePlay, Bold, Torch are all shitty low end phones. Too bad T-Mobile consistently scores high in customer satisfaction surveys. Nice try Ivan!

      • Anonymous

        i know why one of the reasons they aren’t taking the iPhone. it is too slow for their HSPA+ Network.

      • Littlesis1774

        Android fanboys are not getting. It going to take more then Android and Windows phones to save them. T-mobile does have poor phone selection it crazy.  They don’t have a variety of choice and it going to make consumers cancel their plan early.  I am pretty their are millions of consumers who love to have iphone on their plan but are force to get other phones the phones that they don’t want

    • TingTingGirl

      good thing att is the best phone carrier! verizon is last.

      • Tbyrne

        Actually last in many consumer surveys.

  • Cashman

    Any word on the white 9900?????

  • J. Williams

    This is nice, but I decided to grab a Galaxy Note (had it for a week now), and I looooooooooooove it.  Very nice.  I was gonna get this white GSII, but opt’d for the Note.  Glad I did.  The SGII in white is still nice, but once you use the ‘Note’ you will not want to use any other phone.  Seriously…

    • Umair239

      Are you able to get 4G speeds on the Note?

      • J. Williams

        It only gets EDGE on T-Mobile, but I have a 4G hotspot. The Edge is fast where I live, but obviously my 4G hotspot is a beast. I just throw it in my bag or pocket, and go.

        • Exile 1

          I was thinking about getting the galaxy note, but i am waiting to see if tmo will get it.   I really hope tmo get this phone…

  • So will it only be available online or in stores as well????

    • Anonymous

      Online and through customer care only.

  • Frigadroid

    I gotta give tmobile and samsung credit on this one. Excellent idea to move out the exchanged refurbished units. Just slap a new housing on and BAM hot new phone. They should try this with LG too.

  • Khaddem

    I’ve bought the Tmo sgs2 but use it like an iPod to check emails, do facebook, google+, listen music and play games. I use my blackberry for phone calls and texting until Tmobile decided to turn on the wifi calling feature.

  • Anonymous

    Unfortunately it will not be sold inside the T-Mobile stores. You can only order it online or through customer care.

  • Leonus83
  • guest

    well will it be sold in stores at any time at all? pointless to put it only on online -.- tmobile will just keep losing their customer, cause i am tired of them always doing something like this. 

  • tmoG2

    Does this mean I have to wait until 12/14 to order? Or can I order now and have it shipped on 12/14? TmoRep? Thanks! Can’t wait!

  • Kobby Laast

    No one cares about the White GSII just give me my Galaxy Nexus and take my money already.

  • Guy

    When I look for phone cases, the often refer to this phone as the Samsung galaxy s2 skyrocket…are they the same? And if a get a skyrocket case will it fit properly?

    • GUEST


  • Android always

    I upgraded for free to two galaxy s2 couple of weeks ago. Its a brilliant phone with lots of cool features. Let me tell you, this is not the first time I am using Android. I have followed Android all the way from 1.6 and also used all the versions of iphone.
    Andorid is lot more user friendly than Apple. Although Apple tried to be friendly by introducing “notifications” and other features but it still lacks behind lots of other features compared to Android.


    Nope…go to t-mobile’s official website and it says it’s freaking WEB ONLY

    • Anonymous

      Dang!!…Good find.

  • Itiseye

    I can’t wait to order mine!! Hah

  • oleg noname

    why the galaxy note coming to at&t that company sucks they tried to rip me off that why i said no them that fucking at&t they should off released that galaxy note to t-mobile is best company and the price is always right t-mobile should be number 1 releasing that phone to them not the fucking at&t.