T-Mobile’s Product Managers Show Off The White Samsung Galaxy S II

T-Mobile just announced the white Samsung Galaxy S II coming to store shelves sometime during the holiday season and they’ve already got a hands-on courtesy of Desmond, T-Mobile’s famous product manager. I’m totally enamored by the “snow white” finish, mostly because black is so standardized for smartphones and it always shows fingerprints. It’s a brief but good look at the white model so check it out.


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  • Evan Carter

    Really, T-Mobile, really? Instead of bringing us variety (Windows Phone/IPhone), you bring us this….

    • J. Williams

      Yep really…they have a great list of phones.  If it’s not to your liking, just go to where you can get what you want.

  • Anonymous

    Anybody wanna borrow this white can of spray?  

    • J. Williams


  • Is a hands on and article really necessary?  It’s the same phone just white.  Really that’s needed and you can buy a white case (which most people will do anyways since they buy cases) and have practically the same effect.  If the turkey doesn’t put me to sleep on Thursday then I will just come back to this article.

    • Some people want to see the phone “in person.” Don’t mistake articles that aren’t relevant to your interests as not relevant to everyone.

      • Anonymous

        I was one of the people who wanted a more real-life view of the phone. Thanks for covering this. 

      • Anonymous

        I was one of the people who wanted a more real-life view of the phone. Thanks for covering this. 

      • Realcool2000

        Tuckers a fool Dave. Don’t listen to him, just keep up the great work on keeping us up to date!

        Tucker doesn’t understand how tmo brought out the phone to make money, and how a lot of people like the sg2 white version and will be happy buying it.

  • Jfxkbskocdn

    But the real question is will it too also be without wifi calling?

  • Oce

    I like it!

  • J. Williams

    Nice…oh so nice.

  • Gina

    Ooooooooh, shiny!

  • RauL69

    Fuq u Tmobile…u should have gotten white n black out at same time!!
    i got a black one n now how am i goin to get a white one… arrggg!!!

  • Sirivn

    NOOOO FREAKIN WAY!!!! I just bought the sgs2 on 11/19/11(smartphone sale).
    Now they coming out with a white sgs2, which I would have preferred over the black.
    How can tmobile do this to me?
    I want the white one.

    • Ump_j

      Thats why you buy a NEXUS!!! You dont have to worry until one year from your date of purchase. Thats what I’ve been using N1 now NS and waiting for Galaxy Nexus.

  • Anonymous

    If you just bought the phone and REALLY need to have a white one then pay the restocking fee, return it if your withing your grace time frame, and wait the next 2-3 weeks until its in the stores.  Things like this happen and I know your frustrations but seriously, its not the end of the world.

    • MRJ

      Actually it would be next year….

  • Anonymous

    “Hey Guys.  You know whats great about working at T-mobile as a product manager?”

    Possible responses:
    A cubicle next to a window with a killer view and a Love Sac.
    Not having to share a cubicle with another person.
    Having an HDTV in your cubicle
    Getting cool, free Android SWAG

    Viewing this in my cube made me jealous of his cube.  My cube is small, beige, and about as far away from any windows as you can get.  At least they laid off the guy who used to share my cube.

  • Loomy

    the real question is will it come with ice cream sandwich

  • Anonymous

    Go Nexus or go home.

  • Frigadroid

    Take note rookies they do this every time! If you want white or the issues worked out like wifi calling don’t rush to buy the phone. You can bet they will have another surprise like the galaxy 4g was, before the galaxy 2 gets a taste of ice cream :(

  • Niz

    I don’t want to see anymore phones designed for and shipping with gingerbread.

    not interested. 

  • Niz

    I don’t want to see anymore phones designed for and shipping with gingerbread.

    not interested. 

  • Enoel69

    If i didn’t have my sights set on the G-Nex i will sure be getting this white GS2…looks SWEET.  Waiting for the GSM HSPA+ 32GB version of the G-Nex…i prefer the name Nexus Prime. Wish only the Verizon version Samsung SCH-i515 was called Galaxy Nexus (since they wanted their own galaxy device) and the GSM version Samsung GT-i9250 called NEXUS PRIME. It irks me that Google allowed the Galaxy name come before the Nexus hence making this new Nexus device seem like just another variant of Samsung Galaxy series. Google can’t just let OEMs and carriers call the shots when it comes to the Nexus…they need to assert more control on their devices…making sure the device will be called Nexus xyz just like Nexus one, Nexus S, Nexus Prime etc. They should work with multiple networks to sell the device (maybe also have a buy directly from Google online option…loved that model but it needed instore carrier sales as well to be successful). They need to have more control on the naming, when they want the device unleashed to the masses. Also even though there will be 32GB internal storage versions, i have emphasize the need for the Nexus to come with a micro SD card expansion slot…limiting peoples memory needs goes against the Google model of an open system where u can customize ur device to ur liking.