T-Mobile To Launch White Samsung Galaxy S II Model Before The Holidays

I guess there must be white theme going for T-Mobile this morning as we just received word that Samsung and T-Mobile are set to release a white Galaxy S II model in time for the holidays. The short press release doesn’t mention a specific date or price. We can safely assume the white model will come with the very same specs as the current Galaxy S II model for sale on T-Mobile. Samsung says they will share more information about the when and where in the coming weeks.

I’ll be the first to admit, this thing looks sharp in white.

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  • Mikey6strings


  • Burr

    That sgs 2 is hot, would definitely get one

  • 4G


  • Yancy

    I want one!!

  • benjirocks


  • Anonymous

    I sho woulda bought that one.

    • J. Williams

      I’m gonna go ahead and get one, because I’m a junkie. lol

      • Anonymous

        Wait wait wait.  Don’t you have a GS2 already? lol

        • J. Williams

          lol, I told you I’m a junkie lol.

      • Anonymous

        That’s why we’re here.  That’s why we’re here.

  • jg309

    Grrr!! Would like to get one, I like the color white, but I cant change, being that I have my Sensation.  Oh well, will have to wait til my contract is up in umm two years….

    • guest

      By that time we’ll have six core phones so don’t be too disappointed

    • Anonymous

      Yea, i’m loathing the idea of spending the rest of this year and half on my contract with the Sensation. I’m scrounging my money together to replace it asap, the phone has been a nightmare. I’ve returned 5 of them, finally we tried to get Tmobile to let us pay the difference on the GS2 and just give the craptastic Sensation back.. no dice, the best they would offer is to let me buy it for the subsidized price. At $350 to walk out of hte store with it, i’m better off buying one outright and not signing a new contract.

  • Ilyas_k15

    I’ll try to exchange my black one for this white one. Mayne the white one does not have as many screen issues

    • Djuarez610

      Lol so a color will fix your screen issues.

      • whiskers

        Gotta love Touch Jizz with screen issues for $600.00 , lol.

        • Dude Lebowski


        • Djuarez610

          Touch wiz is not the issue. I sure he was referring to the vertical line and blobs seen in 0% brightness on SOME phones not all gs2. I was just reading him for saying that.

  • 16309A

    Son of a@&$#*$(*&(#)*@!!!!!  My wife just got a black one last Saturday and as we walked out of the store she said, “I really wish this came in white, that’s what I really want”

    • John

      14 day return policy.

  • Anonymous

    While I’m happy with my black one, this looks oh so clean. :(

    • Anonymous

      I do love the all black surface tho.

      • Anonymous

        I think I’m pretty much 50/50 on this one. The all-black just has a certain sleek look to it. (I’d compare that to the old piano black PS3’s.) The all-white has a certain clean look but I’d be very afraid of scratching what looks to be just a glossy coat of white paint. I think I’d have to see it in person though to ultimately decide whether I like it more or whether it’s just a gimmick to [and probably will] push more handsets.

  • Dude Lebowski

    *yawn* GS2 is old news! How about a white Galaxy Nexus?!? And that BB 9900 in white will be very attractive laying on a glass table. And I hate BB phones, but its going to be a much better eye catcher than the GS2.

    • Anonymous

      An eye catcher from being thrown maybe.

    • Action 6

      how about iPHONE 6? news of GALAXY NEXUS is also old.

  • Anonymous

    I wonder why they don’t have colored screen protectors that can accomplish this same thing(on the front).

  • Anonymous

    Now give us a radar in black please!!!!

  • AndroidLuv3R1

    A white SGS2 is so appealing but I already own it in black…….So not cool T-mobile

  • Action 6

    TMO should stop being stupid and release the the WIFI CALLING UPDATE first!

    regarding the FM tuner, well impossible so i can live with that, but would have been nice to listen to free news and music without having to use the CAPPED TMO DATA on online radios

  • Junieruiz

    Damm the galaxy s2 is even more gorgeous in white don’t get me wrong I like my galaxy s2 in black but the white pops out more at you I’ll buy me a white one over a black one any day t mobile is being smart about it making sure the galaxy s2 name don’t die right out I just wish t mobile wood avatars the galaxy s2 much better

  • Joseph Andrews

    maybe I’ll have a choice in the color saturday after thankgiving Dec. 3 when I’m available for a upgrade

  • Rgoldst

    I am still waiting for my WI-Fi  calling on my Black SII.

    Honestly I do not care about the white.

  • mrmiddl

    Xmas gift to myself. Glad I waited. Although I hope they did better on the screens with these new releases.

    • Michaelhunter40

      I would prefer to get a black SG 2 and change the back cover to white now that is hotttttttt

    • Michaelhunter40

      I would prefer to get a black SG 2 and change the back cover to white now that is hotttttttt

  • Shadeezy95

    white as snow like the white man who rules the world and treats us soulless jungle bunnies with so much love. everything should be in white!!