(Updated) T-Mobile Customers Receiving Errors When Attempting Wi-Fi Calling

Update: T-Mobile says they are currently performing “maintenance” on Wi-Fi calling and they are working on a fix.

We’re getting a few emails and tweets that T-Mobile’s Wi-Fi calling service is currently suffering a nationwide outage. We don’t know much at this point but, we’ve pinged T-Mobile to try and get an update and determine how widespread the outage is. Customers report calling in to customer care and being told the outage is currently nationwide. We’ll update this post as we know more.


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  • BG

    when will we see wifi calling for sg2?

    • tmosk4g

      Do you have service at your home?

  • JP

    Wish I had Wifi Calling on the SGS2 to experience this outage

  • Joe Hamelin

    Just off the phone with T-Mobile and they said up to 72 hours to fix the “enhancement” to their system.

    • Anonymous

      This enhancement better be good…like WiFi calling staying connected the whole time instead of dropping & picking up again.

    • Jaygqitalia

      On the bright side, last time I couldnt use UMA for 3 days I got a 12 dollar credit on my bill. Lets see what I can get this time =]

  • Anonymous

    No offense T-Mobile, but that is the same answer you gave me for my regular phone having issues less than 10 minutes ago (for the issues I have been reporting since March). I have tried using Wifi calling since I got the update to my MyTouch3GSlide (April/May), it worked a couple times, then stopped working altogether, couldn’t call out, couldn’t get calls, texts wouldn’t go through. I think T-Mobile may just be using the same answer for everything right now.

  • Kevin Curtiss

    Well that would explain why i haven’t been able to do wifi calls all day

  • Anonymous

    Go figure.  The day that I’m expecting an important call is the day that WiFi calling doesn’t work.  Where I work, I’m in a perpetual dead spot all day.  Boo!

  • Ron

    Also affecting SMS send and receive. Confirmed it with T-Mo customer service

  • Anonymous

    This outage could be a direct result of a network upgrade which could also mean an update to the gsii to include wifi calling….just a thought

    • Jeffreygreen1315

      Doubt that my G2 hasn’t connected most of the day! I hope it fixed soon.

  • pickupurphone

    My wifi calling on my g2x hasn’t been working since the gingerbread update and I never tired it out

    • Ibleedmagenta

      My g2x has never had any problems with wifi calling. Did you do a factory reset? Honestly I wish all carriers had this feature especially where I used to live at. My house was a tmobile deadzone.wifi calling remedies being in a bad area, especially with roadrunner or cable internet

  • Anonymous

    Has not worked the whole day for me… Started experiencing outage this morning (est). First I thought there was something wrong on my end but good to know it will be fixed soon.

  • Yancy

    I like to see that they are handling this in a quick and orderly fashion! My calling was only out for a few hours, and however I have full bars at home so no big deal. Great job T-Mobile!

  • Maysal

    Wi Fi calling is working now,


    DATA working fine. WIFI calling not so fine.

    tmobile @home working fine.

  • Purenupe1

    whats the error message? whenever my wifi calling doesn’t work the UMA indication just falls back to 3G on my BB9780

  • NO 2 ATT

    My uma is now working

  • Rwalford79

    How coincidental after I change my plan from Unlimited to 500 minutes with Free WiFi Calls does this happen. I find it funny too this happens after all the major data issues they are having in San Francisco too.

    • Anonymous

      Working fine here on 450 min plan on G2 CM7 2.3.7.  It failed when I turned it on, but 10 seconds later, it reconnected and working 100% now.

  • Anonymous

    I have been having issues with texting here in theorlando area. Others here saying the same on twittet

  • Wififi

    Damn… I just realized how internet dependent I am. My cell phone doesn’t work at home without the internet. My home phone is a google phone that also depends on the internet. I guess I need a verizon or virgin prepaid as a backup in case I lose the internets. Come on tmo, you don’t compete without wifi calling…

  • Wififi

    Well the error has changed. It was W006.15, now it is W006.25.

  • Gclawson

    maybe an update is coming for new devices such as the g s2

  • Asdf

    A lot of Florida seems to be having a full service problem. Not just wifi calling. None of us can send text messages and when they do they are sent five times.

    • Squish37

      Do you have the Amaze? I have the same issue in IL.

    • In4birdie

      This was a switch issue that was fixed on Friday at 1pm, but then resulted in a lot of texts being resent at midnight.  All is good now

  • Tmosince2003

    I am in Florida, and wifi calling is back now. Voice is fine. I don’t text though, so can’t test that.

  • Wififi

    It’s back in L.A.!

  • Alex

    I’m in Florida and I am also having a problem with texting and it’s majorly pissing me off.

  • Jake

    Wi-Fi calling back in Wisconsin (T-Mobile G2)

  • tmosk4g

    Works in omaha now

  • Add Reno Nevada and Northern Ca to No WiFi list. Was like that since early this morning Still nothing, T-Mo G2

    • figures I write this, and it’s back on… ok wasteful typing…

  • guest4

    i think its the whole tmobile network because i cant recieve or text people or make phone calls says network is busy i called customer care, and the robot thing lady, said theres an network outage for texts and phone calls

  • I am in Atlanta and my data service was out on and off all day today.


    it’s back now in Miami 

  • Chatter

    We are back in NY

  • Jeffreygreen1315

    I’ve been back up and running for about an hour and a half now in Maryland

  • Jaygqitalia

    Back in NY

  • Anonymous

    Its working now in Atlanta.

  • bigboss

    what you mean WIFI CALLING ERROR when there is no WIFI CALLING  on 2 of  the so called TMO’s best phones? AMAZE and GS2?

  • Anonymous

    It’s working now on my Galaxy S II… Oh wait… No, it’s not.

  • Tmobile_employee

    The merger will put a end to all this nonsense.  

    • Tbyrne

      Where have you been? The deals dead. Say hi to Randall.

      • Tmobile_employee

        Who is Randall?  I thought your mom’s name was George?

        • Tbyrne

          Randalls the person you work for. My Moms name is Georgina. You we’re close, like Randall your boss getting this shady deal through, but not close enough! Ha Ha!

      • Tmobile_employee

        Who is Randall?  I thought your mom’s name was George?

  • DNguyen

    its working now. no problem connecting at all. disconnected and then reconnected and it worked perfectly

  • Ungibbed

    Finally working again on my Bold 9700.

  • AmazeOwnerWantingWiFiCalling

    Maybe they’re going to give us Amaze 4G customers WiFi calling for Christmas!

    • ok

      i heared there is $500  credit for SG2 and AMAZE customers from court settlement. for this wifi calling issue

      • Meek_420

        where do you get your information…Fox News?? This is straight off the rumor mill and not true.

        • sunnyleoneon bigboss5

          maybe you dont know, fox news doesn’t give any  good news or news, it gives political opinion, it is AKA RPO channel.
          you must be happy if you are owner of SG2 or the AMAZE

  • Nug

    Sorry to say wifi calling didn’t work so well for me. Att works great in my country town. Bberry was great but android wifi not so good.

  • bigboss

    WIFI ERROR on my SG2 has been going on for the last 2 months. I heared it is same on  AMAZE. when are they gonna get this fixed?

  • Anonymous

    sad to hear but ive never had a good call on wifi calling on tmo! Everytime i make a call with wifi people hear me fine but i cant understand a single word their saying!! 

  • urmom

    That’s interesting… since the wi-fi calling is not on tmobile network, it is on your own wi-fi network.. which is why you have the ability to make calls over wi-fi when you don’t have signal on tmobile network… are you trying to use this on phones that support the new wi-fi calling that is not yet available and requires a specific sim card? 

  • E Spradley1

    I called t-mobile December 7th and here it is December 12th and still no service in my area.  My problems are not with wi-fi but with calling, receiving calls and texting.  I have never had any trouble before with this service going on probably 5 years so I am trying to be patient.

  • Nessa

    Not working on my Bold 9700 or Samsung Galaxy!?!?