Nokia 710 Lumia Press Shot Leaks All Dressed In White

Chalk up yet another piece of information that further verifies the arrival of the Nokia 710 Lumia on T-Mobile. PocketNow has uncovered a leaked press shot of the Nokia 710 in white sporting T-Mobile branding. Way back when we originally reported this phone as an upcoming T-Mobile Windows Phone, we reported that it would come in both white and black variants.

The 3.7″, Windows Phone 7.5 Mango powered Nokia 710 is expected to be announced this week at a joint T-Mobile, Nokia special event on Wednesday, December 14th. I wonder if they’ll have anything left to show off at this rate.


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  • Stupidphone

    Looks a high priced pos nuron. Add some windows phone garb and youll have plenty of upset customers. Ill pass

    • Wheresbrent

      Wow, this post makes you sound VERY intelligent.

    • Anonymous

      It looks like the Nuron a bit, but way more sophisticated and not only that.. it doesn’t run that GARBAGE Symbian OS! That alone makes it head and shoulders over anything Nokia has sold at T-Mobile.

      • Anonymous

        Which Symbian are you talking about?

  • Matt Laney

    Put ICS on it and I’m sold!

  • Roger

    Frontfacing camera would’ve made this phone perfect.

  • SilentRick

    No front facing camera so who gives a crap. Way to disappoint yet again Nokia.

  • RimjOb

    Blackberry OS 10 and bb messenger and uma wifi calling out the box and this phone is perfect.

  • Jlrobinson19

    its actually the Astound that now runs WP7

    • Anonymous

      no, because then it would have a ffc, nfc, amoled screen…

  • QDOG8

    Gross! It’s a phone with buttons. ..Ice Cream Sandwich FTW!!

  • Anonymous

    Well, can’t wait to get one! As I have already got many tips from Aneesoft, wish it could give me much more surprises. 

  • 4G Windows Phone, always a good thing.  Lighten up people, everything that comes out will NOT be a super phone.  There is a phone for everyone, and this one is for SOMEONE. lol, it really is…

    • Yes but when Santa takes them back to the workshop…  who’s left to buy these puny phones? :-)

  • TheSeph

    This a low end phone and will be an attractive product for people not wanting to spend a lot of money on a phone.

    The one glaring omission is the lack of a Nokia Music tile in the promo. No free unlimited streaming and downloads in the US?

  • The fact is has no front facing camera, & a 3.7″ screen when we already have a HTC Radio w/ a 3.8″ is a major fail. Sure high-end is not the only market, but you can ease on down to low-end phones after you already get the primary smartphone users to like & buy it (hence: high-end WP7 Mango devices) T-Mobile continues to drop the ball. I’m normally optimistic, but this is aggravating. With WP7 Mango being so new, they (on T-Mobile) need to continuously hit us w/ the top notch they can offer, so people can actually want to migrate over & or get into WP7 (Mango). This just isn’t cutting it. I remember I was gonna wait for a WP7 Mango Device, but the HTC Radar didn’t match up to what I wanted. Then, I LOVE Nokia, so I was gonna settle for this even thou I already used my upgrade, I was just gonna sell my Sensation, but this…. no. This is another no. When will we get a outstanding WP7 Mango device? Seriously all I want is like 4″ & a good front facing camera, that’s it. It would be preferable if it could be made by Nokia too.

    • Asdflk

      You mean HTC Radar…NOT Radio lol

    • Well T-Mobile and Nokia reps have both told me to keep my eyes peeled for something new soon…  not quite sure what the timeline is on “soon” or what “something new” will be.  It was in response to a similar complaint/ I mean/ discussion I was having on twitter.  I was saying I would like to see a device like the Nokia Lumia 800 with the screen size of an HTC Titan running on T-Mobile’s 4G-42. I know it’s a huge leap from where we are today but Windows phone’s deserve the better hardware.

      • Yes, hopefully they follow through on that. That would be great, seriously.

  • Disgruntled

    Nokia needs to stick with handsets for third world countries. That is the only thing they do right . 

  • TMobile_employee

    Hopefully the merger will solve all this back and forth bickering.  

    • Don’t hold your breath on the merger…  The Fat lady is getting ready to sing in a couple weeks!   Maybe the Dish Network merger can proceed after that.  Yeah “D-Mobile”!

  • Anonymous

    The reality is, when you are a struggling device maker running a struggling OS the last thing you want to do is release a phone that is likely to just disappear amongst the sea of high end rivals. Releasing just one high end Nokia WP7 on tmo would have been much better than two low end phones that won’t even be considered.

    Bottom line this device will not do well because there really isn’t a good reason to buy it over the radar, which itself is not selling well. Stupid move all round by Nokia, Microsoft and Tmobile.

    • whiskers

      That’s because the Radar is a ugly POS with a smaller screen than my HD7 that has WM 7.5 on it as well. The only thing the Radar has going for it is the HSPA+ speeds whenever you can get in a area to receive it , lol.
      Most of the time it’s still 3G coverage.

      • Gsm1900

        I think the Radar is a sharp phone, not a “ugly POS”. It does have a smaller screen, but it also has a faster processor, and more ram.

        T-Mobile’s HSPA+ network is the largest 4G network in the US. Sure, it isnt as large as any carrier’s voice network, but it covers 200M people. The majority of large metro cities are covered, so unless you are very rural, you are usually good.

        • whiskers

          Its still a single core processor and once your out of the limited 4G HSPA+ area and it drops to 3G speeds you can’t see any of the extra processing power being used.
          Sure if you live in a HSPA+ area and spend most of your time in it , it’s a great service . But in reality T-Mobile may be the largest 4G available right now , but the whole network is mostly 3G service and Edge service 30 minutes outside of most major cities.

        • Yawning

          “Its still a single core processor”…. spoken like a Android fan?  Try WP7 with a single core processor and you’ll see that it really doesn’t matter THAT much…and in fact…the battery is going to last longer on these Nokias than MOST of what you’re running Android on.

        • whiskers

          HELLO , i just stated above that i have the HD7 and use it .
          Learn to READ and Relax a little.
          Wife has an Android , not my bag of tea.

        • Anonymous

          Its not just about being an Android fan to want a faster processor. 1ghz single-core is 2 year old technology, and having something old will disuade people from buying this “new” device. Its just a fact, doesn’t matter how well windows runs on it. iOS runs fine on a 600mhz processor, but millions of people ran out to buy a dual core version. Thats just the way it works when it comes to pitching technology to the masses, you have to keep up with trends, and this phone doesn’t even come close to doing that.

          And nice dig at Android fans, someone a little sensitive about their favorite failing mobile platform?

        • Not to mention the fact that you pay the same for 3G or low-end 4G that someone with T-Mobile’s 4G-42 does.  The only way to get 4G-42 is with an upgraded CPU and they are all dual-core!

    • Nicholas Moore

      I agree the Lumia 710 is a hard sell when compared to the Radar 4G. They both have their pros and cons though. I just recently compared the two pretty good and decided on the Radar 4G. I like the camera specs/options and FFC better. But the Lumia 710 does have some things going for it. Here’s what I found when comparing the two. Of course the Lumia 710 is not released/reviewed yet so this is based on what pre-release info I could find.

      Nokia Lumia 710 vs HTC Radar 4G:

      Lumia 710:
      Phone color is customizable with changeable back cover. Distinctive looks.
      Processor is faster (1.4Ghz) vs the Radar (1Ghz)
      Phone comes with free Nokia Drive (navigation) and Nokia Music software
      ClearBlack Display should be better in the sunlight vs the Radar

      Radar 4G:
      Slightly larger screen (3.8inch vs the Lumia’s 3.7inch)
      Has a front facing camera
      Camera has “burst mode” and “panorama mode”
      Based on specs, rear camera is better in low light w/ back side illumination and a better aperture.

      • It’s a hard sell when compared to an HTC HD2 running WP7!

  • Ibleedmagenta

    I honestly don’t know why people dont like Mango or wp7 for that matter. The windows OS is more stable than any android build to date. I’ve had blackberry, android, and wp7. Windows 7 is a more intuitive interface. the advances they’ve made from windows os prior to wp7. I love the people hub, and how mango has integrated twitter better than android has with touchwiz or sense or mysense (which is completely different from regular sense) as well as linkedin. The HTC Radar is a great wp7 phone, but the phone with the best screen real estate is the Samsung Focus on death star.

  • TiredofwaitingforyouNokia

    YAWN…….  all I can think is that it is Nokia that is keeping the 800 or anything better away from T-Mobile. 

    And T-mobile said “we’ll take what you give us because we need to be your friend since we aren’t with Apple”.

    Meanwhile, those hoping for a GOOD slider keyboard Nokia WP continues to ponder other alternatives.

    • None

      Dell Venue Pro is a pretty slick phone and a steal at $300 if you are into that form factor

      • TiredofwaitingforyouNokia

        Funny, I did go look at that just after posting this earlier today figuring Nokia-Tmobile wasn’t going to deliver what I needed until later next year at this rate.  It is a big phone, but I have read many comments like yours giving it praise.


  • Anonymous

    I think it looks sexy. Only missing wifi calling and front camera. WP7 is way smoother than android, and Nokia hardware and battery life are legendary. Dont know why people are whining about the 800 so much, there really isnt much difference.

  • Lubbalots

    Wonder if Tmo execs are reading these posts?  

  • Lubbalots

    Wonder if they take their customers seriously?

    • Kha

      You think ?

      • Lubbalots

        Guess if they did, they wouldn’t be in the plight they are in right now.