HTC Amaze 4G Owners, Manual Update Pushing Out Wi-Fi Calling?

It’s a glorious day for HTC Amaze 4G owners as we’re getting word (thanks to some our Twitter followers) that a manual update leaking out introduces Wi-Fi calling. No word on whether the feature is actually working, however, given that the software update is out there, we’re one step closer to a total Wi-Fi calling solution.

No word on any update for Galaxy S II owners.

Developing…we’ll add more details as they arrive.

Thanks @JGreen1280

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  • Jason!

    i got the update 1.43.531.3, and the first message that popped up was about wifi calling yay!!

    now just to wait for ICS!!

    • Anonymous

      Prepare for a long wait.

      • None

        I don’t think so… IMHO, HTC did right by the Amaze and I think it will be a sleeper hit.  I do not believe it will be long for the Amaze to get ICS update.

    • jason!

      There u go!
      In addition, it says we get Google music, bluetooth improvement, time zone error fix, improved WiFi connection, and Twitter and peep improvments!

  • Downloading mine as we speak!  Thanks for the Heads up!

  • Rudy Belova

    wifi calling works!

  • BradF

    Got the download, everything went fine, but I don’t see “Wifi Calling” in my app tray as I did on my Sensation. Any others?

    • Anonymous

      It isn’t an “app” for your device. It’s now listed in the settings.

      • Khaddem

        What’s the difference between this update and the one on the sensation?

    • On the Amaze it’s no longer a stand alone app – it’s built into the ROM.

  • Mike

    don’t remember how to check for manual updates.  can someone please post instructions?

    • Cubzfan1968

      it’s under settings- about phone- htc software updates

      • Mike


    • ValuePlan_Fan

      Pull down the status screen from the top status bar, go to the quick settings tab, select all settings, go to about phone at the bottom of that list, then select HTC software updates from the top of the list….hit check now and you’re off to the races

  • souggie

    Got mine here in Marietta, ga. Its working so far

  • ValuePlan_Fan

    Downloaded, installed, and made my first WiFi call…so nice to finally have this feature.  Thanks T-Mo, HTC and TMoNews for keeping us up on the latest news!

  • X6369x

    Tried to update on my wife’s SGS2 using Software Update and *#*#CHECKIN#*#* for S&G’s … didn’t work.

  • Turdnugget0420

    This is why I love rooting and flashing Roms, have had this on the Amaze for quite sometime now.

  • Meek_420

    WTF! Where is our update for Samsung Galaxy S2??!?!

    • okyes

      i asked tmobile  rep, he told me it wont be available for about 9 months,

      • Meek_420

        that’s so shitty

      • Princeasi

        And you believe them???

        • sunnyleoneon bigboss5


        • Guest

 is the official link to download uma to your SG2. Stop making up lies people.


    really dumb on t-mo’s part.

    WIFI calling should be standard equipment on all t-mo devices.

  • MGoBlueSugarBowl12

    I received the update this morning and it works great!

  • Cubzfan1968

    Another added benefit, I can now text over wifi

  • Anonymous

    So does this mean Samsung is the reason we Galaxy S II owners don’t have our update?

    • Meek_420

      no it’s tmobile…not sure why this phone was first. I would imagine they both use the same cpu(s) and software. I would hope that Sammy update is right behind this one

  • Ohgeez10

    Just got the update! WiFi calling is important in my household. Wife works from home and is on the phone all the time. 

  • Arodhr13

    Got the update wifi calling sweet, but was there anything else addressed in this update or is it just the wifi calling? ? Thanks for any answers. You can hit me up on twitter
    Thanks again

  • Nearmsp

    Congratulations to Amaze users. I was waiting to buy the SGS2, but was not going to touch it until UMA came in. Now with Amaze being the first off the block, and no news from SGS2, looks like we may just go for an Amaze!

  • Bill

    Update not showing up for me. Bay area T-Mobile user.


      I just got the update OTA. Be patient. It will come. 

  • boston

    It’s annoying.I have two music players that both say music.smdh I hate this update

  • Dennis Morales

    anyone else having problem with their wifi mine wont even turn on and just says error even after i downloaded it and let it run its course and restarted the phone? got wifi calling now but whats the use of it if this update fucked up my wifi in general.

  • jon

    WiFi calling working fine here. I can also confirm that there is a problem with Google Music app as some here have posted. The Market updated it and now it will not work. I just get a force close. I uninstalled the update and went back to the old version and it works fine…