The Wall Street Journal Says The Nokia 710 Lumia Is Incoming At T-Mobile

At this point I’d say we were already pretty confident in the arrival of the Nokia 710 Lumia on T-Mobile next week but, the Wall Street Journal is now reporting that is exactly what is going to happen. Citing sources “familiar with the companies plans” the announcement will take place at next weeks press event next Wednesday on December 15th.

The Lumia runs Windows Phone Mango 7.5 and includes personalized software from Nokia. The 710 features a 3.7″ WVGA display with Nokia’s ClearBlack technology, 1.4GHz single core processor, 512MB of RAM, 8GB of internal storage, HSPA+ at 14.4Mbps, 5 megapixel camera and video capture at 720p HD.

At this point, I wonder if Nokia and T-Mobile will have anything surprising to announce since everyone seems able to “confirm” the arrival of the 710 Lumia. I hope so, I hope Nokia is ready to make a monstrous return to the US.

Wall Street Journal

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  • sidekicker89

    Lost me at 14.4 mbps, I’ll pass.. no thanks

  • person

    I would’ve bought it if it were 42mps 4G but its not so pass…..

  • David

    I am very disappointed T-Mobile. I wait all this time hoping you offer an amazing Nokia Phone something like Lumia 800 or perhaps Lumia 900 and then we end up with Lumia 710?

    I know you are in bed with Google and your phone selection is full of cheap craproid phones but if that is how you wanna offer Windows Phone (No high-end devices like HTC Titan or Lumia 800) then I have no reason to stay with T-Mobile anymore.

    Enough is enough. Can’t wait forever so maybe you offer something good. If December 14th is all about just Lumia 710 then goodbye T-Mobile and hello AT&T.

    Maybe I pay more there but at least I get a high-end device not just mid-level devices.

    • Gidual

      If you go to AT&T, you’ll deserve what you get.

  • Bratty

    I have always liked Nokia’s and since the iPhone aint coming to Tmo, I am ready for some WP phones. Maybe not this one but I really need to move away from Android. Bring on some new WP’s people!


    not to be a sticky wicket here but, i sure wish nokia would come out with an ANDROID. 

    i’d be first in line 4 it.

    • Anonymous

      If you go to Phone Dog site,under tmobile,there it is,The TigerWhite by Nokia. Android.
      No picture of it,just the name. Underneath where the picture is suppose to be,there no date when it will come out. All we know this phone could be out already in Europe.

  • Mark Hennessey

    Nice way to make a big splash with a… um, thoroughly outdated phone. 

    I could understand it if they were introducing a whole line of Nokia Windows phones. But this phone doesn’t even rise to “ho-hum”.

  • Dennis

    It becomes more and more difficult to stick with T-Mobile when they think these are the announcements we are waiting for.

    • Ohcomeonnow

      I just got done playing with a number of WP7.5 phones at a MS Store.  I can’t see how anybody can use any of these phones w/o either a) a physical keyboard, or b) a screen format larger than 4+”.

      Personally, I don’t like phones that long… gimme the slide out physical keyboard. But woe is me, the phone I’d like to have isn’t out there yet. It is with Android.

      Nokia has been whipping up phones for years. Surely with their crack team and Microsoft’s crack team they could get a WP based on the E7 out the door in Q1.

      Tmobile is doing this 710 as a favor to Nokia. Nokia doesn’t want to give them the 800 without being ready to give EVERYBODY the 800.  The 710 probably isn’t selling well overseas so it’s a perfect match. Tmob gets to say “we’re first” and “we’re cheap” and Nokia gets their presence rolling here again.

      • Riopato

        I bought the dell venue pro because of the qwerty keyboard. Funny thing is that I never use it after having it for a week. Now I wish that dell made a wp7 venue since the keyboard is just added bulk!

  • I truly truly hope that this event will reveal a high end Nokia device and that the 710 will be T-Mobile’s PrePay Windows Phone.  As a prepay phone for around $200 – $250 I think the 710 will do quite well.  The Radar is fine for the low/mid range contract phone so now they need a high end Widows Phone to complete the package.  PLEASE!! Give us the 900.

    • Anonymous

      You know… I never thought on the idea of a prepaid WP7 but I kinda like that idea.

  • Lawrence of Arabia

    Where is the GNexus?
    Should I give up and just buy it unlocked?

    • Anonymous

      You should always buy unlocked phones.

    • Anonymous

      If you’re going to buy unlocked you better do it before the Euros get hip to the $800 VZW price tag, and raise their prices of $800. I’m personally trying to save my cash so I can do just that, this Sensation is garbage.

  • Smith

    There is a rumour that Nokia Ace (Nokia 900) with 4.3″ screen, 8megapixel camera, 16gb storage, Windows Phone OS (Tango), 1.4Ghz CPU, LTE support is coming to both Verizon and AT&T in Q1 2012.

    If this is true then as soon it will be available to buy I am done with T-Mobile. I agree with Deniss, it becomes more and more difficult to stick with T-Mobile with all these crappy phones.

    They become the network of Craproid with lots of junk cheap Android phones. I never thought one day I say this and wanted to move on and leave T-Mobile after 10 years being with T-Mobile and defending all these years.

    But enough is enough. Thye can keep their crappy Android phones but we are as customers want High end Windows Phones on T-Mobile and if thats not what T-Mobile is going to deliver then We will get it somewhere else: AT&T or Verizon.