T-Mobile Offering Square Payment Readers With 4G Smartphone Upgrades?

Here’s one we didn’t see coming…T-Mobile is unveiling a promotion this week by partnering up with mobile payment operator, Square. T-Mobile is offering its business users an upgrade plan allowing them to buy a 4G smartphone and select unlimited talk, text and data for $69.99 with a two-year contract.

Along with the purchase of the smartphone and selection of the rate plan, T-Mobile is including a free Square mobile payment credit card reader with the 4G smartphone upgrades. This is the first promotion from Square with a mobile carrier and I’m betting Square hopes this will provide some nice publicity for their service.

No word on when this promotion begins or ends or if it will ever come to the consumer side of things but we’re certainly glad to see T-Mobile being pro-active on the business front hoping to offer a leg up on the competition.


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  • Some guy

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  • Square is free already…. How could this be an offer? lol I got my Square reader few days ago.

    • But the free one you get from square’s website is white….. the black
      ones are the retail version sold at a few places such as T-mobile
      stores. Best Buy also has the black one for $9.99 and you get $10
      credited to your account once you enroll making it free.

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  • Anonymous

    Another “meh” marketing tactic from T-Mobile…

  • Joelflores3

    I use square and their card reader is FREE so what kind of deal is it when you get something free that is already Free?? This is just stupid, a way for uninformed people to feel like they are getting a good deal when they are obviously not. T-Mobile should be ashamed

  • Ramon

    What?! I have two square card readers both of which were absolutely free. Even the shipping was free so don’t see the big deal here. Oh wait, its black. Seriously if you are getting a card reader to actually do business, I guarantee the color doesn’t matter, I could care less as long as I can collect my money from my clients. These have also been given out at Apple stores too.

  • ValuePlan_Fan

    The Square card readers are free and they are not free.  Go to their web site and ask for one; FREE.  Go to Best Buy and ask for one; $9.99.  I don’t know if Best Buy is still doing the same price, but it was advertised for $9.99 at Thanksgiving time with all the black Friday deals.  That’s where I got this price from.  So congrats to T-Mobile for taking something that they could charge for, and providing it for free.  There is most likely some cost involved to make these available at the retail stores (shipping, paperwork to track the devices for setting up the processing to the correct account, etc).  So like the Value Plans, T-Mobile shows the real cost to the consumer and tries to keep things reasonable.  Kudos to T-Mobile on this one.