T-Mobile Wants To Send Three Lucky Winners Home To Spend The Holidays With Loved Ones

T-Mobile wants to give three lucky winners a chance at winning round-trip airfare anywhere in the United States so they can spend the holidays with the ones they love. That’s right, three lucky winners will win round-trip airfare and all you have to do for your chance…is fill out a form on Facebook. There is a catch however, T-Mobile wants to know why you should be chosen as the winner and asks “Why should T-Mobile send you home for the holidays?” Well, why should they?

No purchase is necessary and by filling out the form you are only providing your information to T-Mobile and not to Facebook and let’s face it…T-Mobile is likely to already have your name, phone number and email address. The sweepstakes began December 6 at 9am and runs through December 14th at 9am. All times are Eastern Time.

Your “essay” can’t be any longer than 100 words and make sure you double-check your entry since it can’t be changed or altered in any way after you send in your submission.

I’m sure I wouldn’t be able to win but if T-Mobile wants to send me anywhere round-trip that has snow this holiday season, I’d gladly accept. I love Florida but they holidays just aren’t any fun in 80 degree weather.

Also check out T-Mobile’s “Home for the holiday surprise video” featuring a very special guest.


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  • T-Mobile always has giveaways around the holidays for round trip airfare, I think its really nice.  : )

  • Anonymous

    Hummm funny thing is, everyone will want to visit family in Maui! 

  • Getreal

    Nice offer.

    Will they pay for my Xanax and alcohol also just so I can “deal”?

    I bet some people will think this is some form of punishment (like being forced to watch The View).

    • Anonymous

      Family will provide the alcohol, you can get 90 days of generic Xanax at Walmart.  Double up if you really need it!

  • Youemail

    What if my family lives close by (one town over) and I don’t want to go home?  I think I have a distance uncle in Hawaii or Australia or Europe or somewhere sunny.

    • Anonymous

      Pick family or friends in a spot you’d like them to be.