Accessory Leak Further Confirms Arrival Of Nokia 710 Lumia On T-Mobile

At this point I think we’re beyond the point of asking whether or not the Nokia 710 Lumia will come to T-Mobile as it’s now just a matter of when? The boys from The Verge have secured a leaked screengrab showing off an upcoming accessory offer for the Nokia 710 Lumia. No word on if this offer is specific to the Lumia or to all T-Mobile smartphones but the image indicates a Buy 2 accessories and save 20% or Buy 3 accessories or more and save 30%. There’s a host of accessories in the image allowing for plenty of reason to suspect you could take advantage of the 30% offer whenever the Lumia 710 launches, which we expect at next weeks Nokia, T-Mobile launch event.

The Verge

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  • Mercer636

    Thats the normal accessory promo.

    • Anonymous

      Was thinking the same thing.

    • Anonymous

      Was thinking the same thing.

    • Ash

      Read the big letters right on top of that screen shot.

  • Nokia73

    Why doesn’t Nokia still make other phones besides Windows Phones? I like my E73 Mode! Not everyone can afford Data and a Smartphone!

    • Ash

      Yeah, it’s not good to put all the eggs in one basket… would think…

      But even their new ceo is from Microsoft….oh well.

    • Demitrius Harris

      Nokia makes other phones besides WPs. They make Symbian ^3/Anna/Belle/Carla/Donna phones, S40 phones, future Meltimi phones, a Maemo/Meego Harmattan phone and then there’s the N900, the Maemo5 Linux mobile computer. Since you like the E73 Mode, you should look into the E6. It is the E73 taken to the next level with an improved keyboard AND all new touchscreen, Symbian Anna/Belle, GPU for 3D games and a 8MP camera with 720HD video recording.

      US carries just don’t pick up Nokia’s best phones.

      Nokia E6:

      Before anyone says anything negative, Nokia73 likes the E73, that is why I am posting about Nokia products. Please keep in mind that this post isn’t about what we like but what Nokia73 likes.

  • Just annouce it and release it.  No need for some big event for this.

  • Evan Carter44

    If this is all microsoft is willing to offer us, they will never be successful here in the states, especially specially when all of their descent phones are released on AT&T.

    • Lubbalots

      Top Nokia phone will go to ATT.  They will overshadow the Focus S and Titan.  Not good!

  • *sigh* *while shaking my head*, it’s official, T-Mobile is now REALLY the low end phone carrier. I’m sure the Lumia 900 will go to AT&T while we get the 710..i don’t get it, you make us pay full price for a phone just so that we can save $5 dollars a year on our plan, you might as well get better phones if that’s the case. Still, i guess it’s better than nothing… #nothappy

    • Lubbalots

      SO far they like low end WPs but not Android. 

  • Anonymous

    I wish Nokia would make Lumia 800 as an Android. Wishful thinking

    • Lubbalots


  • PhantomWraith

    T-mobile if your going to get nokia windows phones why did you have to pick the crappiest one? Why wouldn’t you choose the Lumia 800 sea-ray??

  • Lubbalots

    Big event just to present the Nokia 710?  Really?  Lolzzzzz!!!!  Stupid!  Hopefully I’ll choke on my laughter if they present the Nokia 710 and something else…

    • Mumblymoe

      The Lumia 800 had an insane launch party…

  • Anonymous

    I cant wait the Nokia 710 Lumia its going to be awesome, I mite buy two.

    • Toomuch

      i just foundout. no front ffc. Its a nono for me. will tmobile ever get the htc titain?

  • Woah! All phones (particularly all Nokias) need what’s on that Nokia E6 product page:

    “US/International 3G compatibility via 850/900/1700/1900/2100 UMTS/HSDPA plus GPRS/EDGE capabilities”

    That way I could purchase a Lumia 800 or 900 and use it on T-Mobile no problem :)

    • Ash

      Most newer nokia phone are  “US/International 3G compatibility via 850/900/1700/1900/2100 UMTS/HSDPA plus GPRS/EDGE capabilities”

  • Mumblymoe

    I wish HTC would follow suit and offer more accessories for their phones like the Amaze

    • Anonymous

      dude, every one of those accessories pictured is in my store for the amaze.

  • Lubbalots

    I’ll accept that but Lumia 710, nah. 

  • CJ

    Over-Rated! I would like to see the Otterbox as a standard accessory on T-Mobile’s Phones. I love my Otter Box for HD7. * I do not work for the company! I think seeing the Lumia 710 made me grumpy this week. Need to see the 800.

  • Mbaiz9172

    Anyone else hoping for the lumia 900 to be released on magenta?