HTC Sensation 4G Update Incoming, Hi There Bug Fixes

Users of the HTC Sensation 4G should be on the lookout for a new software update that will help improve device performance and stability. Oh how we do love updates that help our phones perform better. T-Mobile began pushing out the update yesterday and a staggered rollout will continue through January 15th. If you want the update now, you can try to push it manually by pressing Menu > About phone > HTC software updates > Check and follow any on-screen prompts.

The update brings the following changes:

New Features

    • Software stability
    • Improved battery life


    • Improvements to Trace dictionary
    • Screen unresponsiveness resolved
    • Device taking screen shots resolved
    • Lock screen shifted up resolved
    • Icon pixilation resolved
    • Improved Wi-Fi connection
    • Green lines on photo resolved


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  • Wonder if the stability is anything to do with the reboots. Not a total reboot it’s more like a refresh the phone doesn’t completely power down. I hope so it’s been happening more and more. The screenshot thing is a huge pain in the butt. So I’m happy with that.

    • Anonymous

      Are you referring to Sense restarting? That happens constantly for the myTouch 4G Slide too…

      • Hoodied.Hello

        I hear ya, Jonathan. It’s infuriating when Sense 3.0 decides to reboot itself. At times, I miss the Vanilla Android that I had on my HD2.

    • Dzeko

      Perhaps you have to many widgets so it is happening ,this used to happen to me all the time until my power button broke and they sent me the new phone…if this update dues not fix your problem just restore the phone that helped me

    • Celtic88

      thats my only complaint with this phone the sense reboots and they almost take up to a minute!!!

    • Anonymous

      I doubt it. THe problem is HTC Sense uses up all but maybe 100 – 80mb of ram. You open 1 to 2 apps, and that 80 to 100mb is ate up. If you exceed your free ram, the phone dumps the Sense UI so that you can continue to run your app smoothly. Upon closing said app, you have no choice but to reload the Sense UI. The issue is basically that Sense is too bloated for the hardware they put on the phone.

  • UC

    We will see if it will fix the problems, the wifi still disconnect when i leave my place!! Bad Job!!

  • Sensay

    What about the phone icon missing on the home screen?

  • Joeln0671

    Updated my sensation and its more smoother… .Just to note and I don’t know if its due to the update, but the Google music app now had direct access to the market like seen on ICS.

    • My music app has ad that since the new music app came out a few weeks back so I don’t think it has anything to do with this update.

      • Joeln0671

        Oh I wonder why it never showed my phone I always keep the google music app updated and use it everyday just for some reason when I updated the phone did it start showing …oh we’ll can’t complain lol

  • Joeln0671

    Updated my sensation and its more smoother… .Just to note and I don’t know if its due to the update, but the Google music app now had direct access to the market like seen on ICS.

  • YBT


    • Anonymous

      Noi t’s still 2.3.4 .

  • Great!  Its a 14.24 MB Update….BTW

  • Matt5bb

    Thank God! I hope this stops the stupid screen shoot thing.

    Oh and it appears my Wifi doesn’t work anymore. Yay!

  • Yousef Nasrallah

    Just visited Target Yesterday, they had the GSII for $129, and the sensation for $19 only + $10 free gift card !! With the update might be worth it.

  • lattelady

    Got the update today in So CA.  Let’s see if this elim the need to send HTC so many crash/failure logs! Sensation is a good piece of hardware but….Saw the demo of ICS on the Nexus Prime, I miss stock SO much.  Wish it had launched sooner when I had to buy a replacement phone :( .

    • Anonymous

      Agreed. i went from a Nexus to this and i’ve been raging about it ever since. I hope this fixes all the problems listed because those are some of my biggest gripes. I doubt it will fix the UI reload every time you close an app though.

      • Anonymous

        HTC will NEVER ACKNOWLEDGE the Sense reload issues with the Sensation.

        • Anonymous

          I know, I just wish they’d give it up already. I know its so these companies can distinguish their phones from the next, but its irritating. I need to stop being lazy and root the thing… but man am I lazy. ;)

    • Ash

      If you like stock so much, you can flash it.

  • Bob

    I am still waiting on my MyTouch4G OTA…  Hope you Sensation users don’t get too excited…

    • don’t know what you’re talking about, I got mine even before they posted this article.

  • Brian Robinson

    Took freaking long enough to get this update.  Hopefully this update takes care of the screenshot problem. Was about to throw this phone through the wall.  Downloading now!

  • thank God!!!!!!!

  • Ash

    I have 2, sensation 4g and the euro/asia sensation.
    Both runs smooth as butter, fyi, I am a heavy user, I do alot on the phone.
    I am not using custome roms. yet.

    I don’t know what you people are doing with your phones or do you know how to tweak it.
    If some of you like stock android so much, just flash it.
    Or at least root it and get rid of all the t-mo crapware, more free ram = less / no sense reboot.

  • Anonymous

    switched over to Go Launcher on my Sensation. Got the update this morning. Also a SoCal number. 
    Cant say as I notice any difference in battery but I wont miss the screen shot bug. 
    Also strange but since I stopped putting the phone in a Seido case I have noticed better performance. I wonder if the phone got too hot?

  • Anonymous

    Hopefully this fixes the issue with Market not being updated. I had to download the updated version and manually install it and it still has a few bugs. Apparently the S4G had some sort of compatibility issue with the updated market (and the automatic market updater) so many of the users are still seeing the older version of the market (which is 2.3.6). It should be on 3.3.11 as that’s the newest one (I think, unless Google pushed out a newer one).

  • FORGET THIS …ROOT YOUR SENSATION…HEAD OVER TO XDA!!!  I am on 2.3.5 with Sense 3.5, Beats by Dre and the Amaze Camera App!!!

  • Fantastic update, absolutely NO sluggishness at all flipping through the home screens.  Can’t wait to see the even more improved battery life once I’ve had it installed long enough to see. – D

  • Davcole115

    Well thank goodness!!

  • Tuliom Mesa

    Doesnt fix random reboots, random screenshots? fail ._.

  • I just updated mine. Put prior to this update my current sensation hasn’t had any problems anyways. Now my last one, before I replaced it with this one was on fckn crack. That phone did what it wanted to.

  • jarjon76

    Downloaded it and I’ve noticed minor (but good) differences. Seems to be slightly faster with the touch commands and so forth. Also, my ringer/media volume bar is now neon green, rather than blue. Same for the task manager bar. Glad they rolled out a software update, now let’s get the ICS updates rolling. :D

    • Deff

      The ringer bar color and other menu colors vary depending on what skin you are using. It had nothing to do with the update. Switch to the “Burgundy” skin and the ringer bar will be a maroon color, switch to “HTC” and it’ll be neon green.  

  • Rensack

    This will be my last HTC sense phone. Never again! Now, I want my nexus back!

    • Shy Town Fantasy


  • SkullNBones19

    YESSSSSS MARKET UPDATED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sal

    well i have problem here!!!!! after finish downloading the update, and reboot my phone. its stuck with black screen and green triangle with ! …so what wrong ???

    i did restart my phone again and i tried update it again , but still the same>>> help

    • Goodcamote24

      I’m having the same problem.

      • Droiddude88

        I have the same problem!! stuck on the same screen :( does anyone have any advice??/ any help pls

        • Fckthwrld

          same problem…what to do ???

        • Solution4u

          . Hold down Volume Down button, then press and hold Power button until the phone goes into reboot screen. Choose Factory Reset/Erase.  This will return the phone to the factory default state.  You will lose all user data.

    • Fritz

      Also same here. Any resolution?

    • tpaik

      Yeah. Having the same problem. Any suggestions?

  • My wife and I both have HTC Sensations. We both updated last night. Now either A) her phone is sending multiple copies of each TXT or B) my phone is somehow duplicating copies of each TXT she sends (but not from others) or C) some weird T-Mobile issue. Anyone else have this multiple TXT problem?

    • Herp Derpner

       Whenever I reboot my phone, it now randomly resends texts from several days ago, but only when I reboot.

  • Hi

    I’m having the multiple text problem too.  It sends my texts 8-10x.  I have not updated my Sensation yet.

  • Lonely5220

    I updated last night i was trying to use the htc way to upload pictures to my facebook and it wont let me it says error sign in to facebook n try again, but i am logged in, 1st time this happened after the update…plz help!!!!

  • Fckthwrld

    after finish downloading the update, and reboot my phone. its stuck with
    black screen and green triangle with ! …so what wrong ???

    • Shaunfudd

      Me too! You’re the first person I’ve found with the same issue. Do you have your phone unlocked/rooted?

      • Fckthwrld

        phone is not rooted …

  • Wiiengineer

    Improved the trace dictionary? I still can’t spell goes without typing it out manually…

  • Themadmatt

    after the update my screen is unresponsive, cannot unlock it!!  help!!!

  • HappyCamper

    Thank you HTC, I love my phone again!

  • Droiddude88

    does any one else have a black screen after attempting to update?

  • Has anyone tried the update already? Does it really help?

    • Doxa_lu

      It’s great. Resolved all of my issues so far.

      • Earlsalaam

        Yes it does help,my biggest issue was battery life,it seems that’s no longer a issue. I brought 2 1900Mah batteries and before the update i noticed no difference,took my phone off the charger this morning use it all day  making calls and a few texts,still have more than 60 percent charge. Unheard of prior.

  • Duckdodger_8

    So far..its great!

  • NiteMan

    The HTC update is super great! I’ve had the update for about 5 full days now. The battery drain issues are now gone. I can go an entire day and not half days. There’s no freezes, it doens’t take a photo capture of the screen when you hit the ‘home’ button. It doesn’t restart on it’s own seldomly. It’s actually smoother and stable. Again, battery issues resolved and I love my phone again.

  • TMOFan

    Just bought a sensation on Saturday, and I’m not really having any issues…yet. Should I update anyway?

    • Earlsalaam

      You should always keep your phone up to date.

  • Earlsalaam

    I did the install yesterday [12/14/11] and right away i noticed my phone to be alot faster.I have not had to charge my phone all day so i’m gonna say battery life has also improved,so far i’m glad i did the install.

    • Rmarshall002

      Did you get the “push” notification? Or did you manually check for update via settings>htc updates? Just curious as I’ve not received push notification yet and manual check tells me “no update” for your device…. thx. Rich

      • jesp

        I manually checked for the update earlier this week and it was there. I didn’t receive any notifications about an update or anything prior to that. I also seemed to receive the 2.3.4 update right after the announcement that it would take Weeks to roll out to everyone. I remember being bummed it would take so long them I got it within a few days. They push updates in order of number (IMEP? or something, my mind escapes me it’s early. Correct me if I’m wrong) so I would imagine you should get an update soon. Like I said mine didn’t notify me so keep checking.

        • Rmarshall002

          Ok – thx for your insights on this Jesp.
          Hopefully I’ll be upgraded soon.

  • jesp

    Anyone else that recurved the , I just got it the other day and now I notice that there are 2 music apps (neither of which are HTC listen or music beta that have been missing from my phone since the 2.3.4 update). Both apps do nothing but play music (can’t access music beta or listen). They are both called music and one icon is headphones and the old icon for the other one is a music note. Does anyone know what this new app is and why they left the old one on too?

    • jesp

      That was anyone who recieved the update. I really need to proof read everything when using Swype beta since their update.

  • Herp Derpner

    Received the update towards the end.  Phone now runs slower, touch screen lags, autocorrect doubles words instead of suggesting replacements, typing difficult at best due to lag.  Good thing? now running 4G.  Bad thing?  4G is stupid slow.  Fix, please?  If you still have a chance to deny the upgrade, I’d deny it.

  • Karaniva96

     I recently updated my HTC and now every time I use an app or anything in general it goes back to a white screen. Along with that issue, it seems as if I can’t upload any pictures at all. Please fix this!!