Nokia 710 Lumia User Guide Shows Off T-Mobile Branding Thanks To FCC Filing

We’re still not 100% sure what T-Mobile and Nokia have in-store for next weeks press event, but, there is at least one phone can we are likely to see…the Nokia 710 Lumia. A quick peek through the user guide on the FCC website for the Lumia 710 (which passed sometime ago with T-Mobile ready AWS bands) shows T-Mobile branding clear as can be. We’ve grabbed three shots of the manual all showing off T-Mobile branding for your viewing pleasure.

We hope that T-Mobile and Nokia have something else up their sleeves for their event next week as we aren’t 100% sold on the idea of an event specifically for Nokia’s lowest model Windows Phone. The Lumia 800 on the other hand…well that’s a different story.


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  • Really hoping for the Lumia 800 too. TMo seems to have a thing for low-end WP7 devices though…

  • Why a low end device. I want a high end Windows Phone for T-Mobile. Bring a Nokia 800 with a front facing camera. Or bring the Titan or Focus S! ahhh. Another low end device.


  • I don’t get it, T-Mobile used to get the highest end Windows phones FIRST HD2/HD7, now it seems as if they’re just scrapping the bottom of the barrel with us…..  = /

  • Foxeh

    Knowing T-Mo, it will be all about the customizable back-plates for the 710.

    • Don’t Really Care

      Funny thing… you look at their history for the past 5 years and it does seem like they tend to go with gimmicky phones more than anyone else.

  • I’m shooting a little higher and hoping for the Lumia 900, but I’m seriously doubting this will happen

    • yup seems like tmo is nothing but Andriod carrier..

  • CJ

    I just threw up my dinner! Seriously. Here are my dream WP7 specifcations. 16gb + Micro SD Card, 8gb camera, 1080p video, TV mirroring through xbox! So tired of these lame devices. I love my HD7 though!

    • 8gb camera? haha. Thanks for making me laugh  :)

      • CJ

        Sorry I meant mp, apologize

    • Stevejaye

      Windows wont have a phone larger then 8gb, they what you to use their cloud based service

      • Don’t Really Care

        I think you meant 16GB

  • Pira

    Dear tmonews, its “a quick peek” not “a quick peak” just trying to help :)

  • Blakeh


  • Why do carriers have to “brand” phones with their names all over it? If they’re branded, it’s likely because that phone is only on that carrier, so if someone is interested enough to look up that phone, the carrier’s name comes up.

    At least put the branding on the back in small letters or something.

  • Hairtodaygonetomorrow

    :-(   right manufacturer… wrong phone.  Give it away and you might sell some, otherwise we’re all waiting on something MORE from Nokia in this country.

    • Hairtodaygonetomorrow

      Still lamenting. Like I’m gonna lock in a new 2-year agreement on this phone. NOT.  I’m getting tired of waiting and the HTC Win Phone models aren’t cutting it for me.

    • They’ll be lucky to get anyone who would take it even for free. Another waste.

  • William Cron

    Hopefully they’ll “One More Thing” the event and show the Lumia800. Maybe we’ll also be getting some of the accessories with these phones.

  • Was just thinking about a talk I had with my local T-MO rep a few weeks ago.  I was telling her how disapointed I was that TMOUS didn’t get the Titan and that I couldn’t see myself giving up my big screen HD7 for the Radar.  She said that her understanding was that they were getting a big screen WP7 device in December but it wasn’t the Titan.  She wouldn’t say anymore then that.  Let’s all pray that Nokia and T-Moble annouces the 900 for us.  Even if it’s not coming until next year as long as I know it’s coming I’ll wait.

  • Anonymous

    T-Mobile ALWAYS choses the low end Nokia phones!!!!! Shame…5230 instead of the countless better S60 5th devices, skipped the N900, C7 instead of the N8….now this…

  • Anonymous

    Here’s the sales pitch: “Here we have some low end Windows phones, and over here we have our high-end Droid phones.”

  • TMo is definitely slipping as Motorola and Samsung keep pumping out high quality phones. Combined with the iPhone becoming so much more readily available for such a low cost I can’t see this doing much to benefit TMo.

  • J. Williams

    What you are have to do is buy your high end device somewhere else, cause they are not trying to hear you guys right now.

    • Guest

      Wont work cos of the AWS frequency, you will only get EDGE which will suck serious monkey balls!

  • Bratty

    TMO has decided to sink or swim with Android – and we all know how well that is going for the company. Maybe there will be a 900 surprise. Lets see.

  • Lawrence of Arabia

    Guys, Tmo doesn’t have cash to negotiate better phones, in part bc we pay too little…

  • J. Williams

    4G hotspot…solved.

  • Looks like im not parting ways with my Dell Venue pro this year if these are the types of phones T-Mobile is jerking us with.