T-Mobile Starting SMS Campaign Hoping To Move Even More Plus Customers Onto Value Plans

According to this leaked image we’ve obtained, T-Mobile has already started an SMS campaign directed at Even More Plus customers hoping to entice them with a current Value Plan offering. T-Mobile hopes Even More Plus customers see the benefits of the Value Plan offerings including:

  • Deeply discounted rates and the option for unlimited talk, text and data
  • Stay connected with friends and daily by making wireless internet more affordable
  • Value Plan with EIP21 represents the best value for a T-Mobile customer
    • Pay over 20 installments with EIP after an initial device down payment
    • Purchase regular-priced handsets at any time with EIP financing options

T-Mobile is likely looking to grab some Even More Plus customers and bring them into the contract mix and keep them around a little longer. What do you think Even More Plus customers? Any chance you’d be willing to jump on a Value Plan?

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