T-Mobile Starting SMS Campaign Hoping To Move Even More Plus Customers Onto Value Plans

According to this leaked image we’ve obtained, T-Mobile has already started an SMS campaign directed at Even More Plus customers hoping to entice them with a current Value Plan offering. T-Mobile hopes Even More Plus customers see the benefits of the Value Plan offerings including:

  • Deeply discounted rates and the option for unlimited talk, text and data
  • Stay connected with friends and daily by making wireless internet more affordable
  • Value Plan with EIP21 represents the best value for a T-Mobile customer
    • Pay over 20 installments with EIP after an initial device down payment
    • Purchase regular-priced handsets at any time with EIP financing options

T-Mobile is likely looking to grab some Even More Plus customers and bring them into the contract mix and keep them around a little longer. What do you think Even More Plus customers? Any chance you’d be willing to jump on a Value Plan?

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  • JLSocks

    As an EM+ customer, I see absolutely no reason for me to switch into a Value Plan contract.

    • Minioninnc

      The only reason would be to get the EIP, 59.99 is the same as 59.99 no matter which plan you have, EMP or Value. Right? As I said above, I will buy my phone from someone else and get it discounted.

    • Anonymous

      Only reason I see is 50% off data ($10 v $5), and 50% off extra family-plan lines ($10 v $5).  I don’t like losing throttled data without no overages.

  • Jaygqitalia

    Well I think everything they just said I can do with a value plan I ALREADY CAN DO WITH MY EVEN MORE PLUS PLAN , except I have no contract. No thanks guy. Also , the EIP is on approved credit, something I wouldnt be approved for. They only wanted to give me 100 financed. 

    • Aaron Tant

      but you won’t have your EIP anymore on your EM+.  EIP is only on Value now.

      • Jaygqitalia

        True, but they only were giving me 100 to finance anyway so it really wouldnt do anything for me. You have to be approved to finance the phone.

        • Aaron Tant

          Correct.  We have taken steps to provide as much EIP as possible under the Value Plan.  Much of that was done with the Deposit Program being instituted.  But, you are right, in your situation, it does not seem practical.

    • I found it funny that they wouldnt let me do an EM+ plan and let me have the MyTouch 4G though financing the full cost of the phone even with my $100 deposit, but they did let me have an EM contract plan (now Classic plan) gave me the phone for FREE with my $100 deposit….that means my ETF is $200 and if I break the contract, I actually will pay LESS for the same phone they wouldnt let me finance.

  • Anthony in Utah

    Never! They want to keep us in contract LOL – T-Mobile is being very smart with their marketing. I don’t blame them, but the other companies are offering so many better values. 

    • Aaron Tant

      How about an example.

    • Yogi

      For some people, the Value Plans can be much better than EM+. Take a look at my comparison above.

      • Please don’t post 200 copy and paste comments. Kthx.

        • Yogi

          The people that post in the comments to these articles don’t tend to come back and read anything new, unless they are notified to a reply to their own comment. That’s why you see the same people posting the same “why would people switch from EM+ to Value Plan” comments every time you have an article about the plans. I was simply replying to them so that they would be alerted to my post so they might see why. I didn’t post “200 copy and paste comments.” I posted 9 that were only in reply to comments along the lines of “EM+ is better than Value Plan.” I apologize if that was a problem.

  • Steve

    No thanks.

  • Anonymous

    FYI if you are still on EMP, your EIP wont work anymore.  So you can keep your plan (which i would do) but you have to buy the phone full price.  EIP wont work in our systems anymore.

  • Ipsummm

    wait, I’m kind of new to this ._. Classic and Even More are different right? I think I have even more but maybe I changed it when I upgraded.

    • Yogi

      Classic replaced Even More and Value replaced Even More Plus.

  • Parisgist

    Give me a free galaxy S 2 Tmobile then maybe I will think about switching  :)

  • Haithem Obeidi

    HELL NO! I love my no contract EMP plan, $59.99 a month, unlim text and data and 450minutes, I don’t need more than that. 

    • Jaygqitalia

      I pay the same for unlimited everything EMP. I got that 1 day deal a year ago that they pulled last minute lol. Least they honored it 

      • Minioninnc

        Yeah I picked that one up myself, so I am staying on EMP. I will buy my phones from others, and keep on kicking it without a contract, and get my phones cheaper than buying from T-Mo.

    • Realcool2000

      I pay $34 more and have 3 phones and 2 w data and 1000 min. Now how’s ur plan better?

  • Jhawk415Sf

    Don’t fall for the banana in the tailpipe my EM+ family…the only big difference here is the EIP which gets you a new phone but ends up costing you more on your bill per month…I’m still paying for the first samsung vibrant I picked up at launch !

    • Savingjessie

      The Value Plans are AT LEAST $20 less per month and the max EIP per month on the VP is $15 gross cost is ALWAYS cheaper with VP…revisit your plan, sit down with a rep and do the math.  You’re missing out on some great savings Jhawk.

      • Jaygqitalia

        I pay 59.99 for unlimited everything EMP. So people on here also pay the same because they jumped on the one day deal. So in reality, its the same thing we have, just with a contract

        • Jaygqitalia

          I pay 59.99 for unlimited everything EMP. Some* people on here also pay the same because they jumped on the one day deal. So in reality, its the same thing we have, just with a contract 

      • Anonymous


      • Purenupe1

        no you not missing anything, the cost with EIP makes savings minimal for the first 20   months when going from EM+ to value and your now trapped in a contract having had no phone subsidy. the EIP is only a good deal if no contract is involved.

    • Yogi

      For some people, the Value Plans can be much better than EM+. Take a look at my comparison above.

  • Hamster

    Unless they’ve modified rates lately, my EMP plan is still cheaper than the Value equivalent. I’m staying off-contract, thanks.

    • Savingjessie

      Rates have been modified since September Hamster.  Maybe you need to revisit your plan.

    • Yogi

      For some people, the Value Plans can be much better than EM+. Take a look at my comparison above.

  • Love T-Mobile but what conceivable reason is there to move from a no-contract plan, to a contract??  Unless I’m getting a phone, why should I sign a contract?  If you ask me, T-Mobile has gone waaay downhill with these “Value” plans, which offer LESS value than EM+ did.

    • Yogi

      For some people, the Value Plans can be much better than EM+. Take a look at my comparison above.

  • PapeshFoo

    As a person who was on EMP since launch, the value plan is a better option in my opinion. I just switched over. I got the Amaze with the down payment waved, and a 10 dollar discount on the plan evvery month. I went from 59.99 with 500 minutes, to 49.99 and unlimited everything. Yeah I had to drop fro 5 gigs of data to 2, but I only use about a gig and a half every month.

    • Anonymous

      I made the same change for the same reason. I only use about 300MB a month.

    • You can always switch plans to the 5GB plan should you need extra data for a month or two, then switch back if its still offered 2GB plan.

  • Savingjessie

    Even More Plus Talk, Text, Web Individual plan = $49.99 mins +$10 msg +$20 web 

    Value Unlimited Talk, Text, Web Individual plan = $44.99 mins +$5 msg +$10 web

    Even More Plus Talk, Text, Web Family Plan = $79.99 mins +$20 msg +$40 web ($10 – 200min aal, +$20 unl mins)
    Value Unlimited Talk, Text, Web Family Plan = $69.99 mins +$10 msg +$20 web ($5 – 500 min aal, +$20 unl mins)
    Value plan you get EIP.  EMP you cannot get EIP. So tell me again, how is staying on EMP a better deal?

    • Anonymous

      No contract.

    • Its really only a better deal if you want to finance a phone. Either way you can either finance the phone and have essentially a “20 month contract” or phone payment balance due on cancellation, or… get that phone for the same deposit price as a Value plan and be locked into a contact that only carries a MAX $200 ETF that is still far less than the phone will cost in the financing option.

  • ogopogo

    Nope – no reason to switch. I’ve been on EM+ since starting with TMO 2 years ago. This value plan doesn’t gain me anything except a 2 yr contract. Once of the reasons I moved to TMO was because they were the only national carrier offering great phones, and no contracts.

    • Yogi

      For some people, the Value Plans can be much better than EM+. Take a look at my comparison above.

  • Realcool2000

    Its great u all like ur emp plans but stop slamming value plan and stating that its not a better rate than all the othe plans.

    Plain and simple I was paying about $150 per mon for 3 lines family my faves w only one phone w unlmt data and 700 min to share and unlmt text.

    Now on value I pay $94.00 and have data on two phones and 1000 min to share w all 3.

    Now I had phones already so no need to buy any but if I did it would still b cheaper than b4 and w more data period.

    So everyone stop bashing the value plan and acting like its not a cheaper plan, because u obviuosly don’t know what ur talking about.

    Ps….anyone complaing about my grammer needs to drink a can of stfu cause this isn’t a term paper and I don’t have time or care not to abrev….

  • Savingjessie

    Just remember as of September 2011 EIP on EM+ plans has been discontinued all together.

  • Marcos Cruz

    no way

  • josue cifuentes

    I have to pay a $200 migration fee to get to this “value” plan??? what a rip off -___-

    • Aaron Tant

      you may, or you might not.  Depends on where you are in your contract

  • ransz28

    Im lost.  I am on the Classic 1000 plan with 3 phones.  So is it better to go to EM+ or Value?

    • ransz28

      I should also say switching to Value is a $600 migration fee.  Why would they charge the $600 and say I am saving???

      • Savingjessie

        Do you understand why there is a migration fee?

    • Anonymous

      You have to sit down and do the math, because it isn’t a one-size fits all answer. For us, it was a no-brainer to switch. We were paying $143/mo with taxes etc for five lines, two data plans, and 700 minutes with unlimited/unthrottled web. We switched to the 1000 minute Value plan and 2GB data for two devices and our monthly rate dropped to $95/mo with taxes. I’m no math genius, but that’s $48/month. We took $10 of that amount and added unlimited texting.

      Now, obviously the caveat is that you no longer get phone subsidies or discounts. But that works out OK, too, because the initial price of my Amaze on contract was $279, so $279 + $48 x 24 months meant I would have, in effect, paid an astonishing $1,431 “subsidized” price for that phone. As it is, I bought the phone outright for $579 (before the price drop, sadly) and will *still* have saved just over $850 over the two years of my contract. For us, that was a great deal. It’s hard not to get the “free” or “promotional” phones, but you have to realize they’re not really free over the long haul.

      • GOGO

        RogueCommenter you were not on an evenmore plus plan for that cost?

      • I have the Classic Unlimited Plus plan (2GB data plan, which I occasionally swap to the 5GB as needed), and I pay $79.99 plus insurance and tax, about $100 a month.
         I got my MyTouch 4G for FREE normally a $450 phone, and my ETF/Migration fee is $200. I have 17 months left in my contract, so its still $200 ETF for me. If I moved to the Value Plus Plan at $59.99 plus insurance and tax, there would be a savings of $340 but Id have to pay $200 ETF, leaving me to save $140 for the remainder of 24 months assuming I stayed the full time. 

        Had I have started on a Value plan, Id have paid $0.00 for my phone deposit, $59.99 for plan cost, plus another $22.50 per month for my phone for 20 months making my monthly total $82.49 BEFORE TAX AND INSURANCE. Id pay $50 more over 20 months by being on a Value Plan. So essentially only for the final 4 months of a 24 month contract or no contract would there be any sort of actual savings of being on a Value Plan over a Classic Plan. By that point the savings might be only $30 because at that point Id be able to cancel a Classic Plan for only $50. 

        Im not a math major but technically if I dont plan to stay with T-Mobile longer than 1 year, the best option I have is to pay the ETF (still paid less than the phone costs by doing that) and swapping plans and saving $20 each month for the next few months, sell the phone and recoup at least part of the ETF Id be all too happy to pay 1/4th of after the phone sale and cost savings.

  • remister

    I will stay on my EM+ plan as I have a 5GB limit instead of 2GB
    I will transfer if they give me 10GB plan for my current price which is 69.99!

  • Jim Thomason

    I’ve got an ancient, grandfathered myfaves 1200 plan with 4 lines. Thanks to having my googe voice number as one of my faves, I effectively have unlimited minutes. 3 mytouch 4gs with unlimited web, 1 feature phone w/o web, and unlimited texting. I’m paying a smidge under $200/month for that.

    Two phones have 11 months left on their contracts, one has 14, and the other has 16.

    I think I configured a comparable value plan for like $160/month, which is cool. But to get it, I’d need to pay $800 in ETFs and then re-sign new two year contracts across the board.

    So with my $40/month savings, I wouldn’t make up the cost of my ETFs for 20 months. Which is good, since I’d be stuck on t-mo for another 24 months by doing this.

    Honestly? With all the baloney going on with the AT&T purchase, I don’t want to be stuck on contract here for longer than I need to. I may stay a customer after that, but I don’t want to be locked in right now.

    If I were paying ETFs anyway, I could jump to AT&T right now and pay $170/month (I’d get a discount through work) and end up getting brand new iphones. More upfront cost, of course, but I still get the phones I want, a comparable rate, and I don’t need to worry about my provider evaporating.

    The value plans really are awesome and I’d love to get on one. There’s no way I’m gonna pay $800 and sign new two year contracts on 4 lines for the priviledge of doing that. They’re insane to think that I would.

  • Frigadroid

    How much more is it with 5G or 10G data added to only 1 of the phones on the best ever $99 plan please?

    • firebird

      Of the $99 plan, $10 for each line is for 2GB web. On Value, 5Gb web is $25, so $15 extra, or $115 for one line to have 5GB. I am not 100% sure on the 10GB as no one ever gets it, but I want to say $50, so $140.

    • Unlimited Talk, Messaging and Data Plus (2GB High Speed) $59.99 Value plan or $79.99 Classic Plan ($20 savings over “Contract” plan) 
      Unlimited Talk, Messaging and Data Premium (5GB High Speed) $74.99 Value plan or $89.99 Classic Plan ($15 savings over “Contract plan)
      Unlimited Talk, Messaging and Data Ultra (10GB High Speed) $104.99 Value plan or $119.99 Classic Plan ($15 savings over “Contract plan)

      Note that if you are in a “Value Plan” it will cost you $15 MORE to go from 2GB data to 5GB data, but in a “Classic Plan” it is only $10 MORE. But if you are on a “Value Plan” or “Classic Plan” and want to go from 5GB to 10GB it will cost you $30 MORE either way. However, comparison of the 2GB Value Plan jump to the 10GB Value Plan will cost $45 MORE but on the Classic the same plan jump will only be $40. So there is a little cost savings added in, even if its minimal either way you look at it. If you are looking for 2GB plans, Value might be the way to go. If you want to have 2GB data normally and 5GB data for a few months, the savings in a Classic Plan is the way to go. If you are looking to get the most bang for your buck, the 5GB Value Plan (a nice medium) is actually the BEST plan, since it saves you $5 over a Classic 2GB plan, but allows for 2.5x more data usage.

  • I’d be perfectly willing to do this, as long as if AT&T buy’s t-mo I can walk away with no ETF.

    Seriously, I know I can save money on a value plan and it would make sense to switch, but until a t-mo rep can tell me that if this merger goes through I can walk away from the contract, I won’t be switching.  That is the sum total of reason for not being o a value plan right now.

    Just in general, i like that it’s a non-contract plan, but realistically, i’m not switching unless AT&T buy t-mo in which case Sprint/verizon will probably get my business. AT&T completely cheated my wife out of several hundred dollars and she has vowed to never give them another cent.  Nothing i have heard about AT&T makes me want to use their service.

    • firebird

      They aren’t going to tell you that. It might even happen, but they aren’t going to honestly be able to tell you that.

      • I know.  I’m willing to move to their Monthly plans too if i thought it would be a better deal than EM+

  • I just jumped to the value plan the other night. It’s actually a pretty great deal.

  • jrr

    I will certainly consider any other contract-free plans T-Mobile wishes to offer me.

    • Anonymous

      monthly 4g is the only other option

  • Brian

    Everyone on here first needs to realize that not every EMP plan out there is the same rate and size.  There are those that are saying t is a no brainer for everyone that they save with the Value plan and there are those that are saying you would be stupid to switch.  Some people like myself have a EMP plan that is one of the better deals and others have a plan that was good but the Value plan is now better.  Basically it all comes down to how good of a deal you have.  In regards to the EIP, many of us don’t care about that as we can pay outright for our phones, or do as I do and buy them like new thru Craigslist and a much bigger discount.  However for those that need the EIP it can be a valuable point. It all comes down to that everyone just needs to do the math in regards to their own plan.

    Since I am sure someone will be asking, or claiming something, I have a family plan with 3000 min (all of the min are shared with all of the phones.  1000 min would be too few and with the unlimited plan all of the add a line phones have very limited min unless you pay more).  Also my data plan is the higher usage plan.  I am not really sure how much data I get but I have never been slowed down and the My Account app doesn’t even tell me how much data that I have used as it only says unlimited.  For me the 1000 min plan is not an option and the unlimited plan costs about the same only if I go with the 2 gig plan, which I doubt would work at all for me especially with my usage starting to increase.  So for me I will not be switching over

    • JadedNYer

      There is also a 2000 minute plan for the samr price as the unlimited. I haven’t seen it o. The T-Mobile site but it appears as an option for me on my account. I have also seen it available on the Classic Plan but I can’t remember which big box website I have seen it. Maybe Target or Walmart. I have three lines on a 1500 EMP. We don’t use near that amount of minutes or data with BlackBerries so 1000 could work BUT I am very hesitant to bind myself to a contract.

      • firebird

        The 2000 minute plan is the same price as unlimited, but there is no option for unlimited text messaging. So on Value the 2000 minute plan is $70 with $5 added lines to share the minutes, but you cannot get unlimited text ($80 with $10 added lines on Classic).

  • Chrissd0428

    Hell No…. your better off cancelling your account and just signing up as a new customer.. Explain the point of allowing yourself to be put on a contract for 2 years to end up being screwed in the end because you still have to pay the full price of your phone….so what if its 20 months EIP…. I can just be a new customer and get the phone almost free… I dont understand what they were thinking when they made the value plans..The monthly plan is cheap…but id rather go prepaid then go with the Value Plans…. For those EM+ customers in my opinion its either cancel and set up a new account, or cancel and go elsewhere.  

    • Rwalford79

      Generally it is cheaper to go contract, get the phone you want and pay the $200 ETF on T-Mobile than it is to pay the contract price as a down payment, pay monthly for the phone over 20 months and still be on contract. Doing it the $200 ETF contract way comes out to by far less, $50-150 less than Value 20month tenure prices.

    • emdz

      Thats why I left, I was on T-Mobile for over 6 years. Have been off contract for two months. I had the 59.99 500 mins, unl text, unl web (2gb). I went over my 500 minutes and called to get changed into a higher rate plan. I had always done this with no problem. Now they were requiring me to go into a contract without even offering me a phone or anything. Not even retention/cancellations gave me anything off contract, it was either do or not. 

      I did not, just went to SimpleMobile for $40 flat. Its not the best, but its cheap and I get to use the same phone I’ve had on T-Mobile. I get unlimited talk, text and web. Only problem is the web is slowed down.

    • Yogi

      For some people, the Value Plans can be much better than EM+. Take a look at my comparison above.

  • Nate42

    Hell no! I’m EM+ $59 unlimited talk, text and web without contract!
    Why on earth would I get into a contract! ha ha

    • Yogi

      For some people, the Value Plans can be much better than EM+. Take a look at my comparison above.

  • Anonymous

    Made the switch a couple months back when the family plan was tight on minutes. Now it’s great

  • 21stNow

    There’s no chance that I’m willing to jump to a Value plan, as for me, it would be $5 more a month.  I don’t like contracts for cell phones and I don’t need EIP. 

    No-contract postpaid service with lower rates is the reason that I came to T-Mobile.  If they feel a need to put me in a contract, I feel a need to leave.

    • Yogi

      For some people, the Value Plans can be much better than EM+. Take a look at my comparison above.

  • yoyo

    The prices are the same so I would say they want you in contract.  Just as they removed the EIP from EvenMore plus plans they can remove the option from Value Plans. No contract for me!

    • Prod1702

      The prices are not the same when you are looking at unlimited minutes and having some kind of data. Value is still less by some not much but it is less. 

    • Yogi

      For some people, the Value Plans can be much better than EM+. Take a look at my comparison above.

  • Ckirk12345

    EM+ customers also have uncapped web…which tmo is trying to get the off of….

    • Anonymous

      Womp womp…

    • firebird

      EM+ plans have a 5GB throttle limit. They always did.

      • Some of the even older plans had 10GB caps.

        • Anonymous

          key word is had. everyone had a 10gb cap. then it was changed to 5.

        • Anonymous

          Yeah, I found that out the hard way a couple months ago.  Fortunately it was a day before my plan reset, but that was a very long day when I wasn’t connected to WiFi.

  • SeanP

    I would sign a contract if there was a $40 Value Plan that had 1000 minutes, 1000 texts/messages and 40 Mbs of data. And as options: $5 for unlimited text/messages; $5 for 1000 global texts, among others. One last thing… 1 year contract only. I’m bringing my own non-locked, non-branded phone.

    Who else would like this plan?

  • Occupytruth

    EM+ >>>>>>>>>> Value plans LOL T-Mobile. Maybe if you didn’t change your strategy every other day this wouldn’t happen

    • Yogi

      For some people, the Value Plans can be much better than EM+. Take a look at my comparison above.

  • Anonymous

    If it there is tint of ATT in the horizon .. its no go for me.

    T Mobile. understand.. your customers dont want ATT.

    So while you keep this up .. no thank you!

    I do have to say congrats on increasing your 4G footprint.  After a trip through the East and Midwest with over 20 states … I was able to get 4G on most interstates.   Keep that good work and get 100% coverage on interstates .. move ATT of the grid.. keep your prices low .. and customers will flock to TMobile.   But ATT…. no way!

    • Svfitz

      How true!!   I will not move to Value because of the contract.  Lock me in then switch to ATT forget it.   If I change I will move to the monthly service.  The other issue is I have the 5Gig throttle cap with my EM+ and TMo’s similarly priced plan is only 2Gig.  

  • Tmosince2003

    Did it back in Sept.

    The 3 line family plan with add ons was getting expensive even on EM plus after adding an Android (craigslist) phone. Now the bill is not a whole lot cheaper, but $25 less and more minutes was easy enough math. Don’t mind the contract, it protects us from change for that time span if ATT completes the takeover.

    Have phones already and prefer buying them over financing which is what a subsidy boils down to. Sad to read people wanting “free” phones all the time. Just not grasping the economics and playing into the corporate plan.

    (Look, I am busy too, but I have time to spell and punctuate.)

  • Yogi

    I’ve posted this in other “Value Plan vs EM+” type articles, but I figure I’d post it again for all those people that keep saying, “I don’t understand why anyone would switch.” I changed my 5 line family from EM+ to Value Plan a while back and here is a real world comparison:

    Old Even More Plus Plan:
    $139.99 – EM+ Unlimited Talk, Text, Data (5GB high speed) for the first two lines
    $55 – Unlimited Talk, Text, Data (5GB high speed) for the third line
    $30 – Unlimited Talk, Text, No Data for the fourth line
    $10 – 200 minutes Talk, Unlimited Text, No Data for the fifth line
    $234.99 – Total Service (Monthly)

    Equivalent Value Plan:
    $129.99 – Value Plan Unlimited Talk, Text, Data (5GB high speed) for the first two lines
    $50 – Unlimited Talk, Text, Data (5GB high speed) for the third line
    $25 – Unlimited Talk, Text, No Data for the fourth line
    $5 – 500 minutes Talk, Unlimited Text, No Data for the fifth line
    $209.99 – Total Service (Monthly)

    Actual Value Plan we signed up for:
    $99.98 – Value Plan Unlimited Talk, Text, Data (2GB high speed) for the first two lines
    $35 – Unlimited Talk, Text, Data (2GB high speed) for the third line
    $25 – Unlimited Talk, Text, No Data for the fourth line
    $5 – 500 minutes Talk, Unlimited Text, No Data for the fifth line
    $164.98 – Subtotal (Monthly)
    -15% Corporate Discount
    $140.23 – Total Service (Monthly)

    For my family, the three smartphone users don’t need the 5GB of data that EM+ includes per phone. Thanks to the added flexibility of the Value Plans, we can reduce them to 2GB and save money. In addition, one of the members of our plan is a college student, so we are eligible for a 15% corporate discount. On EM+, corporate discounts weren’t available, but they are available on Value Plans because they are on contract. For us, it’s a no brainer decision. For some people, especially single users, this may not be the case. Thats’s why I suggest you sit down and do the math.

  • MrCheekz

    I can see how a value plan may be good for new customers but for us longtime customers with great Even More Plans (EMP for families 3000Talk + Unlimited Text & Web for 1st two lines for 109.99 & $5 for each addintional line with 5GB for 4 of the lines @ $20)  the new plans jus cant compare in value. Im a loyal two customer so the contract doesnt bother me i just wish they took us long timers into account more when they change things around. Ive tried numerous time to bump my data package up to the 10 gb but i can only do this if i switch to a value plan or classic plan…jus doesnt seem right

  • Anonymous

    I will consider moving to a contract value plan once Tmobile has a LTE plan. LTE is the future, and while HSPA+ is really nice, it is not LTE and is not likely to have the same speeds. Also I am not sold on a network sharing agreement either. ATT is the worse when it comes to investing in its network. If you look at the coverage map, It is like 60% edge. HSPA+ network probably covers 10% of the map. They have all that iphone money, but do not use it on their network. ATT seems to have a history of focusing on exclusive device contracts over network building. Before the iphone, they had the razr.

    I can not sign into a 2 year contract, when the future looks so grim. Id rather switch to sprint, who seems to be making huge network improvements and switching to LTE. If I could get a sprint postpaid account without locking into a 2 year agreement, I would have switched by now. 

  • Ncamacho3

    i did already

  • JFudd

    I think some of T-Mobiles tactics are horseshit. They want them to “call in” instead” of go into stores that way they don’t have to pay the reps. I thinks its shady business!!!!!!!!!

  • I won’t switch until T-mobile sheds ATT, I left ATT to come to T-mobile and I will not go back. The fact that I have no contract ensures that I can drop anytime, sell my 4 data phones and move to Sprint. T-mobile’s service has already gone downhill fast, (used to be #1). ATT has already been bad for competition.

  • Rich Jr

    I’m going to keep my even more plus plan of 500 min talk, unlimited text for $39.99. I been out my contract fall 09 and I’m happy with what I have ready to leave at any time. I pay about $48-50 after taxes and of course I have the free wifi calling in case I run low on minutes which is why I’ll never switch Mwa ha ha