Best Buy Three Day Sale Offers The Galaxy S II For $149.99, Good New And Existing Customers

If you’re looking for a good deal on the Galaxy S II, look no further than Best Buy Mobile with their three-day sale offering the GSII for just $149.99, no rebate. This low price is good for new and existing customers with a two-year contract and there is guaranteed Christmas delivery. Something tells me you’ll have the phone in your hands long before Christmas but, the deal only lasts for three days so hit the Best Buy link below and grab one of T-Mobile’s best Android phones.

This deal is good through Saturday.

Best Buy, @bestbuymobile


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  • Anonymous

    I wonder how many customers actually qualify for upgrading through best buy. I used to work at a Sam’s Club kiosk and only people who were on grandfathered plans totally out of contract could get upgrades. Even if people were eligible for upgrades and under contract, it would say they were not eligible. 

  • Smith22t

    No deal love my g2x and the amaze 4g

  • Claurenm

    I just tried to get one and couldn’t because I’m in the middle of an existing 2 year contract. According to Best Buy, existing customers must be at the end of their 2 year contract. :-(

    • Anonymous

      That’s what i figured. you have to be out of contract AND eligible for same as new pricing.

  • Verhouze

    To upgrade through Best Buy you will lose any grandfathered plan you might have. 

    • googlephone

      But I think bestbuy offer unlimited 200M data plan for $10. T-mobile doesn’t offer unlimited 200M data plan any more and will charge 0.1/M for overage. My concern is if t-mobile will decline bestbuy’s unlimited 200M data plan. Anyone know this?

      • Anonymous

        the unlimited 200mb data plan is in our system too. its $15, not $10.

        • googlephone

          I went to and couldn’t find the $15 unlimited 200mb data plan. There are only $10 for 200mb, $20 for 2GB unlimited and $30 for 5GB unlimited data plans. I know there was a $15 for 200mb unlimited data plan but t-mobile changed it since August and those signed up before will be grandfathered.

  • I got mine today! My contract is officially up December 16 and I’ve been eligible for upgrade since September 10. I was trying to hold out for the white one but this deal was too good to pass up. $162.36  with tax and free 5-9 day shipping. Merry Christmas!

    • Mspri730

      So since I just recently changed my data plan, and that renewed my data plan I wouldn’t qualify for this deal probably right?

      • Anonymous

        most likely. because best buy wouldnt be making any money off of it.

  • Tmosince2003

    New and Upgrade eligible customers, they mean.

    I am not buying a new phone until I can disable CarrierIQ.

    • Th3problem17

      carrier iq is not even enabled on the s2? or sensation 

  • Jozefd1

    for 3 days?!?!?!?! My upgrade date is the 15th :( there better be some good sales discounts..

  • Anthony in Utah

    AWESOME AWESOME DEAL!!! I wanted this phone BUT I am waiting for another AWESOME deal for the HTC Amaze 4G! Have you guys checked out the reviews on that camera on there! Its better than my digital that I payed a pretty penny for! 

    SO I called T-Mobile yesterday, Their customer service system took me awhile to get to a representative because it asks what you are calling for and what then gives you automated responses. I kept asking to speak to a rep. but finally figured out I had to say UPGRADE phone. Anyways, I called and I asked about EIP info. They actually referred me to check out Best Buy, Wal Mart, and Target because they sometimes have better deals than what they have.

    This proves right here that its probably best to keep an eye out on the Best Buy deals. This is the cheapest I have seen the Galaxy S II for! So, get your shopping carts ready boys & girls! Now let the HTC Amaze 4G on here with this deal =) Happy Holidays!  
    – Anthony

  • Yousef Nasrallah

    Target is still cheaper; $129 in store + free $10 gift card with coupon !

    Also they have the sensation for $19 only

    • Brianb

      Target was $129 for new people and $199 for present customers.

      • Yousef Nasrallah

        No went Yesterday, it is $129 for upgrades!!

        • BeenWaitingToUpgrade

          Yousef my friend, you are the man! Went to Tmobile store to get my upgrade as it was today. They wanted 280 with 50 mail in rebate. Read your post and decided to check Target. Didn’t realize they even carried phones. Got it for $129 just like you said. Thanks so much for your post! Saved me $150 out of pocket!

        • yousef nasrallah

          Glad to be of help, enjoy your new phone :)

          I am still waiting for a tegra 3 phone and decided not to do the upgrade, but might change my mind as my old blackberry is missing up!

        • Brianb

          I went online.  You mean you have to go to a store to get the price?  It is $149 for new customers ONLINE and $199 for present out of contract customers ONLINE.
          It’s silly to have a more expensive online policy.  Most of the people ONLINE here like to SHOP online.  They are more expensive to buy online than Best Buy

  • Brianb

    Still no wifi voice…)no UMA:(

  • googlephone

    Anyone know is the “Simple Unlimited Smartphone Data – 200MB High Speed” data plan offered  by bestbuy correct since t-mobile doesn’t offer it anymore?

  • Mspri730

    Will I be eligible at target or best buy if I recently just switched my plan? I’m eligible for my upgrade though? What would you guys suggest?

    • Susank

      Target charges $199 if you are a current customer.  I’d order online with Best Buy.  You can’t beat the galaxy SII. It is premiere on any network.

  • DetroitTechnoFan

    They don’t even offer T-Mobile at Best Buy Mobile around here! In this area, it’s just Sprint, Verizon, and the death star (AT&T)

    • Suankk

      You can order it online just as easy.

      • Brianb

        AND they give the sale price to current customers.

  • Manjushrisword


    the DAILY and REGULAR price for the SGII at Target is in fact $129 and this applies to new and renewing upgrade customers.  There are some mis-truths abounding here so I’ll let you know what I did last Friday:

    I had two lines on my family (grandfathered) plan eligible for full upgrades.
    I went to Target and said I wanted the SGII.
    3 minutes later I had the SGII in my hands, my contract renewed with NO changes, and also a newer device for the second line upgrade.

    Additionally, Target’s insurance policy is amazing – something actually worth spending money on as it covers everything including one free battery each year.

    Take that Best Buy

    • Barnes N. Noble

      Check your (new) plan and services online…

      I just got the Sensation at Target for -$10  ($19.99 less $30credit for my old mytouch3g).  Target rep says “no changes to your plan”.

      Checked online today, TMo has automatically bumped me up to a 5GB data service, even though I never ordered that.  It simply says it’s chosen b/c it’s “recommended” for the Sensation.  I was able to change back to a 2GB level via the TMo website.

      Anyhoo, buyer beware.  Check your account to see if TMo has tried to slip anything past you!!