T-Mobile “New Year, New Phone” Sale Going Down At T-Mobile Indirect (RPS) Stores This Weekend As Well

T-Mobile Retail Partner Stores are looking to get into the “New Year, New Phone” sale fun as well with their very own Classic Plan offer available on January 6th, 7th and 8th. This Classic Plan offer is good for all new customer activations with customers activating any Classic Family Plan, Classic Single Line and Add-A-Lines along with any webConnect Classic plan of 2GB or higher. This offer is only available in T-Mobile Retail Partner Stores (Indirect retailers) and not at any corporate owned T-Mobile stores or T-Mobile.com.

“From Friday, January 6 — Sunday, January 8, customers who sign up for a Classic Talk & Text rate plan with a qualifying data feature or 2GB or higher Mobile Broadband plan may qualify for a rebate of $50 – $250 on participating devices. This special promotion is available to participating RPS dealer locations…”

Unfortunately, this offer is only good for new activation and add-a-lines with upgrades not qualifying for this offer. Check out the full spread of images for all the details.

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  • Nick Gray

    Is it really a sale if you’re still spreading the same payment over 24 months?

    • v

      I think that the total cost is 10*24 = 240 ( + 50) = 300 , if I understand correctly.

      $300 for a HTC amaze is really good – that phone retails for $600 or more elsewhere.

      • Austinclock

        You could get one on craigs list, ebay, or amazon for 500 or so and keep the plan that is in place, especially if there would be a fee for switching plans. There wouldn’t be any gain to switching if there is a 140 fee per line to switch, in fact that would result in paying more.

    • Guest

      It’s 21 months for eip

    • Anonymous

      um.. where are you reading about spreading the payment over 24 months? there is no eip on classic plans. this deal is classic plans only. plus, eip is only on value plans and only 20 months.

  • Anonymous

    I would love the Galaxy S2, but as an Even More Plus customer is this worth it? Also, would I have to pay a fee to switch?  I like my $60 a month bill.  

    • T-mobile employee

      you don’t pay a fee for switching to a classic plan 

      • JadedNYer

        EMP plan customers can’t switch to a classic plan. I am unable to get any answer to as why. I had three lines ( one was recently ported to Verizon), the original contract expired in March, and there is no outstanding EIPs.

        • Anonymous

          the reason is because you would pay more money per month on a classic plan. why would you want to do that?

        • JadedNYer

          If I were to participate in this sale for the two lines I still have it would come out to 140/ month which is what the Classic plan would be. I would also be paying 8.75% sales tax on the full amount of each phone. The biggest reason I have though is that given the unknown future of TMobile I do not want to bind myself to the full cost of two phones and an ETF. That, and I don’t need unlimited minutes.

        • Anonymous

          If you want to keep your numbers, port them to google voice and sign up for a new classic plan. Sign up at walmart, bestbuy, target, sam’s club, costco….. you have options.

        • Anonymous

          the reason is because you would pay more money per month on a classic plan. why would you want to do that?

        • T-Mobile Retention Rep

          Once you change to a EMP or value plan, there’s simply no way to switch to Classic.  The buttons simply aren’t within the system to make it happen.  You either go classic and pay 30-50 more monthly to get a quick 200-300 discount every 22 months OR go value and save anywhere from 30-50 EVERY month (depending on how many lines) and pay full price for phones.  You typically break even on a value plan/full price upgrade within the first 6-8 months and after that, it’s money in the bank.  Honestly, if I wasn’t an employee and I had to pick a retail plan.. I’d go with the value plan hands down.

        • JadedNYer

          Thank you for the explanation. I know that at one point you couldn’t switch from an EMP plan because the system would not allow it but this changed and customers were able to switch to an EM plan. I had planned to do this anthem the new BlackBerries were released. I had actually talked to CSR about this on two separate occassions. By the time the new BlackBerries were released the value plans were in place. At least I am happy with my current plan and the 9700s are going strong.

        • Timothy Desaules

          What about cancelling, opening a new service, and putting in a request for your cancelled number once you are on the new plan?

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  • Comeontmobilewakeup

    Gee, wouldn’t it have been SMARTER to have allowed this sale to include the Nokia 710 so that there was one more Windows Phone in the store to taut.   

    Tmobile needs to realize that without the iPhone the WP-Nokia offering is their only other opportunity to “be different” from the “just another Android” shop.

    Now all these folks will have more than likely shopped Android and won’t be looking at Windows Phone for another two years.

    Hey NOKIA and MICROSOFT….does this maybe indicate how T-Mobile feels about buddying up with you?   A sale on COMPETITIVE PRODUCTS just a mere DAYS before your introduction.

    Stupid stupid stupid

  • Burtandernie

    I know this probably isnt the place for this rant…but its about t-mobile and whoever moderates this is a kool aid drinker who bleeds magenta and never puts any realistic topics on this site but this needs to get out and it needs to get to someone who is in a higher position with this sinking ship of a company.

    I am a retail sales associate in a store and I am utterly disgusted about how all of our hours have been cut.  this is unfair and a slap to all of us in the field, everyone on here who has applauded the cancellation of att not buying t-mobile needs to wake up, i especially want to thank them because now my hours got cut from 40-41 per week down to 30 per week.

    this is un acceptable, how is a person supposed to survive? but you expect more and more out of me and my fellow front line employees.   I also want to blame management for not having the beans to stand up and defend their “troops”, but of course they wouldn’t because their 40 hour per week salary is not affected!! oh ya that 40 hour per week, why is that factored into the stores budgeted hours?? 

    Also, you staff a store with a couple full time employees and 5 or 6 part time employees and it is dead as can be…why do you have 8 reps in a slow store?  

    • Timothy Desaules

      HA!!!  I’m working 64 hours a week average, and my store is CRAZY BUSY!  Maybe your DM sucks at staffing.

  • Anonymous

    I noticed that the HTC Amaze 4G and Samsung Galaxy SII both require a 5GB plan under this sale and cannot be purchased for use with the 2GB plan.  Glad I purchased my Amaze for $199 and have the 2GB plan… i’m around WiFi the majority of the time and never come close to even 1GB on 4G so far.

  • Josh Streeter

    Just spoke to Tmobile CS about their fake sale.  They confirmed, they’re blowing smoke.

    Today, as a value plan customer, I can get the Samsung Galaxy SII for $229 down, and $15/month ($529 total)Tomorrow, I’ll get it for $199 down and $20/month, because it retails for $599…tomorrow.  ($449 total after rebate)  

    Net savings of $80

    BUT wait!  Taxes in store are 7% of full (falsified) retail.  Add $42

    Net savings drops to $38

    BUT wait!  I need 5GB data, which is $15/mo more than what I have now.  If I revert after rebate, only 2 months, or $30Net savings of $8But wait!  I need to extend my contract to get that $8…

    and this is the point where I just can’t even waste any more energy with these people thinking we couldn’t see through this.  When did it become acceptable to play a “shell game” and call it a sale?

  • ian

    this is my current plan. what better plan out there for me? M4g plan? tia
    $7.99 Additional Line $7.99 $7.99 Enhanced Voicemail $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 FT Unlimited Msg $9.99 $9.99 FamTime Unl Nts 1000 $69.99 $69.99 ILD Bar Sub Level $0.00 $0.00 Mobile Web $1.99 per MB $0.00 $0.00 REQ Pref Android Web $20.00 $20.00 REQ Pref MyTouch Web $20.00 $20.00 Use charges
    Help TipUse chargesUse charges include overage, roaming, messaging, and pay per use data charges. On the Pay-Per-Use plan, data is $1.99/MB. If you switch data plans mid-cycle, for billing, data will be rounded up to the nearest MB at time of the change, and charges may not be displayed separately for each plan. 1024 KB = 1 MB, and 1024 MB = 1GB. $0.00 $0.20 $0.20 MESSAGING CHARGES$0.20 $0.20 One-time charges
    Help TipOne-time chargesOne-time charges include things like activation fees and phone purchases. $0.00 $0.00 Credits & adj.
    Help TipCredits & AdjustmentsThese include any credits or other adjustments made to your account in a given billing cycle. $0.00 $0.00 Other charges
    Help TipOther chargesThese include non-communications related charges such as Premium Handset Protection and communications-related charges $0.00 $1.61 $1.61 $1.61 $4.83 Communications Related Regulatory Programs Fee*
    Help Tip*Fee we collect and retain to help cover our costs related to funding and complying with government mandates $1.61 $1.61 $1.61 $4.83 Taxes & Fees
    Help TipTaxes & FeesThese include all applicable local, state, federal, and other taxes, assessments, and fees. $13.83 $1.00 $1.00 $2.36 $18.19 Government Fees and Taxes Federal Universal Service Fund $2.31 $0.05 $0.05 $0.31 $2.72 State 911 $0.73 $0.73 $0.73 $2.19 Telecom Excise Tax $5.76 $0.22 $0.22 $1.32 $7.52 Utility Use $5.76 $5.76 Total New Charges$93.81$22.61$2.61$32.16 $151.19 Previous Balance $156.38 Payment received (156.38)Total Past Due (due immediately) $0.00Amount due

  • Mike231

    Do you have to get the unlimited minutes or as the photo of the chart shows, can you get any minutes?  Anyone else notice the charge says “classic plan” and not value plan.  Probably not the correct chart for this weekend sale. 

  • Nlutzhoft

    what kind of stores are RPS?