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T-Mobile Has an iPhone 13 Promotion for Father’s Day

Although Father’s Day was yesterday, there’s still time for you to pick up an iPhone 13 offer that T-Mobile is running.  As shared by The Mobile Report, the Un-carrier is offering a discount on any of the iPhone 13 devices. The promotion started on June 17th, which means it’s probably still available today. With this promotion, you can get $729.99 off on any iPhone 13 model when … [read full article]

T-Mobile celebrates TWOsday with 2/22/22 prizes

Today is a special day! 2/22/22 is both a palindrome and an ambigram. It’s an occurrence that rarely takes place. And with this, T-Mobile is celebrating with T-Mobile TWOsday.  For this day only, T-Mobile (along with its other brands) is celebrating with two-themed thankings. They will be offering over $2 million in freebies, cash prizes, and discounts.  Here are just some of the offerings that you can get under this TWOsday promotion: $2 movie tickets on 2/22 … [read full article]

T-Mobile unleashes Keep & Switch promotion targeting Boost Mobile customers


T-Mobile has a new promotion targeted towards Boost Mobile customers.  For an unknown period of time, Boost Mobile customers can apply for T-Mobile’s Keep & Switch promotion as long as they have had an active account for at least 12 months.  With this promotion in place, customers can keep their existing device when they decide to switch to T-Mobile. In return, T-Mo will compensate them for the payoff amount. This means that they can use that money … [read full article]

T-Mobile offering “3rd Line Free” promotion to customers


T-Mobile is currently running a new promotion called “3rd Line Free.” Starting today, T-Mo is giving away a third line of wireless service at no extra charge. This offer is available for both new and existing customers. New customers, however, have to activate at least three voice lines at the same time so they can get the third line for free.  The good thing about this offer is that you can combine it with the other deals … [read full article]

T-Mobile running Back-to-School offers, donating $1M to teachers


T-Mobile is on a mission to help out as many students get back to school as possible. One way it is doing so is by running a few promotions for both new and existing customers.  Right now, the two offers that T-Mo has lined up its sleeve for its Back-to-School promotion include the following:  Get an iPhone 12 (or up to four!) on Us (or $830 off any iPhone 12 series) – This promotion is available with … [read full article]

T-Mobile officially announces new promotion for existing customers


Yesterday, there was an internal document that leaked online revealing T-Mobile’s future promotion for existing customers. And today, the Un-Carrier has put the rumors to rest by confirming the leaked promotion and adding some other details to it.  For a limited time period, existing customers with at least two eligible voice lines can add a new voice line and get another for free.  In addition to this promotion, … [read full article]

Leaked document details T-Mobile’s upcoming offer for existing customers


It looks like existing T-Mobile customers are in for a treat! According to a leaked internal document, the Un-Carrier will be offering a promotion to get a free line.  Starting March 5th, existing customers can take advantage of T-Mobile’s new promotion called “2021 Buy One, Get One Voice Add a Line for Existing Customers.” But according to the leaked document, you will need to have an active account as of March 3, 2021 with at least two … [read full article]