T-Mobile offering “3rd Line Free” promotion to customers


T-Mobile is currently running a new promotion called “3rd Line Free.”

Starting today, T-Mo is giving away a third line of wireless service at no extra charge. This offer is available for both new and existing customers. New customers, however, have to activate at least three voice lines at the same time so they can get the third line for free. 

The good thing about this offer is that you can combine it with the other deals that T-Mo is running. This way, you can get further savings on your plan purchase. 

The promotion was revealed via Reddit, where some users have asked certain questions about the offer. If you are interested to learn more, you can call T-Mobile’s customer service hotline. 


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  • aLdo

    I guess ill have to wait for the next promo. Smh

  • William Alford

    Source? The website says 3rd, 4th, 5th lines are 50% off and makes no mention of reviving the 3rd line free promo that ended last week.

    • Shaun Michalak

      Info for the magenta plan

      “$28 /line

      Pricing for 5 lines with AutoPay, with 3rd line free and 4th & 5th line 50% off.

      Taxes & fees included.”

      Basically, you pay full price for lines one, save $10 on line two, get line 3 for free, and then pay an additional $10 for every line after the 3rd line..

      Basically, $70 1 line, $120 2 lines, $120 3 lines, $130 4 lines, $140 5 lines.

  • dcon9999

    Reached out to customer care, new customers need to add 2 new lines to get the 3rd new one free and the TMobile one all in is not eligible anyways

  • Bklynman

    If you are on the older 55 plus plan you can’t get this either. I think they want ppl off this plan. Because you get 1 free line with it but no Netflix etc. But more Hotspot data. I canive without Netflix. They just let ppl that have account with them have this free line.