Leaked document details T-Mobile’s upcoming offer for existing customers


It looks like existing T-Mobile customers are in for a treat! According to a leaked internal document, the Un-Carrier will be offering a promotion to get a free line. 

Starting March 5th, existing customers can take advantage of T-Mobile’s new promotion called “2021 Buy One, Get One Voice Add a Line for Existing Customers.” But according to the leaked document, you will need to have an active account as of March 3, 2021 with at least two paid voice lines. 

Unfortunately, the offer is not available to every single existing customer. If you have an existing account under different plans, you won’t be eligible for a free line of service. The offer also excludes Subsidy, Value Essentials, Military, 55+, First Responder, Amplified, Select Choice, and No Credit Check (NCC) plans. 

Once the offer becomes available, it can be combined with the previous offers that T-Mobile is running. One particular offer to take note of is the existing “Line On Us” promos that T-Mobile has been running since 2020. 

So if you are interested in this offer, you can check out T-Mobile’s page tomorrow once the offer becomes official. 


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