Leaked document details T-Mobile’s upcoming offer for existing customers


It looks like existing T-Mobile customers are in for a treat! According to a leaked internal document, the Un-Carrier will be offering a promotion to get a free line. 

Starting March 5th, existing customers can take advantage of T-Mobile’s new promotion called “2021 Buy One, Get One Voice Add a Line for Existing Customers.” But according to the leaked document, you will need to have an active account as of March 3, 2021 with at least two paid voice lines. 

Unfortunately, the offer is not available to every single existing customer. If you have an existing account under different plans, you won’t be eligible for a free line of service. The offer also excludes Subsidy, Value Essentials, Military, 55+, First Responder, Amplified, Select Choice, and No Credit Check (NCC) plans. 

Once the offer becomes available, it can be combined with the previous offers that T-Mobile is running. One particular offer to take note of is the existing “Line On Us” promos that T-Mobile has been running since 2020. 

So if you are interested in this offer, you can check out T-Mobile’s page tomorrow once the offer becomes official. 


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  • Francisco Peña

    Tmo is pissing me off. I signed up for that free line back in June. Told I qualified but each month I have to call and get the credit applied. Called this week again and was told that I actually didn’t qualify. Waiting for a call back on Friday with the supervisor I talked with who will try to figure out some equitable solution. Hopefully there are add a line phone deals to bundle.

    • Alex Pilaia

      Same happened here. Got the free line + new phone.. and complained up the wazoo because the discounts never applied. had to revert my plan back and return the phone due to buyers remorse… what a headache it was. Just make promotions available to all customers, whether you are black/white, young/old, new/existing, tall/short, English/Spanish, New York/Arizona… it doesnt matter!!!! We are all paying customers!!!

      • marque2

        I don’t recall the racist offers. You must read another Tmobile news site.

        • Shaun Michalak

          I do not think it was meant as a racist or discrimination thing.. Just that it should be given to everyone, with no exceptions.. But the problem is.. You do not know why the offer was not applied.. Did someone at the store mess up the plan when they did it?? or maybe, offer a plan that they do not qualify for?? Like maybe being a prepaid and it only good on postpaid.. or getting the 55+ plan, but you have to be on the regular plan.. Which is also the reason why I do not feel that everything should be offered to everyone.. Some plans are already greatly reduced, and if so, complaining that you do not get an additional discount is just kind of… Either way, without knowing why, there is no way to judge..

        • Francisco Peña

          In my case, I had the Simple Choice plan that was originally $70 for 2 lines (6GB plus 10GB hotespot). I added a free line when they did the first MAgenta Friday deal. So then I had 3 lines for that price plus taxes. Came out to about $82ish. Then they upgraded the SC folks to the free unlimited, but my 10GB hotspot with data stash converted to straight 6GB hotspot. I was cool with that.
          Then last June when the free line came out, there were plan codes that were all over the place, but the consensus was SC plans were eligible. I called and spoke with a rep via 611, and she didn’t know anything. I gave her the doument code that was referenced online via reddit, and she found it and said I qualified. So since then, my credit didn’t apply so each month I had to call. Initially, i was told that since I didn’t activate my line during the promo time, it didn’t qualify. I said I wasn’t told I needed to, and that I ordered it DURING the promo time, and gave them the order #. So they said I qualified. But again, each month I have to deal with the same thing since July. Now I was told I don’t qualify. I can’t outright drop the line because I have an EIP on that line (S20FE) that is getting bill credits. I was told if I drop the line, the phone will be due. They can’t shift the EIP to another line to continue the promo of that phone. So essentially I was screwed over.

          I’m personally not complaining about anything else, but that I was told I qualified, and got the EIP on that line because I was led to believe that I qualified. If not, I would have put it on one of the other lines.

          As for complaining though if you already get discounts.. that’s not fair. If you get a discount, and are entitled to a discount, you shoul dbe able to get that discount, and if not, you are ok to complain.

        • Shaun Michalak

          I kind of agree that it sucks. It sounds like the employee messed up.. I have seen it many times.. I stopped over at a metro store a couple days ago, just out of curiosity to see how much a 5G phone would cost me doing an upgrade.. The person there told me the cheapest 5G phone that they had was about $300, and I could get about $60 off because of the upgrade offer..

          He then continued to tell me that they want everyone one to go on to their 5G because of its he newest best thing, type of response.. The way he described it, it was like he was saying that 5G is the newest thing, and almost made it sound like 4G was going to be obsolete.. Basically, almost like 4G was going by the wayside like 3G is right now..

          Then asked what phone I was using. I told him it was an Aristo 3.. So he starts talking about the Aristo 5 to see if I want to upgrade my phone to that.. I just laughed because the thing I came in asking about was a 5G phone, and he is now talking about me upgrading to a “non” 5G phone..

        • Francisco Peña

          lol. Most times I will just now use the FB DM to get info. I don’t even bother going to the store now. Unless I want my free TMobile Tuesday swag. :D

        • Shaun Michalak

          When I was with the actual main company, the T-Mobile store was pretty decent about knowing things and directing you in the right direction.. Metro stores.. Not a chance.. I have gone into a lot of different Metro stores just to ask them questions, just to see what kind of service that I would get.. I found reps that did not even know, or understand what band 71 was, or how it would change coverage.. In fact, when I asked them which phones supported it, they had no idea. I just told you my current 5G situation.. To be honest, I do not think I can honestly say that I have ever gone into an independently owned Metro store that I have actually ever been even half impressed with their knowledge of things..

  • steveb944

    Never knew you guys had competition for T-Mobile news.

  • Fan_Posting

    Unfortunately, the offer excludes my plan, First Responders. However, Kudos to Others who can take advantage of the offer.

  • dcmanryan

    It’s hard to get excited over a BOGO line deal after all the free lines with no strings attached.

  • James Symmonds

    Why is EVERYTHING an extra line?!? I mean, I get why but they also need seem to miss out on the demographic of the single line user. I have zero need for more than one line.

    • Alex Pilaia

      I agree 100%. I am on the All in + promo from like 4 yrs ago. 2 unlimited voice lines and 1 tablet line for $80/mo. I would love to upgrade to the new magenta max plan and take advantage of all these free lines (I would have 4 free lines by now), but my bill would jump from $80/mo to $140/mo… Doesnt sound reasonable… TMOBILE, STOP SEGREGATING YOUR CUSTOMERS BASED ON SIZE OF FAMILY, AND TYPE OF RATE PLAN. ITS LIKE SAYING A CERTIAN ETHNIC GROUP CAN NOT ORDER THE DELICIOUS LASAGNA BECAUSE THEY DONT MEET CRITERIA..

      • Same here. I’m on the 2 Lines One All in Promo for $80/month. I want to upgrade to the Magenta Max but $140 is out of the question for 2 lines. I’ll consider it with 3 lines and make the move at 4 lines.

  • Nate

    I just want phone deals to come back where I don’t have to trade in a 1-2 year old device to get the best deal. I know people hated contracts – but I’d sign a 2 year for a $200-300 device like the Galaxy +/Ultra models. I have no plans on switching, but still seem like I’m being punished for my longevity and faithfulness.

    • marque2

      The LG Velvet is an incredible phone and they have been selling it for $280 for over a month. I got my V60 on a 2 for 1 deal. If you didn’t get the extra screen that made the phone $400. There were some good trade in deals as well. You gotta pay attention. Reading this site is one way to do that and find out the latest deal

      • Nate

        I just can’t bring myself to buy another LG device. Only thing really on my radar anymore is Samsung Galaxy, Pixel and One Plus. One Plus being very distant third for me too. Unlike most, my S20+ experience has been pretty flawless which is nice coming from an iPhone XS.

  • marque2

    I don’t need a free line, I just need to find a way to move my existing free lines to a Magenta Max plan.

  • Pak T

    I am waiting for some industry study group to come out with a stat like “T-Mobile has 100M customers with 1 BILLION phone lines, more than three times the population of the USA”.

    • Willie D

      This is actually leading to their artificial subscriber numbers. Case in point my account has 2 free lines and 1 Digits Beta line. None of them are used. At all. Ever. I was moved from a 4 family plan to a 6 family plan just to get a discount when the iPhone 7 launched. And it wasn’t add a line to get a promo, you just had to have a plan that was updated and they wouldn’t do it on 4 line accounts. So yeah TMo has a LOT and I mean A LOT of ghost lines.


    Really?? More lines? For What? I’m already max out with lines?