Grab a Samsung Galaxy S6 for $0 down and $0 per month with trade-in this weekend


The Samsung Galaxy S6 may no longer be the freshest flagship in Samsung’s galaxy, but it’s still a solid smartphone, and this weekend you can get a nice deal on one from T-Mobile.

Starting today, October 22, T-Mobile is offering the 32GB Samsung Galaxy S6 on JUMP! On Demand for $0 down and $0 per month with eligible trade-in. To get this price, you’ll need to trade in one of the following smartphones: iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S6, Samsung Galaxy S6 edge, Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+, Samsung Galaxy S5, Samsung Galaxy Note 5, Samsung Galaxy Note 4, Samsung Galaxy Note Edge.

Meanwhile, T-Mobile is also offering a discounted monthly price on other popular iOS and Android smartphones. To get a price of $0 down and $15 per month, simply trade in an iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S4, HTC One M8, HTC One M9, LG G3, or LG G4. To compare, the price of the Galaxy S6 with no trade-in is $24 per month.

This Galaxy S6 deal can be stacked with T-Mobile’s Tablet On Us offer, which will get you a Samsung Galaxy Tab A for $0 down and $0 per month, so long as you activate a data plan on the tablet. This Tablet On Us deal is good if you purchase the Galaxy S6 or the Galaxy S5, Galaxy S6 edge, Galaxy S6 edge+, Galaxy Note 4, Galaxy Note 5, or Galaxy Note Edge. And T-Mo says that if you purchased your phone on or after October 14, you can get yourself a free tablet.

T-Mo’s Galaxy S6 offer will run through this weekend, with the price going up to $0 down and $10 per month on Monday, October 26, and it’s available in stores and through telesales (1-877-362-6317). Additionally, if you cancel service, your promotional $0 per month pricing will end and you’ll have to either turn in your phone or pay it off.

Source: T-Mobile

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  • Steve Griffin

    No I don’t want to! Samsung junk on all their products and made in Communist China. There ruining the value of our currency. We all should stop buying products made in China period!

    • CWash

      Should loosen up that tin foil hat. Judging by your rant, you’re probably loosing circulation to your brain.

    • ant

      is this a troll comment or are you serious?

    • Jose Lugo

      Yea you might want to check ALL your electronics oh and everything else that you own and see where they are made . . . you also might be squeezing that lemon a little too hard :)

      • Steve Griffin

        Your missing the point. Start now and stop buy Chinese owned products. Sounds to me that none of you guys care wether our economy prospers or not. Every Samsung product I ever owned has malfunctioned before it’s time. TV, DVR, and phones.

        • ThatsMrtoyou

          Samsung makes high quality products. If you had a clue, you would know this. What a turd

        • Steve Griffin

          So does Microsoft/Nokia. That’s how stupid you are to call me names when you don’t have a clue about what I experienced. All my Samsung products malfunctioned right after the warranty expired. Customer service wasn’t interested in helping in some kind of resolve. Next time ask why I think that. The reason I posted this in the first place was that they were rude and mean about everything. So I will never buy their products and will say nothing good about them.

        • a d00d

          I hate to feed the troll, but this is so stupid I can’t resist:

          1. Everyone knows Samsung is Korean–SOUTH Korean, based in Seoul, to be exact. True the thing is built in China, but…

          2. …SO IS EVERYTHING ELSE! I challenge the troll to show me a phone not made in Communist China. Or most any consumer device. Go ahead, ANY! You can’t.

          3. The troll obviously doesn’t speak English natively, so he’s probably from China himself, LOL!

    • kev2684

      now i’m curious what your house looks like on the inside

    • Marcus

      Actually, my T-Mobile Galaxy S6 was made in Vietnam; says so right on the box. They’re manufacturered at several locations (China, South Korea and Vietnam are what I’ve seen). iPhones are all made in China.

      • Jose Lugo

        Funny, made me open my phone to see what I have.

        Note 4 battery says “cell made in Korea, assembled in Vietnam”
        Note 4 cell says “made in Vietnam”
        S pens says “China”
        Sandisk micro sd card says “made in china”

      • Steve Griffin

        Yeah but it’s a Chinese company.

        • 21stNow

          Umm, Samsung is a South Korean company, not a Chinese company. And no, all Asian countries are not the same.

        • Steve Griffin

          My apologies, your right. Samsung is Korean. You shouldn’t imply that I’m a racist! I have no problems with Asian countries, just the communist ones. I’ve owned a TV, a DVR, and two cell phones by Samsung and they all malfunctioned after the warranty expired. There customer service was rude and even got mean when it came to the cell phones. With a bad experience like that, you would continue to buy their products, I think not.

    • ThatsMrtoyou

      Re check your facts….ignorant moron

    • ewilts

      The Exynos application processor in the S6 was designed in Austin, TX.

      • Steve Griffin

        That’s one thing that’s good to know, but assembled in China.

    • Sean

      You sound like you’re from Fallout.

      • Steve Griffin

        Oh kay!

    • Steve Griffin

      Yeah but we straightened Japan out. No, I use Nokia/Microsoft

  • GreatNews

    “And T-Mo says that if you purchased your phone on or after October 14, you can get yourself a free tablet.”
    This line is a waste of space… It’s already Oct 22

    • user311

      No, it means that if you bought a phone within the last week you can go back and get a tablet.

    • kev2684

      says on or AFTER not before so it still applies

      • GreatNews

        Just noticed that!

    • Al William

      Actually, I was just in one of their stores. If you purchase a new Samsung phone, or already purchased one within the last 30 days, you are eligible for a free 8″ Samsung tablet. So I got my note 5 within the last 30 days. But I’m still thinking about it, because you are required to add data service for that free tablet. I already got a tablet that I can tether of my phone’s data and mostly I use wifi anyway. I really don’t have the need for an additional data service.
      I think the promo will end this Sunday.

      • yankeesusa

        You have to add a data add on even though it qualifies for the free data for life?

        • CalicoKJ

          You have to add the 10 bucks a month match your data. The free data for life is only 200MB iirc. If you do this be careful because they may try to cram JUMP for the tablet onto the bill (well they did on mine).

        • Acdc1a

          They cram JUMP on everything. I’ve yet to order with telesales and not have it crammed on my account despite saying no.

  • Kurt Schultz

    “Starting today, October 22, T-Mobile is offering the 32GB Samsung Galaxy S6 on JUMP! On Demand for $0 down and $0 per month with eligible trade-in. To get this price, you’ll need to trade in one of the following smartphones: iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S6, […]”
    So I can trade in my S6 that I pay whatever it is per month for and get another S6, for free?

    • Jose Lugo

      Good catch lol.

    • AXJ

      This is my exact question as I read through. I’ll check here for confirmation or just head to the store tomorrow and find out. That just seems too good to be true, right?

      • John Wentworth

        You can’t trade in a phone that you still owe money on if it’s on EIP
        you’d have to pay the phone off to trade it in

      • Your phone has to be paid off. You can trade in your used S6 to get the same S6 that’s new. It doesn’t cost anything immediately. After 18 months, you still have to pay the balloon payment so there it is really not a free exchange.

    • sosarozay300

      has to be paid off before you trade it in

      • It’s $0/mo but you still have to pay the balloon payment at the end. So you can trade in your worn out S6 to get a new S6 but it still cost ya.

        Good deal regardless.

  • Mlucas

    Is there any promo pricing if you don’t have one of these phones? I only have a Lumia 1020 to trade.

  • idan91

    Does this apply to customers who already have JOD? I’m confused about what they mean when they say trade-in as I currently have an iPhone 6 Plus on JOD and want to know if I’m eligible for this promo if I trade-in my iPhone.

    • dtam

      I think the way to think of it is you trade in something you own, you jump off of something you lease.

      to answer your question, no, that won’t fly

  • Why would a person trade in a phone better or the same? Just my thoughts on it. Doesn’t make good since…lol. Just to get it FREE!

    • sosarozay300

      if they trade in a galaxy s6 they can get a new 1 for 0 down 0 monthly but i bet theres the final payment if you want to keep it so its not as good of a deal as it seems

    • dtam

      this is good for people who have a paid off S5 or note 4. The other phones probably aren’t worth trading in unless you hate it.

    • Ryanide

      Perhaps they’ll trade in the equal or better value phone if it’s coming from another carrier, and still get a free S6 phone, if they sign up for JOD?

    • elmodern

      or if the have the same phone but can now get it for free it make sense

  • yankeesusa

    This program is so dumb. But i guess many people still fall for the trade in and no money down. In the end you are better off selling on swappa and buying outright from tmobile directly or buying a mint condition on swappa. Oh well. If people keep doing it then they will continue to advertise it.

    • Ascertion

      Some people are lazy or just don’t have time. It’s mainly the convenience people pay for these trade-in promotions.

      • Rock Lobster

        For the most part yes, but some trade in promos are very much worth your while! Right now, Verizon is offering $300 for any working smartphone. I am going to trade in my dad’s old Samsung Instinct, which was Sprint’s pathetic answer to the iPhone. As you can imagine, that phone is beyond worthless.

        • Ascertion

          My mother had that phone. Needless to say, even brand new it was a piece of junk!

        • Acdc1a

          It served its purpose. Had turn by turn navigation, full 3G web browsing. Compared to the original iPhone it was a modern marvel. Compared to the iPhone 3G it was useless.

        • ThatsMrtoyou

          Up to $300, not $300 for any phone

    • Options

      Sometimes it is called options, some will And some will not… personal choice or preference or both in these United States of America!

    • elmodern

      i was able to keep my S5 when i started JOD. So i had a note 5 and S5 at the same time. I just sold the S5 on my own.

  • Alex Pilaia

    Can you trade in a Note 5 (currently on JOD) and get the GS6 for 0/month and remain on JOD?

  • KingCobra

    This one doesn’t even make sense. To get a Galaxy S6 you have to trade in phones that are all equal or better than it except for the Galaxy S5.

  • token2k6

    Wait, if I’m about the $0 Down, $15 a month deal for trading in my wife’s Galaxy S4, and if an iPhone 6S or Galaxy S6 counts, then how is that not a great deal?!? It would be a phone for $360..a little more than half of what you’d pay out normally..

  • Hereld

    So S4 is $15 a month, but note 3 I have is $24 a month. I am leaving T-Mobile. No love for loyalty.

    • steveb944

      You’re obviously trading in past their ideal 24 month schedule. Good luck getting anything remotely close elsewhere.

  • Steve_NYC

    According to the rep I spoke to the final payment on the 32GB S6 is $147.99. But then I asked them about the higher memory model. The numbers they told me were nuts. After a $24 monthly credit, the 128GB comes out to $3.50/month and the final payment after 18 months is $164.99. I won’t believe it until I go to one of the stores tonight. That price is crazy cheap if you can trade in an S5. Something has to be off on this deal, at the very least they have to have missed the taxes in these numbers.

  • netanil

    Trade in an iPhone 6s Plus for a S6? Yeah, right. Great way to lose money. Just sell the sucker on your own.
    Trade ins are for dopes, unless it’s a junk phone.

    • Andrew Singleton

      in this case, they are not. $550 ebay price for a used iphone 6s gets you a $589 phone and a $320 tablet.

      • kev2684

        iPhone prices hold better than any phone in the market. S6 launched around $750 up and only a few months later it’s already below $500 on ebay daily deals, brand new, unlocked. Note 5 and S6 Edge Plus are on their way hitting the below $500 threshold too. it was $579.99 and $599.99 respectively just a week ago. plus you pay that tablet by activating another line with them, so no.

        • Andrew Singleton

          I agree with all of your assertions, but trade-in value and ebay price is not in any way related to how much a person will enjoy their new phone. Only proving that trade-ins can sometimes benefit the customer.

  • NotTrading

    I would rather keep my Note 4 than have a Note 5 if it were completely free, which it is not.

    • Andrew Singleton

      that’s odd. do you love the build?

      • dtam

        pretty simple, note 4 has removable storage and battery

        • ThatsMrtoyou

          The removable battery and sd argument is old, moot point and proven to be so

        • superg05

          but not remote control

        • Craprepellent

          Not a moot point. People like you just haven’t succeeded in making it to away.

        • Trevnerdio

          Moot? Tell that to my FLAC audio collection on my phone.

      • Stillnotdoinit

        Yes. I’m on 4.4 and so far haven’t messed it up with lollipop.

    • JayBEE

      I agree NotTrading.

  • Rob

    Its such garbage that none of these promotions talk about the Nexus 6 which is definitely a higher tier than the M8!

  • Chuck E Cheese

    This is amazing deal only for those trading in almost 2 yr old S5. Current TMO trade in value is only $100 but with this deal they are basically giving you $432 in trade in credit ($24 x 18). To even list the Note 5 or Iphone 6s series doesn’t make any sense. These phones are only 1 to 2 mo old & are worth more than $432. But if you have an S5 this a No Brainer.
    Too bad I traded in my S5 2 months ago & only got $140 & Note 5 on JOD for $24 mo.

    I would gladly give up S pen & get back IR to save $20 a month

  • Chuck E Cheese

    Just received this tweet from T-Force
    We are an offline team and do have the ability to call if it is necessary to resolve an issue. At this time your questions can be answered here 
    The 0$ down promo is awesome and we definitely want you to have the facts. The 32GB Galaxy S6 has a 0$ down payment, Along with the 64GB and the 128GB.
    In August we did not have a promotion for the Note 5 with JUMP On Demand! Regarding a trade- in so there would be no way to go back and get this offer.
    The buyout price is decided when the lease is started.
    The buyout price for the weekend offer is $169.99$
    The deal this weekend applies to all memory variants, but the price of your lease monthly is completely based on the actual phone that is traded in.
    The current promotion for this weekend is for customers trading in a phone that they own. The phone cannot be a leased device or a device on EIP. The phone being traded in needs to be paid in full.
    Trade in value is subject to change at any time.
    Please let me know if you have any other questions :) *MarvaB

    Hope this helps someone

  • Craig

    Does the condition of the trade-in matter? My wife has a heavily used GS4 with a broken screen, but it still works fine. Would this be eligible to trade in and get the $15/month price for the GS6?

    And if I’m understanding correctly, trading in a GS4 would result in 18 payments of $15, or a total of $270 for a new GS6 that is ours to keep after it’s paid off, correct?

    • Mikey

      No this is the lease deal, you have to turn it in after 18 months or pay off the balance.

    • pseudoswede

      Screen cannot be broken. I’ve had a screen replacement kit for my S4 for months; now I have motivation to actually tackle it.

    • GersonT1000

      $270 for using it for 18 months. If you want to keep it after those 18 months, you have to make an extra lump sum payment of around $150, meaning the phone will cost you about $420 (plus the amount of whatever you would’ve got if you sold your S4). However, they wouldn’t take in a phone with a broken screen.

  • BEN

    Dummy bait. Hook line and sinker.

    • Reading comprehension isn’t a strong suit of yours, is it?

  • Ju Know It

    What if I already have a GS6 with TMO, can I trade it in to get the same phone with these benefits?

  • KenP

    Pretty good promotion. So if I traded in a mid tier phone (Galaxy S4 16GB), it would be $0 down, $15 x 18 months lease, then about $170 to buy it out, totally about $440 ? The Galaxy S6 32GB seems similar to a Nexus 6 32GB which can be had on amazon for $349 new unlocked now. Seems like selling the S4 $100 and buying a Nexus 6 might be a better deal for some?

  • dave

    So why would you trade in a fully paid off phone?…please read the very fine print…I do love T mobile just waiting on the buy back promo for us long term customer s that don’t have band 12 phones but paid for the poor indoor service..for years…

    • JJCommonSense

      If u have a problem with indoor coverage u can get a free Cell Spot from Tmobile for voice over WiFi….

      • dave

        Thank you for the feedback I do have one at the house Tmobile was nice enough to lend me one.the real issue is I have a nice HTC m7 just no band 12…..T mobile could probably take back the cell spots and replace them with band12 phones that win cell spots run over$500.00

  • pseudoswede

    TMo store employee showed me the pricelist. Monthly payments for the 128GB S6 are $13.50 for the “Tier I” (like S5 and iPhone) phones; $18.50 for the “Tier II” phones.

    • Chuck E Cheese

      no Its only $3.50 /mo for 128gb S6 with Tier 1 Trade 1.

      Order with JUMP! On Demand! $0 upfront + $0/mo. x 18 mos. via bill credit with eligible trade-in. Plus, get a 4G LTE tablet on us. O.A.C.

      Here’s how:

      Lease the Samsung Galaxy S 6:

      32 GB $0 upfront + $0/mo x 18 mos.

      64 GB $0 upfront + $3.50/mo x 18 mos.

      128 GB $0 upfront + $3.50/mo x 18 mos.

      Eligible trade-in required.

      • pseudoswede

        My apologies. Chatting with a CSR confirmed the $3.50 price point. No idea why the store’s pricelist is incorrect.

  • Kiwini

    What speed tests do you get with Tmobile LTE? I was shocked today to get 52mbps on Straight Talk in Buckhead part of Atlanta. I can’t believe ST lately keeps beating my supposed superior Comcast home broadband.

  • steveb944

    JOD has a monthly fee right?

    If not, this seems too good to be true for the S5 to S6 scenario.

    • nomad

      Edited: I misread something, nevermind.

    • nomad

      JOD does have a fee. It’s around $25–$30 per month depending on which phone you have.

      It wouldn’t make any sense for them to give you phones for cheaper on JOD if there weren’t a JOD fee. Of course there’s a fee for being able to switch phones whenever you want.

      The ripoff at the heart of this offer is the fact that you pay the JOD fee but you can’t switch phones to keep the $0-per-month rate.

      • steveb944


    • Phil

      True JOD has no fee but smart ones will buy insurance = 8.00 month

      • steveb944

        And careful individuals don’t need insurance. That doesn’t make them dumb.

        • Phil

          True sorry for insult.
          Careful with a smartphone hmm that would be a very small user base.
          Not having insurance….especially on leased device.
          Ok be careful lol

        • steveb944

          You throw on a case and tempered glass screen protector, and don’t drink until blind when you’re out and you’ll be fine for the most part.
          For the accident prone I would never suggest leasing/buying anything new because you’ll be paying deductibles and insurances back and forth, that’s how the companies profit. But if they break/lose their non leased device they’ll still have to fix/replace it either way.

        • Phil

          If your T leasing buying premium case is bad investment very hard to sell after jumps.
          Premium cases & screen proctors help deflect damage but bad still occurs.
          So many postings on Amazon feedback of those investing big $ in protection not paying off..

          No need to be drunk blind to have phone swiped
          A great read on theft from my fav app –

          Purchased or leased insurance is great safety net.
          Those taking on T lease don’t want big investment they want low payment & freedom.
          Not investing in insurance voids all positives.
          If device is lost , stolen ,Broke beyond repair those T lease payment must keep flowing leaving some not so happy choices.
          Keep making lease payment buy cheap device on Craig’s or -pay off start over again
          All the above can be avoided with 8.00 insurance investment.
          Not big money really = 1 fast food or 7-11 store visit

        • Phil

          hmm replied to your post but it didn’t post.
          It must of been link inserted that touched on phone theft were , when & how.
          To sum it up most phone are not stolen when drunk & blind.

          As far as cases & insurance,
          Premium Cases etc do help protect but fail for many as seen in Amazon user feedback
          Buying high priced cases , screen protectors etc is bad JOD investment ,
          Once you jump those goodies go to waste for most part very hard to sell

          T-Lease consumers are looking for low payments – Jump freedom.
          If phone breaks – Unusable – lost or stolen it voids all positives on why they took on lease.
          They end up having to keep payment flowing no product in hand leading to payoff start over again.

          Leasing Insurance only makes sense.

        • steveb944

          Links are put to moderation on here, that’s probably why it may not have logged under an edit possibly.

          Regardless of how theft/loss occurs, it’s carelessness.

          I’ve purchased inexpensive products on Amazon that are good quality and high reviewed. Only simple minded customers go for the marketing hype.

          Lost/stolen voids the same on a device purchased out right, and financed as most customers currently do. You lose everything. So insurance is a whole independent item from the topic at hand.

  • Derek

    I’m really surprised my Sony Xperia Z1s isn’t listed. The specs on any Xperia far outweigh any iPhone 5 series and even some Galaxy phones. :(

    • Jon

      I think it has to do with trade in value. Tmobile (assurant solutions) needs all the phones listed still and have higher trade in values, while the Z1 does not?

  • If I trade in a 16GB Galaxy S5 and get the S6 for $0 down & $0/month, what would be a ballpark figure for the final payment?

    • dtam

      about $155 plus tax

    • GersonT1000

      About $150 (maybe plus tax).


    I called 2 corporate tmobile stores in my area and both gave me different answers. I asked them a simple question and here’s my Q
    “I am trading in a Galaxy S4 in perfect condition, if I will pay $15/month for 18 months, what will my final payment or lump-sum I have to pay to own the phone?”
    The first told me the phone doesn’t qualify for the $15/month promotion and the second store told me my last payment would be $309+tax. I then asked the agent “So the $9/month discount ($24 regular payment and the promotion lowers it to $15/month) doesn’t count towards the value of the phone?” and the store agent told me “No”

  • cuadrado85

    I traded in my Note 4 last night for the S6. My new S6 is free for 18 months with a $24 credit applied for 18 months. At the end of the 18 months I pay $147 + tax. Sales rep said I could also finance the lump sum if I wanted to at the time.

    • ssjchaseutley

      You need to be jump for this right?

      • Jon

        You must be on the jump on demand (JOD) program for this offer

    • NotOnYourLife

      Hope you are happy with that decision. I love my Note 4. Love that my photos are sitting on an SD card and I can remove the battery.

  • nomad

    So, what is the catch here? Why does Samsung want people on the JOD plan? You have to pay a monthly fee just to be on this phone-swapping plan, right? But if you get this offer, you don’t get to swap phones for 18 months if you want to keep the $0 rate. Is that the catch? Am I missing something?

    I have $180 left to pay on my Galaxy S5. Currently paying $30/mo., I think. Should I pay that off and get this offer, or what?

    • Philz

      1 catch – JOD some pros & cons I’m not gong to debate about again lol.
      On Jump 1 I can finance number of phones without opening second etc lines which is major plus 4 me.
      2nd catch – S6 is a pile steaming , Yes the free tab is + but 10.00 data must be added

  • Carlo Hernandez

    So is this deal only for current customers? I’m really looking to switch from Sprint, but for some reason, tmobile has historically been the only carrier that has requested a deposit. I have no issue paying for device installments if necessary but having $300 at any one moment besides for rent and utilites is quite hard for a college student like me.

    • Jon

      This deal is for anyone (new or current) the only issue is if you are in a lease (contract etf buyout is fine) you cannot participate in carrier freedom and the s6 deal. The deposit part could be that Tmobile uses experian for credit checks and in my personal experience I always get more credit checks on that then my transunion. Additionally, since experian is calculated differently than the other credit company’s it can sometimes adversely effect a deposit. Note- if you have newish phones at sprint the trade in will generally cover most of the deposit/down Payments/sim starter costs. Go talk to your local Tmobile store and explain your budget, they will generally try to work within your montly/out the door budget as much as they can. Hope This helps!

  • Philz

    T-mobile always tempting me to dump Jump 1 but it will never happen.
    I will stick with my very dependable Galaxy S5 running Kitkat rooted.
    A+++ battery life , Removable battery , SD card & iP67 rating currently best Samsung device available.
    Yes Note 4 is sweet came close to buying many times but its GPS defect is no go for me.

    • TylerCameron

      Ew KitKat. So obsolete.

      • Philz

        Lollipop is unstable on all Samsung devices thank goodness S5 has kitkat fall back not stuck in lollipop misery.
        Obsolete wins this time.

      • SayNoToSheep

        Herd mentality. Lollipop suks. So glad I stuck with 4.4.4.

  • Caco

    I just upgraded from an S5 to the S6 128gb. I’ll be paying $3.50 a month for 18 months. After that I could buy the phone for $185.

    • arak

      Is this $185 shown in the JOD lease contract? I would like to know as i got a different reply from a TMO store rep which made be walk away from the deal. Also, did you do a store buy for the 128Gb or tele sales department? Thanks.

      I talked to a TMo store rep and his reply was that the $24 x 18 statement credit won’t count towards the lease buyout, so you will end up paying retail price of $660 – ($3.5 x 18 months) = $597.


        thats what the corporate store sales agen told and I also walked away not upgrading

        • Jon

          If you purchased the phone during the promotion, you would get it for:

          185+(3.5*18)= $285 with applicable tax’s. This is due to the 24/m bill credit you would get for trading a s5 or higher.The buyout amount is shown on the jump lease contract. I have never seen 128’s in store, if I remember correctly their only available in a store if the manager of the store specifically put in a manual purchase order, and then didn’t sell them since Jump on demand came out as that was when the manual order was available.

          Source; Corp store rep

        • arak

          The end of lease buyout is $164.99 plus sales taxes for the 128GB version according to the lease document

      • Caco

        I bought it over the phone. I called several stores here in town but no one had the 128gb in stock. As far as the lease buyout she said it would be $185 but I honestly won’t keep this phone for 18 months. I’ll probably upgrade before that.

  • arak

    Here is what I found after contacting Steven at the telephone customer center and asking a pointed question about the applicability of the statement credit towards lease buy out. What he pointed out to me was that the store sales folks were wrong, and that the statement credit is valid for 18 months, even if you upgrade to another phone. Say you wanted a Note 5, you get the S6 now and you upgrade to the Note 5 later, the statement credit holds for the 18 months from the start of the S6 contract. You end up paying the retail price of the phone (at the time you bought the phone) minus the statement credit plus the overage any you paid over the statement credit.

    With this it made sense for me to move from the S5 to S6 given that Lollipop has made life miserable with awful battery life and freezes. I hope that the S6 with the move to Marshmallow will solve the mobile battery bug and freezes/stuttering experienced on the S5, along with band 12 support. Went ahead and ordered the white 128GB S6. The lease buyout is $164.99 and is noted as such on the lease agreement. The tax comes to $40.84 (@8.25% TX sales tax) and that is something to be paid during the 18 months of lease on pro rate monthly basis.

    On the whole, the upgrade from 16GB S5 to 128GB S6 costs $282.45 with taxes. Could I have pulled a marginally better deal selling the S5 myself, yes. But with the option to upgrade to the Note 5 or S7 later, I think this was a good deal.

  • Jeff S

    I have 3 questions regarding this promo:
    1. So when you trade in a phone for this offer do you still get the trade-in value for the phone (trading in a fully owned phone from another carrier)
    2. Anyone know price difference for S6 Edge ? I think it is $100
    3. Can this only be done in store ?