T-Mobile Q3 2015 results will be officially revealed on October 27


Just a quick heads-up that T-Mobile has announced when it’ll reveal its Q3 2015 results. The earnings call and “an extended, open conversation” about the quarter will happen at 10:00 am ET on October 27, though the results themselves will be revealed earlier that morning at 7:30 am ET.

As in past quarters, John Legere and Co. plan to keep their prepared remarks to a minimum to allow for more open dialogue with analysts, media, and consumers. T-Mo will take questions on Twitter using the handle @TMobileIR and the tag $TMUS, and queries will also be accepted via text using the number 313131 and the keyword TMUS followed by a space.

If you’d like to follow along with the earnings call, T-Mo will use both the @TMobileIR and @JohnLegere Twitter accounts to broadcast news, and unsurprisingly, John Legere also plans to use his Periscope account during the event.

As for what T-Mobile’s Q3 2015 results will include, John Legere teased last month that T-Mo had already added more than 2.1 million customers during the quarter. We’ll likely get an update on T-Mo’s Extended Range LTE rollout as well. We’ve seen quite a few official expansions lately and even more unofficial sightings, pushing Magenta toward its goal of having Extended Range LTE in more than 350 markets by the end of 2015.

Source: T-Mobile

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  • George

    Sounds like fun, T-Mobile keeps on chugging away.

  • Ascertion

    Legere said he picked up more 700Mhz licenses, but couldn’t say which. We’ll find out in 5 days, it looks like.

    • Rob H.

      Hopefully it’s more from C-Spire in West TN. I’d like to hear news on the Band 12 rollout too.

      • Roger Sales

        I’m hoping its the rest of the licenses currently wasting away such as Chicago, Phoenix, San Diego, Vegas, Salt Lake City, the rest of Texas and Florida and Upstate New York. Probably more, but these are the ones I remember.

        • Ascertion

          Based on current events, it appears to be licenses purchased in the following markets.

          New Orleans
          Baton Rouge
          Fayetteville AR
          San Diego

          This was from a reputable post on S4GRU. I’m hoping Florida gets some love, too.

        • Roger Sales

          if thats true, that means its Cox making the sale specifically.

        • Das_juden_adam

          You named a Florida city….

        • Ascertion

          Correct. Just elaborating that I hope the list is correct.

        • desmond foucha

          New Orleans Band 12 where did you gain this info from

    • Roger Sales

      oooh, when did he say this? ;o

      • taron19119

        Like 2 days ago on one of his periscope

  • FILA

    Lets get Band 12 on Moto X and a confirmation or update on the new Nexus Band 12 support

    • Bryck

      Totally agree.

      • FILA

        Apparently they sent out a Nexus 5X update that may turn on Band 12. Some people have said yes they see Band 12, others said they didnt…unless they don’t know what they looking for. I hope its true, then the 6P is after when it ships. But Id still like to see the X in that list to. More options

  • Johncbrown450

    Let’s hope they get VOLTE working on the Kyocera hydro wave. It has band 12 support but I haven’t picked up any band 12 because of the lack of VOLTE support.

    • FILA

      I wish there was a hack around this. Us geeks no the caution of not being able to dial 911 in a Band 12 area only. Let us unlock it and take that chance, I wont sue T-Mobile. And frankly with a little company like Kyocera (compared to the other guys) I dont think your ever going to see Band 12 support