TmoNews Prepares For The Consumer Electronics Show

I know, I said on Twitter yesterday I wasn’t doing an obligatory “follow us at CES post,” but I was just kidding.

I’m once again headed back to Las Vegas for the 2012 International Consumer Electronics Show where new products are unveiled, from TVs to cars, to tablets, to phones and everything in-between. If you can think it and it’s related to tech, there is a good chance we’ll see something about it this week in Las Vegas. It’s both awesome and exhausting at the same time, but it’s definitely a blast. If tech is your sport, then this is your Super Bowl.

I’ll be on hand late Sunday afternoon ready to settle in and rest for up Monday morning, which kicks off official press day at CES. We’re to see some awesome stuff from LG, Samsung, NVIDIA, Nokia, Intel, Sony and more. Some of these events will be streamed live, NVIDIA for one, but we’ll be attending as much as possible hoping to hear something for T-Mobile.

Everything T-Mobile related will be posted here as normal, but if you want to stay in touch with us as much as possible, you can follow TmoNews on Twitter, @tmonews, Facebook or even Google+. There is a good chance the TmoNews Twitter timeline will be lots of CES pics and lots of thoughts about what’s going down. In other words, it’ll be my musings about technology. Follow if you dare.

It should be one amazing week but, what can we really expect from T-Mobile? Unfortunately, the wireless companies in general are looking a little low-key this week and we don’t expect much from T-Mobile. Their press invite hints “4G,” so we’re hoping for some announcements about HSPA+ 84Mbps rollouts but not a lot of hardware. Of course we never know, perhaps they have some surprises in store.

I hope you’ll stick with us throughout the week and of course follow us through all the various social media tools are our disposal. If you’re a tech person, this is the one week you never want to miss.

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  • Anonymous

    I for one am just not excited about it this year. It almost seems as though there is no highly anticipated new phone. It’s as if there has been a mass flood of “wow” devices and the industry has run out of ideas. Is there really anything out there (aside from the GN), rumored or otherwise, that is going to knock our socks off? Are phones no longer the future? What’s going to be the next big thing? I haven’t seen a “rumored device” on these hallowed pages since talk of the iPhone and the GN on TMo. Well… there was the Lumia, I suppose. What’s next for phones? 

    • Dave Macias

      check docomo, softbank and au by kddi pages if you want to see better devices.

    • Anonymous

      Samsung galaxy III… Not sure if they will an announce it at ces though.

      • Anonymous

        I suppose that is true. What I meant to really say is what revolutionary technology is going to be included in new devices? When the only “revolutionary” change between the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 4s is Siri (which Android has had almost all along and the MyTouch line had centralized w/ the Genius button) it’s a sign of the times that there really is nothing new under the sun. What can be done other than making it bigger and faster? I guess I’m just being a negative nelly or something. I’ve yet to come across anything that makes me want to give up my G2. Yeah, sounds pathetic, but it does everything I both want and need it to and without the hassles of crashing overlay “enhancements”. 

        • Msjodeci1

          I too love my G2. I’ve tried the SGS2, Mytouch 4G Slide, and the Amaze. And my G2 does it all.

        • JamesJ

          I also love my G2, all though its had its minor next phone is the samsung galaxy nexus…im waiting for that high price to go down to $200. $500 is way too much.

          I dont understand why people keep the galaxy lines though, the second you get those phones within 3 months theres a new one coming out (hence galaxy III)…plus good luck with those updates. And touchwiz is a gross copy cat of iOS. You might as well get an iphone.

          Im not ranting, trust me..i would know..i own a 7 inch samsung tab.

        • Anonymous

          Has anyone realized that for the past few years people have been asking for only a couple awesome handsets per year so their phone doesn’t look outdated? You crazy people… Now that tmobile has done that, we’re stuck with 2 great handsets.. but no more anticipation. I never wanted it to happen, but I guess some people got what they wanted. Hope it doesn’t last, cause now everyone is regretting it.

        • EXACTLY Matt! I am the same way with my myTouch 4G (the original).  I’m still using it, and I have yet to part from it. The only complaint I’ve ever had with it was the bloatware (which I can get rid of by rooting) and the fact that it doesn’t roam on AT&T’s 3G, which would be awesome as far as coverage goes.

          The fact is, it just works, and 2011 didn’t really bring much in the way of “WOW” hardware for me.

          Hopefully 2012 will be the year I can part ways amicably with the myTouch 4G, but if it’s anything like last year, the only major piece of hardware I’ll be buying this year is the Nintendo Wii U.

        • vooo

          I would think that the dual core would be more “revolutionary” than Siri. actually none of it is really that great of a step from the iPhone 4.

      • Anonymous

        Another Samsung, Yawn.  I would have thought they would have been on Galaxy 4 or 5 by now.  And even with 16 cores touchwiz will still lag.  I need something better.

  • 30014

    Maybe tmo well surprise us and announce the galaxy nexus. There has already been an ad leak of the sprint lte galaxy nexus.

  • Anonymous

    I hope tmobile doesn’t pull a tablet like I believe they did last year. Carriers are emphasizing the role of tablets in the mobile market too much. The truth is that the demand is small and people much prefer to go the wifi route. Contracts up soon, and since there no more dumbphones on tmobiles website, I guess the only choice I have is to go all out on smartphones. Don’t disappoint me tmobile. 

    • Anonymous

      Agreed. I’m looking to get a tablet soon, and I really do not need a data plan or phone service for it…. I already have a phone that takes care of the calls, texts, emails, updates, notifications.

      For me at least, a tablet is like a laptop “light”, and I’d mainly use it to browse websites and use apps.. usually in places where there’s wifi (and for me, on vacation/out of the country)

    • BigMixxx

      Totally agree…Tablets on carrier bands are wasted well.  iPad has such a grip on the market. people wondered why the first iPad was released.  Apple, perfect timing…they have the grip and will not let go…

  • Concerned T-Mobiler

    Can’t wait for my contract to run out so I can ditch T-Mobile… They wanted to sell us all out so now I am happy to dump them and move onto a company that really cares about their customer and values them.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah… I’ll just call you troll and be done

    • Keepingitreal

      Agreed.  First they tried to sell us out now they have to re-brainwash everyone all over again to keep them from churning.  

      T-Mobile:  The smallest 3G coverage area.  The largest 2G only coverage.  More “no service,” opportunities.  No clear path to LTE nor any good low band spectrum.  

      • BigMixxx

        Don’t leave…you will have OTHER complaints when you switch to other carriers.  I have folks (like Imma gangster) that work for Verizon, Sprint and AT&T…BELIEVE me, they complain just as much as we do.  

    • And you think Verizon, AT&T, or Sprint actually care about you or value you? HAHAHA! I want some of whatever you’re on :P

      Seriously, it’s the name of the business. Any of the other companies would sell you off in a second if it was most profitable to them to do so. They don’t care about you, just your money. And, I hate to break you out of that little princesses-and-rainbows fantasy realm of yours, but they’re ALL like that.

      • Tmobilecust

        True that!

    • BigMixxx

      good luck in finding one that REALLY cares about you, more than your monthly payment.  

      Seriously, if I had a dancing gorilla and someone offered me 39 billion for what my gorilla was worth, plus a huge stake in that gorilla…I’ll sell it too…

    • Enoel69

      Companies like Att n Verizon that charge less and give u a boat load for what u pay for huh??? 

  • Anonymous

    What I’m hoping for? I hope they announces some of these:
    #1 Get LTE, on a band that more phone manufacturers are willing to make phones for, their current band isn’t too universal. They had to change the processor on the galaxy 2 from the exynos to the other (slower) chip to accommodate their band (and only the theoretical peak! we never actually see those speeds), what a horrible decision.

    #2 Family shared data plan – Not really electronics related, but it would set an example for the industry, have an option to either get data by line or data for all lines on the plan and give us the option to share that data usage.

    #3 Bloatware – allow us to have the option to remove bloatware that comes standard on their handsets. On my amaze, out of 768mb of memory (or w/e the # is) half of the memory used is on stupid unnecessary apps that I will never use. The worse thing is that you can’t uninstall them unless you root! Not everyone wants to go that path.

    #4 Iphone 4S/5 – fortunately or unfortunately, they need to jump on this bandwagon to survive. Besides, while I don’t agree with many of apples marketing efforts and business practices (like the non stop lawsuits), the iphone is still one of the easiest and smoothest operating cell phones around. I compared my htc amaze to my friends 4S, and in terms of smoothness of operation, the apple easily wins. From the ICS videos, it looks like android may only barely catch up. Another thing is.. apple has a huge app store, and most apps in general are made first with the iphone in mind. I can think of at least a dozen apps that are present and working properly on the iphone that I wasn’t able to get on my amaze.

    #5 Samsung galaxy note – it’s like a giant gs2 w/ a stylus. Take a risk, get that niche product. There appears to be enough demand so that AT&T is releasing it.

    #6 Samsung Galaxy nexus – ICS won’t be here for most phones until the end of Q12012, it would be a nice flagship phone until the other handsets catch up.

    The main thing is that I want them to have more flagship headsets. All 3 carriers have the Iphone 4S and the galaxy s2 with the (faster) exynos chip, sprint (will) and verizon has the galaxy nexus, and verizon in particular have so many mid-high end phones to choose from.

    • Hudi Grossman

      totally agree with #1 and #2

  • GinaDee

    T-Mobile always disappoints at CES.  I don’t know why?

    I was there in 2009 and all they had was a tiny booth with a 2G capable HTC Dash and a few prepaid brochures. 

    • Cool

      Wait, wasn’t the dash out in 2006 or 2007?

    • Frigadroid

      I heard a rumor about a samsdung frankenphone in a glass case that no one is allowed to touch. Word is it could be another galaxy s variant thrown together from spare parts, another disappointing t mobile exclusive that will never function properly or receive timely updates.

      • Tbyrne

        I heard a rumor that your brain is frigafried!

      • medwards

        hope it will not be as bad as the g2x

  • BigMixxx

    Are you doing a meetup?

    I don’t expect much out of T mobile in the wake of the AT&T and T mobile deal falling dead.  I do expect to here a late 2012, early 2013 launch of LTE (when the price is right) and a larger focus on getting those customers back.  Doubt, but I wouldn’t put it past them, if we here about devices or a potential iPhone, but if the rumors have not started, it ain’t gonna happen…

    I’ll be there myself…

  • Anonymous

    I’m starving for some T-Mobile news!!!! Network, rumored future handsets…. ANYTHING!

  • Only thing I want to hear from T-Mobile is an annoucement of a new high end WP device.

    • Hudi Grossman

      exactly what ive been saying. they need to stop giving us all the low end wp7 phone and get some flagship phone or they will keep losing customers to at&t

  • Carlostorres9515

    Hopefully they’ll announce the G3 with ICS.

  • Anonymous

    If tmobile get LTE and the iPhone, There asses are saved, Not this HSPA+ crap.

    • whats wrong with hspa+? i get amazing download speeds 

      • Anonymous

        Its not LTE thats why. Faster download speed, and everyone has it .

        • vooo

          Ooooooohh look at me I have lte. You should go buy an iPhone cause everyone has it.

        • Enoel69

          If not faster download speeds what else do u want…battery life sucking LTE. I will take HSPA+ 84 over LTE right now if that mean more juice for my device. As it stands right now HSPA+ 42 give u enuf speed for faster downloads…that will only get better w/ HSPA+ 84. Until battery tech improves to give us more battery staying power w/ LTE devices….i will take HSPA+ 42 or 84 over it if it means an extra 4 to 6 hr on a charge.

        • Anonymous

          LTE is battery draining but it is not as bad as say Verizon as it has 2 radios to keep running. This is why AT&T and T-Mobile would have an advantage over Big Red as they only need to keep one radio running. Aside from that LTE makes more sense than more HSPA+ as it is more spectrally efficient as well as allowing more flexible deployments of frequency, IE smaller chunks of frequency. Plus LTE will only require software to get to the true 4G technology of LTE-Advanced which brings MIMO-like tech as well as the ability to load balance. All that plus lower latency mean more traffic, lower latency, and faster speeds. That and HD calling using VoLTE at some point.

  • TMoFan

    I don’t think we’ll hear anything exciting from T-Mobile; they didn’t even think they would exist by now. But who knows, maybe they’ll announce HSPA+ 84.

  • Rumor has it that T-Mobile UK will be getting the Lumia 900.  smdh

    • Going_home

      no one cares about windows phones.

      • Anonymous

        No one gives a $hit about whiney Android fanboys

        • Anonymous

          clearly people do give a $hit about ‘Android Fanboy’ seeing as android is the highest grossing, and most popular OS out right now… maybe apple and windows phone can merge and make a giant company of ‘The No One Gives a $hit Phone’.

        • I know MS cares.  I bet they are loving all that money they are making off Android. :p

        • 30014

          Yeah since they aren’t making any from wp7.

        • Tbyrne

          ABOUT YOU!

      • Anonymous

        Now that the Nokia’s are coming out, they are generating interest and sales.  That will increase.  And then, you will just have to have one, being the trend setter that you are!  I was going to write more here, but I keep getting a Force Close on my android.

  • Should I ?

    Im about to switch to Sprint because they won’t slow me down and if they get that galaxy nexus I may Leave for That cause they got decent coverage in my area

    • Mmmaxheadroom


      • Jugthenug


    • matt Zilic

      I just read an article yesterday that said sprint is slowing people down now. Throttling their top 1%, but they plan to throttle more.

      • Bruce Banner

        Dan Hesse later clarified that they only throttle heavy data users while they are roaming on verizon’s network.

        • tmoguy1

          I’m sure they will start doing more.

    • Anonymous

      Of course Sprint doesn’t slow you down… You’re ALWAYS slow with them.  People with EDGE only iPhones on T-Mobile get faster web then iPhones on Sprint.

  • Anonymous

    Enjoy the porn show!
    Oops sorry I mean CES

    • Medwards

      it is funny how the ces and the porno convention are at the same time. i have been living in vegas for 7 years and have not been yet…main reason is because it is 100 dollars to get in…

      • Mark

        I think I’d rather be in NYC at the auto show, seeing the Dodge Dart unveiling.

      • VegasGeoff

        If you live in Vegas, you’d know that the porn convention is being held next week, not this week. They changed it this year.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    first and foremost, I want to see Tizen.  I want to know how it is progressing and what it looks like.  There should be at least a Demo unit there just to show off the OS. 

    Secondly, I’m anticipating some Intel devices at CES that are possibly running an early build of Tizen.

    The SDK is coming out soon (Q1 2012) so I will be grabbing that as well.

    Last, I want to see what Google is going to show.

    Here’s hoping for a shockingly good CES 2012

    • Anonymous

      Wait…I this shows I don’t be on here as often as I have been in the past…Wilma, what happened with you and MeeGo.? o_O

  • Roland Hamid

    This can be a great time for TMO. It may be that the N4 in Dec-

  • Just a touch of Realism

    Hope to hear that T-Mobile will be acquiring the Iphone 5…As was told to me 4 days ago by a Loyalty Rep.  Thank You and Good Night!  

    • Silk7412

      sorry but NO- we are getting iphone 28!!!!

    • Anonymous

      of course a loyalty rep would say that! They would tell you that they were going to come wipe your @$$ too if it would get you to sign another contract!

  • Dudznyc

    Hopefully they’ll have a plan for LTE.
    HSPA+ is great, but T-Mobile must keep up with competition in order to stay in the game.
    Developing a plan for LTE would be a good choice, but of course there’s obstacles like lack of spectrum, and equipment for LTE.
    All in all I hope they can make it around to developing a strategy to deploy LTE with HSPA+ 84 being their back up 4G network.

  • Davywavy23

    one thing i noticed at every CES i have been i only been to 2 the last one i went to was last year and while verizon,at&t even lame sprint ALWAYS come up with something awesome at ces like a bada$$ phone t-mobile always dissapoints its embarrasing . like the guy below me there was a ces were everyone was showing awesome phones tht wrre 3G capable t-mobile was the only there announcing a lame 2G only phone i felt bad for them. hopefully this year they dnt dissapoint like always like another guy below me said t-mobile always dissapoints at ces.

  • Av8torfl

    Here is what you look for at CES, Carpet Depth.  Been there and Comdex many times.
    Carpet Thickness in the display area is difrectly proportional to the quality of the items being displayed.
    ohhh and a few hot models doesn’t hurt :)

  • Anonymous

    When will T-Mobile make their showcase or announcement? I have qurstions I need to axe that no one else will. 

  • Anonymous

    Hours into CES and all i’ve heard from TMO is crickets! 

  • So, AT&T has annouced a ton of new devices and I’ve even seen new stuff for Sprint and Verizon.  What I haven’t seen is not one thing about T-Mobile.  WTF?? And as a Windows Phone user I’m pissed as hell to hear about the new HTC Titan II and Lumia 900 for AT&T and yet still no highend WP device for T-Mobile.  Can we atleast get the old Titan now?? Something?? smdh

  • Still no news for T-Mobile? How sad.

  • Anonymous

    Reading Engadget, all the cool phones are coming to ATT, Sprint and Verizon.  T-mobile?  Not so much.  No wonder the company is in this shape.

    • Jmotley69

      If T-Mobile doesn’t announce the galaxy nexus before mid February I may just have to take my 3 lines and go to Verizon, not a word out of T-Mobile all day,not a good way to kick off 2012:(

      • Redemmed

        Totally agree – I have a HD2 and none of the phones they are selling will really be an upgrade for me. Yes dual cores are faster but I need a ICS, 720 x 1280 pixels, dual core, 1 gig of ram with NFC support. Ops (nexus) If they don’t have a phone by the end of Feb I am out, I have been with T mobile for over 5 years, they put too much hope in the ATT deal. They will just lose more and more customers.

  • Anonymous

    Are they having a press conference? Do they even have a booth? Were’s the news?

    • Jmotley69

      Doesn’t appear like it….

  • Boy, even MetroPCS made some annoucements today.  lol

  • pascual1

    I can’t believe what is going on in vegas!!!!!!! Everything about cell phone are about verizon,at&t, and sprint…i so sad bcuz i have one more year with tmobile.

  • Lojose85

    Sombody tell me. something news about tmobile news phone

  • Lojose85

    My question is tmobile will gets something from vegas

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    I have been reading with interest this thread and following T-Mobile in the news anywhere it might show up online.

    Without intent of kicking anyone while they are down, especially when you are trying to get up, IMO no one is going to hear anything about T-Mobile at CES.

    You just have to face it folks, there’s been nothing in the rumor or gossip mill about upcoming T-Mobile products or offerings. And the ONLY reason T-Mobile was in the news for most of 2011 was because AT&T was willing to pay three times T-Mobile’s worth for it and the Government saying “oh no you won’t.”

    Now that the deal is off (exactly as predicted, before the New Year holiday) T-Mobile is going back to page 10, meaning no one is paying attention to the Company, especially not the media.

    While some people in here express optimism that at CES T-Mobile will be announcing something, as I said before, you have to step back and look at the big picture.

    — All through 2011 Deutsche Telekom and TMOUS have acted like they had a done deal. This is significant because when you think you have sold your car, for example, you don’t incur significant expenses to install a new, souped up engine in 2012.

    — Fact is, no one at DT or TMOUS have been working with Samsung, HTC, LG or others to bring out a handset or product that says “take that Verizon, Sprint, Apple, or AT&T” handset. T-Mobile has not been in cahoots to bring out the iPhone in 2012, nor to announce it at CES or other events.

    — I have heard throughout the Net that Deutsche Telekom did not have a “Plan B” if the acquisition fell through. IMO if DT had something to announce, to recover from the shock of this deal going south, DT would have announced such.

    — To instill confidence with prospective customers, that TMOUS is back and back strong, I would think the Company would have announced something newsworthy (product or service) by now.

    — The Buy/Sell Agreement between the parties no doubt handcuffed Deutsche Telekom from doing anything with TMOUS that would have diminished the value of what AT&T was buying, this necessarily would have included TMOUS handset development or even coming out with the iPhone.

    — As I said before, the Agreement includes a term that prohibits either party from bad mouthing the other, I would expect that to get the breakup fee T-Mobile is also precluded for one year following the breakup deal imploding, from doing certain acts, which may include certain competitive acts (getting the iPhone, for example).

    — Again, I don’t portend to know exactly what the terms are in the Buy/Sell Agreement, but if I was the attorney for AT&T I would demand for such a significant sum (about $5 to $6 billion in value) that Deutsche Telekom would have to agree to the Agreement being in force at least one year after the deal did not go through.

    — And as I said about 9 months ago, IMO to get $39 billion on a Company worth $15 to $20 billion on a good day, Deutsche Telekom principals would agree to just about anything AT&T was demanding, especially since DT was convinced (as most all of us initially agreed) that the deal was going to sail through. In other words, I can see DT not caring too much about what the Agreement required should the deal fail, since Company principals those terms would never matter.

    Sorry guys, I don’t see anything exciting or earth shaking happening with TMOUS, at CES, MWC or other events. Based on all of the above there’s no reason whatsoever to think that T-Mobile might even have a booth at CES 2012.

    In contrast, even lowly MetroPCS (your term) has some news recently announced (that might be announced at CES, I assume). It is coming out with phones that have a TV broadcast chip on the motherboard. This is NOT like web-based TV (that’s not really true broadcast TV like what you watch via cable); this new chip will is your handset functioning as a real TV, getting a digital signal from antennas placed in major metropolitan areas. I’m not sure, but I think this is a first, having true broadcast television on a phone (and not video clips or web streaming from broadcasters who provide that, such as MSNBC).

    To be sure, if TMOUS does announce something at CES or in the next month or so, I have to say good one on me. But I don’t see that happening since the time to prove to the nation that TMOUS is back and with a vengeance was immediately, if not sooner.

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  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    The news and online media are starting to cover what is going on at CES (as they do every year).

    That is the true measure of CES success, does the national news and media publications mention your CES tap dance. Let’s see what happens, eh.

  • Fail